Best Weightlifting Belts for Squats and Deadlifts

Choosing the best weightlifting belts does not have to be a complex or lengthy process. The short selection phase yields long-term advantages as these belts often outlast other fitness equipment and accessories. These belts come in different widths and designs, crafted from fabric materials, synthetic, or genuine leather. This is the method used to pick the top ones.

Best for Looks
Element 26 Self-Locking Weight Lifting Belt

Made from premium nylon, the weight lifting belt is lightweight. It still offers the structural support of a leather alternative without the bulkiness and the extra weight. Made to look modern, it also suits anyone who likes to look good in the gym.

A 4in uniform profile makes the belt a top option for anyone who does squats and any type of overhead press. Keeping the core tight reminds users of proper posture with some of the most demanding exercises for the spine and the central nervous system.

Made with a full-metal self-locking buckle, the belt is durable with its stainless steel buckle. The buckle is easy to adjust, and given it’s stored in a dry place, it won’t rust over the years. A rugged fitness profile offers the right support for long-term use.

Designed with a quick-release mechanism, users can continue their workout without removing the belt. The mechanism allows users to perform other exercises during the workout that don’t require using a belt, such as arms exercises. Most users tend to leave the belt on the gym’s floor when switching to these types of exercises.

Available in white, red, purple, and black, the belt is suitable for both men and women. A rugged profile is the type of belt that can also be matched with workout clothes or the right gym bag. Most importantly, it offers options for the classic all-black belt

  • Available in sizes from S to XL
  • Reliable in bodybuilding
  • Flexible for CrossFit
  • An excessive loop on the belt
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Best for Support
Dark Iron Fitness Genuine Leather Pro Weight Lifting

The Dark Iron Fitness belt is made of genuine leather and dedicated to old-school weightlifters. It has a rugged profile, reduced elasticity, and proper structural support, as expected for a product of its caliber. Those serious about lifting weight find it interesting and rely on the belt for the heaviest movements.

4mm thick, the leather offers the abdominal pressure normally tied to such fitness gear. With the belly pressed against the belt and a straight back, users can perform deep and heavy squats and deadlifts without arching their lower backs as much, which benefits proper health in the long term.

Up to 600lbs of weight have been lifted wearing the belt, there’s plenty of room for advanced lifters here. Made from some of the best materials for proper weightlifting, the belt is mostly used at the gym or home training. It has little purpose outside weightlifting but can be used for upper and lower body training workouts.

Made to protect the spine, the belt may also offer support in exercises such as shoulder presses. It’s not all about squats. Furthermore, overhead triceps extensions may still benefit from added support and proper posture.

The belt features red contoured design stitching and holes for a unique design. The red stitching looks appealing on all-black quality leather. But the large holes in the leather belt support proper breathability. Those who like to wear the belt for an entire workout know how sweaty the waist can get with a tight belt.

Since breathability can’t be ensured otherwise with leather, the large perforations work to the user’s advantage. Those who’ve tried the weight belt also say these holes don’t affect its structural support, which offers its unique advantages over its competitors such as Schiek, Ritfit, Valeo, Rogue, Ader, or Strongman.

  • It doesn’t dig into the waist
  • Available in lengths between 23” and 49”
  • IPF and USAPL-approved
  • Only available on black
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Best for Adjustability
ProFitness Genuine Leather Workout Belt

Made to prevent back injuries, the 4” belt is among the strongest in its class. At a very low price, it offers proper support with genuine materials. The belt feels very familiar to those upgrading their old solution with a common width. Made with the same width as most weight lifting belts, it offers one of the best belt options for those who want to simply focus on the exercise and not the belt.

It is designed with genuine leather and offers a unique occasion for gym-goers to train with natural materials. It’s rare to find genuine leather at this affordable price, and users like to feel at home when working with heavyweights. Synthetic leather might also be a good option, but it lacks the character of genuine leather.

