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Best Ski Helmets

Best for Safety
Retrospec Traverse H3 Ski & Snowboard Helmet

Best for Comfort
Wildhorn Drift Snowboard & Ski Helmet

Best Overall
LEDIVO Ski Helmet

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The best ski helmets are made with tested protection. Helmets undergo safety standards such as the international ASTM F 2040 or the European EN 1077 for characteristics such as shock absorption or penetration. But while they need to be safe, these helmets also need to be comfortable not to interfere with the focus of the skier.

It has been proven that the right adjustability also helps them stay in place. The securing straps keep the ski helmet close to the head, as it should be for all active users. But there are many types of helmets to consider. The following helmets are known for their and high degrees of comfort.

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    LEDIVO Ski Helmet

Secure your safety every time you go skiing with the LEDIVO Ski Helmet that has a combination of premium EPS foam and a high-impact ABS shell that provide more durable protection against knocks, abrasions, and falls. In choosing to wear this helmet, you are sure that it has undergone intensive safety tests as it fully complies with EN 1077 and passed the ASTM safety standards. You are also sure of your comfort as the size adjustment dial at the back gives you a snug fit every time you wear it no matter the size or shape of the head. It also comes with an adjustable venting that lets you control the airflow to suit the ambient temperature.

Cleaning this helmet is also a breeze as it comes with removable liners so you can wash the sweat and odor after every use. The detachable fleece liner and ear pads also let you customize how much warmth you need. It also comes with an earphone space so you can still enjoy your favorite music while shredding the mountain. LEDIVO Ski Helmet is also goggles compatible as it comes with a goggle loop at the back that snaps down to hold your goggles anywhere even during a fall.


Provides durable protection again daily knocks

Size adjustment dial at the back gives you a snug fit

Detachable fleece liner and ear pads

Has a space for earphones

Comes with a goggle loop at the back


Earphones sold separately

Not wireless speaker ready

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    Wildhorn Drift Snowboard & Ski Helmet

The Wildhorn ski helmet is one of a kind. It features adjustable breathability in a low profile design, specifically made for performance. It’s also named among popular designs for cold weather skiing. Since it features thick materials in a lightweight design, it crosses over to snowboarding and other winter sports such as sleighing.

Ultra-plus insulation makes it a special release for cold weather wear. The insulation on the helmet is the thickest on the market and it’s specifically useful to those skiing at high altitudes where the temperature is even lower. But the helmet also features one of the best helmet insulation designs to keep the ears warm. This is one of the areas where most other helmets suffer.

13 adjustable vents make the release a winner. Not many other helmets feature 13 vents with adjustable airflow with a simple turn of a knob. As a result, skiers easily toggle between high breathability and top of the helmet insulation. But at the same time, this allows the helmet to better protect the skier from sweat, which has been a real comfort issue over the years.

A secure goggle strap has been added to the back of the helmet. It allows users to stay in tune with their skiing goggles. They move with the helmet as the adjusting strap is anchored. Anyone who’s been struggling with sliding goggles knows this is a simple trick to keep them in place.

Available in small, medium and large, the helmet is suitable for all types of skiers. From short to tall users, the helmet fits all heads. But the perfect fit should only be chosen according to the manufacturer’s chart with a clear indication of how to measure the head and which circumference fits these sizes.

For example, a medium-sized helmet fits anyone with a head circumference between 54 and 58 cm. A simple tailor’s tape measurer should work for those looking for that exact fit.

Official supplier to the US ski team, the manufacturer makes some of the most interesting helmets in the skiing world. Their Drift design has been especially recognized for its thick warm insulation across the winter sports world.


Made with thick insulation

Used by the US ski team

Made with adjustable vents


Adjustable knobs are a bit loose

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    Retrospec Traverse H3 Ski & Snowboard Helmet

Retrospect has launched one of the proven ski helmets in the industry. Tested against shocks with mold construction, the certified product might be the solution for anyone who’s on the slopes on a weekly basis. Frequent skiers are more likely to take risks and venture off into the unknown where skiing equipment becomes even more important.

