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Best Kettlebells for Home Gym

Best Overall
Best Choice Products 3-Piece Kettlebell Set
  • » Comes in a 3-piece set
  • » Help target all major muscle groups

Best for Saving Space
Bow flex Select Tech Adjustable Weights
  • » Adjustable weights
  • » Incorporate 6 kettlebells in 1

Best Budget
Everyday Essentials All-Purpose Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell
  • » Solid and affordable
  • » Offers a high-quality solid cast iron

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The best kettlebells are Bowflex’sSelectTech and Yes4All’s Vinyl Coated Kettlebell Weights Set. Used across various sports, they support entire workouts. Used at the gym, they offer variation to machine-based fitness training. Used at home, kettlebells support full-body workouts without requiring other training equipment.

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  • 1

    BowflexSelectTech Adjustable Weights

Bowflex has created a unique adjustable design for kettlebells. The SelectTech allows weight adjustments incorporating 6 kettlebells in one. The adjustable weights include 8, 12, 20, 25, 24, and 40lbs.

Adjustable design is also useful from the perspective of workout versatility. Exercises are performed with various weights and they can benefit from a lightweight and heavyweight kettlebells. If kettlebells squats are performed with heavyweights, rowing with kettlebells can be performed with lighter weights.

Bowflex included a rotating dial to adjust these weights. It opens up the interior compartment where weights can be added and removed. Made for quick unlock, the system allows users to switch up weight from one exercise to another without losing too much time.

Another benefit of this system is its capacity to save space. Training at home is very different from training at the gym. Instead of purchasing 6 kettlebells, the SelectTech is made to save storage space. Those training indoors are going to find the system worthy as it can even be stored under a bed.

Users new to kettlebell training can also make the most of the existing Bowflex app and its online personal training tips. The can be used for workouts ideas. But it also includes a few tips on the right technique from fitness professionals.

Together with other versatile equipment or even on its own, the SelectTech adjustable kettlebell can power serious workouts with different weights. A few words of caution need to be said for those new to adjustable weights.

The weights can’t be dropped as this could damage their adjustable mechanism. It’s best to put them down lightly or to simply use a cushioned surface instead of dropping the weights on the floor.


Made with an ergonomic handle

Space-saving design

Includes guidance in the Bowflex app


Short 30-days warranty

  • 2

    Best Choice Products 3-Piece Kettlebell Set

The 3-piece kettlebell set from Best Choice Products includes 5, 10, and 15-pound weights that help target all major muscle groups while doing a variety of exercises. Each weight has an ergonomic handle that’s wide and comfortable and accommodates both hands to allow a firm grip and two-handed workout routines. The set also includes a rack to provide a dedicated space for the kettlebells, as well as for easy storage when not in use; it also offers easy access when switching between exercises.

Best Choice Products kettlebells are made of heavy-duty HDPE shell that protects the solid concrete core to prevent cracks and breakdown, so you can enjoy your exercises for many years. This versatile gear is ideal for squats, lunges, thrusts, presses, and many more choices of workouts.

These kettlebells are great even if you’re just starting out. The grips come in matte form and are aesthetically-pleasing with their color-coding. Though they are proportionally a bit large compared to other brands of the same weights, you will still get the value for money and are worth the purchase.


Comes with a rack for easy organizing and access

Designed with a wide grip

Used for a wide variety of workouts

Could be used for beginners


Proportionally a bit large

  • 3

    Everyday Essentials All-Purpose Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell

If you want a kettlebell that’s effective but affordable, look no further! The Everyday Essential All-Purpose Solid Iron Cast Kettlebell offers a high-quality solid cast iron kettlebell that’s sure to last. It is textured with a wide handle for a better grip and fits most hands. You are also sure that you are in complete control as it comes in a non-slip grip. This kettlebell is also ergonomically designed with a flat bottom to prevent it from rolling around and also provides easier storage.

Everyday Essentials has increased durability as it comes with a painted surface that provides protection from corrosion. The kettlebell comes in 10 varying weights: 5lbs, 10lbs, 15lbs, 20lbs, 25lbs, 30lbs, 35lbs, 40lbs, 45lbs, and 50lbs that guarantee every muscle of the body to be engaged and burn calories faster. It works as a weight resistance and as a counter-balance for your upper and lower body exercises.

