Best Creatine for Muscle Growth and Cutting

The best creatine supplements can do wonders for anyone into sports. It promotes muscle strength, size and it can enhance performance. Among all supplements, it is the most studied and its positive results have been documented properly. But not all creatine is the same.

From bulk powders to capsules, there are a few types of creatine to choose from for the ultimate fitness goal. With simple creatine monohydrate to complex combined creatine products, here are the best for all budgets.

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Best Cheap Creatine
Best Creatine for Bulking
Best Flavored Creatine
$45.00 ($1.28 / Ounce)
$19.37 ($1.83 / Ounce)
$49.99 ($1.18 / Ounce)
Best Cheap Creatine
Best Creatine for Bulking
Best Flavored Creatine
$49.99 ($1.18 / Ounce)
05/08/2023 05:51 pm GMT Lasso Brag
Best Cheap Creatine
NOW Sports Nutrition, Creatine Monohydrate Powder
$45.00 ($1.28 / Ounce)

Supports the Development of Muscle Mass

Maintain existing muscle tissue, support the growth and development of lean mass, and promote optimal performance during intense exercises with NOW Sports Nutrition Creatine Monohydrates Powder.

NOW Sports Nutrition has a brand new look but still is the same trusted quality. It is Non-GMO, quality GMP assured, vegan, and steroid-free with no added preservatives and additives.

Guaranteed to Give You More Energy

Just 5 grams of this powder per day will supercharge your workout and guarantee that it will push you more reps and even press more weight. You will get a high-quality product at a very affordable price that gives you more energy in the gym.

If you’re looking for 100% creatine monohydrates with no frills, no colors, no flavors, and just plain creatine supplement, this is the product for you.

  • GMP Quality Assured
  • Suitable for vegans
  • GMO-free formula
  • No flavor available
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05/08/2023 05:51 pm GMT
Best Creatine for Bulking
BPI Sports Creatine Monohydrate
$19.37 ($1.83 / Ounce)

One Powerful Blend to Build Performance and Muscle

There are plenty of creatine supplements on the market, but none can compare with BPI Sports Creatine Monohydrate. This all-in-one formula combines six different types of creatine into one powerful blend that promotes better muscle growth and performance.

The benefits are endless with this revolutionary powder! It’s 100% pure, clinically studied to increase muscle mass, provides instant energy for intense workouts, speeds recovery times after working out, increases mental focus, and enhances endurance levels during your workout.

Provides Energy to Sustain Heavy Training

BPI Sports Creatine Monohydrate is a dietary supplement that helps provide extra energy and reduce fatigue for athletes and weight trainers. Our body produces creatine, but most people don’t get enough from food sources like meats, eggs, poultry oils, seafood, nuts, beans, or grains to meet daily requirements.

BPI Sports Creatine Monohydrate is a supplement that functions as an energy source and helps improve muscular output and reduce fatigue during rigorous physical exertion. This creatine is made of pure pharmaceutical grade creatine, designed with fitness enthusiasts and athletes in mind.

With BPI Sports Creatine Monohydrate, you’ll be able to increase your capacity for work by boosting water retention and helping maintain fluid balance within the muscle cells.

  • Combines six different types of creatine into one
  • Boosts performance and muscle building
  • Prevents water retention
  • Not for those who are sensitive to acne
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Best Flavored Creatine
Myogenix Aftershock
$49.99 ($1.18 / Ounce)

Rapid Absorption

If you want to break the monotony of drinking plain protein powder, try Myogenix, which comes in four exciting flavors: fruit punch, shockolate milk, orange avalanche, and wildberry blast.

Each serving of Aftershock contains 34g anabolic whey protein lactose-free and fat-digesting proteins with di and tripeptides. It also has 35g of mass building, glycogen replenishing carbohydrates for rapid absorption.

