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Best Sit Up Benches

Best for Comfort
BJL Sit-Up Board
  • » Do your sit-ups on the most comfortable surface, especially for your back and legs.
  • » Equipped with anti-slip and anti-scratch rubber feet, this bench is safe for your floors.

Best for Durability
  • » Stable while in use with its high-grade steel and high-density foam wrapped anti-skip leather.
  • » Multi-function exercise bench that has many featured functions for different types of workouts

Top Pick
Marcy Apex Utility Bench Slant Board
  • » This slant board is designed to train the upper body to do sit-ups, crunches, decline bench presses, and leg raises.
  • » It is an effective bench that will surely sculpt and tone your arms, abs, core, and legs.

Written by James Cooper
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Any fitness buff can confidently tell you about the many benefits of doing regular sit-ups. They strengthen core muscles, improve stability and balance, sustain your overall health, and, of course, help you look your best.

Sit-ups have become such an integral part of the fitness community that many popular workout routines would simply feel incomplete without the exercise. Considering this, it’s truly no surprise that fitness companies have spent a lot of time, money, and effort into trying to develop the best sit up a bench on the market. These benches are not only designed to help fitness enthusiasts build core muscles, but also reduce the risk of untoward injuries.

With that said, we now come to the real question: are sit up benches effective? Yes…provided that you pick the right bench! Whether you pick a flat sit up bench, decline sit up bench, upside down sit up bench, vertical sit up bench, or some other type of sit-up bench, you need to do your due diligence. Invest some time and effort to read up on bench reviews, so that you can make a more informed decision. Trust us! Your upper and lower abs will thank you for it later. This really is a great piece of exercise equipment.

So, which is the best sit up bench for me? Here, I’ve compiled a few bench reviews to help you in your future purchase. Whatever your choice may be, make sure you’re getting the right one!

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    BJL Sit-Up Adjustable Bench

One of the consolations while performing a rigorous workout such as sit-ups is having comfortable body support – and that’s what BJL bench is all about.

Comfort and Safety


Equipped with 5-layer thickened foam, leather-covered sitting board, and thickened leg foam, your body in contact can barely feel the hard surfaces of this tool. This fitness equipment is a great sit-up partner to work on your core and chest muscles to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Adjustable for All Your Workout Needs


The BJL sit-up bench is versatile and flexible workout equipment that can be adjusted at multiple angles offering choices of inclinations to accommodate different training difficulty according to your need. Designed to be foldable, it’s easy to store without taking up too much space in your home. It also features non-slip, non-scratching rubber feet which prevent your floor from being scratched by the equipment while in use.



Comfortable surfaces for the back and legs

Versatile and flexible features

Anti-slip and anti-scratch rubber feet

  • 2

    HANSTORM Sit-Up Bench, Incline Decline Bench

Enhance your body the way you want it! Achieve your fitness goal with the versatile Marcy Multi-Position Utility Weight Bench and build that physique you have been wanting by doing various exercises. Burn your calories and lose weight while building your muscles even if you’re just at home; with this utility weight bench, you don’t need to go to the gym to get the job done. This multi-position bench is made from sturdy powder-coated steel and reinforced with high-density upholstery that’s resistant to scratched and chipping.

Save Space while Achieving Your Fitness Goals


The Marcy Multi-Position Utility bench is a versatile piece of equipment that lets you do a variety of exercises to target special muscle groups for proper development. It is useful for switching between various exercises. It also saves you space due to its compact structure. Its seat comes in a thick, comfortable pad to ensure comfort while you do the most difficult exercise.



Sturdy and durable

Easy to assemble

Comes with accessories and monitor


  • 3

    Marcy Apex Utility Bench Slant Board

Build that upper body like a pro with Marcy Apex Utility Bench. This slant board is designed to train the upper body to do sit-ups, crunches, decline bench presses, and leg raises. It is an effective bench that will surely sculpt and tone your arms, abs, core, and legs. Perform your exercise safely with proper form with the board’s four thigh and ankle roller pads. The pads are adjustable that offer precise stabilization for the legs while isolating upper body muscles.

Perfect for Home Workouts


This piece of gym equipment could be used even at home and is made of premium materials and durable parts that will surely last for years. It also has a high-density padded backboard with a durable vinyl covering to provide its user with the right support. The comfortable foam padding covers the extra-long board that keeps the back in place and reduces the risk of accidents and discomfort.

Well-Supported Workout Every Time


The Marcy Apex is made of a heavy-duty steel tube frame finished with a powder-coated finish that offers reliable resistance against scratches and prevents wear and tear. It is guaranteed to be durable and will support all your workout routines. It comes with a two-year limited warranty for hassle-free usage.



