What Gear Do You Need For CrossFit?

You don’t need a lot of equipment, but it has to be of high quality.

The first thing you need to decide is if you want to train at home, or at a box (gym).

What to Wear

Choosing the right outfit is no big deal. Go for the simple t-shirt and gym shorts option. Make sure your clothes are breathable and not loose.

Really focus on the right CrossFit shoes. Use the ones that are flat, flexible, lightweight, and give you stability.

Any if you’re looking for extra grip, you may want to consider some CrossFit gloves too.

What Gear Do You Need For CrossFit?

Making Your Own Box

For this option, you want to think inside the box.


The obvious first on this list is an Olympic barbell. When choosing the right one, avoid being cheap. Think long-term and get the quality stuff. Expect to spend about $200 if you want quality. If you really don’t feel like spending this much money, you can get the cheaper one for $100, but you will need to replace it soon. Cheap bars tend to bend, and break and the chrome can peel off. Don’t expect them to last for a long time.

Barbell weights are standard 20kg for men, and 15kg for women. Women’s bars are shorter in diameter.

Consider knurling. Avoid bars with central knurling, as they are not designed for CrossFit, but for powerlifting. They can give you serious cuts when doing clean and jerk.

Bumper Plates

Now that you chose the perfect bar, it is time to put some weight on it. Try to buy them in sets as it can be cheaper. You don’t need the best and the most expensive ones, as you will be using them at home.

Why not steel plates? Mostly because of the noise. Bumper plates are made of rubber. They are wider than your regular steel plates, have no holes (except the one for the bar), and are all the same size. The ones that weigh more are thicker. Be prepared to drop bars, even if you are not used to them. Classic steel plates can damage your floor, and make a lot of noise, while the rubbery bumper plates will be less noisy, and cause less damage.

Pull Up Bar

Be prepared to do a lot of pull ups. So, a good pull up bar is a necessity. You can buy, or build one.

They can be mounted on your wall, ceiling, or stand-alone. Which one you choose is up to the space you can spare for it. Of course, the best option is the one that stands alone, combined with a power rack. If you don’t have room for it, go for the mounting options. Just, please don’t use those cheap ones you mount on your doorway. You’ll only end up breaking your doorway, and possibly your back.


There is no CrossFit without kettlebells. Kettlebell swing, clean and jerk, and snatch are just some of the exercises you will perform regularly. A full set of kettlebells is a great choice, but let’s keep something in mind here. You probably won’t use them all, and it can be really expensive. A small selection of kettlebells you actually use is a better choice.

When buying kettlebells make sure that the opening is wide enough. Also, avoid the epoxy-coated ones. They may look nice, but they will flake and peel.

What Gear Do You Need For CrossFit?

Squat Box

These boxes are easy to find, don’t cost more, and you will use them regularly. There are many different options: wood, metal, angled, different heights, adjustable, etc. If you feel like saving a few bucks, you can make your own. Just go through YouTube and Pinterest, and you will find a ton of DIY options.

Medicine Ball

Ah, the wall balls. The one exercise I really can’t decide if I like or hate. Since this exercise is one of the CrossFit basics, you will need a good medicine ball. Make sure you get a good one since you will use it a lot.
You can also go for slam balls. They won’t fall apart so easily, and there are no chances of them bouncing and hitting you since they don’t really bounce.

Jump Rope

Everyone needs a jump rope. It is a great indoor and outdoor exercise. It can be done easily, you don’t need much skill for it, and it is quick. If you already have one, great. If you don’t get one.

Jumping rope is a great cardio workout and a good warmup. Don’t avoid it.

Battle Ropes

This one is really optional. Battle ropes fit perfectly with CrossFit. They are great for high-intensity cardio, and also good for upper body cardio, which is rare. The prices range anywhere from $30 to a few hundred bucks. If you chose to get a battle rope, focus on it’s weight and durability. The ones that weigh more will give you a better workout.

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