Does Not Cause an Upset Stomach

Aftershock works well as a post-workout drink because of the quick infusion of carbohydrates mixed with protein. It also has a joint support formula that helps the joints, especially in quick recovery from workouts, plus it helps you to be less sore a day after your workout.

This is also easy to consume and does not cause an upset stomach and bloating. Myogenix Aftershock is excellent for all levels of workouts and also helps if you aim to gain weight.

  • Fast absorption
  • Mixes well with any drinks
  • Comes in four exciting flavors
  • No unflavored version
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05/09/2023 06:49 am GMT
Universal Nutrition Creatine
$55.88 ($3.17 / Ounce)

Increased Energy While Training

Improve your overall training capacity with the Universal Nutrition Creatine. With this product, you are sure to increase your creatine level to help delay the onset of fatigue. It will also help increase your energy metabolism in the cells and enhance your body’s overall capacity.

With just 5 grams, you will get ultra-pure CreaPure creatine monohydrate, which raises the bar for creatine’s effectiveness and purity.

Made of the Finest Grade German Creatine

The Universal Nutrition Creatine is considered one of the most effective creatine in the market because of its maximum bio-availability that also helps restore your ATP pool during workouts because its creatine serves as a high-energy bond in muscle and nerve tissues for maintenance of ATP levels during muscular contraction.

Creatine also donates phosphate back to ADP that reformats ATP that ultimately restores ATP. It is made of the finest grade German creatine that can increase strength and performance and help build lean mass by volumizing and hydrating muscle cells.

  • 5 grams of creatine per serving
  • Made from the finest creatine
  • Can be mixed with anything
  • No flavored options
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05/08/2023 08:49 am GMT
Nutricost Creatine Monohydrate Micronized Powder
$24.50 ($1.39 / Ounce)

Premium Creatine Monohydrate

Nutricost Creatine Monohydrate Micronized Powder is 100% pure, effective, and high-quality that provides real value without sacrificing the quality. It is a proven product used by bodybuilders that could be easily mixed into pre-workout pr post-workout shakes.

This premium creatine monohydrate is made in GMP-compliant facilities, so it is guaranteed free of filler and enhancers. It is also vegan friendly and is free of yeast, sugar, soy, dairy, and is gluten-free.

Effective in Avoiding Pre-Workout Sores

Each bottle of Nutricost Creatine Monohydrate has 100 servings for a 500-gram bottle and 200 servings for a 1-kilogram bottle. It also dissolves quickly and effectively avoids post-workout sores allowing you to get back to the gym as frequently as you can.

Nutricost gives a nice surge of power during workouts as well as post-workouts. It is safe and effective for senior users; take the prescribed scoop.

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  • Offers 5 grams per serving
  • Available in 500 g and 1,000 grams
  • Made without fillers
  • No flavored alternative
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05/08/2023 12:29 pm GMT
ProMera Sports CON-CRET Patented Creatine HCl Capsules
$24.99 ($0.35 / Count)

Improved Performance without the Side Effects

Improve your performance without the side effects with Promera Sports Creatine HCl Powder! According to research and studies, it helps decrease mental fatigue while improving strength, power production, and endurance for optimal performance.

The CON-CRET patented form of 100% pure creatine HCl is 59 times more soluble than micronized creatine monohydrate powder and has 70% better absorption.

Precise Dosing Based on Body Weight

The CON-CRET creatine HCl is the only micro-dosed creatine with 85% less powder per serving than creatine monohydrate and is the only creatine with precise dosing based on body weight. This also results in fewer negative side effects such as bloating, cramping, dehydration, water retention, and muscle tears.

Each serving of CON-CRET is 750mg of pure C-HCl, and the recommended dose is one serving per 100lbs for both men and women. It is advised to take two servings per 100lbs if you have an intense workout or activity.