Shock-absorbing EPS with EN 1077 certification makes this helmet a top release safety-wise. It travels with the user in any sport as it can be transformed due to its removable foam liner. But in skiing and snowboarding, the safety standards make it a must-have.

The international safety standards the helmet meets are specifically calculated for impact absorption and durability. There’s a clear indication the helmet meets and exceeds these standards even in Europe, where they’re a bit stricter.

Removable plush earmuffs make the ski helmet a comfortable fit wintertime design. The earmuffs are thick by all standards. This is why skiing at higher temperatures will feel its a bit too much. But when the temperature drops, the helmet becomes protective even thermally, which is crucial for the safety of each skier.

Goggle clip adjustments have been added to each helmet. The adjustment system keeps the goggles in place and it may also be used as a hanging clip when back at the hotel to allow the helmet to dry above a heat source such as a radiator.

Removable foam pieces turn it into a bike helmet. When the skiing season is over, its users can simply remove some of the thick foam pieces and use it to protect the head when riding bikes. This means it also saves storage space at home. Not every user has the space to store large skiing and cycling equipment and this versatile release might be one of the options to consider for such limitations.

Helmet conversion is not complicated. All the foam pads inside are different so removing them and adding them back resembles a puzzle piece. It’s quick and it should not take more than a minute.


Meets EN 1077 safety standards

Converts into a cycling helmet

Available in unique colors such a matte pine grain


Not the best for small ski goggles

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    OutdoorMaster Kelvin Ski Helmet

Made with a sleek design, the versatile Kelvin helmet is a leader in safety. It’s not just another product released to look good. It meets safety standards and it might the one of the small puzzle pieces in the larger skiing equipment safety plan any wearer should be looking towards.

ASTM certification makes the ski helmet safe on an international level. Skiing both at home and abroad meets and exceeds the safety standards many are used to. Furthermore, the helmet is one of the most interesting options for those worried about possible skiing accidents and the responsiveness of their gear.

A shock-absorbing EPS foam core is added to the helmet. Among the most interesting releases in its class, the helmet is a strong representative for a class of products that also transmit less pressure to the head in case of a shock. Otherwise, all helmets would be made from pure steel. But the EPS core reduces the shocks no skier wants to endure.

Removable ear pads make it versatile in all weather. The earpads might even be cleaned as needed to keep the helmet fresh, free from bacteria and smelling like new. The earpads are made with durable materials and they can handle constant movement.

14 vents make it the best in class for airflow. The venting system is added in key points around the snow helmet such as on the top. They are calculated according to normal airflow inside the helmet. Hot air needs to be eliminated while being replaced by cold air. Anyone struggling with a sweaty head might find it interesting as a result.

Lightweight at 1.3 pounds, the helmet is also easy to carry regardless of how much the skier needs to climb. Together with the actual skis or snowboard, users need to stay lightweight in able to reach the highest peaks.

The removable fleece lining makes it even more comfortable when the weather clears up. Anyone going for a walk around the ski resort might simply remove the fleece and use the helmet as extra protection in case they slip.


Meets international safety standards

Available in 3 sizes and 9 colors

Designed with a removable fleece liner


The vents can’t be closed

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    Akaso Ski Helmet

The Akaso helmet is one of the leading options for efficiency. Too many premium brands tend to complicate helmets and the final product ends up being too expensive for the average user. As a result, many skiers end up purchasing low-quality helmets. But Akaso offers this high-quality helmet with proper shock absorption at an affordable price

Shock-absorbing EPS made in the USA makes the helmet one of the most interesting in its class. It stands out with its lightweight materials. Shocks tend to be perceived differently when the impact is spread out instead of focusing on a small area which is what this helmet is trying to achieve.

Adjustable vents make it similar to products that are even 5 times more expensive. It’s not often that skier finds helmets with adjustable vents at a low price. But at the same time, it can be important to see the vents even as a safety feature. A person with a sweaty head is more prone to accidents due to reduced concentration on the slopes.

Removable liners allow the helmet to dry out completely at the end of the day. Since many skiers are often up a mountain for up to a week, having it properly dry is crucial for the following skiing day. One way to ensure it dries out completely at the accommodation is to simply remove the liner for better air circulation.

