Best Exercise to Slim Thighs

In today’s modern era, we hold that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Nonetheless, if your present size doesn’t fit with your lifestyle or health objectives, now might be the optimal time to pay attention to fitness and weight loss. Specifically, many women express worries about the width of their thighs – not solely for aesthetic reasons, but also for comfort.

Benefits of Slim Thighs

Best Exercise to Slim Thighs

If you only plan to do slimming exercises to look good physically, that’s great. But whether you like it or not, you will feel great inside, too, and your body will thank you for it. Generally, when you work out or follow a certain exercise program, it affects other parts of your body other than your targeted thighs.

When you exercise your thighs, your whole body can benefit. Strong thigh muscles can support your rigorous tasks and activities that require using your legs. As a bonus, you will be able to wear your favorite pair of pants still when you have skinny legs.

Leg Workouts for your Thighs

Working your legs out may result in fat loss on your thighs but not necessarily slim it, for example, cyclists. They spend most of their days training their legs to strengthen and improve their endurance. As a result, their quadriceps bulk up, building strong muscles to serve their purpose. But that’s not what you’re here for.

So, before you get too excited about doing all leg exercises for spot reduction, stop. There are different ways to achieve what you want with your thighs – toned, slim, or strong.

Slimming Exercises for your Thighs

The following exercises don’t require workout weights. Your body weight is enough to help burn fat on your thigh area.

Fire Hydrant

Lay down your exercise mat and start in an all-fours position. Back parallel to the ground while your wrists and knees are stacked under your shoulders and hips. Make sure that your posture is correct – your back should not be arched or bowed. Keep your hips square to the floor, then gently lift one knee to the side until the inner thigh faces the floor. Keep the position for a second, then go back to the initial position to complete 1 rep, do 10 to 15 reps, then switch to your other leg with the same number of reps to complete a set.


With your exercise mat ready, lie on your side with your legs bent, and pile your knees and ankles. Support your head with one arm, and keep the free arm anchored to the floor in front of your body. Raise your legs together about 6 inches above the floor as you exhale. This pose is the starting position of this exercise. Once established, pull your knees apart from each other while keeping your heels together like a clamshell. Keep doing the movement until you feel your heart rate rising, and do 5 more before you stop. Switch your side and repeat the same number of reps.

Best Exercise to Slim Thighs
Inner Thigh Pulses

Lie on your side with your head supported by your arm and anchor the other one on the floor in front of you. Set your bottom leg straight with a pointed toe. Cross your upper leg over the top of the other one and plant your foot flat on the floor. This pose will be your initial position. Raise the bottom leg as high as you can while quickly pulsing your toe up and down before lowering back to the starting position to complete one rep. Collect reps until you feel the burn, and do 5 more before stopping. Switch sides and do the same to the other leg to complete the set.

Curtsey Lunge

For the starting position, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Put your hands on each side of the waist. Cross one leg behind the other leg, with your toes, pointed on the floor, and lower down into a curtsey by bending your knee. Come back up into the starting position to complete one rep. Do this movement for 15 to 20 reps per leg.

Best Exercise to Slim Thighs
Outer Thigh Extensions

To start, lie on one side and extend your upper leg in front of you with your toes pointed. Hold this pose as a starting position. Maintain your bottom leg straight as you lift your upper leg back up as high as you can. Return your upper leg quickly to the starting position to complete one rep. Do as many as you can on one leg to rack up reps, then switch sides to do the same on the other leg.


Establish the starting position by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms resting on either side. Brace your core, push your hip back, bending your knees into a squat position. Do not lean your knees forward; maintain the right angle of your legs and knees. Hold the position for 2 to 3 seconds. Push your body back to the first position. Do at least 20 reps for 30 seconds to 45 seconds to complete one set.

Best Exercise to Slim Thighs

Lose Fat, Tone it Down

To tone your thighs, you really must consider toning down your eating habits as well. Yes, regular exercise per week helps cut back weight, but with healthy eating habits, you can succeed fully.

Watch What You Eat

Counting calories and watching your food intake can make a significant change to your thigh size. There’s no such thing that all fats accumulate in your belly when you consume more calories than what you burn. So, diet and exercise really go hand in hand in this thigh fitness journey.

Cardio Exercises Help

You may be focused on spot reduction, but did you know that cardio workouts also help lose inner thigh fat? Cardio exercises cause a fast heart rate, making our body sweat more, and burning more calories faster.

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Strength Training

In losing thigh fat, the aim is to replace it with thigh muscles. To build muscle and strengthen your leg and thighs, strength training is recommended.


Working on your thigh legs to become slim may require working your whole body. It’s not a bad idea since it will affect your overall fitness. If you eat right and burn more calories than you intake, there’s a higher chance of losing thigh fat or overall body fat. Your workout routine and a healthy diet go hand in hand.

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