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Best Ski Jackets

Best Overall
Moerdeng Men's Waterproof Ski Jacket
  • » Made with warm waterproof materials
  • » Available in all sizes

Best for Women
Andorra Women's Performance Insulated Ski Jacket
  • » Comes with microfleece lning
  • » Specially designed for women

Best for Heat Release
Wildhorn Dover Premium Men's Ski Jacket
  • » Made with heat release ventilation
  • » Made for body temperature control

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    Moerdeng Men's Waterproof Ski Jacket

High-density polyester makes this jacket a top-seller in the ski world. The materials are known for its windproofing construction which makes it perfect for mountainous adventures while skiing. Even high winds don’t pass through the material making it a versatile wintertime jacket.

DWR polymer coating makes the waterproof jacket even better. The coating prevents melting snow to penetrate the materials of the jacket which means wearers can stay warm inside it. But at the same time, there are a few other jackets which don’t offer this coating at this price point which makes the jacket rather affordable.

2400 needle cotton keeps the user warm. Winter clothing can’t be complete without proper thermal insulation. Like other winter jackets, it features soft lightweight cotton insulation to keep skiers warm even below freezing temperatures.

Micro pores maintain the breathability of the jacket. Those into sports know that a thick jacket that lacks at least minimum breathability leads to overheating and sweating. Skiers are very active and staying dry is a top priority according to Moerdeng.


Covers S to XXL sizes

Available in army green and black camo

1300g average weight


Fleece liner needs washing before first use

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    Wildhorn Dover Premium Men's Ski Jacket

Dynamic motion articulated materials make the jacket perfect for freeride or backcountry skiing. Supporting stretches from all angles, the jacket is made to maintain proper weather and heat protection for the wearer. Made from thinner materials, it’s also lightweight by comparison.

Dupont DWR coating extreme weather protection makes the jacket a good option for anyone looking for the best outdoor protection. Representing a strong design, the jacket is among the leaders in windproof protection.

A 2-way adjustable hood design makes the jacket an interesting choice today. It aims to offer proper head thermal protection while also not obstructing the field of vision. Representing a practical design, it uses simple cords for quick adjustments.

Heat release ventilation turns the jacket into an all-day performer. Skiers can use the built-in zippers to allow heat build-up to exit the jacket. Based on practical zippers and looking like small pockets, these heat release areas are crucial in staying sweat-free while skiing.


Include water-resistant inner pockets

Made with an adjustable powder skirt

Includes drawstring waist design


Thin insulation

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    Andorra Women's Performance Insulated Ski Jacket

Made with moisture-wicking microfleece inner material allows the winter jacket to be used for hours at a time during intense skiing. Representing one of the few jackets with a relaxed fit which doesn’t lose heat, Andorra’s jacket is among the best for those carrying accessories such as smartphones as well.

Made with a thermal reflective liner, the jacket provides proper protection at low temperatures. It’s also one of the materials which heat up quickly which makes the jacket provide quick heat relied on the skier.

Relaxed fit available in sizes from S to XL, the loose jacket is among the best for those who don’t like fitted winter clothes. Made to be a bit roomier, the jacket also allows users to wear other winter clothes or layering underneath it in comfort.

Inner mesh pockets are added for ski goggles, smartphones or car keys. Practical and lightweight, the pockets don’t add any unnecessary weight to the jacket. These pockets are also zipped to keep personal belongings safe.


Made with customizable cuffs

Available in multiple patterns

Includes an internal thermal reflective layer


Not stretchy

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    Gemyse Men's Mountain Waterproof Ski Snow Jacket

The waterproof shell construction makes this colorful insulated jacket a must-have for anyone skiing in snowy conditions. Body heat causes snow on the jacket to melt and this is the main reason it needs to be a jacket that keeps water out.

Tear-resistant materials are used on the jacket. They represent the best option for anyone into freestyle skiing or snowboarding where materials are subject to potential tears. But the materials are very strong and they can handle the extra weight when the pockets are filled.

Made with warm fuzzy lining, the jacket offers proper thermal protection in negative temperatures. The material is also one of the best for quick warmth when the jacket needs to be worn quickly out on the slopes.

2 zippered hand pockets offer warmth for the hands. The zippered pockets can be used to store accessories. But an additional chest-level pocket is added for small accessories such as keys and credit cards.

Made with a relaxed outerwear fit, the jacket can also be used outside skiing. Synthetic insulation is also made for hiking, trekking or other winter outdoor activities. But the jacket is available in all sizes. A sizing chart is available for those new to the brand as the S to XXL versions might slightly differ from other brands.


Made with soft cotton padding

Includes a detachable hood

Designed with reinforced stitching


No vent holes

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    Camel Crown Men's Mountain Snow Waterproof Ski Jacket

The Camel Crown jacked uses cotton for warmth. 180 grams of cotton insulation has been added to the jacket to keep backcountry skiers warm. By most standards, this equates to thin insulation which also allows plenty of freedom of movement. Together with the Camel-Tex wind-blocking materials, it offers the warmth needed to enjoy long days of resort skiing.

