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Exercising, training, and building strength using weighted bags offer the best fitness results by elevating the challenge and providing alternative routines to push you further. Unlike the usual weights, the handling of weighted bags is different. Fitness sandbags have more flexible handles to manipulate the movement – making them perfect for home workouts and outdoor training.

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Yes4All Heavy Duty Sandbags for Fitness Yes4All Heavy Duty Sandbags for Fitness

The Yes4All fitness sandbag is a multi-function training gear for engaging your core muscles and targeting various muscle groups through different exercises such as lunges, squat, deadlift, spider, burpee, overhead press, hammer curl, snatch, and many more. The advantage of using bags for weights is the extra challenge of having to control the changing center of mass persistently. This helps to condition your body, increase physical performance, and build balance and strength.

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This training bag is made from high-quality materials of 1000 Denier Coated Cordura Nylon Fabric, reinforced with strong X-shaped stitching at core points to ensure durability and confidence while you workout. It has a reliable zipper enclosure to make sure the weights are secured inside the bag. The comfortable handles are strategically placed in the vital areas of the bag to provide more opportunities for training moves.

Yes4All training bags offer color and size options to accommodate your preference. The weight capacity is also adjustable when you need to increase your fitness level.

  • Durable stitches
  • Reasonable price
  • Military-grade bags
  • Large handles
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Best Quality
Bear KompleX SandBag

The Bear KompleX is one of the best sandbags you can use for your rigorous weight training. This fitness tool provides support to train your strength, endurance, and power – perfect functional training equipment.

You can perform a number of various workouts and exercises to engage your entire body to effectively shred fat and tone muscles. There are 2 available sizes of these sandbags, small and large. The recommended weight for the small bag is 90 pounds, while the large one can take up to 173 pounds of weight.

This beast of fitness equipment can take a rough pounding. Made of 64% Kevlar, 29% Nylon Webbing, YKK zipper, Nylon Velcro with crisscross reinforced stitching, the Bear KompleX sandbags will stand to the test and will not bail even on the toughest workout regimen. The 10 ergonomic handles are placed strategically all around the sandbag to offer multiple handgrip positions and limitless workout opportunities.

  • High-grade materials
  • No sand leaks on the filler bag
  • Excellent stitching job
  • Perfect for tough training
  • Expensive
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Best Heavy Duty
Ultra Fitness Workout Exercise Sandbags

For the best workout and ultimate functional training, there’s no question that the Ultra Fitness sandbags will live up to your expectations. This fitness bag is made only with the highest quality material available on the market starting with the 1600D military-spec Condura Sandbag Shell that is combined with a strong diamondback cross-stitching, double reinforcement stitching, 5-panel seat belt webbing, secured by a heavy-duty YKK zipper.

On the inside, the filler bags are designed with an innovative double Velcro opening with a tough PVC coating to keep the sand inside without leaking. It comes with 2 large filler bags and 1 medium-sized filler bag. No matter how many times you drop, throw and lift, the workout sandbag won’t break or burst.

This training equipment is built for functional fitness which improves your core strength, and conditions and stabilizes your muscles to deliver functional strength. These training bags are perfect for WODs, tactical fitness, cross-training, athletic training, military conditioning, and more.

Equipped with 5 Comfort Grip Condura handles of neutral, barbell, suitcase, horizontal, and end cap grips, there are multiple highly effective sandbag training workouts that you can do. With confidence, the Ultra Fitness Gear offers a 1-year warranty on this product including any wear and tear damage.

  • Ideal for multi-functional training
  • Great warranty offer
  • Well-made with a choice of materials and stitches
  • Sand weight is not included
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Shogun Sports Sandbag

Having choices for sizes and weight of workout sandbags provide a means for you to increase the challenge as you progress your fitness level. Sandbags for training are required to be tough and reliable due to the brute force of being lifted, thrown, and swung around.

The Shogun Sports sandbag is a piece of well-made gym equipment made with premium materials of 1000D Cordura for the outer shell, YKK Japanese zippers, and filler bags of 3 with Velcro closure to prevent sand spills. For maximum durability, the 7 handles are triple-stitched and cross-stitched.

Training sandbags are a staple military piece of equipment but it is applicable for beginners, intermediate and professional fitness enthusiasts to intensify their strength training. By grabbing it from one of the handles, you can perform various exercises to improve cardio, strength endurance, and flexibility.