Very affordable piece of gym equipment

Very stable and well made

Not hard to put together/assemble



Directions in manual is not great

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    Marcy Utility Slant Board

Marcy being a well-known brand in the fitness industry definitely knows what equipment you need for your sit-up exercise. To successfully build a heavy-duty sit-ups bench, this product is made of a heavy-duty, high-quality steel tube frame to ensure stability, and a powder-coated finish to protect your equipment from rust and corrosion. Capable with four-angle incline or decline positions, the Marcy slant board is flexible enough for a wide variety of fitness routines.

Additional Comfort During Workout


It features an optimized backrest, longer and wider to accommodate any type of body. For added comfort during your workout, the board is padded with high-density foam, wrapped in deluxe leather upholstery to provide you support, comfort and balance.  The headrest and the four handles are also foam-padded for increased grip and support. Setting up and folding down this bench is easy for storage purposes.


Every part is comfortable to use

Great value for money

Heavy duty and durable


Small padding rolls

  • 5

    Pure Fitness Adjustable Ab Bench

Specially designed for your abdominal workout, the Pure Fitness sit-up bench is a must and a popular equipment choice for your home gym. This exercise bench is designed to be compact to save space and yet built with a sturdy steel frame to support a weight limit of up to 300 pounds without slipping or shifting while in use.

Adjustable Comfort


Comfort is also a priority of this sit-up bench. Constructed with 2-inch high-density foam padded knee and ankle rollers, with 8 inches to 13 inches gap to ensure utmost comfort, adjusting to different height ranges, while your legs are locked during sit-ups. Aside from the adjustable ankle rollers, the decline angles are also changeable from 30 to 40 degrees.  The backrest is well-made with heavy-duty upholstery for back support and comfort. With the material used for the bench backrest, you can easily wipe down sweat left on the board.



Space-saver home gym equipment

Comfortable and adjustable roller

Easy to clean

  • 6

    Wellrun Adjustable Sit-Up Bench

If you’re on a heavyweight side, heavy-duty training, this workout bench has 660 pounds weight capacity. Even lifting weights while performing your exercise, the Wellrun sit-up bench will carry the load so you can hit your goals. It is possible all thanks to its heavy-duty, 2.36 inches thick, commercial quality steel frame. It passed numerous weight tests to ensure safety and weight support. 

Providing Convenience in Every Workout


Though with a tough steel frame, the board is gentle on your back when you do your sit-ups. It is made with 2 inches, high-density upholstery, covered in high-quality faux leather to provide you with comfort while performing difficult exercises. The roller pads at the bottom are also covered in soft foam to protect your shins from rubbing into the hard surface. Wellrun offers 8 backrest positions and 4 seat positions to provide you with convenience and comfort whatever workout you are doing.


Compact storage

High-quality bench

Easy to assemble


The board is a bit weak

  • 7

    Gymstrong Adjustable Bench

A workout routine consists of not just one type of exercise. So, if you need to do more than your usual abdominal sit-ups, invest in equipment that offers a lot of incline or decline options just like the Shsycer Gymstrong bench. Aside from the horizontal 180° position of this bench, it has another liner position with a 205° maximum angle to provide you with more challenging sit-ups. For your other exercise, the Gymstrong bench is highly adjustable, giving 8 back pad positions, 3 seat positions, and 3 supporter positions. The adjustment can be easily done with just a tweak of a bolt.

Never Compromise Your Comfort


As for the quality, this product is designed to be stable and support up to 600 pounds of weight. The steel frame is structured with a unique triangle form made of commercial-grade quality steel. The backrest and seat are both built with a high-density foam pad and five layers of different high-quality materials to ensure you have the right amount of thickness and hardness without compromising comfort and form. The outer layers of the board are wrapped with textured concave-convex designed, sweat-proof leather which provides maximum strength and durability, as well as increased contact friction. 



After a rigorous workout and you’ll be needing the workout space for other activities, you can easily fold the bench quickly and easily without taking too much space on your storage area or even in the corner of your house.


Thick steel frame support

Offers multiple positions and adjustments

Space-saving feature

  • 8

    Marcy Exercise Utility Bench

This Marcy bench model may be simply designed yet it’s versatile for your workout needs. Other than your usual sit-ups, it can also accommodate a wide array of other strength-training exercises when paired with other equipment. Focusing on performing sit-ups, this product is equipped with comfortable roller pads to keep parts of your legs strain-free as you pull yourself up. Designed with an adjustable seat, you can alter the position of the bench for your convenient exercise. It can be horizontally flat, or you can incline or decline it based on the angle you need.

Sturdy Construction for Optimum Support


Though ergonomically designed to fit in a small space, this product is sturdy enough to support up to 400 pounds of weight. It allows maximum mobility while offering stability. The steel frame construct and the structure design provide an optimum amount of support. The frame is also powder-coated to prevent the steel from corroding or developing rust.

Clean-Up is a Breeze


For comfort and body support, this bench is equipped with contoured roller pads, high-density foam, and boxed upholstery. The outer layer is wrapped in an easy-to-clean material for convenient wiping of sweat.