With its unisex profile, the belt can be used by anyone. Of course, it only comes in black, but its durable profile and high affordability make it suitable for all users. Used in the gym, it protects the spine from dangerous movements. Used in Olympic lifting, it offers long-term nervous system support. Used in cross-training, it offers extra protection when moving on to demanding exercises under a lot of stress.

Made for multiple waist sizes, the belt is among the most interesting options for those with small waists. Traditionally, those with small waists had problems finding suitable belts for lifting weights. But even with a waist between 24” and 32”, there is an S-size version of the belt to rely on.

Available with white or red stitching, the belt looks old-school, and it acts as a gym motivator. It doesn’t feature any holes for breathability, which means it might not be the leading option for long workouts like other belts with large holes.

  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Made with a metal buckle
  • Affordable genuine leather design
  • Not the most breathable design
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ProFitness Weight Lifting Belt (4 Inch Wide)

Made with a robust adjustable Velcro closure strap, the belt is made from durable nylon. With its washable profile, the nylon weightlifting belt can eventually be added to the washing machine to keep bacteria away. This is something that is not necessarily possible with a genuine leather alternative.

Reducing stress on the spine, the belt is still supportive. Made to reduce stress on the spine from lifting heavy, it allows bodybuilders to keep their backs straight during their workouts. Some users even wear a belt without lifting too heavy. It simply works as a reminder to maintain a straight back and workout efficiently.

Made with premium stitching, the belt is also durable. Thick stitching allows it to represent an interesting option when training every day. Other belts which are not as wide might be suitable for occasional workouts. But with frequent use, its rugged profile is just what the wearer needs.

Preventing spinal extension and lateral movements while lifting, the belt offers one of the extra safety measures needed when lifting with or without a personal trainer. It allows users to lift more with their legs rather than their spines. During overhead exercises, it helps prevent spine overextension, leading to pain, injury, and even disc problems.

  • Increases weight lifting personal records
  • Equally distributes pressure on the back
  • It can be washed
  • Long strap
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Premium Weightlifting Belt for Men & Women

Made with pre-broken leather, the belt is easy to wear. Other belts require the user to wear them for a few sessions before it becomes fully functional. But here, the belt offers one of the best profiles to support the spine from the first workout. When lifting heavy, there’s no time for the belt to break in.

5mm thick, the belt offers a complete rugged profile for training with intensity. It’s among the thick designs as even some of the thickest alternatives are limited to 7mm leather construction. This means it is durable and has the right profile for true old-school bodybuilding.

Made with genuine cowhide suede lining, it offers one of the select options for natural materials and proper weightlifting without plastic and polyurethane accessories. Old-school lifters are not interested in researching new materials that aren’t even better many times.

Designed with heavy-duty double prong leather, the belt offers double the safety compared to fashion belts. It is designed to hold heavy weights, which means users won’t spend too much time trying to figure out its true capacity.

  • Made with real leather
  • Available with white and red stitching
  • Wider at the back
  • Designed without holes
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ProFitness Weight Lifting Belt With Reinforced Stitching

Made with six levels of stitching, the belt offers one of the best profiles for durability. If regular belts are made with single-layer or double stitching, this ProFitness alternative comes with six stitching lines, offering a more complex profile for extra durability,

Covered by a lifetime warranty, the belt offers a complete profile for the user who wants to rely on it for years to come. Without a doubt, it can be hard to find any fitness gear or accessory which can last for years. But the lifetime warranty is a must for the best weightlifting belts.

Made for lumbar support, the belt offers the right support at the back. Most belts are made without a reinforced back, but ProFitness allows users to load heavier weight as there’s extra stitching on the back.

Designed in all sizes, including S, M, L, and XL, there’s no reason to overlook the belt regardless of age and gender. There might not be many belts that are easily available in all sizes, so those buying them for the gym can also purchase them in multiple sizes.