The Shogun Sports sandbags offer a solution to engage a full-body workout at your own weight preference by simply adding or removing one or two of the filler bags to change the intensity of the workouts.

  • Adjustable weight
  • Large duffle bag space for more weights
  • Top-quality stitching
  • Reasonable price
  • Sand is not included in the package
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Garage Fit Sandbags for Fitness with Handles

Sandbag training is suitable for any fitness level. The weight of these bags is usually adjustable to match your weight limit until you gradually progress on your level. The Garage Fit weighted bags feature filler bags that you can add or remove to modify the weight. These filler bags are designed with double-sealed inner liners with double seal Velcro for an exceptional containment of sand.

The outer shell of the bags is made from extra-strong and waterproof nylon Cordura, fortified with nylon stitching. This design allows the sandbag to endure the weight when pushed or pressed in different directions without ripping apart. Built with a heavy zipper, you will be confident that the filler bag and its contents will remain secured in place.

This piece of equipment is fitted with 8 handles that are strategically placed around the bag to provide more gripping options to perform numerous sandbag training workouts to help you reach your fitness goals. These bags are easy to maintain and require minimum cleaning. This product is available in different colors and sizes.

  • PU-coated for waterproofing
  • Best endurance
  • Excellent handle positions
  • Sand is not included in the package
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FITSHIT Sandbag for Training Workouts

This budget-friendly training tool is perfect for any gender of any level in personal fitness. This is a medium-sized sandbag that can weigh from 25 to 65 pounds to aid you to perform various exercise routines such as squats, deadlifts, and weighted burpees in the comfort of your own home.

Armed with 6 flexible, industrial-grade handles, this exercise sandbag can support every workout your muscles need.

Another best offer Fitshit has in store for you is its 365 days guarantee on their sandbags. It is made of 1000D Oxford Nylon spec construction, durable double-stitched seams, and black webbing for the handles. It comes with 3 inner bags that are just as durable as the outer shell.

  • Equipped with rubber grips
  • Reasonable price
  • Can accommodate different weights
  • Not suitable to overload more than the required max weight
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Brute Force Sandbags Strength Training Kits

When it comes to sheerness and versatility the Brute Force sandbags exceptionally stand out. Living up to its name, it is one of the most reliable and trusted functional sandbags in the market, built to withstand the brutality of being tossed, thrown, beaten, and dragged while training. This product brand is widely used for training such as CrossFit, military, mixed martial arts, and other tough workouts.

Challenging training requires durable materials and construction. The Brute Force Sandbags are made of 1000D Cordura, military-grade outer shell, 8 soft low profile grip handles, and 1000D Mil-Spec zipper. The inside of the bag is also made with reinforcement to ensure maximum built strength.

The materials are designed not to deteriorate for a long period of time. It comes with a double Velcro filler bag, and this bag supports from 5 to 25 pounds. The manufacturer offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 2-year warranty.

  • Built to last
  • Machine washable
  • Great construct and materials
  • A bit pricey
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MOVSTAR Workout Sandbags

The Pseudois sandbag has 4 grip handles around the shell to provide you with hundreds of exercises during sandbag training. The strategically placed 4 handles around the shell allow you to execute numerous workouts during sandbag training. These grips allow you to access force and stability in your movement without interference.

This heavy-duty sandbag’s outer shell and filler bags are made of damp-proof Oxford fabric. To ensure the security of the bag contents, every filler bag is equipped with a Velcro enclosure to avoid sand from leaking, and the duffle is secured with a zipper. There are three individual filler bags that you can use to adjust the weight you want to use.

  • Very affordable
  • Adjustable weight
  • The handles are not well-stitched
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Radien Sports Sandbag for Strength Training

Best workout sandbags have staple handles around the outer shell. The Radien Sports sandbag for strength training offers an alternative to tucking the handles, to give yourself more challenge when working out.

The Radien Strongman Sandbags are versatile, durable, and leak-proof. It has a unique roll-down design to secure the sand weights inside the sandbag without having the need for a traditional filler bag. A strong metal buckle is equipped to seal the sandbag.

