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Best Ski Gloves

Best Budget
Velazzio Eco-Friendly Ski Gloves
  • » Made with top-rated materials
  • » Durable and eco-friendly

Best Value
Aisprts Ski Gloves
  • » Combines comfort and practicality
  • » Affordable ski gloves

Best for Kids
Velazzio Ski Gloves
  • » Top choice for children
  • » Made with the same durable materials for adults

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The best ski gloves are a must when it comes to staying warm and dry in the winter. Some of the leading designs are made with lightweight materials. These materials are engineered to perfection. For example, thermal insulation is weighed and calculated for specific thermal comfort during various temperatures.

But it’s not just about the materials. Extras such as storage pockets and wrist adjustment buckles are important. They offer practicality which busy skiers need. But since skiers need to handle skiing sticks, having a non-slip palm is important as well.

When it comes to taking these gloves one step further, differentiated outer materials are now offered as standard. For example, materials that help skiers wipe a runny nose are now seen as the best. These materials are normally softer as they need to keep the skin free of irritations. The following ski gloves combine some of these strengths in the ultimate hands-protection design.

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    Velazzio Ski Gloves

Reliable ski gloves have to go further than casual gloves. Velazzion took their ski gloves as far as possible without the high price tag. Made with 3M Thinsulate, these gloves are very warm. They are among the fastest to warm your hands based on this material.

Apart from heating the hands quickly, the material also does a great job of trapping body heat. You won’t lose as much heat with these gloves as with standard alternatives. But some users like the way this material deals with moisture as well. As one of the leading materials for moisture-wicking objectives, it is now widely used in the skiing industry for the best results.

The outside is at least as good as the inside of the gloves. Made with a water resistance on the outer layer these gloves support all the efforts skiing requires without wet hands troubles. It keeps hands dry, which is the only way to ski today.

But the manufacturer went a bit further with the gloves and there are a few interesting extras to count on as well. For example, there’s a small zipped pocket added to the gloves. It’s particularly interesting for those who want to keep car keys or hotel keys within easy reach.

The palms of the gloves have also seen considerable improvements compared to entry-level alternatives. A texturized rubber surface has been added to the palms to improve grip. There’s an adjustable strap added to each glove as well. It keeps the cold air outside and it can be adjusted to any wrist size.

Those worried about fit need to know these gloves are made for adults in various sizes. Available in small, medium, and large versions, the gloves should always come with the right fit. An XL version is also available for those with large palms of up to 10.04 inches in width.


Made with triple Thinsulate materials

Designed with a rubber grip

Made with a water-resistant zipper pocket


Not best for using with touchscreens

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    Aisprts Ski Gloves

Airprts’ affordable winter ski gloves are the mittens many choose for the extra warmth they come with. Made in multiple colors, these gloves also look apart. They should not be used for activities such as running or cycling as their thick thermal protective layer is specifically made for skiers and snowboarders.

Ready to be considered during the lowest temperatures, the colorful gloves are practical. On the outer side of each glove, there’s a zipped pocket. Users can safely store keys or money as a result. While the zipper might be a bit difficult to operate while wearing gloves, it certainly keeps personal belongings in an easy to reach area.

Warmth is another considerable strength of these gloves. Made out of double thicken locking thermal fleece, the gloves get warm quickly. Wearers feel the comfort they come with is just what they need when it comes to the proper protection from the cold associated with winter sports.

Waterproofing also makes these gloves interesting. Modern ski equipment should always be made with a waterproof outer layer. Anyone who’s into skiing knows that snow tends to be an issue when it starts melting on clothes and skiing equipment. But with proper protection, hands stay dry and protected from snow entirely.

Connect buckles make the gloves even more practical. When not in use, the gloves can easily be lost. But the added buckle keeps the 2 gloves together at all times. It’s what makes them hard to lose. Even when hung to dry, the connecting buckle proves to be one of the small additions which make the life of the user easier.

Touch screen fingers help the user further. Those who want to communicate while skiing finds it difficult to always remove gloves to handle phones. But the fingers of these gloves are made with a soft rubber which allows users to send texts, swipe, zoom in or take a photo.

