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Best Snowboard Goggles

Best for Affordability
Akaso OTG Ski Goggles

Best Overall
Zacro Ski Snowboard Goggles

Best for Comfort
Qinner OTG Ski Goggles

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Offering protection against snow reflective lights and UV rays, the best snowboard goggles are mandatory for anyone out on the summit. Some of the most protective goggles are now made with anti-fogging coating and even with flexible scratch-resistant lenses

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    Akaso OTG Ski Goggles

The popular snowboard goggles are just what many outdoor fans need. It comes with the right vision protection while also offering a practically indestructible design. Made to resist scratches and accidental drops, the goggles stand out with their replaceable lens design which supports different percentages of visible light transmission.

Made with interchangeable lenses, the goggles support various snowboarding conditions. Riders heading out on the summit during bright sunny afternoons can select the right lenses. Those riding in the evening when light starts to diminish are also benefiting from dedicated lenses.

Anti-fog coating double lens design allows snowboarders to concentrate on their sport without distraction. Airflow has been enhanced so that there’s no interior fogging. With various tints, the goggles also look good and they offer proper UV light filtering in any light.

An unbreakable TPU frame holds the lens. It can be bent in any direction based on its high flexibility. As a result, the goggles are among the most interesting releases when it comes to busy snowboarding days were users don’t have time to care for expensive goggles too much.


Available in various tints

Designed with removable lenses

Fits balaclavas


Doesn’t fit over glasses

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    Zacro Ski Snowboard Goggles

The goggles are among the leading designs for unobstructed vision. Just a few years ago, snowboarding goggles used to have issues of distortion based on the lens design. But Zacro made these lenses with a cylindrical design and opted for high-quality durable frames. An anti-slip strap keeps them connected with proper helmet compatibility.

Cylindrical design lenses have been used to improve peripheral vision and to limit distortion. Many alternative goggles don’t offer good peripheral vision which means snowboarders need to turn more just to see where they’re heading.

A ventilation design has been implemented on the goggles. It keeps moisture outside. One of the issues low-quality goggles have is simply being unable to keep melting snow away from the inside of the lens.

With 100% UV protection, snowboarders can care for their eyes. Simply riding on reflective snow in harsh sun lights can cause eye discomfort and possibly vision damage in the long term.

An impact-resistant TPU frame has been added to keep the lenses in place. Unlike other frames, it also bends 360-degrees field of view without breaking, making it the freestyle snowboarding option together with Smith and Oakley Flight Desk snow goggles high-end alternatives. These also look similar to Amazon frameless goggles.


Made with UV protection

Designed with an interchangeable lens system

Cylindrical lens design


Not to many lens colors to choose from

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    Qinner OTG Ski Goggles

The high-definition goggles are made for clear unobstructed vision. Without limiting details, the lenses of the goggles are known for the protection and eye relief effect they offer snowboarders.

Air vents have been added at the top of the lenses. Hot air is known to rise above cool air and as a result, there’s no fogging behind the lens even when worn for hours at a time. But these lenses are also designed with an interchangeable system that allows quick changes within seconds even while wearing snowboarding gloves.

HDO high definition optical tech makes the lenses a bit better at filtering out harsh UV lights. These lights are among the biggest concerns for those looking to spend more time outdoors. Both snowboarders and skiers are subject to this issue.

An anti-slip silicone belt holds the goggles in place. Made with a durable elastic band, the goggles are easy to secure around the helmet. But it can also be removed and washed with a bit of soap and water to remain free from bacteria.

Since it fits over glasses, the goggles enhance vision protection even for those who might need special eye care. Glasses don’t touch the lens of the goggle means their lenses are also anti-scratch coated.


Dual-layer wind protection

UV 400 protection certification

VLT 60.9% for overcast


Additional lenses sold separately

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    JetBlaze OTG Ski Goggles

Made by one of the most popular affordable brands in the snowboard community, the goggles are durable. They also benefit from a large selection of lenses, sold separately. These lenses are made for all types of weather conditions.

Triple-layer foam protection adds a degree of comfort. For most users, triple face foam also makes a difference when it comes to riding all day. But the thick foam might also be recommended for anyone wearing glasses who also needs a bit more clearance to fit the vision aids.

