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Best Push Up Bars

Top Pick
Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Elite
  • » Has rotating handles that allow your hands to rotate naturally

Best Anti-Scratch
Garren Fitness Maximiza Pushup Bars
  • » Designed not to overload your joints and elbows

Best Budget
Readaeer Pushup Bars
  • » A good push up bar doesn't have to be fancy and expensive

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There is no question that the humble push-up remains the go-to-exercise for many fitness enthusiasts, especially men. This seemingly simple exercise targets the chest, shoulders, triceps, and works the core, back, and legs. However, push up comes with a lot of straining on the wrist when done without a pushup bar. As insignificant as some people may perceive it, a push-up bar reduces wrist pain and discomfort.

If you’ve considered getting a push-up bar, ensuring that there is no pain associated with placing a flat palm on the floor, you are doing yourself the biggest favor of all time.

Below are the best push up bars that you can find in the fitness marketplace.

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  • 1

    Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Elite

If you do the traditional pushup, you’ll notice that your hands seem to want to rotate as you push up from the floor. But your hands can’t since they’re stuck tight to the floor by the force of your body weight. Luckily, the Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Elite has rotating handles that allow your hands to rotate naturally. Also, since it elevates you from the ground, you can perform a much deeper pushup than the one with your hands directly touching the ground.

Each handle of the push up bar features a large, nonslip grip attached to a rotating base. Perfect fitness purposely added a spiral pattern at the bottom of the base for additional stability. The output is fitness equipment that, throughout regular use, doesn’t show any wear and tear.

The push up bar package includes two handles, an instructional DVD for performing the exercises on the handle correctly, and an exercise chart based on Navy SEALs’ used training routines. While the bar is extremely lightweight at 4.1 pounds, there is no question about making the most out of your workout as it provides just the right amount of stability. Perfect Fitness made sure that the bar is solidly built to accommodate up to 400 lbs of weight.

For maximum safety, the handles are made explicitly from durable plastic. What’s more, the hand grips are ergonomically shaped to ease the tension on your joints, and the base features a rubberized grip surface to avoid slipping while you work on your muscles with maximum intensity.

While there is an original version of this push up bar, the Elite version is equipped with 30 more bearings to ensure smoother rotation. It also offers two different color variations- a black-and-yellow version and a black-and-red version.

Overall, the Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Elite has completely removed the pain from the picture, making it just what you need.


Sturdy construction

Thick hand grips

Rotating handles


No curved edges for an ergonomic feel

  • 2

    Garren Fitness Maximiza Pushup Bars

Take your push ups to the next level with the Garren Fitness Maximiza Pushup Bar.

The set comes with two small pump handles that weigh 2 kg each. This makes it easier for you to carry the bars during trips to miss on your workout. You can easily hide the handles because there are small dimensions after the series of pumps.

Garren Fitness intended the bars’ unique design not to overload your joints and elbows, promising much safer and faster pushups. You can sculpt your body with this product without worrying about it breaking, thanks to excellent stainless steel.

Positive consumer feedback on the bars’ performance is very positive. For many of them, the model is a must-have for two reasons: it is safe for the body and safe for the house. The problem with low-quality push up bars is that they scratch your floor after series of handlings and trainings. With the Garren Fitness Maximiza Pushup Bars’ rubber material, that is no longer a problem. Worth recommending, right?



Won't wobble during exercise

Available in 2 different sizes

Comes pre-assembled

Allow more hand positions


No accessory included

  • 3

    Readaeer Pushup Bars

Readaeer tells us that a good push up bar doesn’t have to be fancy and expensive. Even with the most incredible features, Readaeer sells its bars at a low price.

Readaeer is a set of grips meant for making pain-free pushups. If you use it regularly, it will strengthen your arms, torso, and thighs. During this pandemic, you are forced to stay indoors and eat to your heart’s content. Hence, the more critical it is to keep fit even when you’re on house arrest. With the Readaeer Push Up Bars, you can still build and sculpt your biceps and triceps in the comforts of your own home.