Sizing is not a problem for both men and women. A simple sizing chart is considered here which is very similar to the sizing system of skiing equipment. From S to XL, users choose the right size which prevents buying loose gloves or tight gloves.

The colors are impressive. The design team at Airsprts made a great job of delivering color variations for both sexes. There are 20 colors to choose from. Popular options include dark, pink and blue-green combinations.


Made with a one-pull closure system

Connect buckle design

Allows users to handle smartphones


The inside of the glove takes a long time to dry

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    Velazzio Eco-Friendly Ski Gloves

Valazzio’s luxury eco-friendly ski gloves are made with environmentally-friendly materials. Unlike most skiing gloves, they come with a soft texture outer layer. These gloves would suit anyone looking for cold weather gloves.

They resist some of the coldest skiing temperatures. But unlike many would believe, these gloves are also durable. There are no rips or tears to worry about with normal use. As a result, they can be in a top condition for skiing for at least 3-4 winter seasons.

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Eco-friendly insulation is based on the bio-based DupontSorana fiber. This type of fiber is lightweight. Its porous fiber nature makes it also a material that is quick to warm the hands. This padding is added on the entire surface of the gloves, from the wrists and up to the fingers.

Breathable waterproof materials are then added on top of this insulation. They keep the insulation and the hands dry. For most users, it is the right choice when it comes to combining warmth with dry materials. However, all skiers should avoid getting snow inside the glove as they take a long time to dry.

Touchscreen-compatible dexterity fingers have been designed for modern users. Handling a phone with gloves is not easy. But the materials on the fingers and the dexterity of the thinner insulation allow most users to take calls or swipe through photos. With such practicality, the gloves might also be used on other sports such as sleighing or snowboarding.

Sizing chart information is important to look at before placing an order. S versions suit a palm circumference of 7.2 to 7.8 inches. M size gloves suit palms with a circumference between 7.48 and 8.07 inches. L sizes are chosen by those with a palm circumference between 8.07 and 9.07 inches. XL glove sizes are the largest and they suit those with a palm circumference between 9.06 and 10.04 inches.

One-pull closure is also implemented in these practical gloves. They allow users to quickly lock the warmth inside the gloves but to also keep out snow. The adjustable closure also means the gloves are made for all types of custom fits. Since other gloves have loose ends, having the pull closure ensures there’s no cold entering inside the gloves.

Nose wipe thumb cloth has been chosen as well. Velazzion knows just how difficult it is to deal with a runny nose while skiing. Instead of adding a mesh material, the manufacturer added a softer material that doesn’t irritate the nose and the skin around the nose whenever users need to wipe the area.


Made with eco-friendly insulation

Covered with a nose wipe soft materials

One-pull closure design


Only available on gray

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    Anqier Ski Gloves

The bulkier ski gloves are specifically made to deal with low temperatures across multiple sports which include skiing. Made with sufficient insulation to keep hands warm for the entire day, the gloves also feature a wide grip area of the palms which prevent slipping objects.

Wiping cloth has been added to the gloves. It might not be the most hygienic solution but it works in case of emergency. Those with a runny nose or with watery eyes can use the gloves to wipe their faces clean. The gloves can simply be washed in the washing machine when the skiing sessions are over.

Windproof and waterproof construction puts Anqier’s release at the same level as some of the most capable gloves in this category. The wind protection is as good as with some of the expensive gloves alternatives which sometimes also cost 6 to 8 times more.

40 grams of 3M Thinsulate and 140 grams of warm cotton have been added to these gloves for the cozy warm feeling they come with. These gloves offer one of the most reliable options in terms of weight as well. Thinsulate doesn’t add any weight to the hands, which is crucial. Both skiers and snowboarders need to use hands for balance and adding unnecessary weight to the hands is not the best alternative.

Anti-skid PU palm designs have been implemented on both gloves. This means the ski poles are going to stay in place. Furthermore, it would be difficult to drop a smartphone into the snow while wearing these anti-skid gloves. But the material is also helpful for those driving snowmobiles. They offer the right grip to deal with any driving stick shift.