Everyday Essentials kettlebell is made of high-quality solid cast iron that’s built to last and ensures safe, reliable performance from one workout to the next which ensures focus on your in-the-zone routine. Get going with that workout even on a budget because fitness should never be expensive but rather effective.


Affordable weights

Designed with flat bottom

Designed with a shiny finish


Sold only as single

  • 4

    Bintiva Kettlebell - Professional Grade, Vinyl Coated

For that ultimate body training, Bintiva offers a professional-grade kettlebell that’s crafted from a solid iron cast and encased in a color-coated vinyl coating so you could pick what suits you best and also serves as protection for you and any exercising surface. It also comes with a flat bottom, but not only that, it features a unique base that helps in the stability of the equipment both during and after use. It also ensures protection to the user and floorings.

The weights of the Bintiva kettlebell are color-coded by weight for an easy distinction, especially during a fitness program. Though the kettlebell is coated with vinyl, its handle is not to avoid stickiness that may also lead to slipping.

The Bintiva kettlebell is sure to work the body as a whole and will utilize a lot of muscle groups. This equipment helps in further building your strength while helping prevent injuries in the process. You are sure that this kettlebell is effective as it is used by enthusiasts and athletes alike to perform basic to difficult levels of physical activities.

Up your fitness achievements and build your grip strength with the Binitiva Kettlebell even at the comfort of your own home.


Color-coded by weight for easy distinction

Handle is not vinyl-coated to avoid slipping

Has a unique base to help it to be stable


Not stable enough for push-ups

  • 5

    Rakon 3pc. Kettlebell

If you’re looking for a variation in your weights, the Rakon Kettlebell offers a 3-piece set with 5, 10, and 15 pounds that allow versatility so you can perform different exercises that focus on different muscle groups for a full-body workout. Work everything easily from the calves to your arms and shoulders with the extra-wide and comfortable grip. It is also easy to hold and ideal for maneuverings of different kettlebell exercises.

The Rakon 3-piece kettlebell set is made of heavy-duty HDPE and filled with cement and is guaranteed to last longer compared to other kettlebells. The weights are also vinyl-coated to reduce floor damage and noise. The set could be used indoor or outdoor, whether you’re at home or office. It has one of the best qualities of weights and includes a tray to help keep them organized.


Set of three upon purchase

Wide and comfortable grips

Comes with a tray to keep the weights organized

Vinyl-coated to reduce floor damage and noise


Handle tends to be a bit scratchy

  • 6

    CAP Barbell Cast Iron Kettlebell

CAP Barbell is one of the most respected brands in the fitness industry. It stands out with its durable products and it has a wide selection of kettlebells to choose from. Among these is the CAP Barbell Cast Iron Kettlebell which is considered to be versatile that offers the ability to target specific muscle group exercises or even a full-body workout. It is one of the ideal kettlebells to be used by beginners because of the wide range of weights to choose from – 5-80lbs.

Made with solid high-quality cast iron, this equipment can handle any workout – from one-handed kettlebell swing, kettlebell renegade row, and even kettlebell upright row. These kettlebells are safe to be used and are also durable, efficient, and dependable. It features a wide opening handle that ensures comfort in every grip for one hand or two. It also comes with a flat bottom that ensures easy and safe storage and could also be used for exercises such as renegade rows and handstands.

This CAP kettlebell is perfect for swings, deadlifts, squats, get-ups, snatches, and other cross-training workouts. At a very reasonable price, you will get an effective workout and a perfect fat-burning assistant.


Available in large weights

Made from cast iron

Has a durable coating


Surface is a bit rough upon purchase

  • 7

    Miroddi Kettlebell Weight Sets

Miroddi kettlebells offers a high-quality coated kettlebell where it is encased with color-coded vinyl to prevent damage die to corrosion. It is also armed with grade cast iron and protected by vinyl coating to keep exercising surfaces from damage. This also increases durability, reduce noise, and enhance its appearance. This kettlebell set is safe and ideal to be used by any age or gender and will help improve strength, ease lower back pain, total cardio body workout, burn fats, and perfect for toning and stabilizing muscles.

