How to Get Better at CrossFit

Cross fit is rapidly becoming popular as the latest fitness trend, attracting numerous individuals who are keen to incorporate it into their exercise routine. The fitness regimes it encompasses are flexible and diverse, offering choices that accommodate all fitness levels.

But if you want to get better at cross fit you need to understand your own body, limitations, and abilities, and then work on improving your techniques in line with your own requirements and expectations. 

Here are a few tips and tricks for how to get better at CrossFit: 

Do Your Research

Spend some time researching all of the activities available near you for CrossFit and read up on the diet and lifestyle expectations so you know exactly what’s involved in dedicating yourself to this fitness routine.

Pick Elements That You Enjoy

How to Get Better at CrossFit

While you might be tempted to challenge yourself with lots of new routines, it’s a good idea to opt for activities that you know you enjoy, otherwise, you might end up getting bored and frustrated very quickly.

Have Realistic Expectations

Many beginner cross-fitters get frustrated when they can’t do all the moves from day one but this is totally unrealistic. No one starts off as an expert so don’t compare your skills with others and just focus on starting at the beginning. You will get there, just not all on day one.

Carry Out Regular Drills

How to Get Better at CrossFit

The only way to learn the skills for the routines is to practice them over and over again by doing drills on a regular basis. Practice is literally the only way you will ever get better at doing CrossFit at all.

Try Working with a Trainer

How to Get Better at CrossFit

If you are struggling with how to do certain techniques and can’t get the hang of something, try working with a CrossFit trainer to help point you in the right direction and help you to work out where you are going wrong. 

Show Up to Classes

You need to show up to all the classes no matter what the workout is going to be. You need to go to the classes every week to get in the work, learn the routines, and challenge yourself physically. If you start skipping classes you are only letting yourself down. 

Dedicate Yourself to CrossFit

How to Get Better at CrossFit

There are so many variations you can try out within CrossFit that you should never get bored of your workouts and the best way to get better is to dedicate yourself to doing it. You need to show up to all the classes and commit to the nutrition and lifestyle side and you will soon see the difference. 

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Don’t Forget to Work on Strength

How to Get Better at CrossFit

When you start trying CrossFit your endurance and stamina will grow quickly but it’s important to include strength training to build up muscle as well. Adding in barbell exercises as part of your routine would help with this. 

Keep Trying Different Things

There will be many exercises and routines that you won’t be able to do when you first start out but the important thing is not to give up and to keep trying out different things. As you learn, grow, and practice you will be amazed at what you are able to achieve.

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Work Out Regularly

How to Get Better at CrossFit

It’s important to work out on a regular basis if you want to improve your CrossFit skills. Trying to get better when you only go to the gym once a fortnight, is never going to work. If you want to improve you have to work out regularly.

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Don’t Give Up!

The most important thing to remember when improving at CrossFit is not to give up. Just because you can’t do something on the very first try is no reason to stop. You will be surprised how quickly your body adapts and you can learn skills if you don’t give up.

Seek out Support

The best way to improve your CrossFit techniques is to seek support, whether with friends or a CrossFit group or trainer, who can provide you with support, help, and advice whenever you get stuck or have an issue that you can’t resolve.


Starting out as a beginner in CrossFit might seem a bit intimidating to start with but the key is not to give up just because you can’t do some of the moves straight away. Remember that even the best CrossFitter started where you are. 

Practice, drills, and getting guidance and advice at times when you are struggling are the best ways to improve your CrossFit skills successfully. With time, patience, and practice you will get to the level you want to achieve, and you will be amazed at what you can do. 

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