Easy to clean outer cover

Compact to store and use


  • 9

    LIXBB HAOYANG Good Things

If you have the space for your home gym, the LIXBB sit-up bench will probably be one of the cool-looking workout equipment at your home. It is highly beneficial for your sit-up movement to enhance your abdominal muscles and strengthen your waist. Built with support attachments, you can also perform various exercises with this bench. It is designed to be adjustable to accommodate tilting and lowering your body.

The board features a back cushion, padded vinyl foam seats which allow you to move your body up and down without discomfort. You can perform over 30 different exercises as they can be adjusted to six different positions. Though a bit bulky, this product can be collapsed vertically so the mainframe can fit under a bed or inside the cupboard. 


Bold steel pipe for support




A bit bulky

  • 10

    WJX Home Gym Sit-Up Bench

The WJX sit-up bench understands that a piece of gym equipment should be able to accommodate any height. With its adjustable position, this product allows you to perform your sit-ups and other exercises without the risk of head injury. At the same time, it gives you an incline or decline angle option to fit your exercise needs. This bench is constructed only with a high-quality, heavy-duty iron pipe frame to support up to 300 pounds of weight. The steel frame is powder-coated and water-proofed to avoid corrosion and rusting from weakening the equipment.

A Multi-Function Bench That’s Easy to Store


It is multi-functional as it is equipped with attachments that can help you with different routines to work on your whole body. It can be collapsed for convenient storing under your bed or left at the corner when not in use.



No assembly needed


Foldable for easy storage

  • 11

    Ativafit Adjustable Weight Bench for Full Body Workout

AtivaFit offers the best value weight bench that is multi-purpose and could be adjusted to 7 backrest pad positions which helps you meet all your fitness and workout needs to achieve that body you have been wanting. It is ideal for full-body workout exercises for the chest, shoulders, back, abs, and many more to increase your upper body strength.

This bench is ergonomically designed to be comfortable with its high-density foam padding and a seat where you can get your bench presses on a regular basis to increase the health and strength of your bones. You are also sure to do your workouts steadily and safely as it can handle up to 300lbs of weight with the thickened supported pipe that provides stable support for any kind of activity.


Multi-purpose adjustable bench

Solid construction and easy assembly

Provides stable support for any kind of workout


Some assembly required

Are Sit-Up Benches Effective?


One of the most convenient gym equipment to own at home, especially when most of us are just stuck at home, is a sit-up bench. From what you have read from the guide, we’re sure you already have a pick. But for those who are new to this piece of equipment or just still skeptical, we know you’re thinking, “Are sit-up benches really effective?”

Allow us to convince you further and we’ll give you more reasons why sit-up benches are effective and worth it to have for your home gym or even small spaces.

Burn extra fats and get that abs

A sit-up bench could be instrumental in burning off that extra fat, and fat-burning will lead to weight loss and getting that abs you have been wanting. A sit-up bench has a great surface so you can perform your ab-exercises efficiently. Just a reminder that a perfectly toned body and a six-pack abs do not come in an instant; it’s still hard work.


Never think that sit-up benches are only used for sit-ups; you can actually perform a variety of exercises with the bench of your choice like oblique sit-ups, decline leg thrust, leg pull-ins, plank, and many more making it a practical purchase for all your fitness needs.

A safer alternative

If you find performing exercises on the floor uncomfortable, a sit-up bench will give you the much needed support, especially for your back. With its padded back support, it will surely reduce the risk of getting any injury. Just always remember that before performing any exercise, you must perform a warm-up, set up your bench correctly, and position your body correctly.

What Should You Look for in a Sit Up Bench

Adjustability. The best utility bench is often designed to be adjustable, so that you can do numerous other exercises aside from sit ups, such as leg raises, crunches, and frog kicks. The adjustability also affects overall comfort and will help you get the most out of your workouts.

Durability. You’ll spend a lot of your time working out on benches, whether doing abdominal exercises or free weights on a flat, decline, or incline surface. Considering this, it’s extremely important that you check the bench review for any clues as to how durable the bench is. You’ll definitely want one that will keep its body solid and durable over the years.

Portability. Some benches may take up too much space, especially for your home or for small commercial gyms. In these instances, you’ll definitely want a bench that can easily be dismantled, assembled, and transported.

Features. Features also play a key part in determining the sit up bench benefits. Features designed for free weights (check for weight capacity), a stability ball, and handles can help you perform all the workouts you need.


There’s no hard and fast rule when deciding on the best sit up bench. A particular product may work well for one gym rat, but not the other. So, when deciding on which bench to purchase, let your needs speak! Consider which factors you want to prioritize. Do you need it to be adjustable, so you can use it for other workouts? Do you need it to stand up to your rough exercise routine? Do you need it to be portable, so that you can maximize the space in your already cramped apartment? Or do you enjoy having a product that has a lot of extra features, maximizing its range of use? Carefully consider all of these questions and you’ll be well on your way to building the best abs!