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Exercise Mats

Best for Affordability
FBSPORT Eco Friendly Non Slip Fitness Exercise Mat

Best Value
Gruper Premium Exercise & Fitness Mat

Best for knee protection
Sukha Mat Yoga Knee Pad Cushion

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The best exercise mats support all types of workouts both at home and at the gym. Used for stretches, they provide cushioning for those who want better mobility. Used for exercises such as abs or planks workout mats support fitness objectives. Generally made from durable foam, these inexpensive mats are among the durable fitness gear users can rely on for years. The following mats for exercises are chosen based on their long-term performance.

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  • 1

    FBSPORT Eco Friendly Non Slip Fitness Exercise Mat

Imagine being and staying fit while caring for the environment. Made from premium TPE friendly material, the FBSPORT yoga mat is eco-friendly that has generally low modulus. Its materials are also durable that is also flexible and could be stretched repeatedly so you can use it for a long time, saving you more money in the long run. FBSPORT exercise mat offers the most comfortable experience for all levels with its 6mm thickness that maintains excellent resilience while being thin and light.

FBSPORT could also be taken anywhere you want to do your yoga or workout because of its free carry strap; you don’t need to buy an extra carrying strap, FBSPORT got you covered! This mat also has double-sided non-slip surfaces for that confident and safe work out every time on wood floors, tile floors, and cement floors. It provides superior traction and grip that’s best when you’re practicing different forms of yoga. Cleaning up is also a breeze, as the closed-cell surface locks out dust and moisture to keep the sweat and odors away.


Eco-friendly made from premium TPE friendly material

Includes free carrying strap

Has a thickness of 6mm

Has double-sided non-slip surfaces

Easy to wipe clean


Non-slip only on selected types of floors

  • 2

    Gruper Premium Exercise & Fitness Mat

Gruper offers a classic look to your exercise and fitness mat that’s great for all types of workouts including yoga, pilates, meditation, and other floor workouts. It is one of the most comfortable mats in the market with two thicknesses to choose from 2/5 and 3/5 inches. It also has a non-slip feature on most floors like tile, cement, and wood, and is durable due to its tear-resistant feature. This Gruper exercise mate is made of new NBR material that’s not only soft and flexible, it is also safe, non-toxic, and environment friendly. It is, indeed, a healthy choice for the planet. It is advised to unroll and air out the mat for 2 to 3 days before use.

The Gruper exercise mat is longer and wider than the regular mats with a dimension of 72 x 32 x 0.4 in length, width, and height. It also comes with a free carry bag and strap so you can carry and use it anytime and anywhere you like. The exercise mat is also easy to clean, just wipe it with a wet towel after every use, especially when sweat has been accumulated. Do not roll and store the mat when it’s still wet to avoid damage.


Wider and thicker than regular mats

Easy to clean

Made of environment-friendly materials

Comes with a 90-day unconditional refund

Comes with a free bag and strap


A bit bulky to carry around

A little slippery when hands and feet get sweaty

  • 3

    SukhaMat Yoga Knee Pad Cushion

At 24″ x 10″ with 10mm thickness, the mat has the right dimensions for one user. It supports the key points of the body and using the added knee pad, it can be extended for proper use.

Added knee or elbow cushion is practical to reduce discomfort on pressure points. It serves multiple purposes as it can be used as an extension or as another exercise mat layer for better cushioning on pressure points.

Lightweight at 13oz, the mat is suitable for travel. Some users prefer to carry it to the park, to the gym, or the yoga studio. For this purpose, its roll-up design is what makes it practical as it may even fit some gym bags.


Made with waterproof protection

Uses antimicrobial treatments

Made with high-Density NBR Foam


A bit thicker than others

  • 4

    Dralegend Exercise Fitness Mat

If you’re looking for an exercise mat that does not irritate the skin every yoga or workout, the Dralegend exercise mat is for you! With its upgraded eco and skin-friendly material, you can now say goodbye to irritating and distracting mat materials. It is also made of premium TPE material that’s odorless and more durable, so you won’t have to buy exercise mats over and over again. Dralegend exercise mat is also lightweight and extra soft to practice on.

The Dralegend exercise fitness mat has a dual-side anti-skid design so you can enjoy your yoga and workout without slipping and sliding, especially when sweating heavily. This mat is upgraded with a non-slip texture for optimal grip on both sides, so you can do your favorite exercises on wood, tile, or cement floors without the worry of slipping. The TPE material, on the other hand, absorbs moisture which reduces the risk of injuries and accidents due to slipping because of too much sweat. The material also helps in keeping you cool and cozy in any season.