The coated fabric is used for waterproofing. Waterproofing is calculated at 10000mm/H2O which makes the jacket supportive even outside in rain. Top waterproofing allows users to wear the jacket for other outdoor wintertime activities as well.

Windproof shell construction allows users to remain comfortable in high wind. Sliding down the slopes at high speeds generates a lot of wind resistance. As a result, having a good jacket to rely on is crucial.

Elastic cuffs with stretchable thumb holes make the jacket practical. The elastic cuffs stop cold air from entering the jacket. But the stretchable thumb is important as well. It keeps the sleeves on place offering the first hands’ protective layer even when used with ski gloves.

Wear-resistant shell is also considered of very high-quality on the jacket. It protects the jacket from scratches and it ensures the resistant materials are going to remain tear-free for a few skiing seasons.


True to size

Includes multiple pockets

Designed with a windbreaker shell


The sleeves are not fleece-lined

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    Gemyse Women's Mountain Waterproof Ski Snow Jacket

Made with quick-dry materials, the jacket is specifically made to fit women. With a close fit, it’s ideal to keep skiers warm even in the most demanding skiing conditions. Made with some of the best materials for outdoor use such as a shell anti-wind cover means the jacket can also be used during heavy snowfall.

A full front zipper with secured button closure keeps the jacket in place. It can be used while outdoors fully zipped or lightly closed with buttons while going indoors to get a hot drink. Practical and easy to use while wearing ski gloves, the jacket is also found in matching ski gear colors.

Adjustable Velcro straps keep cold airway from the hands. The jacket offers one of the best options for those who need quick adjustments. But Velcro straps are also practical. They allow women to quickly adjust the fit even while wearing ski gloves.

A detachable storm hood keeps the head warm. The hood is also waterproofed and it’s made from the same materials with the jacket. Women who prefer to ride without a hood can easily unzip it from the jacket.


The pockets can hold ski gloves

Body-fitting design

Available in stylish colors


Not available in teenager’ sizes

  • 7

    Wantdo Women's Mountain Waterproof Ski Jacket

2400 polyester lining with a fleece liner has been used on the Wantdo jacket to make it comfortable, warm and water-repellant. Used with proper ski pants, it offers the much-needed protection in all conditions, especially when it comes to keeping water away.

Made with an internal drawcord hem and an adjustable storm hood, the jacket has high ratings in windproofing. Used in the windiest skiing conditions, it keeps the wearer warm and relaxed. The last thing skiers are suffering from cold weather and having reduced attention on the slopes.

Waterproof 10000mmH₂O rating has been associated with the jacket. With proper shell protection, the jacket offers one of the most interesting options for women who’ve struggled with water infiltration or moist.

Available in dark moon blue, black and pink, the jacket is specifically made for women. Most women can choose one of their solid color options. However, the jacket doesn’t come in a camo design alternative which suits a wide range of snow pants.


Warm down to -20 degrees

Made with a stylish design

Designed with tear-resistant materials


Noisy friction

  • 8

    Mountain Waterproof Ski Jacket Windproof Rain Jacket

Made with 2 side pockets, one internal pocket, one media pocket, and one chest pocket, the jacket is the clear winner for storage options. Its side pockets are large and they fit ski gloves which are often taken off when going in for a cup of coffee or a freeride skiing break.

With an average weight of 1200g, the jacket is also lightweight compared to its direct competitors. Since the insulation is lightweight, women can also wear it. A PU polyurethane membrane, the lightweight jacket is also proven in moderate rain for 3-5 hours.

Available in 10 colors, the jacket is specifically made for men. Green, coffee, blue, and red are the main colors to consider. With soft fuzzy lining, the jacket is warm and it also looks good. Some skiers wish it could have been made with soft fuzzy lining on the inside as well.

With an added windbreak buckle, it also keeps cold air out. The buckle is adjusted from the side of the jacket and it offers a clear option to those needing a personal touch for the right fit, which may be lost for thin users.


Made with a detachable hood

Practical for winter sports

Designed with adjustable cuffs


No underarm vents

  • 9

    Wildhorn Frontera Premium Women's Ski Jacket

Made to measure according to women’s sizes, the jacket has a fitted design. Sitting closer to the body than loose jackets, it comes with one of the best designs for women who don’t feel comfortable to ski in loose jackets. However, its fit is not suited for wearing thick layering clothes such as those from Sabre, Spyder, or Black Diamond.

2-way hood cords for horizontal and vertical adjustments offer an unobstructed vision. The cords allow the hood to fit better. Most importantly, it keeps the wind out of the hood which only acts to improve thermal comfort.

The integrated powder skirt keeps snow from building up underneath the jacket. This is often the case for those skiing many hours in a row where every turn lifts snow. But the powder skirt comes with 2 buttons and its unobtrusive design blocks the snow out.


Available in 4 colors

Shipped in recyclable packaging

2-way stretch design


Only available in 4 colors

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    Gemyse Women's Mountain Waterproof Ski Snow Jacket

The women’s version of the Gemyse Mountain jacket is just as good as its men’s alternative. The only difference is in fit as the jacket is made for women. Otherwise, it uses the same impressive materials with waterproofed protection.