Brushed microfiber lining has been the solution the manufacturer implemented in its design. The gloves are soft on the skin and the stitching doesn’t create any skin irritation as a result. Since the gloves might be used to wipe a runny nose, it’s reassuring to see the materials won’t irritate the skin in direct contact.

30-day Anqier guarantee is offered on all purchases based on outdoor research testing results. Ski fans who’re not completely satisfied with their purchase have the freedom of sending them back within a month from the date of purchase. If you’re looking to test the gloves out you can order them and send them back if they don’t fit your palms.


Made with a large PU anti-slip palm

30-day money-back guarantee

Wiping cloth added to the thumb


Not the most flexible choice for phone use

  • 5

    Anqier Winter Ski Gloves

The Winter ski gloves are among the only 2 Anqier designs available in adults’ and kids’ sizes. Their success prompted the manufacturer to also produce these gloves for children. Most skiers find them particularly appealing and as a result, they’re now available in a few extra colors.

Both kids and adults can choose the exact colors they want for these gloves. Furthermore, the patterns and colors suit modern skiing jacket designs. Most importantly, the gloves protect the hands in windy conditions and negative temperatures.

40 grams Thinsulate and 120 grams of warm cotton have been used on these gloves. Unlike with a few similar options, the 120 grams of cotton adds a bit more warmth protection. It can be one of the reasons why the gloves are already popular outside skiing. Some use them for hiking, particularly due to their low-temperature performance.

Unisex designs mean they can be worn by both men and women. But there are plenty of colors to choose from such as black-white and rose-red combinations. Kids immediately recognize the size made for them as their gloves come in a bright orange design.

S to XL gloves are available for adults. But even adults who want to have gloves which stand out can choose a similar orange color, inspired by the kids’ design. Practically, both parents and kids can wear the same types of gloves which makes them stand out as a group.

3 to 15 year-olds can wear gloves made for children. Those just starting with skiing also need proper protection. Even if the gloves are not as flexible as others for phone handling, kids first need how to master skiing. This is why the gloves prioritize warmth over smartphone use with a bit more cushioning than many alternatives.

-30 Fahrenheit temperatures won’t feel as cold while wearing the gloves. Tested in difficult weather conditions, they don’t face any cold air coming in as they keep hands warm properly. But at the same time, the gloves offer a practical design twist. The index finger is made with a soft material suitable to wipe runny noses.

Skiing, snowboarding, or hiking are just a few winter sports that recommend these gloves. Most outdoor enthusiasts will only use them in the coldest weather. People skiing in warmer weather or snowboarders looking to perform tricks are going to find them too much as hands can overheat with vigorous activates.


Proven in -30 Fahrenheit weather

Made in adults’ and kids’ sizes

Connect clips keep the gloves together


Not the most practical for smartphone use

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    Lapulas Winter Ski Gloves

Lapula’s winter gloves are not specifically made for skiing but they have been used successfully in the sport. Made with some of the most popular materials of the moment, these gloves are seen in other sports as well. This includes winter cycling and hiking. However, skiers like gloves mainly for the thick insulation and smartphone compatibility.

Today, the gloves are seen in every walk of life. Some people only use them for clearing snow with a shovel. Others use them on tractors. But ski fans use the gloves in the most demanding situations where their waterproof design keeps the hands dry even when being on the skis for hours at a time.

Adjustable buckle wrist wraps have been designed so that there’s no cold air inside the glove. The buckle is large and easy to operate even while wearing one glove. Those who don’t have any help out on the slope to put the gloves on might find them mainly attractive due to this practicality feature.

120 grams of insulation has been added to the glove. The insulation is not made by Lapulas. Instead, the manufacturer uses 3M’s Thinsulation which has already been used and proven on other skiing gloves. Those who feel they’ll have a hard time letting go of old ripped gloves are going to find the transition to these new gloves easy as they come with a familiar weight and feel.

The waterproof coating is added on the gloves. Snow cannot melt and reach hands through the materials. Skiers who’re new to the sport and who fall a lot are going to find waterproofing as the most important characteristic following thermal isolation. Even those off to long-distance skiing are going to look for a similar design where waterproofing is mandatory.