Made with a flexible frame, the goggles are among the most suitable for long-term use. Even those who want to upgrade them shortly might simply purchase detachable lenses to upgrade their looks and VLT percentage.

Silver and black tint lenses for sunny days come as standard with the goggles. Even in the brightest sunny conditions, they offer proper eye protection as on Chromapop goggles while diminishing snow reflection which is known to cause issues for many snowboarders.


Made with lenses for sunny days

Designed triple layer foam

The goggles look attractive


Doesn’t include a carry case

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    Acure SG01 Ski Goggles

The vivids goggles are among the designs most suited for anyone looking to pair them with vividly-colored snowboarding gear. Benefiting from enhanced visibility, the elegant goggles are also available silver and all-black.

Made with a 180-degree panoramic view, their lenses offer unrestricted visibility. Not all goggles can offer an unrestrictive design which doesn’t peripheral view.

UV protection is added to the lenses to maintain healthy vision even when spending the entire snowboarding season out in the park. UV 400 is the standard protection also offered with these goggles.

Compatible with snowboarding helmets, the goggles feature a soft premium woven strap. It has been known for its durability and elasticity. Even when used daily, it maintain its elasticity. As long as it’s not washed in hot water, it’s going to remain elastic for years.


180-degree panoramic view

Smooth airflow design

Made with an adjustable strap


Made with an interior lens tint

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    JetBlaze Spherical Ski Goggles

Available in multiple colors with lenses of various tints, the goggles are made to keep wind away from the eyes. Their UV protection is a considerable bonus as well. It protects vision from all the harmful reflection a snowboarder might need to face.

8 magnets hold the lens. These magnets also allow the user to quickly change the lenses as needed. All of the lenses are made to be compatible with this system. It means they can be installed on any frame with a similar size and that users can have multiple goggles in a single design.

Passive ventilation is added with a practical design. It keeps cold moist air outside the goggles. In turn, it also acts to prevent fogging. Proper airflow is the only proven method of preventing fogging, alongside anti-fog lens coating.

An anti-slip strap has been added to the goggles. It keeps them in place and it allows wearers to turn their heads in all directions. Goggles are among the best solutions to also prevent snowflakes from getting into the eyes.

OTG or over the glasses design is implanted on the goggles as well. This is what’s needed in most situations for those who can’t snowboard without their goggles. Some users can leave vision glasses at home, depending on their prescriptions. But it’s still practical to be able to use them together with the goggles.


Made with thick cushioning

Available in different lens tints

A magnets-based lens lock system


A bit tight around the nose

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    Findway Ski Goggles

Specifically made for women, the ski goggles offer one of the best options for a chic look and protected eyes. Among their benefits, the goggles come with a wide range of lenses with various filtering percentages as well as with glasses compatibility.

With a TPU-made frame, the goggles are also resistant to mild shocks. Made with bendable frame design, they can even be stored in a pocket or a backpack to and from the summit. This type of frame is now the standard for the best ski and snowboarding goggles as seen on leading Giro and Anon alternatives.

Made with variable VLT between 20% and 90%, the goggles offer enhanced protection in varying conditions. Cloudy days have different UV lights to face than sunny days. However, a single pair of lenses might be used regardless of the weather, eventually.

Putting glasses in the goggles is easy. First, users put on the side of the glasses in the goggles followed by the other side. Then, they can put both the goggles and the glasses on the eyes at the same time.


Made with a pink strap

Benefits from a high choice of lenses

Dual-layer anti-fog construction


Large branding on the straps

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    Alkai Ski Goggles

Alkai’s ski goggles are among the most representative in terms of fit. They’re made to fit both men and women and teenagers can pull them off as well. With soft foam cushioning, the pair of goggles are also among the most comfortable.

Medium-size fit is the right option for the average snowboarder. This is why the goggles remain interesting for a large number of users as they’re available in this universal size with reduced pressure on the nose.

Spherical wide view lenses are compatible and swapping lens systems as on Backcountry or Smith Optics. Representing circular unobstructed visibility, the goggles offer one of the best options for those who need enhanced peripheral visibility.