With an outer shell fabric, the jacket is ready to keep water out of the jacket while also stopping wind penetration. The shell is soft and it doesn’t obstruct torso or arms’ movement as other jackets. Furthermore, it also features 5 pockets to help skiers stay organized.


Made with fleece lining

Features full front zipper closure

Designed with a removable hood


Not made with a tapered design

  • 11

    Wantdo Women's Mountain Waterproof Ski Jacket

240 grams of polyester fiber make this jacket ready to deal with freezing temperatures. Available in 15 colors, it suits both men and women. The warm jacket is available in vivid colors such as yellow or red as well as in darker colors such as grey or purple.

10000mm waterproofing keeps melted snow away. With its proven materials, the jacket is also used in other winter activities such as trekking. With good heat retention, the jacket may be used by skiers who like to tackle the slopes early in the morning or late at night when the temperature drops considerably.


Made with wear-resistant softshell

Best for downhill skiing

Includes a zippered chest pocket for IDs


Not made for those who love loose jackets

  • 12

    Camel Crown Women’s Mountain Snow Waterproof Ski Jacket

With 180 grams of warm cotton, the jacket is specifically made for women. It stands out with its lightweight materials and warm inner construction. Cotton is used by many premium Amazon brands and it matches their performance.

The jacket wicks moisture away quickly. Using solid materials, it keeps the body warm and dry. The materials are mainly useful when women need to ski while it’s snowing outdoors even if these materials are suitable for skiing in windy conditions as well.

Thumbholes are added to the sleeves. Keeping the sleeves in place is easier as a result. But the small holes might also be useful to keep the hands warmer when walking around the park with no skiing gloves.


Made with a tapered fit

Designed with a removable hood

Made for rainy weather


Runs one size small

How to choose the best ski jackets

The best ski jackets are made with various materials and designs. Most come with easy zipping and they can be used while wearing ski gloves. Most importantly, ski jackets can be categorized as follows.


The hardshell ski jackets are made with a solid outer layer. These jackets offer proper protection from wind, cold weather, and water even if they’re not the most lightweight. Such jackets are popular among skiers as they can handle even the lowest temperatures.


Softshell ski jackets allow better mobility and they’re made with lighter materials. Those who like to enjoy better mobility on the skis find them helpful and restrictive. Shell jackets examples include those from Primaloft, Snowshot, Colorado, Whirlibird, Recco or Spider.


Insulation is measured in grams and it allows skiers to have a better understanding of the warmth of a jacket. Synthetic fleece and cotton are among the most popular options as seen in the examples above. But insulation can’t be too thick either as it can prevent good breathability. High core temperature without proper ventilation can lead to sweating.


Waterproofing is essential for skiers. Snow melts quickly on warm jackets but skiers need to stay dry. At the same time, skiers also need to find quick-drying materials as snow may also melt quickly when entering a building for a short skiing break.


The size of the jacket is also important while traveling. Skiers with restricted luggage cases might be limited to softshell jackets. But the best protection is normally only seen on thicker hardshell jackets. As a result, most skiers should ensure they have plenty of storage space both for the jacket and for the skiing pants. The fit of a ski jacket depends on its design. From fitted to loose, skiers can choose from a wide range of designs that are compatible with base layers.


How do I choose a ski jacket?

A ski jacket needs to meet a few criteria. First, it needs to keep the skier warm. Then, the jacket needs to be water repellent. But a skiing jacket also needs to be lightweight as it’s a sports jacket in the end. The top pick ski jackets also come with a good selection of pockets. Extras include a hoodie and special pockets for IDs and smartphones.

What's the difference between a ski jacket and a normal jacket?

A ski jacket is a sports jacket. A normal jacket also offers warmth but it’s not specific to skiing. Designed with water resistance, it also mitigates heat and sweating with armpit venting. A ski jacket is also made so that it’s easy to unzip while wearing ski gloves. Most importantly, a ski jacket supports omni-stretching without tearing materials such as those made by the North Face, Rei, Patagonia, Thermoball, Columbia or Backcountry.

A ski jacket is also made to be practical. Most other normal Gore-Tex Pro jackets are mainly made to be stylish. This is only a secondary objective of a ski jacket. Furthermore, a normal jacket is now made with the same tears’ durability. Ski jackets support extensive arms’ movements with reinforced stitching. Other practicality characteristics include detachable helmet-compatible hoods and Velcro straps.

Are our ski jackets warmer than down jackets?

The ski jacket is very warm. However, not all ski jackets are the same. Depending on their insulation materials and thickness, a ski jacket might be warmer than down jackets. The warmth of a ski jacket may also be influenced by wind perception. Most ski jackets are made with good wind resistance which may also increase the feeling of warmth.

Are our puffer jackets good for skiing?

Puffer jackets are very warm. However, they lack mobility, stretchy materials, practical pockets, and quick moisture-wicking materials. Furthermore, puffer jackets aren’t practical for sports. Most ski jackets can offer the same warmth if not better warmth with thinner insulation. Furthermore, a ski jacket comes with practical easy-access pockets such as dedicated valuables pockets.

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