Breathability is not sacrificed with the Thinsulate material. Unless those wearing the gloves have wet or sweaty hands when putting the gloves on, all the materials are going to stay dry. Even if snow reaches thinner material areas such as in-between the fingers, water is not going to pass-through

Touchscreen-compatible practicality was another important characteristic of Lapulas. When users started giving their feedback on these gloves most stated they were better than expected at smartphone handling. Since they’re not as bulky as other gloves, they remain flexible and those who want to make a quick call don’t need to take the gloves off simply to unlock a phone and select a contact to call.

Versatility is another strong point to look out for. As stated above, many use these winter gloves across various sports. In skiing, many users rely on the gloves to get extra storage space in the luggage. The gloves roll up and they take a bit less space compared to others.


Made with a water-repellant design

Practical for smartphone use

Very versatile based on the thin profile


No zipped pocket

  • 7

    Mysuntown Outdoor Ski Gloves

These simple ski gloves have made their way among the favorites. With added practical features such as adjustable telescopic buckles, the gloves are up to date design-wise. Those looking for gloves that don’t fall off don’t need to look any further. There are two features which prevent it. The elastic wrist and the adjustable buckles make these gloves suitable for all types of demanding ski conditions.

Polyurethane anti-slip palm designs have been added. The large surface covers the palm and the fingers for a proper grip. Some skiers prefer to take a photo either with a camera or with their smartphones. With incredibly-tight grip, they can take pictures without facing the prospect of a dropped camera.

Elastic wrist designs are not as common in this category. But Mysuntown has added this feature which keeps cold air outside. Even if other ski gloves come with adjustable buckles, cold air may still make its way inside the glove. This is not the case with the elastic wrist wrap which acts as a second cold air barrier.

Adjustable telescopic buckles have been added to keep the gloves in place. They can’t be taken off easily. But these buckles also ensure the gloves aren’t going to be lost on fast downhill skiing where many gloves have been lost and forgotten.

Warm soft cotton ensures hands are warm as well. The material has certain elasticity that supports a tight grip. But the grip also benefits from the PU cover material on the palms. Together with the breathable materials, the gloves offer a solid solution for those who like adaptive skiing or off-piste skiing.

Waterproofing is also guaranteed by the gloves. The waterproof ski gloves keep the hands dry. Skiing on heavy snowfall is not an issue either. Those who simply want to have a better chance of skiing long hours also need to find the right protective clothing, as it needs to match the gloves’ waterproofing.

Overlaps with sleeves help keep snow out. The long gloves are among the most desirable design when it comes to keeping snow out for this reason. However, overlapping can be possible with a thick skiing coat. Those who want to make the most of the gloves won’t be able to put them over some of the most insulated coats for the overlapping benefits.

Freestyle skiing is not going to benefit from the overlapping function too much either. Those who want to perform tricks on the skis could use shorter gloves for a better range of motion. But regardless of the length of the gloves, these types of skiers also need to choose gloves with a bit less insulation.


Made with adjustable wrist wraps

Overlapping sleeves design

Extremely warm in -30F


PU palms crack if dried on heaters

  • 8

    Lanyi Men's Gloves

The snow-repelling gloves are among the most interesting choices for both men and women. Made exclusively with proven materials, they’re often seen among winter work gloves choices. But for skiers, these gloves offer the much-needed warmth without sacrificing dryness.

The standard gloves are a bit longer than many others. Similarly to the best gloves, they come with a longer design to cover sleeves. But they can be tightened and the wrist, which means they’ll stay on the hands and they won’t get in the way of skiing sticks. Those who want to see better practicality may still use the gloves but only when properly tightened around the wrists.

Breathable Hipotex waterproofing has been added to the gloves. On the outside, they form the shape of the modern glove but they’re mostly about the waterproofing function above all else. These are not the gloves to purchase to wipe runny noses as they’re not made with plush materials. The role of the outer materials is to shed snow as soon as possible.

Layered construction means there’s more than a waterproofing material to count on. Underneath the outer material, there’s 3M insulation to keep the hands warm. Underneath this layer, there’s a TPU membrane to count on to keep the hands dry. The outer polyester lining traps warmth while ensuring no water gets to the inner layers, mimicking high-quality alternatives such as those from Hestra Army, Gordini, Cinch, or Arc’Teryx.

