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Best CrossFit Gloves and Grips

Best Budget
Fit Active Sports Weight Lifting Gloves

Best Value
Cobra Grips

Top Pick
Bear KompleX 3 Hole Leather Hand Grips

Written by James Cooper
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If you’re serious about CrossFit, then you better have a good pair of gloves or grips in your gym bag. Having the right pair will not only save you from a lot of pain and callouses, it will also help improve your longevity and performance. You might not need them throughout your entire session, but chances are that they’ll be useful at least two or three common exercises. If you’re in the market for a new pair of CrossFit gloves and grips, then read on to learn which products in 2019 deserve your attention.

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  • 1

    Fit Active Sports Weight Lifting Gloves

This pair of grips from Fit Active Sports offers great value for your money and is one of the hottest products on the market for a reason. Most notably, it offers full-palm protection with a silicon printed neoprene design to not only ensure a tight grip, but also to reduce the risk of wounds and callouses. Its built-in wrist strap also adds stability and support to lifts. Though some users have raised comfort issues regarding the wrist strap, most still consider this a small tradeoff considering the other excellent features of this product.


Generous padding for added comfort

Comes with easy to adjust Velcro wrist straps

Full-palm coverage for superior protection


Large coverage may result in less breathability and comfort

Velcro wrist straps may be less comfortable

Less padding on palms

  • 2

    JerkFit WODies

Designed for athletes by athletes at JerkFit, WODies main feature is its Grip-Ridge Technology that allows the glove to hold significantly more chalk than other products. This allows you to maintain a “natural glide” on the bar to absorb friction and lessen the risk of wounds and callouses. There is, however, a downside to this. Less friction will obviously mean less grip on the bar so, unlike other products that already enhance grip, you will certainly need a good amount of chalk for WODies.


Comfortable and durable

Designed for athletes by athletes

“Natural glide” on the bar that absorbs friction


Less friction results in less grip

Chalk will be necessary

Will need time to break in

  • 3

    Bear KompleX 3-Hole Leather Hand Grips

If you’re looking for a premium leather CrossFit glove, then Bear KompleX is definitely worth considering. Though it may not have the palm coverage of other products on this list, it’s overall quality, durability, and comfort more than make up for it. It is crafted from premium leather which significantly reduces the chances of slipping and comes with a reliable wrist strap for added support. However, like most other leather products, you will need to break them in and, in the process, you may want to be careful with the leather dye since it might leave a tough stain on your hands.


Available in two- and three-hole variants

Made from premium leather

Comfortable and durable


Will need time to break in

Thickness of leather may lessen sense of touch

Color of leather may stain hands after use

  • 4

    Bear KompleX 2-Hole Leather Hand Grips

This is simply the two-hole variant of the Bear KompleX gloves. There is no significant difference between the overall design and quality of the variants. It’s simply about your personal preference. Some people may feel more comfortable using a two-hole rather than a three-hole variant, and vice versa. Generally, however, the three-hole has a larger palm coverage compared to the two-hole variant, while the two-hole is more breathable than the three-hole variant.


Available in two- and three-hole variants

Made from premium leather

Comfortable and durable


Will need time to break in

Thickness of leather may lessen sense of touch

Color of leather may stain hands after use

  • 5

    Pheral Fit Natural Leather Hand Grips

Pheral Fit is another interesting option if you’re looking for leather CrossFit gloves. Its rugged leather exterior significantly improves your grip on bars, weights, and other CrossFit equipment, while its smooth leather interior reduces friction on your hands so you can avoid blisters and callouses. It is also very breathable considering its slim grip design. However, this also means that padding is significantly less compared to other products. Nevertheless, if you’re in the market for an affordable leather glove, Pheral Fit might be exactly what you’re looking for.


Very affordable

Slim design makes it very breathable

Rugged leather exterior ensures a tight grip


Lack of padding reduces comfort

Less coverage on some parts of the palm

Smooth leather interior slips when wet

  • 6

    Cobra Grips

Engineered for safety and manufactured with high-quality materials, Cobra Grips deliver very tangible benefits in the gym. Its patented design provides full-palm protection through its large area of coverage, while maintaining breathability by keeping the entire back portion of your hand open. Aside from its unique grip, it also comes with a very stable wrist strap for added support.

Though it may not have the same amount of padding as other CrossFit gloves, its overall quality and comfort still make it one of the best products on the market.


Unique design improves comfort and workout quality

Breathable and durable

Wide grip area allows full-palm coverage


Wrist support may be uncomfortable

Leather grip may slip when wet

No return policy

  • 7

    Atercel Gloves Breathable & Snug fit for Men & Women

Nobody can go wrong with a product that’s been researched. Atercel has been developing gloves after studying their key demographics and their needs to ensure that they deliver innovative design to maximize their needs. Developed due to necessity, these gloves are easy to put on and be removed, making it more comfortable and convenient to use every practice, training, or fight.

