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Best Adjustable Dumbbells

Best Budget
CAP Barbell Adjustable 40 lb. Dumbbell Set

Best Value
Core Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell Weight Set

Top Pick
Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Weights 52.5lbs

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The best adjustable dumbbells offer total workout freedom. They can be used in both isolation exercises and compound exercises. Alternatively, adjustable dumbbells are also used in circuit training. Their main advantage is they don’t require too much space as the weight is added and removed as needed. A dumbbell set might be everything needed to train away from the gym with other home weights or machines.

The weight plates on these dumbbells are not stored separately. Those with limited storage space find their adjustability refreshing. Since training at home is considerably limited by the available equipment and weights, it’s valuable to get the most out of what these dumbbells can offer.

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    Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Weights 52.5lbs

These dumbbells are among the most impressive in the way they look and in how they perform. With large applicability in several exercises, they are hard to match for the quality of construction. As mentioned above, each brand has its unique design and Bowflex is a leader from this point of view.

The set comes with two dumbbells with a minimum weight of 5lbs and a maximum weight of 52.5lbs with all the loaded plates. These plates are made in increments of 2.5lbs. This is why they offer superior quality in terms of their overall delivery in certain exercises.

Such weights are used for general toning exercises such as dumbbell squats. They are also used for pec flyes and similar pushing exercises. Some simply use them for abs exercises to add a bit of resistance when crunching. But many bodybuilders consider them the go-to option for circuit training.

A bonus in this exercise list department is the official Bowflex app. It comes with pre-saved exercises explained in detail. They represent a valuable solution for those who need a bit more inspiration with their workouts.

Beginners might be inspired by the app. But even experienced lifters can learn a few new movements to keep the workouts fresh and entertaining. The good part is most of these exercises can be performed at home.

In terms of how they feel, the iron dumbbells are very solid. Without wobbly weights, they are secure when loaded. Furthermore, the added plastic makes the grip a bit softer on the hands. Those training often know how important this is.

In terms of ease of use, the dumbbells are among the best. Their unique design means dials need to be turned to remove or to add the extra weights. The system is safe and it’s also quick. Nobody wants to lose time adjusting the desired weight.


The dumbbell feels sturdy in the hands

Paired with the Bowflex app for exercise inspiration

Designed with 2.5lbs removable weights


The knobs need to be rotated counterclockwise

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    AtivaFit 27.5 lbs

These lighter AtivaFit dumbbells are better suited for the general user than their heavier alternatives. They are made with the same adjustable plates system. When all the plates are loaded, they weigh a 27.5lbs each. Without any weights, they weigh just 5.5lbs. This range is not the highest. But it is sufficient for what most people need.

According to major muscle groups, these weights can be used on a range of exercises. On the lower body part, legs can be activated properly with the weights. Wide squats and stationary lunges activate the major muscles. Calf raises can also be performed while holding the dumbbells. Back exercises can include alternating rows. Chest exercises can include flat flyes. Folding a dumbbell when performing twisting crunches activates the abs better as well.

Many other exercises can be performed at home. 4 sets of weights are replaced by this practical design which means the space at home is not occupied by large fitness equipment. There’s plenty of space to feel comfortable to perform other exercises such as push-ups as well.

Among their benefits, water-resistance is also worth mentioning. Sweat can be an enemy of free weights set. It can cause corrosion in time. But this is not a real problem for the AtivaFit weights. They are properly protected. As long as they’re not dropped, the protective finishing is going to keep the iron away from corrosion.

Since the weights are also lighter, they also include a comfortable grip. A rubberized surface has been added to the dumbbells and it provides the steadiness needed in any exercise. At the same time, it prevents hand slippage during certain exercises. Ultimately, it is a comfort and a safety feature. The locking mechanism is intuitive as well. It comes with a rotating elegant dial to keep the weights in place.


Quick change weight adjustment with a push-pull design

One dumbbell equal to 4 different weights dumbbells

Soft grip handle design for comfort

Compact for easy storage


Makes noise when used

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    CAP Barbell Adjustable 40 lb. Dumbbell Set

A simple design and feature might put off dumbbell users from buying the CAP adjustable dumbbells. However, hear us out first. These adjustable dumbbells made of solid cast iron plates with a baked enamel finish allow users to create different weight combinations depending on their training and workout needs. Its fully adjustable plates are four 6 lbs, four 2.5 lbs, two threaded solid dumbbell handles, and four spin-lock collars.

The CAP adjustable dumbbell is a perfect companion while stuck at home. Begin an effective workout session using this equipment and see real results. This set could be used by beginners and weights could be added gradually as the workout and results progress. Incorporate these dumbbells to your daily exercise routine to add intensity and strengthen the muscles.

The simplicity of this adjustable dumbbell makes it less intimidating to use which gives everybody a fair chance to improve their health and well-being especially now that almost everyone is stuck at home. Fitness should not be a burden; it should be enjoyable, and one of the best ways to add fun and excitement is by including a piece of workout equipment that guarantees a great outcome.