Wear resistance is a priority for any type of gloves. But in skiing, there’s no room for error. Alpine skiers sometimes find this out the hard way. Far from a shelter, they get water inside the gloves which cools the hands faster. It’s the sure path to a bad experience and having gloves that keep the hands dry is as important as having the right gloves to keep the hands warm.

Fit is important as well. A simple buckle keeps these gloves in place instead of a more traditional velcro strap. For most users, these fit is set at a different wrist circumference. Those who want the best experience should have the gloves fitting tightly. But users should avoid having the buckles set too tight to allow good comfort levels, often compared to Primaloft alternatives.

Default colors include black and black-gray variations. But sky blue and pink alternatives are also sold for those who want a bit more vividness. Unfortunately, the gloves don’t come in a kids’ version as well. They only work for men and women in their different color variations.

Sizing varies from small to extra-large. Before placing an order, users should measure the circumference of their palms. It allows them to find an exact match which doesn’t feel loose or too tight.


Affordable for all skiers

Made with high-quality polyester shell

Designed with a waterproof TPU membrane


Only available in adults’ sizes

  • 9

    Akaso Ski Gloves

40 grams of Thinsulate provides nearly twice the warmth of other materials in Akaso’s hand warmers. Made to keep the hands warm, the gloves offer immediate relief for those battling negative temperatures. Above all, the gloves are made for the ultimate resistance and even when used intensely, the materials remain strong and warm.

The fan-Tex waterproof membrane has been added to the gloves to keep the hands dry. The membrane keeps moisture away from the hands and it represents one of the sole materials which manages to do this for prolonged periods.

Moisture-wicking fleece has been used in the gloves as well. With higher breathability, the fleece is among the most interesting choices to keep the hands dry even as skiers’ core temperature starts to rise due to the increased physical activity levels.

Anti-lost buckles keep the 2 gloves together. The buckles are among the smallest seen on any ski glove. As a result, they don’t flop around as much when skiing. Downhill skiing becomes more pleasant as a result.

PU palms have been added to these gloves. The enhanced grip materials are made for some of the most demanding skiing conditions. But even when stopping for a hot cup of coffee, the PU palms help keep the cup in place. Those planning to take calls with the gloves also benefit from the PU palms design.

Color options are limited, unfortunately. The gloves are only available in black and red. However, these designs are sold in all sizes. Both men and women can find the right size, depending on the size of their palms according to the sizing chart Akaso publish as a mittens guide.


Anti-slip palm design

Made with an elastic drawstring

Uses a water-repellant outer layer


Only available on black and red

Quick tips on How to Choose the Best Ski Gloves

If you’re unsure about what to look for in the best ski gloves, there are only a few areas you should show interest in. The materials, their quality, how the glove is the design and overall durability expectations are the most important point.

Ski gloves vs mittens

Ski gloves are the main choice for the average skier. But many ask themselves whether mittens are better. There are advantages and drawbacks to both these designs. The advantage of mittens is they keep all your fingers closer and as a result, the hands are warmer.

However, mittens aren’t as practical. Ski gloves allow better dexterity and they represent a better overall choice for those who want to feel unrestricted when wearing hand protective ski gear and even ski boots. Several users have both. They wear ski gloves at higher temperatures and mittens in lower temperatures.

But then there’s a group of women who only ski wearing mittens. In the end, it is the type of choice which is rather personal and its best to try out both of these. However, it might be a bit more difficult to handle some practical chores such as ticketing a wrist band wearing mittens.

Softshell, synthetic leather, real leather comparison

Various materials are used on the outer layer. These materials are as important if not more important than insulation. Even the best insulation can’t do much if wet. As a result, those who want to have dry hands need to ensure the gloves are properly protected.

Among the materials use to protect the gloves and the hands, the soft shell seems to be an affordable option. It also works to filter out the wind but the material might not be the best in the lowest freezing temperatures. Synthetic leather gloves have the advantage of being easy to care for. Real leather ski gloves such as goat leather designs look great, but they’re rarely properly protected from water and they can show signs of wear the fastest. But some of the premium designs are made with unique materials such as goatskin leather.