Atercel also offers a wide range of sizes that fit beginners and professional, small or large; it comes in five different sizes to maximize effectiveness and comfort, and to ensure that it wraps perfectly on any hand.

Unlock your full potential; be sure to arm yourself with Artecel gloves so you may face any battle confident and prepared.


Developed and designed after years of study and research

Has anti-slip silicone gel pattern on the palm

Breathable and lightweight


May be small and tight for some user

  • 8

    ProFitness Cross Training Gloves

For an enhanced grip and control over lifting and training, ProFitness Cross Training Gloves is a perfect fit for you and your needs. The flexible neoprene gym gloves feature reinforced silicon-padded palms to improve your grip strength while doing your fitness routine. These are regarded as the best CrossFit gloves for WODs, weightlifting, and overall fitness. Its breathable neoprene helps reduce sweat, so you are sure that your hands are kept dry all throughout your workout or training, it also keeps your hands free from calluses and sores.


Has a breathable neoprene material that keeps the hands dry

Versatile - could also be used for weightlifting and other fitness activities

The best Crossfit gloves for WODs

Comes in a 60-day satisfaction guarantee


The additional padding does not sit well with some users

  • 9

    VIMGEN Cross Training Gloves

VIMGEN Cross Training Gloves are your best friends against cuts, blisters, and callouses. With its neoprene design, this product will allow you to grab on to your weights, bars, and other equipment without ever having to worry about losing your grip. Moreover, it has extra padding wrapped under multiple layers of reinforced leather to ensure both comfort and durability while in use. The ergonomic wrist strap also helps you fight against the strain of long workouts. A word of warning before you buy a pair though: be careful when picking a size. A number of users have experienced difficulty in picking the right size, particularly for their palms and fingers. Moreover, one major downside to having a good amount of coverage and padding is, of course, less breathability. So, if you’re looking for something airy and hate the smell of sweaty gloves, then you might want to consider a different product.


Extra padding for improved comfort

Integrated wrist straps for added support

Anti-sweat interior and anti-slip exterior


Sizing may be tricky

Finger holes are smaller than normal

Large coverage may result in less breathability

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Use CrossFit Gloves and Grips?

Obviously, gloves and grips are mainly used to protect your hands from blisters, rips, tears, and other forms of injury which are a natural part of working out. They either cover your entire hand or significant portions of it, most commonly the palm.

In some gyms, there’s often a stigma associated with the use of gloves and grips or even other protective gear. Particularly, people often associate the use protective gear with being either weak or fussy. Personally though, I’ve always thought this stigma to be completely irrational.

Occasional hand injuries may be fine for some people, but if your day job includes a lot of hand shaking, then calloused palms just won’t do, or if you need to do a lot dexterous work, then blisters and stinging wounds obviously won’t help.

Moreover, if you’re really a CrossFit enthusiast, then you’ll want to do everything you can to improve your longevity and overall performance. Using gloves and grips will help you with both. By lessening the risk of injury, you’ll statistically be able to do more reps, hold on to rings or bars longer, and minimize downtime. What’s even better is that you’ll no longer have that lingering fear of pain and injury in the back of your head, which will make it easier for you to focus on your movements instead. Consequently, you’ll be able to improve your performance and make your body stronger in the long run.

When Do You Need CrossFit Gloves and Grips?

Just because you own a good pair of gloves and grips, doesn’t mean that you have to use them all the time. In fact, as already mentioned, you probably won’t need them for your entire session, but they will certainly be useful for at least two or three common exercises, particularly those involving gymnastic movements. Pull-ups, toes to bar, and ring or bar muscle ups are just a few examples. Aside from the foregoing, some also like to use gloves and grips for barbell and kettlebell workouts, so they don’t have to chalk their hands every five minutes.

Do CrossFit Gloves and Grips Really Make a Difference?

Of course! Any experienced CrossFitter can tell you just how difficult it can be to finish your workout of the day with injured hands. Having the right pair of CrossFit gloves and grips can mean the difference between finishing those last two reps or just calling it quits.


There isn’t really a specific formula that you need to stick to when picking out the perfect CrossFit gloves and grips. Most of it is just subjective. What works for one person may not work for another. However, there are some standard things that you need to keep in mind. For example, you obviously don’t want a glove that wears out too quickly or one that does not offer a sufficient amount of protection. With that in mind, try to reflect on your own needs first before picking out one of the products listed above to try out on your next workout of the day.