Made of solid iron cast with baked enamel

Lets you create different weight combinations

Effective workout choice for beginners and experts


Conventional looking dumbbells

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    Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Adjustable Dumbbell

This single heavy dumbbell is Bowflex’s response to the needs of serious trainees. It comes with a maximum weight of 90 pounds and it represents a value proposition to those seeking the ultimate fitness challenge. This type of weight is normally used by those who’ve already been in fitness for one or more years.

That seeking muscle definition, muscle size or weight loss can benefit from the large weight. Of course, the dumbbell doesn’t need to be used with all the loaded plates. It represents one of the most adjustable options as it comes with a minimum weight of 10 pounds. From here to 90 pounds, there’s plenty of space for adjustability.

They can also be seen as versatile dumbbells for the long term. Beginners can grow with them and start adding weights as their strength and experience improves. Results should be visible sooner than with other similar weights, especially thanks to the Bowflex app.

Installed on either Android or iPhone smartphones, the app acts as a personal trainer. It even allows custom workouts via dedicated profiles. Users can set their workout routines based on bodyweight exercises and a combination of various dumbbell exercises. They are all based on the adjustable dumbbell.

Among them, an interesting part includes core activation exercises. Users learn more about how added weights can help strengthen this kea area of the body. It is not just about bodyweight ab exercises. Theapp shows how the added weight can target the area with higher tension. Other exercises target the lower body. Users learn how to correctly perform lunges.

Some of these exercises benefit from the shape of the dumbbell. One of them is the dumbbell chest press. Since the weight plates have a smaller diameter towards the exterior of the dumbbell, they allow a great range of motion. They can be lowered closer to the chest compared to other designs.

However, there’s no rubberized grip for added comfort. In a way, these grips are not present on the heavier dumbbells. But for some, this can be a comfort issue. Otherwise, the durability of the grip is improved with its all-metal construction.


Suitable for experienced users

Impressive 90-pound maximum weightImpressive 90-pound maximum weight

Includes custom Boflex in-app workout programs


Only sold individually

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    AtivaFit Adjustable Dumbbell

This dumbbell is sold individually by Amazon and it offers a solid construction. With a rounded weight plate design, the dumbbell is easy to adjust. With 2.5kg weight increments, the dumbbell changes from 5.5lbs (2.5kg) as its lightest to 71.5lbs (32.5kg) with all the loaded weights. This places it among the best adjustable dumbbells especially since it has so much weight versatility.

So what can you do with the dumbbell? On its own or in a pair, the dumbbell can be used freely for all types of exercises. In isolation exercises, it can be used for biceps curls or triceps extensions. It may also be used in compound exercises should as overhead dumbbell presses.

In theory, all that’s needed is a simple workout bench at home and the dumbbell can power a workout on its own. Furthermore, it can be one of the reliable options to consider when it comes to strength and progressive overload. These exercises can be started with reduced weights at the beginning. Over time, this weight can be increased. In terms of comfort, there’s a rubberized design to count on. This makes the grip better and friendly to the hands. It also prevents the dumbbells from slipping. This is why they are safe than other similar adjustable designs.

Another convenient aspect of these practical weights is their space-saving capacity. Each dumbbell comes with an included storage base. They can’t roll around on the floor as a result. Their weights plates remain mounted as well so they save space further. In total, they replace 17 pairs of dumbbells.

A dial system keeps the weights locked. Similar to what is seen on a safe deposit, the dial is easily operated even with sweaty hands. It can be terrible to have to deal with slippery dials when workout out. This is not the case with the rubberized dial.
As mentioned above, a pedestal is also offered for these dumbbells. But its design is a bit different than others’. It has locations for each weight plate that holds the dumbbell in place. It’s not just a simple tray. It represents a valuable design for safely holding the weight in place.

In terms of possible drawbacks, you need to know there’s no official app. Users need to find their exercise programs or simply perform those exercises seen in gyms. Since the weights are so adjustable, they can be used for warm-up routines and actual workouts. A second dumbbell is also needed for most users.


You can rapidly switch the weight you want in 3 seconds

Combines 7 sets of weights into one on the gratis plastic-tray

Perfect for full-body workout


Weights tend to slip off for some users

Available in single

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    Nice C Adjustable Dumbbell Barbell

The adjustable dumbbell from Nice C offers a versatile workout. The all-in-one dumbbell-barbell is effective in sculpting arms while used as a dumbbell, and for practicing dead-lifts or squats when used as a barbell. All in all, this offering from Nice C helps in overall well-being and is easy to use whether at home or office.

The adjustable dumbbell comes in three different set-ups: dumbbell, light barbell, and a heavy barbell. It also comes in a multi-weight setting with 8 weight plates: there are four 2.2 lb. plates and four 2.8 lb. plates. Each dumbbell weighs 0.6 lbs. when there are no plates attached. The plates are also covered with rubber to prevent dents, protect floors, and prevent damage on mats when incorporated into workouts.

