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CrossFit is the latest craze in the fitness world. It is a workout program that combines different activities, like gymnastics, running, weightlifting etc. It takes the best out of every sport, so there are bound to be some benefits, right? Let’s see.

Time Saving

CrossFit workouts are time efficient. They don’t last nearly as long as your regular gym workout, but you do just as much, possibly even more. There are hardly any breaks. You move constantly, and burn a whole bunch of calories.
It is a great choice if you have a tight schedule. You shouldn’t have much problems sparing 30 minutes in your day. Plus, you get all the benefits of a 2-hour gym workout.


There is one great thing about CrossFit, it is data based. When you walk into a CrossFit box/gym, the first thing you will notice is a whiteboard. There will be some weird writings on it, like WOD, AMRAP and some times and records. This is not to intimidate you, but to motivate you. One of the most popular CrossFit workouts is AMRAP (as many reps as possible). Here, you are supposed to do exercises without breaks, for 20 – 30 minutes. This way, you will be motivated to do more, and up the intensity by yourself.

Not to mention, that CrossFit is about competition. You compete with others, but with yourself too. Since a lot of workouts are timed, you can notice the improvement from session to session. There is no better feeling than knowing you did better than before.


CrossFit doesn’t require much gear, like fancy machines and such. A t-shirt, shorts and the best CrossFit shoes possible are all you need. Everything else can be found in the gym. Even if you want to workout at home, you will need a bar, few weights, possibly kettlebells and you are ready to go.

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The Community

One big difference between CrossFit and gym is that you cannot do CrossFit alone. I mean, you can, but you shouldn’t. The best way to practice CrossFit is with a good coach. The workouts are done in groups. You might not be happy about this, but it is actually very good. The best group you can find, is the one that consists of people with different fitness abilities. If you are a beginner, working out with people that are well prepared can be intimidating. That’s why it is good to have other beginners there. Athletes are also a great addition, since they will represent something for you to strive for. After a while, it will motivate you to see that you are getting closer to their level.

The Effects

Anyone who does CrossFit will tell you that effects are amazing. The workouts are short, high intensity, and motivating. Combine that with a good diet, and fat burning is guaranteed.

Get Through Plateaus

Ah, the plateau. The greatest enemy of anyone wanting to lose weight or gain muscle. Once you get started, it goes so well. You reach your goals and beat them easily, but then suddenly it stops. You do everything the same, but for some reason there are no results. This is where motivation goes down, and a lot of people give up. Don’t despair. CrossFit is here to help you. It offers a wide variety of workouts and exercises. The movements include multiple muscles and muscle groups. Intensity is high.

All these elements can help you break plateau, or not even get to it. Since you constantly change exercises, workouts, muscles you work, the way you work and intensity, the chances of reaching plateau are minimal.

Health Benefits

You won’t end up focusing on just one thing here. CrossFit improves: strength, stamina, coordination, agility, endurance, speed, flexibility and power.

You may not notice it, but this will change your life for better. Not only will you look good, but you will feel good too.

It is Fun

The bottom line, why you should do CrossFit is because it is fun. It offers many different workouts. You will probably never do the same workout twice. There are no endless cardio days, and long runs on a treadmill. Since you do many exercises in a short time, it will fly by. 30 minutes of CrossFit go by much faster than 30 minutes on a treadmill.

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