Make that strength training smooth with the wide, smooth, and high-quality textured handle. It also provides comfort while doing high reps and other strenuous physical activities. The grip suits most hand sizes for a secure grip even in the middle of a sweaty workout. It also comes with a flat bottom to ensure stability with a rubber which helps protect the floor from any damage. This feature also enables upright storage and also makes it ideal for handstands, push-ups, and other exercises that require the kettlebell with a flat bottom.

It comes in 10, 15, and 20lbs ideal for men and women. The varying colors help to easily distinguish he weights during a fitness program making your workout routine more efficient, enhancing your strength and burning calories at the same time.


Improves stamina and coordination

Designed with a wide handle

Ideal for any age and gender


It could be huge for some smaller users

  • 8

    Apex Adjustable Heavy-Duty Exercise Kettlebell Weight Set

Enjoy your customized workout at home with the Apex Adjustable Kettlebell. This kettlebell is a versatile piece of equipment and could be adjusted according to your skillset; you can adjust the weight between 20 to 50 pounds by just replacing the removable spacer disks with standard 2.5, 5, or 10lb weights. It has a U-bar handle for superior grip that allows you to perform in large movements; this special design facilitates precise contact of the hands on the bar for optimal grip and superior control.

The all-in-one kettlebell set comes with a 15lb weighted handle, 4 non-weighted removable spacer disks, and a 5lb bottom plate that is everything you need for muscle building and weight lifting. It is made from a heavy-duty construction of solid cast-iron and reinforced with a powder coating, making it a reliable kettlebell that will surely last long. It is also textured and has a durable surface that resists wear and tear while preventing damage from continuous heavy use.

Apex adjustable kettlebell is ideal for a variety of exercises and could be used even while you’re at home. It is excellent for lifting, toning, and strength-training or for circuit training and body-building. Since the weights could be adjusted, it is perfect for exercises like kettlebell swings, Russian swings, Goblet squats, lunge presses, and many more. It could also be used by beginners and could start off with a light 20lbs and could work their way up to 50lbs. It is all-workout in one so it is convenient and a space-saver!


Adjustable training gear

Made with U-bar handle for superior grip

Solid iron-cast with reinforced powder coating


A bit bulky

  • 9

    Tone Fitness Kettlebell

The Tone Fitness Kettlebell is a versatile kettlebell that ensures that your entire body is engaged, especially your core muscles for a more sculpted, stable, and toned physique. The weight is filled with cement and coated with vinyl that is a more economical choice for a cast iron. It features a wide opening handle for a comfortable grip, and also a flat bottom to prevent the weight from rocking, keeping it steady when not in use.

The kettlebell is perfect for swings, deadlifts, squats, get-ups, snatches, and other athletic or cross-training workouts. The weight is available in varying sizes: 5, 10, 15, ad 20lbs.


Useful for full-body workouts

Generous wide opening handle for a comfortable grip

Coated with vinyl for noise reduction

Has a flat bottom to prevent the kettle bell from rocking


A bit bulky

  • 10

    Mural Wall Art Adjustable Kettlebell

The Mural Wall Art adjustable kettlebell can be adjusted easily from 5lbs to 8 lbs, and 9lbs to 12lbs to achieve your different workout needs. This kettlebell does not take up much space since it is capable to be adjusted depending on your needs. The surface of this kettlebell is coated with PP material that provides resistance to wear and corrosion; it is also non-toxic and does not have a foul smell, making it harmless to the body and has no side effects.

The handle of the Mural Wall Art kettlebell is large yet comfortable which allows good control with both hands or even a single hand; it provides a secure grip and has a rounded and flat base so you can comfortably use it for push-ups.

The kettlebell uses a patented weight-adjustment system for quick and easy mid-workout weight changes. The adjustment is easy and motivated by developing your workout weight from one weight to another. It is best for a total body workout to improve overall strength, core power, balance, flexibility, and coordination while loosening the body fat and sculpting healthier and lean muscles.


Adjustable weights

PP-coated kettlebell that is resistant to wear and corrosion

No toxic and foul smell

Large, comfortable handle that provides secured grip


Handle is too wide for some users

How to Choose the Best Kettlebells

It might seem easy to choose the right kettlebell, but it’s a difficult decision. With different materials and designs, kettlebells feel very different from one product to another. There are plenty of situations where the weights can be uncomfortable. Here’s what to look for to get a comfortable design with high durability.