This exercise mat comes with the perfect thickness at 6mm (0.24 inches) which is the right amount of cushion for the joints and knees. As for the cleaning, it’s okay to be lazy from time to time, as this mat could be cleaned even occasionally with soap and water, and will still remain to look new.


Has an exact, perfect thickness at 6mm (0.24 inches)

Made of premium TPE material

Has a dual-side anti-skid design

Absorbs moisture to prevent the risk of injury

Weighs only at about 32 ounces


Not machine washable

Does not comes with a carry-on bag or strap

  • 5

    Crown Sporting Goods Yoga Cloud Yoga Exercise Mat

Made with ½” memory foam, the exercise mat is among the thickest designs to use for ultimate knee, feet, and elbows comfort. Thicker than most other exercise mats, it suits anyone training directly on the floor without carpets.

At 72″ length and 24″ width, it’s an extra-large profile suit even the most demanding exercises. Even abs exercises with extended arms and all types of yoga poses are fully supported by the thick mat.

Designed with no-slip ridges, it also works for the advanced yoga trainees. It situates itself among the leading solutions for total body workouts. Since it has an anti slip surface, it also supports sweaty workouts similarly to premium alternatives such as those made by Prosource.


Larger than other yoga mats

Includes a shoulder carrying strap

Available in black and pink


Not the most compact exercise mat

  • 6

    Toplus Non-Slip Yoga Mat

Made with good rebound resilience, the mat is ready to offer support both for isometric exercises such as planks and for exercises such as dynamic stretching. Made with ecological environmentally-friendly materials, the Amazon mat is made with TPE materials.

Tear-resistant construction gives it a more robust profile. Mesh reinforcements are used to offer its structure and tear resistance. Most foam mats struggle with tears and adding mesh reinforces the soft foam’s structure.

At just 3.5lbs, the exercise mat is ready to be used both at home and while traveling. It can be carried using its straps or it can be attached to a gym bag or backpack given it comes with such low weight.


Available in multiple colors

Covered by a 1-year warranty

Designed with TPE materials


It slips during break-in

  • 7

    HemingWeigh Non-Slip Exercise Mat

HemingWeigh Non-Slip Exercise Mat is an all-purpose mat that’s 70-inch long and 23-inch wide made with high-density foam and 1-inch anti-tear premium foam material. This mat supports all types of yoga routines with a non-slip feature that allows you to maintain the perfect balance; this feature also prevents injuries due to falling. This mat also features anti-tear that allows durability from all forms of yoga and other fitness activities and will surely last for a long time.

The HemingWeigh exercise mat could be carried anywhere with its easy strapping system and is also lightweight for effortless travel which is ideal for any setting. This exercise mat is long enough for stretching and wide enough do you are free to do any movement. It is also one of the eco-friendly mats with non-toxic NBR material to keep your health at ease and is also soft and flexible.


Long enough for stretching and wide enough to move freely

Lightweight for easy travel

Eco-friendly with non-toxic NBR material

Has an anti-tear feature

Has an easy strapping system


Tends to be too thick for some movements

Has a strong smell on first use

  • 8

    Clever Yoga & Exercise Mat

For a better workout, choose the extra thick mat from Clever Yoga. It has a better grip that’s designed to give you a comfortable workout experience. The thickness at 6mm helps protect your joints and support your stability meaning you can say goodbye to sore knees and elbows. It is ideal to be used on hardwood floors and is a large mat at 72-inch long and 23 ½ inches wide for more flexible and versatile movements. The mat is also reversible and has non-slip surfaces and a wavy underside that keep it from sliding on the floor.

The Clever Yoga mat is made from the best materials that are safe for the body, mind, and spirit; it is made from TPE foam and is completely free from PVC and latex. It is also considered a durable mat as it can hold up to wear and tear of regular practices; you are sure it won’t rip, shred, or stretch with continuous use. The Clever Yoga mat also has a closed-cell surface that locks out dirt and moisture making it easy to just wipe to clean.


Has the ideal thickness at 6mm

Has a wavy underside that keeps it from sliding off

Completely free from PVC and latex

Easy to clean with just a wipe


Strap sold separately

  • 9

    Retrospec Solana Yoga & Exercise Mat

One of Amazon’s Best Sellers, the Retrospec Solana Yoga & Exercise Mat is extra thick that’s comfortable and helps with the balance for a more comfortable yoga and workout. It has a thickness of half-inch that helps reduce stress on pressure points in the joints, hips, hands, and knees. The mat is made of non-slip materials that will keep you steady and balanced while staying secure on the floor to prevent injuries and allows focus on your workout and yoga.