  • Tested for purity and safety
  • Quick to absorb
  • Best for long-term use
  • May cause heartburn
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05/08/2023 06:37 am GMT
XPI Raw Creatine Monohydrate Powder
$35.95 ($2.04 / Ounce)

Helps Increase Strength and Endure High-Intensive Workouts

Increase your strength and endurance after a highly-intensive exercise with XPI’s creatine monohydrate. Packed with pure creatine monohydrate, XPI delivers the boost you need to get you going.

This high-quality, clean product has 100 servings of non-GMO and gluten-free creatine monohydrate powder that is easy to dissolve in water and also mixes well when stacking with protein.

Pure Creatine Monohydrate Powder

When taken before workouts, XPI adds noticeable energy and endurance, leading to maximized time full of strength and stamina. For every serving of XPI’s creatine monohydrate, you are sure that it has no additives, no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, and just pure creatine monohydrate powder that is sure to boost your every move.

  • Non-GMO. Gluten-free
  • Pure creatine monohydrate powder
  • No artificial flavors
  • No flavored alternative
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Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine Monohydrate Capsules
$35.12 ($0.35 / Count)

The micronized creatine monohydrate capsules by Optimum Nutrition are micronized creatine, meaning it dissolves quickly in liquids, and you can take 2-caps at one time for quick and effective results.

With creatine monohydrate capsules from Optimum Nutrition, it’s easy to get your recommended 2400mg dose of creatine each day with a convenient 2-caps serving.

Get the Most Out of Your Workouts

Optimum Nutrition micronized creatine monohydrate capsules support muscle growth, strength, and power when combined with high-intensity activities. This is the perfect supplement for athletes looking to increase performance and muscle in their sport or training sessions.

These wax-free tablets are clinically tested and contain 100% quality creatine monohydrate that will help energize you before a workout or enhance recovery after one.

  • Convenient to take
  • Helps in building muscles and supports muscle size
  • Designed to complement your fitness activities
  • The capsule is big and might be hard for some to swallow
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Animal Pump – Preworkout
$46.95 ($1.56 / Count)

Contains a Powerful Pump Complex

Animal Pump is an ultimate pre-workout supplement that will give you the energy and focus on pushing through your workout while maintaining your definition. This pump complex includes ingredients like citrulline malate to increase muscle strength power output and help regulate blood pressure.

Animal Pump also has a stimulant complex which can be removed if necessary. Nitric Oxide Complex enhances nitric oxide levels so more blood can flow through your vessels to produce more nutrients for muscles.

No Jitters or Crashes

Animal Pump delivers an innovative blend of ingredients needed to maximize your workout without the unnecessary ingredients found in other pre-workouts. With 20% less caffeine than other leading brands,

Animal Pump is perfect for those who don’t need the extra stimulant, meaning you won’t find any jitters or crashes! Along with nitric oxide boosters and unheard-of doses of creatine, Animal Pump will give you that edge you need at the gym.

  • Multiple supplements in one
  • On the go and easy to take
  • A leading name and has been trusted by pros
  • Not meant to be taken together with other supplements
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05/08/2023 10:14 am GMT
Old School Classic CREATINE
$32.99 ($3.12 / Ounce)

World’s First Probiotic Infused Creatine Monohydrate

Start your day with a shake, and save money. Old School Classic – Probiotic Infused Creatine Monohydrate is the most effective form available and contains BioFit probiotics for gut health support.

When you’re looking for a stand-out supplement to take your workouts to the next level, there’s only one way to go – Old School Classic Probiotic Infused Creatine Monohydrate. When used properly, this natural amino acid reliably increases muscle size, strength, and stamina.

You can trust that every serving of this innovative product is infused with living bacteria strains that are good for your gut health. No other creatine on the market will have anything like it!

  • Infused with probiotic for gut health and maximum absorption
  • Mixes easily
  • Scientifically proven
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05/08/2023 01:36 pm GMT
NOW Sports Nutrition, Kre-Alkalyn Creatine
$15.97 ($0.13 / Count)

Notice Muscle Building Before Your Eyes

NOW Sports Nutrition, Kre-Alkalyn Creatine is a form of creatine that reaches muscle cells at its maximum strength and purity. It comes in the form of white powder or clear capsules.

