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Best Gym Shorts for Men

Best for squats
Under Armour Men's Raid Shorts

Best for Durability
Nicewin Men's 7-inch Running Shorts

Best fitted design
YoungLA Men's Running Shorts

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Made from breathable materials, the best gym shorts are specifically made for physical activity. With stretchy materials and the right design, shorts are versatile for running, cardiovascular workouts, and weightlifting. Today, gym shorts can be fitted or loose. Made from resistant materials, gym shorts also support multiple weekly washes without shrinkage. The following short is made in all sizes.

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  • 1

    Under Armour Men's Raid Shorts

Made from polyester and elastane, gym shorts offer a durable profile with a bit of elasticity. Regardless of the exercise, they maintain their sporty lightweight profile. Useful for running, squats, and other exercises, the shorts support a full range of motion for all exercises.

Hand pockets make the shorts practical. Keys and smartphones are easy to misplace at the gym which means the shorts can ensure personal belongings never get lost. With breathable materials, the shorts are also ready to be used for long workouts.

With UPF 30 protection ensures these are suitable for outdoor use as well. Those who want to go out jogging don’t need more UV protection as the shorts protect the skin even when running in the brightest sun.


Made with 4-way stretchy materials

Designed with anti-odor technology

Protects from UV lights


Thin fabrics only for warm weather

  • 2

    Nicewin Men's 7-inch Running Shorts

Made with 95% polyester and 5% spandex, the shorts are breathable. To improve air circulation even further, the shorts feature perforations on the sides which makes them a better choice for intense workouts such as cardio training sessions.

Zip pockets make them practical. Since many gym-goers prefer to train with their smartphones at their sides, having zipped pockets are seen as efficient as they prevent the phone from slipping out.

A small back zipper is innovatively added to the shorts. Those who want to enjoy the best materials have the freedom to also enjoying proper practicality. While not as large as the 2 side pockets, the back pocket still holds keys and similar small items.


Made for extra breathability

Features 3 pockets

Designed with 4-way stretch fabrics


Not available in XS

  • 3

    YoungLA Men's Running Shorts

Made with 85% polyester and 15% spandex, the running shorts are comfortable, thin, and quick-drying. The materials are a bit stretchy and they can be used for a wide range of workouts. Those who love to run on the treadmill are going to find their stretchy construction the most appealing.

Side flaps adjust with raising movements which recommends the shorts even for complex exercises such as squats. With a bit more room for adjustments than other designs due to the side flaps construction, the shorts fit the versatile gym goer.

Made to fit, they come with a narrow profile without baggy materials. Those who want to feel unrestricted during workouts and who don’t like loose shorts are among the ideal users for YoungLA’s design


Made with 2 lateral pockets

Included extra back pocket

Made for all seasons


The fit profile might not be right for all users

  • 4

    Hawk Sports MMA BJJ Unisex Shorts

Made from 125GSM stretch fabric, the stretchy shorts are among the options men have for gym training. Since they use a versatile material, the shorts may also be used in other sports. All users who want to ensure the best results in their workouts normally choose multi-purpose gym shorts.

Designed for free 360-degree movement, the shorts are ready to offer free range of motion. Unlike others, these shorts are also suitable for bag boxing and even cycling. Since they dry quickly, long spin classes are going to feel a bit more comfortable with these whorts.


Backed by a 5-years warranty

Made with double stitching

Suitable for gym, MMA, and cycling


Thick drawstrings

  • 5

    Time To Run Men’s Shorts

These shorts are vintage-inspired and made for running. But their versatile profile recommends the fitness clothing piece for those who train at the gym and who love the unrestricted feel they come with. Quick to dry, the shorts are also easy to wash by hand or in the washing machine.

The water-resistant construction makes them perfect for gym training. Those who want to enjoy the best results with their overall training routine might know that accidental spills happen with water bottles everywhere around the gym.

Made with built-in polyester briefs, the shorts are also compatible with long-distance running. Those who love to run on the treadmill for an hour are going to find them highly breathable as a result, similarly to premium alternatives made by Nike and Adidas with their Climacool materials.


Made with drawstring closure

Short 5.5cm inseam



Only available on gray

  • 6

    Hifunk Men’s Workout Shorts

Polyester and spandex are combined to create these lightweight workouts shorts. Compact when folded, they easily fit small gym bags. Ready to support some of the most demanding workouts, the shorts are available in all sizes from small to 3XL. Black navy, green, and gray colors are among the users’ favorites.

UPF 50 protection allows these shorts to be considered for outdoor training. Those who like to train in the park can consider them to protect the skin, especially during the summer when the weather is the hottest.

2 side pockets and a rear zipped pocket make them practical alike. While the lateral pockets are not zipped, the back pocket comes with a short zipper which makes them a top choice for those who need to carry keys while training.


Available in extreme sizes

Affordable mesh, polyester, and spandex mix

Added reflective mark on the back


Clingy on sweaty legs

  • 7

    Spowind Men's 5 Inch Running Workout Shorts

Do your workout routine with Spowind Running Workout Shorts. Made of 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex, these shorts are lightweight, stretchy, and quick-dry for a more dry and comfortable feeling. This pair of shorts has built-in mesh briefs that provide support and breathable fit to users. It also has a split leg to let you move more freely and comfortably.