An anti-slip magnetic buckle chain strap is added to the helmet. It ensures the strap doesn’t move up or down the chin. This simple feature is among its most practical additions, together with the goggles securing strap.

Made with an aggressive design, the helmet is available on black, white and blue. Some users have expressed the desire to see it made in other more vivid colors but at the moment, the manufacturer only offers 3 colors for men and women.


Made with a removable liner

Designed with an anti-slip chin strap

Backed by high-density foam cushioning


Not too many colors to choose from

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    JetBlaze Ski Helmet

The adjustable ski helmet is one of the durable lightweight releases which many skiers love due to its versatility. Not everybody feels comfortable with a thick heavy helmet and this is the right option to stay connected to the sport rather than thinking about the safety equipment.

USA ASTM F2040 and European CE EN 1077 certifications are met by the helmet. With its affordability, it’s even hard to think about a better alternative meeting both safety standards. For skiers looking to have the best tech, it also shows winter gear doesn’t have to be expensive. Those investing in certified gear know that JetBlaze is known for its affordable products.

Made from strong polycarbonate materials, the helmet is among the representative solutions for maximum durability. ABS  shell construction is known to be the most resilient plastic. Used across various industries, as a result, it’s even used to make gaming controllers that are subject to constant abuse. The material is lightweight which makes it a good match.

A size adjustment dial is added to the helmet. Among the most interesting releases for durability, the ski helmet is also easy to fit on the head, similarly to Giro’s releases. Its adjustable dial loosens or tightens the liner to fit the head. When properly connected to the outer shell, it keeps the helmet closers to the head.

The removable liner is easy to wash and dry. It comes out completely, not just on the sides as with other helmets. This means skiers don’t need to deal with bad odor anymore. Since it dries out completely, the helmet might also be ready to use after taking a short break for a cup of coffee on the slopes.

Compatible with JetBlaze goggles, the helmet is also versatile. It also works with other ski goggles from third-party manufacturers. But it has been primarily made to offer an exact fit with the ski goggles made by JetBlaze. Anyone investing in both is going to get solid products at a low rate. However, choosing the right size helmet in size S, M, and L also ensures it can be worn with most types of ski goggles.


Made with a removable liner

Meets 2 safety standards

Available in 3 sizes


Not available in kids’ sizes

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    Velazzio Valiant Ski Helmet

This comfortable ski helmet is made specifically for multimedia fans. Unlike most designs in its price range, it also allows users to wear headphones and stay connected over the phone. Its cushioned design enhances comfort and makes it a popular option among affordable releases for young users who value its multimedia profile.

High-impact ASB plastic is outs on the hard shell. Strong and lightweight, ABS plastic is made with side ventilations to improve airflow around the head. But the helmet also comes with an aerodynamic design which makes it a smooth performer even when skiing at high speeds. The plastic is still protective for those into tricks, such as snowboarders.

Earpads designed for earphones cover the ears. They allow users to wear simple in-ear headphones such as wireless earbuds. Anyone wearing these knows that it might not be the safest idea to listen to music in both ears. But these headphones often work individually so that the skier always hears ambient noise. But earbuds might also be worn by those who want to make quick calls and remain connected while on the skis.

Compatible with all ski goggles, the helmet is also practical. There’s a small attachment at the back of the helmet which secures the strap of the goggles. Most of these straps come with a rubberized anti-slip surface anyways, but the attachment ensures they properly stay in place.

A soft chin strap is also included with the helmet. It’s what keeps it on the head. But the chin strap is also easy to fit as it comes with an adjustable tension knob. The fit should be precise on the chin to avoid the strap slipping off.

Made in various sizes, the helmet comes in pure white or pure black, similar to Backcountry premium alternatives. There are no colored options to consider. However, the versatile performer is also available in XS sizes. They’re particularly useful for teenagers or anyone of smaller stature.




Made with air venting

Features a soft chin strap


Not available in vivid colors

  • 8

    TurboSke Ski Helmet

TurboSke’s Ski Helmet is another interesting ABS release. It uses 2 plastic layers to improve durability in shock absorption. Its layered construction is what keeps among the leading ski gear options for the ultimate durability. Even more, the helmet is a bit more affordable than other similar practical helmets.