The benefits are noticeable with your muscles increasing in size right before your eyes. This will help you train harder and recover faster, giving you results like never before!

Both men and women can use this supplement to support health, vitality, fitness goals, and muscle building.

Supports Muscle Recovery and Gain

The Kre-Alkalyn Creatine is a patented pH-buffered formula. The Patented pH buffer helps keep the phosphate molecule stable throughout the GI tract, which prevents degradation into various metabolic byproducts that could lead to hepatic or renal impairment. It also supports extreme muscle gains and rapid muscle recovery.

  • Helps in effective muscle building
  • Supports rapid muscle recovery
  • Can be used by both male and female
  • May cause stomach ache for those with sensitive GI tract
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True Athlete Kre Alkalyn
$25.45 ($3.64 / Ounce)

Experience Better Results in No Time

True Athlete Kre Alkalyn is buffered creatine available in the market. This product helps build muscle, gain strength, and increase performance. The NSF Certified for Sport ensures that this product will not cause unwanted side effects.

With an incredible buffered form of creatine, you can experience better results in less time than ever before!

Minimized Side Effects

True Athlete Kre Alkalyn is formulated to minimize the effects of stomach cramps and bloating. This supplement contains calcium and potassium to help you maintain strong bones while protecting your heart.

It also has a high sodium content, which will keep your muscles hydrated during sporting events. The result is healthy blood flow, sustained energy levels, reduced wear on joints, more lean muscle mass development, and increased absorption of nutrients for better health performance.

  • No unwanted side effects like bloating and stomach cramps
  • No additives or artificial sweeteners
  • Longer lasting at a physical demanding job
  • Does not come with flavor
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05/08/2023 05:39 pm GMT
VIP Vitamins
$37.95 ($3.39 / Ounce)

100% Pure and Natural

Do you want to feel like your brain is on fire while lifting weights? The VIP Vitamins German CREATINE CREAPURE Powder can make your workouts even better! This powerful supplement can boost brain functions and other cognitive activities.

It’s made from the highest quality, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients that are 100% pure and natural. Along with pre-workout benefits, it will help promote post-workout recovery.

Energy + Stamina = Muscle

You want to be at your best for each workout so you can build the muscles you’ve been itching for. That’s why VIP Vitamins German CREATINE CREAPURE Powder – pre and post-workout supplement was formulated with a 100% pure creatine monohydrate.

This powerful supplement can be beneficial for boosting brain functions, energy levels, muscle strength and helping to fight off environmental hazards. CreaPure is perfect for pre-workout sipping or replenishment with an electrolyte blend of Sodium/Potassium/Magnesium. And because they are in liquid form, they are easily ingested in minutes!

  • Helps build muscle
  • Premium quality supplement
  • Easily ingested
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05/08/2023 06:11 am GMT

Frequently Asked Questions

What is creatine?

Creatine is a substance found in muscle cells responsible for ATP energy output during lifting movements. It can be found in foods and it’s also micronized as a powder and sold as a supplement.

What are the benefits of taking creatine?

Muscle strength, recovery and muscle growth are its main benefits. Creatine studies show its benefits in other areas such as in brain function as well.

How much creatine to take a day?

5 grams of creatine is the standard serving size for the supplement as seen from the examples above.

Does creatine make you gain belly fat?

FDA-approved creatine does not cause weight gain, weight loss, bloating or fat gain. Unless mixed with carbohydrates, it comes with zero calories.


Creatine is one of the most popular supplements used by athletes to help with their performance. It is important for athletes, or anyone looking to improve their performance, to note that it is not a drug and does not provide any “shortcut” to achieving one’s goals; rather it will only help supplement your work ethic.

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