The weight of the kettlebells remains the most important aspect to keep in mind when making a purchase. While there are many weights to be considered when it comes to training at the gym, buying kettlebells for home use is different. Investing in the weights is not going to be as easy. Since they need to be useful as there’s a high chance of not buying a complete set as at the gym, the weight needs to be considered.

But weight is highly dependent on the fitness level and the fitness objective. Those who’re just at the beginning of their fitness journey should abide by small weights. But users who prefer to train to build muscle need higher weights.

But at the same time, the type of training is important as well. Endurance training, stamina training, and cardiovascular training, in general, is known for their demanding or taxing role on the body. As a result, it’s rarely done with high weights.

On the other hand, bodybuilding requires heavyweights by definition. As a result, each trainee should assess the type of training ahead before purchasing one or multiple kettlebells to support the exercises for that particular style of training.

Handlebar Design

The design of the handlebar varies with these weights. From thin handlebars to thick handlebars above 2 inches in diameter, there are plenty of options to consider. In general, users can adapt to the thickness of the handlebar but the difference can be made in how the handlebar is designed.

For maximum versatility, oversized handlebars are the way to go. Large handlebars support exercises such as sumo squats. But they also allow multiple grip points for extra exercises with all types of weights.

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Furthermore, most users also have the freedom of choosing handlebars for very specific exercises. Very tall handlebars might not be the best option for Turkish get-ups. But they can be useful for squats and lower body movements.

At the same time, the design of the handlebar is known to cause palm discomfort due to poor finishing. The materials of the handlebar are usually steel with different finishing. Powder coat finishing should be among the most popular options. Low-quality finishing certainly leads to problems such as blisters.

Color coding

Color coding is also important for those who own multiple kettlebells. Constantly losing time to check the weights of the kettlebells is not the best approach to those who might need to train within a specific timeframe. A workout is defined by resting and active time and users know it. Too much rest is just as bad as too much activity and the muscle fatigue it comes with during a workout.

Color-coding systems are mainly tied to the vinyl or neoprene cover of the weights. A few other manufacturers such as CAP Barbell offer different solutions for color-coding. They add small plastic rings on the handles.

But the color-coding of the weight is not universal. A yellow kettlebell can be 15lbs at one brand at 60lbs at another brand. As a result, it’s crucial to abide by the simplest rules when it comes to color coding and sticks to one brand to easily distinguish between weights.


Storing kettlebells can be complicated based on their weight. They can’t be stacked and some of them don’t fit under the bed or behind furniture. As a result, this weight should be stored on the floor for safety purposes and as close as possible to walls.

Some kettlebells are still made with a rounded bottom. This is not good for storage purposes as these weights can’t sit upright. But the weights in the examples above come with a flat bottom that recommends them for easy storage.

Unlike most other weights, they can be stored on the floor. But at home, the weights still need to be properly protected with vinyl or neoprene to avoid permanent damages to the floor. While there are plenty of good solutions to store these weights with a dedicated rack, even using a damper surface can be a cheap alternative to safely store these weights. Other options involve storing them in boxes, which is also seen in gyms alongside with dedicated weight racks storage.


What are kettlebells?

Kettlebells are free weights with an added handlebar. Used for years, these weights support various types of exercises. Kettlebells can be used by both new and experienced users. Characterized by large handlebars, the weights are easy to hold from all angles. Unlike dumbbells, kettlebells offer 3 grip points on the handlebar.

How to use kettlebells?

There are hundreds of exercises to be performed with kettlebells from basic to complex. Two exercises exemplify this the best. Kettlebells goblet squats can be performed with the weights the easiest.

The classic squat is performed while holding the weight with both hands from the sides of the handlebar. The kettlebell snatch is considered a complex movement. Users have to lift the weight off the ground and above the head in an explosive movement.

What size kettlebells should I use?

Beginners women should use kettlebells between 5 and 15lbs. Beginner-level men should rely on kettlebells between 20 and 30lbs. Intermediate-level women can proceed to weights between 15 and 25lbs. Intermediate-level men can use weights between 30 and 40lbs.

Advanced-level women can use weights between 25 and 35lbs. Men who’ve reached an advanced fitness level can use kettlebells between 50 and 55lbs.