The handles of these bars have a delta shape; hence, you can expect very stable support. Your weight gets evenly distributed with you use these, making sure that your wrists are not overloaded. The handles are covered with foam, guaranteeing a firm grip.

Besides being able to train much faster, you can also exercise much safer as the material on the handles has slip-resistant properties. Perhaps these bars are much popular for ensuring full safety during intense training.

If you want to maximize your push up training without breaking your bank and wrists, this option is for you.



Don't wobble during exercise

Allow more hand positions

Nonslip handles


No accessory included

  • 4

    Perfect Fitness Pushup Stands

Challenge your strength and stability with the Push Up Stands from Perfect Fitness. These stands allow you to maximize your training results by engaging multiple muscle groups in your arms and upper body. The outcome would then be the toned body that you have always wanted to achieve.

When your wrists are in neutral positions, you can expect a more reduced strain in the joints. That’s what the push up stands’ padded comfort grips are for. Not only that, but they also deepen your push up and help you maintain proper form. Those who have used these push up stands agree their muscles strength and definition of the arms, chest, back, shoulders, and abs increased.

The stands offer 360-degree stability so you can fully experience better control and ease of movement. You don’t need to worry about carpet, and hard floor compatibility as the stands provide sturdy, non-skid platform grips.


Exceptionally durable

Handles stack for convenient storage

Handy during travels


Handles may be too wide for some users

  • 5

    5BILLION FITNESS Pushup Bars

The advantage of push up bars is not limited to pain-free workout and, ultimately, more pushups. Push up bars also provide more intense training than regular push ups. Similar to the previous options, the 5BILLION FITNESS Push Up bars allow intense push up training on almost any surface.

These bars are made of high-quality PVC, which is sturdy enough to support any weight. The handles are soft and sweat-absorbent, thanks to the foam covering. 5 BILLION FITNESS designed the bars to improve the trainer’s positioning by allowing a more extensive range of motion. Therefore, you can bring your chest down to your hands while holding onto the bars, making you train harder than your average push up.

While regular workouts increase the risks of wrist pain, arthritis, and carpal tunnel syndrome, these bars are the perfect solution. Rest assured that these bars can take the pressure off your wrists and tone your arms, chest, back, shoulders, and abs.


Sturdy construction


Ergonomic design


No curved edges for an ergonomic feel

  • 6

    Juperbsky Pushup Bars Paralletes Set

Juperbsky acknowledges the need for a system that provides pain-free training; that’s why they developed the Push Up Bars Paralletes Set.

The bars have soft handgrips for wrist pain reduction, and the handles are angled perfectly for wrist injury prevention. At first glance, it is noticeable that the handles are complete and match human hands’ curves. Again, this design is intended to position the hands appropriately, thereby reducing a wrist injury risk.

Juperbsky used highly durable steel to ensure that the bars can accommodate loads higher than 2200 lbs. For optimum stability and grip, the base has a non-slip cap in each foot, and the handle covers have abrasion-resistant TPR.


Sturdy steel construction

Can withstand more than 2200lbs of weight

Wide bases with non-slip cap

Steady and comfortable grip

Ergonomic design


A little expensive

  • 7

    GoFit Portable Pushup Bars

As mentioned above, the humble push up have stood the test of time because they actively enhance all parts and functions of the upper body (when applied correctly). It is this very reason that lies in the heart of what you get with these seventh-best push up bars on our list.

What’s striking about the GoFit Portable Pushup Bars is the versatile design. It allows you to perform your push ups with the full range of motion. While some of the bars in the market only target the muscles and back, these best push up bars have an added focus on the triceps and chest. You can use these bars for various fitness goals, including muscle mass building, toning, and strength conditioning.

As for durability and structural integrity, these bars are designed for such matters. GoFit used high-grade stainless steel on the construction. What’s more, you can fully expect a second-to-none level of grip and control. With the rubber foot pads, these push up bars won’t wobble even on the most slippery of surfaces.