  • Made with extra stitching
  • Available in white, black, and red stitching
  • Covered by a lifetime warranty
  • Very rigid for the new gym goer
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Powerlifting & Weight Lifting Belt (10MM Thick)
$8.00 ($8.00 / Fl Oz)

With a thick 10mm construction, the belt is among the top performers in competition training. Since a regular belt might not be enough at a high level, those chasing physique excellence need thicker belts to deal with the extra load. With 10mm thickness and 4” width, the belt is among the most interesting solutions for those seeking to maximize weight capacity.

Available in black and classic tan, the belt also looks good. While there are many other interesting options, not all belts come in color variations, meaning they are made for both men and women.

Primarily made for heavy lifting, the belt is not made for those new to the gym world. Since it’s heavier than others, it provides a complete solution for anyone who has already been lifting for a few years.

Made with pre-broken leather, the leather doesn’t require any strength training sessions before its ready to deal with heavy loads. For the best results, it’s not advisable to roll the leather up or to flatten in it the gym bag so that it maintains its profile longer.

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ProFitness Genuine Leather Weight Lifting Belt

Made with a non-slip fit, the belt is an excellent choice that rarely needs readjustment during workouts. It stands out as one of the top options for anyone into heavy lifting who doesn’t need to look particularly focused on fitness gear.

Its genuine leather is made with a tear-resistant profile, so users can rely on it for years to come. Made with thick leather, it offers one of the best solutions for those who want to exercise their heavy squats without the powerlifting belt bending under pressure. Its thick profile also means the genuine leather belt doesn’t risk creases either.

Available in black and red, the belt is made for both men and women. However, its dark red color is truly unique. Users note that ProFitness made the belt in one of the most unique reds, and as a result, there are even men who buy its all-red version.

Ensures back, core, and abs stabilization; the belt is ultimately made for proper support. Those who want to enjoy the best results with their heavy lifting need to ensure weights’ overloading. This means there’s plenty of weight to be added to the bar or the dumbbells to see muscle growth without the risks of spin injury.

Made in sizes from small to extra-large, the belt offers a top profile for users of all ages and sizes. Weightlifting is not something for the largest people. Those with regular or small body weight also need a weight lifting belt. Some may even argue that thin users are those who need such belts even more. As a result, it’s worth investing in one at any stage of training.

  • Made with heavy-duty construction
  • Designed with buffalo leather
  • Reinforced stitching for tear resistance
  • Not the tallest belt for big guys
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are weightlifting belts for?

Weightlifting belts support the spine during heavy exercises such as squats. The spine can sustain itself for the bulk of the weight, but the belt allows users to push the belly against the belt and maintain a straight spine to avoid low back or even upper back injuries. Those using these belts are normally experienced gym-goers.

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When should I start using a weightlifting belt?

Using a weightlifting belt can begin soon after debuting a fitness program. While training at the gym, a weightlifting belt can help if used correctly. Those new to weightlifting can simply wear it while performing bodyweight exercises such as squats without a barbell on the back to get used to the feeling of wearing a protective belt.

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What exercises should I wear a belt for?

The exercises sustained by a belt include lower body movements such as squats and lunges. Upper body exercises benefit from wearing a belt, including overhead dumbbells and barbell presses.

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Why do bodybuilders wear belts all the time?

Bodybuilders wear a belt to protect their backs. Not all movements can be executed with perfect form, especially under a heavy load. This is the reason why such a belt can bring many benefits.

Others argue a weightlifting belt is not beneficial. But the belt plays a correct role when used correctly as an aid and in the correct position. It reminds the user of the proper posture needed for each exercise. Furthermore, each movement under heavy load should be made with extra attention in the first place.

Does a weightlifting belt help with back pain?

A weightlifting belt can help prevent back pain. For example, squatting with an arch back certainly brings plenty of problems such as back pain in time. It may even lead to injuries, which most bodybuilders fear.

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