US-certified, it meets national safety regulation. The helmet outshines some of the best Amazon performers in its class. With a solid build, it represents a top solution for anyone looking to ski from beginners to advanced skiers. In snowboarding or even worn with skates, it is very practical and safe for crashes from different directions.

2 ABS layers work together to offer lightweight protection and better protection. The plastic is one of the most impressive in its class and it offers an improved perspective to anyone who wants to use it outside skiing.

Made with a washable liner, the helmet is practical for daily use. Dedicated skiers are going to wash it a few times during the season. While it might seem complicated, there are only a few key areas that hold the liner that need to be released. Once released, the liner can be washed with soap and warm water. But since its made from durable materials, it may also be added to the washing machine together with laundry. The removable liner proves practical and is seen on other helmets from the brand such as on the Ski Motioner and Ski Roam series.

From XS to L, the helmet is going to work for families. Kids, teenagers, and parents are going to find the right fit with the helmet.  Those who want to ensure the best fit need to measure their head. For example, on its smallest XS size, the helmet fits anyone with a head circumference between 19 inches and 20.5 inches or from 48 cm to 52 cm.

Supporting headphones, the versatile helmet is among the perfect options for those who want to ensure high-quality audio system compatibility with the right fit. Most skiers are not going to wear large headphones. But wired or wireless in-ear headphones might be the right option here, especially since they’re completely covered and hard to lose on the slopes.


Available in extreme sizes

Made with a removable liner

Compatible with in-ear headphones


Thin liner for very cold weather

  • 9

    Omorc Ski Helmet

Made for the ultimate air circulation, the helmet is designed for the dedicated skier. Cold air enters through the front-facing vents while hot air exits through the rear-facing vents. Made according to current safety recommendations, the helmet is among the best solutions for ultimate durability.

ASTM-certified, the ski helmet meets shockproof standards at the same level with POC helmets. It has been calculated that the shock dispersions of this certification are the minimum standard for most skiers. It is also the national recommended certification for anyone trying to make ski helmets by certain standards.

ABS materials have been used to meet these standards. Most importantly, the material is durable and it’s not going to crack of the helmet is dropped. But on the inside, the helmet comes with soft shock-absorbing foam which makes it considerably easier to wear.

Velvet earmuffs are added as premium materials to keep ears warm. The earmuffs represent one of the most attractive designs for anyone skiing in high winds or at low temperatures. But earmuffs are also some of the largest in their class making the helmet one of the leading options for ultimate cold weather protection.

An adjustable head circumference dial has been added instead of the classic strap. It allows skiers to easily adjust the helmet as needed. Anyone looking for quick adjustments can make them here even whole wearing gloves.


Made with large air vents

Combines ABS and EPS liner safe materials

Compatible with ski goggles


Not available in extreme sizes

  • 10

    Odoland Ski Helmet

The lightweight helmet is the affordable packages which also include matching ski goggles. Anyone new to the sport is going to find the pack a nice combination and for most users, it’s the right solution if they worry about ski goggles not being compatible with the helmet.

Complete helmet and ski goggles are offered in a relaxing blue color. They’re not Oakley-quality, but they work. The combination is even more versatile than many expect as it’s also available in extreme sizes. From XS to XL, it’s one of the rare ski helmets made for all sizes. It suits teenagers and adults alike.

FDA-approved certification makes it safe to use in any location. The helmet comes with some of the most durable materials found in the affordable range. Even the straps are made to last a long time. Furthermore, it comes with shockproof EPS materials for added safety.

12 air vents have been added across its surface with mesh inserts for improved ventilation. Unlike most other helmets, its design features a unique ventilation system where air enters and exits easily. This constant airflow is only going to increase airflow.

Removable foam pads make the cheap ski helmet easy to dry. After the skiing session is over, users simply remove the pads to allow the helmet to dry out naturally. The entire helmet can be stripped for cleaning.

UV protection is added to the ski goggles to protect vision together with anti-fogging technology. Wearers can skin in bright sun with high snow reflectivity without damaging their eyes. The ski goggles can be used with or without the helmet. But when used with the helmet, their strap is secure so that it doesn’t move around.


