How to Ski in Powder

Moving across recently descended powder snow when skiing might be difficult because it isn’t compact. Nonetheless, gaining proficiency in this discipline, like experienced skiers, can undoubtedly foster a feeling of achievement and confidence.

Prepare Yourself

In powder skiing not only do you have to prepare your body for physical activity, but you also have to prepare yourself mentally. There’s a huge difference between skiing in powder and coursing through groomed slopes. On the regular slopes, you can identify the obstacles you might face even before you reach them.

But on powder, it’s difficult to see what’s underneath the snow to avoid. Therefore, it’s imperative that you’re in a good headspace to allow you to focus and think quickly – to react quickly to what’s to come. You also have to mentally prepare yourself to fall downhill as you ski the deep powder snow slope.

Believing in yourself and having confidence can also help you overcome nerves that could obstruct your clear mind. Think positive and be assertive to take control of your body to execute precise movements.

Bring the Right Equipment

How to Ski in Powder

For powder skiing, it is recommended to use fat skis with a tip rocker. You can use slalom skis but it will make it difficult for you physically and mentally. Having your own boots will provide you with a comfortable skiing experience compared to renting one. It’s no good if you feel foot pain during and after skiing.

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Work on your Movements

How to Ski in Powder

Skiing on powder day requires you to learn techniques and maneuvers. In powder skiing, the aim is to make your tips in and out of the snow. You have to make the fundamental movements of flexing, extending, pulling, and pushing. You don’t need to use the edge of the ski for grip compared if you ski on the piste. In this kind of skiing, it’s easier to steer using your feet and legs. Instead of trying to create big angles, control your direction towards where you want to go. Expect your legs to be aching after skiing but it’s all worth it.

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Get your Legs and Feet to Cooperate

Not all the time that you’re going to ski with your feet glued together. It’s also not recommended to do when skiing in powder as it can obstruct your steering. Evenly, if you stick to a wide stance, one foot could veer in a different direction. But if you have the suitable equipment you won’t struggle with the stance of your feet, hip-width apart. You shouldn’t have to ski with your legs too close together. As much as possible try to be two-footed to drive both skis together to the snow.

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You Need the Speed

Skiing in deep powder snow will decrease your speed. To ensure a continuous ride down the slope, build momentum and rhythm as you make your turns. The more speed you have, the better for the skis to slice through the snow. Trust the speed. Speed is your friend.


How to Ski in Powder

When your legs get caught in the deep snow, it would be difficult to maintain a rhythm. By bouncing – pumping your legs up and down when you turn, the momentum will push you back up to the top in preparation for your next turn. It may look silly at first but it’s enjoyable to do. And once you are able to refine the movement, the more successful you will be in riding deep powder.

Keep your Balance

To stay balanced while making turns, flex your ankles and feel the pressure on the front of your boots against your shins. But of course the ultimate balance support you can have while skiing is by using your ski poles. Initiating a turn by planting your pole enables you to keep your flow.

Enjoy Powder Skiing

Deep powder skiing is challenging and not the same as skiing on a groomed slope. If you’re just starting to ski in deep powder snow you don’t have to beat yourself up if you can’t get the movements and techniques right away. You can expect a lot of tumbles and failures but experiencing it will make you better. So enjoy these challenges as you practice until you get it right.

Bring a Friend

Skiing with a buddy not only makes your skiing fun and less lonely but it could also save your life. Just like any other extreme sport, powder skiing can be dangerous. That’s why having someone to ski with could potentially save your life when something goes wrong. Skiing with someone with experience can also guide you to keep you safe as much as possible.

How to Ski in Powder


If you’re up to a new adventure and thinking of levelling up your skiing, doing powder skiing will bring you the excitement and new challenges you seek. But you have to prepare your body and mind for successful results. Get ready for fails, face plant, and falls from time to time.

Following powder skiing tips can make it less difficult for you especially if you’re a beginner as this skiing is definitely different by a lot compared to skiing on your usual slope on a groomed path. Always prioritize your safety first before anything else so you better get a buddy to ski with you just in case.

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