With built-in 36 handle bands crisscrossed around the bag, you can horizontally or vertically maneuver the sandbag to accomplish your fitness goal. In addition, it has 3 soft handles to protect your hands from getting callouses or injury. This sandbag has adjustable weight and height to support whatever training you are doing.

  • Reasonably priced
  • Folding design
  • Great versatility
  • Not recommended to be slammed
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Rubberbanditz Workout Sandbag for Fitness

Made from tarpaulin fabric, the Rubberbanditz sandbag and high-density nylon straps for a rugged finish but with a soft surface. The PVC-enhanced fabric can take on brute force and impact as you rigorously train. The nylon straps and seams are properly reinforced on areas where it receives savage force. Optimized with 7 grip handles, this workout sandbag offers a range of high or low-rep fitness options.

It comes with six filler bags that are sealed with a double-layered Velcro enclosure, fortified with ripstop stitching and stopping points on the enclosure. This feature avoids the bag from bursting and makes it easier for adding and removing the filler bags respectively.

This powerful home gym accessory will enable you to perform hundreds of sandbag exercises. You can train like a titan, garage fit or even go rogue fitness anytime, anywhere.

  • Offers lifetime warranty
  • Materials and built are durable
  • Provides great and comfortable handle grip
  • Sizes of bag are smaller in comparison with other sandbags
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How to Choose the Best Weighted Bags

A weighted bag or sandbag is one of the best home gym equipment you can use during seasons you have to avoid going to the gym especially when the pandemic is still at large and affecting every industry. Tough as they are, the best sandbags are usually deployed for CrossFit training, military training, and other rigorous workouts you can do. Sandbags for training offer numerous routine possibilities so you may earn the strength, endurance, and muscle form that you are working on.

A sandbag is not necessarily required to have sand in it for weights. Other high-quality bags can be filled with pea gravel, small stones, or other alternative weight sources to get your bags fit for training. There is a various and a large number of exercises you can do with a sandbag -a combination of high or low rep fitness, the traditional cardio exercises with extra weight, military training, CrossFit training, and more. Whatever routine or regimen you have in store for your sandbag, these are the qualities you should not miss so you can effectively use your chosen equipment


In order to have a long-lasting fitness relationship with your sandbag, durability, and quality must be ensured. There are different types of fabric that can be made into a duffle bag but there are fabrics that stand out to make sure that your sandbag can live through the harsh training you are putting yourself into.

There are 3 major parts of the sandbag that should have the toughest construct and materials. First is the outer shell. It is important that it will be able to hold the weights inside the bag as well as the handles. 1000D and above fabric class are normally used for the outer shell. It is advantageous that this part is also moisture-proof to avoid accelerated disintegration of materials. The second is the filler bags.

The filler bags hold the sand that serves as weights for the bag. It is imperative that there is no leakage as it would affect the weight and the balance of the weighted bags. Last is the handle. You need to have the handles well stitched and comfortable enough to prevent accidents and injuries. This is where you are grabbing the weighted equipment so it should give the proper support for your lifting.


Weighted bags are the most weight-flexible equipment that you can have without having the need to purchase for additional weight support to cater to your need. It offers a range of weights that you can easily access by simply removing fillers to adjust. Nevertheless, sandbags are available in different sizes to take in the weight it requires. You just have to take note of the max weight capacity of the bag to avoid overloading that could result in bursting.

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You can’t a price on health, but you definitely have the choice which fitness equipment that gives you a total value. The price range of sandbags are between forty to a hundred dollars. Affordable bag does not necessarily equal cheap quality and expensive ones don’t usually mean that it has the best overall best features.

It’s important that you can identify which workout or training exercises you are executing with the bag. If it requires a hard slamming or throwing, getting a durable unit for the price you can afford is a good deal. If you’re getting your expectations of the features for the price you pay, then you got the value for your money’s worth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do sandbags build muscle?

Yes, sandbags work the muscles but are slightly different from the way traditional weights build them. Sandbags offer more dynamic resistance which creates more challenges.

What weight/power bag should I get?

Normally, men aim for 80 pounds of the weighted bag while women aim for 45 pounds.

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How do you use a weighted bag?

A weighted bag can be used as an alternative weight for a harder challenge for different exercises. The handles are used for gripping and grabbing. You can use a weighted bag for your arms and can be carried on your back.

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