PU materials seem to be the best alternative together with gore-tex. Variations of these materials are used both on the palm and on the back of the hand. However, many of the best designs now come with combinations of various materials. Some add materials simply to wipe a runny nose such as designs made by Titan, Black Diamond, Gauntlet or Backcountry.


Having warm hands is the main purpose of ski gloves. Warm hands are flexible and they can grip ski sticks properly. Warmness is ensured by insulation. Among the best materials for the glove, insulation is a fleece. Among its variations, there are 2-layer and 3-layer designs. However, not all manufacturers know how to make such quality insulation which lasts in time.

As a result, many brands now rely on third-party insulation. All of the gloves above are made with 3M insulation. This company is specialized in such insulation materials. Their hybrid material is called Thinsulation and it aims to add maximum warmth with the thinnest insulation design as does Burton gore-tex’s line.


Daily practicality is important when skiing frequently. Some users have the freedom of choosing a design that comes with pockets without having to pay more. A couple of gloves mentioned above come with such a pocket. This zippered pocket normally stores keys, cards, or cash. It can be a secure location to keep personal belonging. However, it can’t be used to store a smartphone.

Among other practical features, users can also find long gloves to be useful. They cover the sleeves of the skiing jacket and they prevent snow and cold from entering further down the glove similarly to Dakine or Black Diamond Mercury designs. Such designs are normally made as standard today. Some of the shorter gloves are not as protective of the wrists when it comes to cold weather exposure such as Hestra gloves.

Smartphone use

Modern gloves also take smartphone use into account with their designs. While there are plenty of interesting gloves that come with removable fingertip covers, ski gloves are not made to be removed. They can come with rubberized finger covers which allow users to use touchscreen phones.

These gloves are also useful when handling other objects. Stopping for a hot tea doesn’t have to require taking the gloves off. Users simply rely on the best Amazon solutions for their daily tasks outside skiing if they don’t have to pay more to have these features.

Nose wipes

Many skiers have already expressed their admiration for gloves with included nose wipes. These pieces of material are usually softer. As their name suggests, the materials are used to wipe a runny nose. They can also wipe itchy eyes, as this can be an issue caused by wind when going downhill without ski goggles.

These gloves need to be washed after the skiing session. Most gloves can simply be placed in the washing machine with typical laundry. But it’s wise to use a low-temperature washing program. High-temperature washing can interfere with PU palms which may start to crack similarly to leather palms or to show other signs of wear even after a single high-temperature washing cycle.

But nose wipes aren’t standard on most ski gloves. However, they should not add too much to the total price of ski gloves. Some of the examples above include nose wipes sections and they remain highly affordable.


How to choose ski gloves?

Choosing ski gloves should start with selecting the right size according to the guide gloves’ manufacturer recommendations.. Once the size is correct, skiers need to find the gloves which keep hands warm in negative temperature with materials such as Thinsulate. Equally important, waterproofed outer materials play their role in keeping the hands dry.

What are the warmest ski gloves?

The warmest ski gloves above keep hands comfortable even at -30 Fahrenheit. Most times, the warmest gloves are made out of 3 layers of fleece. Materials such as Thinsulate come in either 2-layer or 3-layer options.

How to wash ski gloves?

Soap and water can be used to wash ski gloves. Skiers can use a mixture of soap and water where you dip the gloves for a minute. The gloves can then be rinsed under clear cold water. Some gloves can be washed in the washing machine at low temperatures. Skiers need to follow the recommendation of the manufacturer before adding them to a washing machine. For quick drying, a hairdryer can be used on the gloves. However, ski gloves should never be dried on a radiator after washing to protect all materials. Gloves with removable liners are washed similarly.

How to measure hand size for ski gloves?

Ski gloves come in S, M, L, and XL sizes. Their fit depends on the right size. This is made by measuring the length around the palm with a tailor’s tape measurer. A maximum of 1.5 inches is allowed for those who want to keep cold air out of the gloves.