The Solana model from Retrospec is made from durable material that allows you to use the mat no matter how often, regardless of the intensity of the exercise. This exercise mat is also BPA free and is also free of heavy metals and latex. Solana is easy to clean making your every workout fresh – just use a gentle mix of soap and water, wipe clean, then hang. Allow your mat to be exposed to air for a day or two before using it for the first time.


BPA-free and free of heavy metal and latex

The thickness helps reduce stress on pressure points

Made of non-slip materials


Needs to be exposed for a day or two before initial use.

  • 10

    Yoga Cloud Extra Thick Exercise Mat

Experience doing your exercises like you’re in the clouds with Yoga Cloud. This ultra-thick one-inch mat is perfect for those who want a safe, sturdy, and slip-proof exercise mat. This high-density foam is four times thicker than your regular exercise mat and twice thicker to protect your joints and prevent injuries.

This mat is long at 72 inches and wide at 24 inches to ensure a more flexible and versatile exercise move. It is also perfect for physical therapy and cushioning weak joints, and also supports your knees. The Yoga Cloud exercise mat is a multi-purpose mat that’s great for yoga, Pilates, hot yoga, weight lifting, and other floor exercises that could be tough on the joints.


Comes with a shoulder sling

The thickness supports the joints for a safe exercise/yoga

72-inch long and 24-inch wide

Could be used for exercises and camping trips


Tends to be too thick

  • 11

    WWWW Yoga Mat & Fitness Exercise Mat

The WWWW Yoga Mat and Fitness Exercise Mat has excellent cushioning and resilience with ¼ inch thickness and tough PER material that help protect the safety of any user. It is made with premium PER eco-friendly material that is generally low modulus with flexible materials that can be stretched repeatedly due to its durability.

This exercise mat has an excellent sticky non-slip texture on both sides and a double-layer anti-tear that provide excellent traction and superior grip. It is non-slip on wood, tile, and cement floors and is durable with no latex, and tear and moisture resistant. The mat is extra-long at 72 inches and extra wide at 24 inches which is a perfect fit for any type of exercise. It also is high-density and has a 6mm thickness for excellent cushioning and resilience.


With double sided non-slip surfaces

With an excellent slip resistant advantage to prevent injuries

Easy to clean

Excellent cushioning and resilience


A bit thin

Tends to be slippery

How to choose the best exercise mats

Those purchasing their first exercise mats should only purchase reliable products even if they’re considered very affordably. Some of the main problems exercise mats are with tears, normally due to the lack of reinforcement on the EVA foam materials. Here’s what users should look out for.

Yoga Mats and Fitness Mats

There is no considerable difference between yoga and fitness mats. The same mat can be used for both purposes. However, some manufacturers market their products for a specific group of users even if in reality, the exercise mat is among the highly versatile fitness gear.

Fitness Gear Mats

Also found in the exercise mats category, fitness gear mats are made to support machines such as elliptical trainers. Thicker and more robust, these exercise mats are made to reduce vibrations and they can be an excellent addition to anyone training at home who wants to take care of their home’s hard floors.

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The materials of the exercise mat are primarily based on foam. Some reinforcements such as mesh and vinyl can be added to the mats. Those who want to ensure maximum durability might need to look for these reinforced mats, as shown with the examples above.


Folding mats is easy. Most roll-up mats roll-up but others are made from multiple pieces into an unfolding design. For the most storage and transportation benefits, it’s mainly advisable to use foam mats that roll-up. The best should come with carrying straps that prevent the mats from unfolding when being transported.

Before storage, each mat needs to be cleaned and the sweat wiped to prevent bacteria formation. Most mats should come with a surface that doesn’t absorb sweat which makes cleaning even easier. Large floor exercise mats may also need to be vacuumed to remove dust and hairs. A good mat should also come with anti-spill materials that prevent the materials from absorbing sweat or water spills.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are exercise mats for?

Exercise mats are used for stretching, yoga, fitness, and Pilates. These mats are made to offer minimum cushioning for those performing floor-level exercises.

Is there a difference between a yoga mat and an exercise mat?

There are no differences between yoga mats and exercise mats. Made from foam, these mats only differ in thickness, and in yoga, they’re used for stretches and poses while in fitness they’re used for stretching and exercises.

How thick should my exercise mat be?

Starting at ½”, an exercise mat should be thick-enough in key areas support such as the knees and elbows which are most exposed. Up to 1” and even thicker, these mats generally provide sufficient support for the most popular exercises.