Sold as a starter pack

Includes UV-protected ski goggles

Meets US safety certifications


Not the most comfortable helmet

  • 11

    Retrospec Traverse H3 Youth Ski & Snowboard Helmet

Made for kids and teenagers, the ski helmet is one of the most reliant options for little skiers. It meets the same safety standards of helmets made for adults’ head shape but it comes in cheerful design children feel more familiar with.

10 vents are added to this compact helmet. They support proper ventilation in key areas. The vents are seen on the front, on the top of the helmet and on the rear side of the helmet. Cold air enters through the front side when skiing and it exists through the long horizontal vent at the back of the helmet.

Comfortable plush earmuffs are added for extra comfort. With thick plush materials, parents can rest assured their kids are going to be safe and comfortable on their outdoor skiing trips. Furthermore, the helmet supports all types of movements without exposing the ears.

An adjustable chin strap keeps the helmet in place. Is the right type of strap made with soft materials kids will not feel obliged to unhook. Comfortable and resistant, the strap keeps the quirky head protection in place.

Vivid energetic colors make the helmet stand out. It comes with a distinct appeal both for girls and for boys. Teenagers also find a few cool color variations such as matte lime to stand out on the ski slope.


Made with a child-friendly design

Meets US and EU safety standards

Available in multiple colors


Doesn’t accommodate earbuds

  • 12

    Montana Adult Ski Snowboard Helmet

Engineered according to the latest safety standards, the helmet is among the most interesting releases in its class. It probably looks the most impressive in its price range but it also meets all modern safety standards both nationally and internationally.

The removable lining has been used on the helmet. It allows users to keep it clean and whenever they get back from a skiing trip they can wash it in the washing machine. The lining is not complicated to remove but there are printed instructions to check in case help is needed.

The helmet includes accessories such as ski goggles, a visor and a chin strap. The minimalistic ski goggles are made with a precise fit system. There’s minimum air passing between the goggle and the helmet which means the design is aerodynamic.

At a weight of just 667 grams, it is also one of the lightest designs in its class. The lightweight helmet is specifically useful for the longest skiing sessions. Made for those who like to travel light, it maximizes the protection offered by ABS shell plastics similarly to Salomon and Giro helmets.


Made with an appealing design

Meets international safety standards

Ships with skiing goggles


Only available on black and white


Do Ski helmets really help?

Ski helmets help in case of an accident. Helmets protect the head from mild and severe shocks. The level of shocks dampened by each helmet is standardized and skiers are required to wear hearing protection as a result.

Ski helmets have been shown to reduce impact force and brain trauma. Most ski accidents can be mild, but a ski helmet can protect the head even in case of a minor accident which might lead to considerable brain issues on the spot or in time.

Ski helmets also keep the head warm during the skiing session. Most body heat is eliminated through the head and it’s mandatory to stay warm. Unlike other headgear, a helmet is also aerodynamic. It reduces air drag and at the same time, it improves skiing performance. Most importantly, a good ski helmet improves skiing safety when used together with other protective gear.

What do you wear under a ski helmet?

You shouldn’t wear anything under your helmet. Some skiers prefer to wear a hat for extra comfort but this often leads to the helmet not staying properly on the head. If the helmet sits too much on the back of the head which is often the case for those wearing hats, it’s not going to be efficient in case of a crash. A helmet should sit properly on the forehead where there needs to be direct multi-directional impact protection system in case of impact.

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How are ski helmets safety rated?

The rating of ski helmets is both national, international and continental. US helmet safety standards are met under the ASTM certification. European helmet certification is drafted under the EN 1077 certification. It’s one of the leading certifications on an international level due to its rigor.

But it doesn’t mean all helmets without certification are not safe, they might be even safer. But anyone looking to get into skiing needs to adhere to these safety standards are they have been calculated for the average skier. A helmet that looks good but which doesn’t meet minimum safety standards is not going to be of any use in case of an accident.

What is MIPS technology ski helmets?

MIPS is a popular in-mold technology that has been proven to decrease impact brain trauma. A MIPS helmet comes with a layer in-between the outer shell and the liner. It is only seen in a few select helmets, normally in the upper-price category.