Designed with venting

Bendable frame and lenses

A thermal layer protects against fogging


Prone to small scratches

  • 9

    Findway Kids Ski Goggles

Kid’s ski goggles have seen considerable improvements over the past few years. This can be seen in Findway’s design. The goggles use the same lenses seen in adults’ alternatives and they represent one of the best solutions for enhanced comfort even on sunny days.

Made for kids, they’re mostly about fit. Many kids have suffered discomfort wearing adult-sized goggles. But there are a few who already own these goggles and they enjoy their proper comfort, with a smaller manageable size.

Anti-glare is one of the most important coatings applied to the lenses. It’s one of the coats which shows the most benefits, especially in the conditions of high snow reflectivity. Those looking for better comfort need such lenses, even in goggles for adults.

Made with anti-wind construction, the goggles are also among the most interesting for added comfort with all-day snowboarding. The vents are only added at the bottom of the lenses which means wind doesn’t get to the eyes.


Specifically made for kids

Compatible with 16 lenses

Comfortable up to the age of 18


No carry case

  • 10

    Omorc Men Women Ski Goggles

The ski goggles are a bit smaller for women’s comfort. They represent one of the most interesting options for women who might feel general unisex goggles are too heavy.

180-degree spherical lenses have been added to the frame. They represent one of the most interesting options when it comes to better visibility with no obstructions. Since the lenses are so large (10.2 inches in length and 4.3 inches in height), they offer clear vision of the park.

Crack-resistant lenses have been used by Omorc. These lenses have been tested with thousands of bends to see their resistance. They didn’t crack and at this affordable price, they’re more durable than many expect.

A stretchable head strap has been added to hold them in place. The strap is completely removable so that it can be washed after a long sweaty day on the slopes.


Specifically made for women

Designed with large unconstructive lenses

UV 400-certified


Mild distortion on the lens

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    Fuel Optics Snowboard Goggles

Fuel Optics goggles’ are instantly recognizable on the slopes based on their large lens design. For most users, they come with enhanced protection from all angles since they’re also UV-coated. But the goggles are also among the options with fully transparent color-free lenses.

A magnetic lens design has been implemented on the lenses. As soon as they get closer to the frame, the magnets enhance keep the lens tight close to it. The system also works for quick lens removal.

Compatible with glasses, the cushioned goggles are among the leading options for enhanced vision. Even those with corrective glasses can wear them on the slopes.


Made with extra-large lenses

Compatible with colorless lenses

Designed with magnetic lenses


The anti-fogging seal could be better

  • 12

    Extra Mile Ski Goggles

The ski goggles are among the newest photochromic lenses made to improve visibility on the slopes. But they feature some of the latest coating which makes them a bit better in high contrast snow sport conditions.

Enhanced contrast through multiple reflections which bump textures is applied to the lenses. They’re superior at diminishing hard sun rays and enhancing darker areas such as those with trees behind the snow for better visibility.

With an adjustable strap, they can sit on most snowboarding helmets. Some helmets even come with a compatible anchor point to keep the strap in place and prevent the goggles from slipping.


Made with high contrast lens technology

Designed to keep fog away

Includes a carry case


To reflective for some wearers


What color lenses are best for snowboarding?

Yellow and red lenses offer VLT percentages between 19 and 38. This makes them versatile in partly sunny or low light days. Snowboarders only out on sunny days might consider silver and black lenses with 8%-9% VLT.

What does VLT mean?

VLT or visible light transmission refers to the percentage of luminosity that passes through the lenses. Calculated per light conditions, it led to the development of various lenses with various filtering percentages. To easily differentiate these percentages, manufacturers also offer these lenses in various tints. Smith I/O and Zeal Optics have leading goggles with such filters

Goggles which are made with interchangeable lenses are the best when it comes to enhanced practicality for all types of lenses. Various VLT lenses might be used to easily improve vision regardless of weather conditions.

What is the difference between ski and snowboard goggles?

There’s no difference between ski and snowboard goggles. However, some users are confused by ski and snowboard glasses which are similar to sunglasses in style. These are the designs that can easily fall on the face and they also allow air to pass over and under the lenses, being less sealed as goggles.

Are goggles necessary for snowboarding?

Goggles should be mandatory in snowboarding. They protect the eyes from the wind, low temperature, snow and most importantly, harsh light. All of the snowboarding goggles above also protect the eyes from harmful UV rays.