The Spowind workout shorts have an adjustable drawstring in their elastic waistband so you are sure it fits your waist perfectly and keeps your shorts from sliding down, making you do your routines without distractions. The short also has deep pockets and a rear zip pocket on both sides that provide a safer place to store your keys, mobile phones, earphones, cards, or wallets. It is suitable for athletic workouts, everyday exercises, training, running, basketball, football, volleyball, tennis, cycling, and other outdoor and indoor activities.


Has a drawstring closure

Has a built-in mesh briefs to provide support

Lightweight and stretchy so you can move around freely

Has deep side-pockets on both sides


The liner needs to a little more snug

  • 8

    Tough mode Apparel Men's Workout Shorts

Made with a unique pattern, the shorts are perfect for anyone looking to show off chiseled muscle legs. The fitted shorts follow the contour of the legs and they can be considered by weightlifting fans as they’re not as versatile for cycling and other sports.

Designed with zipped pockets, the shorts are practical and easy to wear. There’s a built-in drawstring which also helps all of those seeking the best fit. Since there’s a unique locking mechanism over the zipper, it can’t hurt the hands regardless of the exercise. Many gym-goers know the struggle of scratching their fingers and hands in their shorts’ zippers. This issue is eliminated here.


Available in 5 colors

Made with zipper overlays

Suitable for weightlifting


Not the best for cycling

  • 9

    Fort Isle Men’s Shorts

The wrinkle-resistant shorts are highly appreciated based on their quality materials. Suitable for those who don’t want to lose time ironing shorts out, they feature durable materials that maintain their shape after all types of exercises and even out of the washing machine.

Made with a chafe-free liner, the shorts are comfortable. Chafing is one of the main problems of running. But these shorts are made to eliminate this issue and the high-quality liner allows the skin to breathe and to be free of irritation even when running for miles.

The high-quality Amazon shorts are also used for outdoor running. Those who prefer to run outside the gym can consider their moisture-wicking profile as one of the best when it comes to overall breathability. Long-distance running is never easy and staying cool is a considerable advantage.


Made with quick-dry materials

Based on durable wrinkle-free use

Included back zipped pocket


Too short for some users

  • 10

    Jed North Lifting Shorts

With a slim fit design, Jed North’s shorts are specifically made for the gym-goer. Training legs is hard. This is why having flattering shorts can help show off the hard work. Anyone looking to make an impression with leg muscles finds these appealing. While not truly compression shorts, they’re very close given the fitted design.

Stretchy polyester and spandex are used for the shorts. This means that even with a slim design, they still allow the wearer to perform squats and lunges. Free to move in all directions, the wearer doesn’t fill too unrestricted as the materials stretch with leg movement.

A 30-days free returns policy makes the shorts a good blind purchase. Users not satisfied with how the shorts feel have the option of returning the shorts. But judging by customer satisfaction levels, this only happens rarely.


Made for bodybuilding

Available in 7 colors

Designed with new and improved cuts


Too tight for some users

  • 11

    ProGo USA Flee Jogger Short Pants

Not all gym training shorts have to be made for the summer. Those who train in the winter know that fleece shorts might be hard to match. With 65% cotton and 35% polyester, the shorts are made for the cooler months of the year.

Made for everyday wear, shorts can be a good option for those with a home gym as well. Most of those training at home don’t need to invest in the latest materials and the latest gym technologies and machines.

Featuring drawstring closure, the gym pants also fit properly. Anyone looking into the latest tech when it comes to gym shorts is always going to care about the classic drawstrings as it sets the overall fit of the pants, especially when carrying smartphones, keys, and other personal objects.


Made with soft cotton

Adds warmth to legs

Available in extreme sizes


Only sold on the gray

  • 12

    Harbeth Elastic Fleece Jogger Shorts

Made from 55% cotton and 45% polyester, the shorts feel like real fleece. With a warm cozy feeling, the can be one of the main options for anyone training in cool temperature but who still doesn’t want to go for gym pants. Their soft profile reminds of the classic days of bodybuilding.

The shorts can be washed in the washing machine. Adding them to a dryer is not recommended. The soft materials need plenty of care when it comes to how they dry. But given they stay away from the dryer, the shorts are going to last for years.

Pockets and drawstrings complete their practical profile. Those who want to carry a protein bar for a quick boost of energy can rest assured the shorts feature deep pockets for extra carrying capacity.


Made with soft materials

Available in 15 colors

Shipped around the world


The pockets are not zipped

  • 13

    Head Men's Shorts

Made from polyester and spandex, the shorts are thin and lightweight. They promote a natural range of motion which means users feel largely unrestricted in their weekly workouts. With an elastic waistband, they stay in place even without Velcro straps.

The quick-dry fabrics favor frequent use. Those who train frequently know that shorts and gym T-shirts need to be washed regularly after every use, unlike with casual clothing. Workout gear needs to be specialized.

Suitable for CrossFit and tennis, the shorts are also versatile. Made for all types of sports, the shorts are ready to offer proper comfort and freedom of movement in some of the most demanding outdoor and indoor sports.


Available in multiple colors

Designed for a secure fit

Features pockets


The pockets are not zippered

How to choose the best

Frequently Asked Questions

What material are gym shorts?

Gym shorts are made from polyester and spandex. Some shorts are made with cotton, especially for cool weather training.

Which fabric is best for the gym?

Polyester is best for quick-drying while spandex is often added for a new level of elasticity, particularly helpful for active wear.

What material is dry fit?

Polyester and its alternatives are best for quick drying. The material is also known for its moisture-wicking capacity as it allows the skin to breathe better.