It is also equipped with a non-slip safe design that guarantees protection and safety while lifting and doing workouts. The Neoprene and the ingeniously curved handlebars ensure perfect clutch while training.

Forget about buying multiple sets of workout and training equipment and get the Nice C Adjustable Dumbbells for that space-saving, secure, effective, and efficient workout anytime, anywhere.


2-in-1 dumbbell-barbell with adjustable design

Non-slip design with Neoprene and curved handlebars

Rubber-covered plates to prevent dents and damage on floor and exercise mat

Could be set for many exercise modes


Plastic material would peel after several use

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    Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells

Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells promise every user to see changes in their bodies as well as health and wellness. This equipment, though seemingly overwhelming and intimidating, could be used by beginners and could be put to the next level easily. Made of cast iron weight plates, this adjustable dumbbell is available in a set of two with a total of 105 lbs. (52.5 lbs. each). It is durable and versatile as it could be quickly switched from dumbbell to barbell. Use these for strength training and other workout routines.

This adjustable dumbbell from Yes4All also features a diamond knurled chrome handle that helps in a comfortable and controlled grip. Its threaded ends and star-lock collars with customized screws are also used for easy and faster weight changes. The compact feature of this equipment helps in easy storage making it convenient to use anytime in any part of a home or office.

Start using the Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells and see improvements in cardiovascular health, muscle strength and resistance, endurance, and overall health. Never underestimate the will to start working out and being fit; start with what you can and see the progress slowly but surely.


Made with durable cast iron weight plates

Easy to use and store

Easy transition from one weight to another


Could be intimidating for beginners

  • 8

    POWERBLOCK Elite EXP Adjustable Dumbbell

The adjustable dumbbell set by PowerBlock revolutionizes the way you do your training routine. The adjustable dumbbell comes in pair of welded solid steel with a weight selection of 5 lbs. to 50 lbs. that allow efficient and versatile workouts.

Compared to most adjustable dumbbells, this pair from PowerBlock has a unique boxed-design that allows strong and non-slip grip for comfort and maximum concentration. This set lets you replace the weight according to your need and liking with the 16 pairs of dumbbells that are also conveniently printed on the rails for a quick guide. Say goodbye to bulky, heavy equipment just to achieve that fitness goal. That’s multi-function, all-in-one workout equipment, and space-saver at the same time.

This set of adjustable dumbbells has an auto-lock feature that allows you to lock adder weights when the handle is placed in the weight stack. It also has a selector pin that allows users to change weights quickly for an all-out workout experience. The distinct open design of the handles allows the user to experience increased range of motion for a more efficient cardio and strength session.


Unique color-based system for the weight plates

Made with an anti-roll block shape

Available in 50, 70, and 90-pounds maximum weight


Ordering these online would be a gamble

  • 9

    Shanchar Adjustable Dumbbells Set for Men and Women

Planning on starting to work out? Begin today and couple it with the adjustable dumbbells from Shanchar. Designed for both men and women, this equipment could be used by beginners for practice and in addition to your usual exercise routine. These adjustable dumbbells have three different weights to choose from depending on your needs and what you can take: 44 lbs, 66 lbs, and 88 lbs.

The product also comes with a 17.3-inch connector to form a barbell used for different kinds of training making it multi-functional. Don’t worry about damaging your floor at home as the counterweight of the adjustable dumbbells is covered with rubber. For a firm grip and control, the equipment is covered with rubber coating; no need to worry about it slipping out of your hand.

Makers of this product also encourage people to buy one for their friends so that they may also enjoy the benefits of being and staying fit and healthy.


Suitable for beginners

Multi-functional design. Comes with a connecting rod

Counterweight is covered with rubber to avoid damage on floors


Not the best equipment for bench press

Frequently Asked Questions

How do adjustable dumbbells work?

Adjustable dumbbells stack multiple weight plates on a single handlebar. These plates can be removed to decrease the weight of the dumbbells. Their primary role is to save space as they are made to be used at home and not at the gym.

What should I look for when buying adjustable dumbbells?

When buying adjustable dumbbells, safety should come first. A mechanism that properly locks the weights in place is needed. The accidental release can lead to serious injuries. The weight of these dumbbells should also reflect the strength or the experience of the user. The lighter weight is best for beginners. Heavyweights are best for experienced users.

Barbells vs Dumbbells

Barbells are also useful for home training. But they don’t have the same versatility dumbbells offer. As seen from the dumbbells mentioned above, they can be used to target all major muscle groups. They can also be used with one hand at the time, which is only rarely the case with barbell exercises. Most importantly, dumbbells save more space.


The best adjustable dumbbells are always safe and reliable. They save space around the house without sacrificing fitness performance. There are many types of adjustable dumbbells and their weight varies considerably. As a result, they represent a solid option for all types of users. Beginners might feel especially attracted to these adjustable weights as they are less intimidating than a full stack of 15-17 dumbbell set.