Provides an adequate level of elevation

Steady and comfortable grip

Sturdy construction


Handles could be more comfortable

Criteria Used for Evaluation


Push up bars come in a variety of different materials, ranging from metal to rubber. When deciding which material will best cater to your needs, the essential consideration is the amount of weight you’ll need to hold up. In general, push up bars that are made of metal are more durable than the ones made of plastic. While metal push up bars are harder to dissemble, the best push up bars on our list are improved for convenient transport and storage.

The next considerations are the grip’s material around the actual handle and added gripping material on the handles and bottom of the push up bars. To ensure that the bars won’t slip out while you work out, be on the lookout for foam handle covers and rubber grips around the bottom of the bars.


We searched the various brands in the fitness marketplace and listed the ones with excellent customer feedback. We mainly include in the consideration that the brands should offer in-store options and at the same time, sell their push up bars online. This is because we understand that some of the trainers might not be able to shop in stores due to the pandemic restrictions.

Weight Adjustment

Most trainers, not knowing which push up bar to choose, fail to include weight adjustment as a critical consideration. Like other exercise equipment, there are weight restrictions to push up bars called maximum pressure. Depending on the brand, the value of maximum pressure can range from 100 kg to 150 kg.


Regardless of your budget, you can find high-quality, reliable push up bars. We provided options for trainers who want to invest in top of line push up bars and trainers on a tight budget. Based on our list, the best-budget is the Readaeer Pushup Bars set.


The handle is a central piece for which you grab a push up bar, so it is an essential consideration during purchase. For the push up training to run smoothly and safely, the push up bars should have slip-resistant handles. The best slip-resistant push up bar handles is covered with rubber or neoprene foam. These materials absorb the sweat from your hands, thus, preventing slips and discomfort. It is also essential to consider whether the handles are shaped in any way. The best push up bars mentioned above have handles shaped to match the curves of the human hands.

Health Constraints

One of the main reasons to invest in push up bars is to diminish the strain push up can have on your wrists. However, it is essential to note that increasing the range of motion with a push up bar may increase the risks of injury. If you have shoulder issues, decide wisely which push up bars offer the most advantage.

Benefits of Using Push Up Bars

Aside from the obvious wrist-strain prevention, there are other reasons why you should invest in push up bars instead of sticking to the immediately accessible traditional push ups.

Greater Depth and Range of Motions

The downside of traditional push ups is that your range is minimal. You are limited by the length of your arms and the space between the training surface. With push up bars, you can go beyond the normal range- extend your body, expand down lower to the ground, and engage more target muscles. As a result of activating more movement patterns and muscle groups, your flexibility and strength increase.

Variations in Push Ups

The goal of getting push up bars is to upgrade your push up training. With the best push up bar, it is possible upgrade the limits of how you usually execute your traditional push ups. The right push up bars also make it easier for you to set up and stabilize many variations while ensuring safer training.

Note: If it’s your first time using push up bars, or if your muscles are not yet well-developed, execute the push ups with your knees on the floor. Only perform advanced push-ups after a series of few workouts to ensure that your upper body is strong enough to cope with the intensity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are push up bars limited to push up training?

While push up bars are initially meant to push up training, there is no limitation in workout routines. By integrating imagination, dedication, and discipline, the range of exercises you can do with push up bars is endless. Some of the most significant activities you can explore using the best push up bars are triceps dips, simple shoulder press, and truck legs.

Which type of push ups are best?

As previously mentioned, push up bars allow versatility and ease of domestic use, so, you can put into practice two push up routines: standard push ups and wide arm push ups. Standard push ups are good for your arms, back, shoulders and chest. To obtain maximum results, you have to increase the levels of difficulty often. This way your muscles can feel greater demands. It is recommended that you climb two levels in difficulty at a time.

How often should I engage in push up training each week?

In terms of frequency and intensity, how you do push ups using bars is not much different from how you normally do traditional push ups in your regular workout week. However, common sense should tell you that it is not healthy to overwork your body under any circumstances. We recommend that you only engage a heavy push up bar workout no more than three times per week, with a twenty-four rest hour period in between. Like most workout gears, push up bars are great if they are used mindfully and sensibly.