Best Ski & Snowboard Pants

No matter your level of expertise in skiing or snowboarding, selecting the right snowboard pants is of utmost importance. Given the considerable risk of injury inherent to these sports, opting for high-quality ski pants which contribute to preventing injuries is essential.

While buying the best snowboard pants, you need to keep various things in mind. However, if you are new in buying the winter gears, then finding the snow pants is going to be quite a challenging task for you.

But you don\’t have to suffer because I\’m here to help you guys in finding the best ski pants. In this snow pants article, you will get to know about the fourteen best snow pants that deliver high performance at reasonable rates.

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Best Budget
Gash Hao Men'​s Snow Ski Softshell Pants

If you want to add a new elegant design of snow pants to your winter clothes collection, then you must pick the Gash Hao pants. It is a stylish pants that only carries the black and grey color.

The product comes with a vast range of size collections, so you can easily get a size that fits you. Most of its composition holds polyester material, providing extra durability to the pants.

The exterior carries wind and is waterproof and insulated so that you stay dry even in cold weather. On the other hand, the inner lining comes with granule fleece material.

It has a quick-drying fabric that rapidly dries the pant if it encounters any liquid material. At the bottom, you will find a zipper aiming to stop coldness and snow from entering your pants during hiking or skiing.

It also includes an adjustable stretch waist, making the pant suitable for the different waist sizes. You will get multiple pockets where you can keep all the necessary items.

These pockets come with a zipper, which prevents the items from falling from your pocket. The best thing is these pockets are available both at the front as well as at the rear end.

It holds a soft surface layer so that you don’t find any irritation while wearing the snow pants for a longer period. This product allows you to walk in the water for 10 to 15 minutes without getting wet.

It comprises a special film that provides strong wind resistance so that you can stay safe from the cold wind. Whether you are going on hiking, climbing, snowboarding, or skiing, you can wear this pair of pants without any issue. It has a strong layering that makes it withstand damage.

  • Adjustable stretchy waist
  • Softshell surface layer
  • Suitable for daily wear Large-capacity pockets
  • Multi-functional
  • It comes in only two shades.
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Best Value
Arctix Men's Essential Snow Pants
$38.99 ($19.50 / Count)

Taking about the best Snowboard Pants and not considering Arctix Men’s pants will be the worst thing to do. Arctix has been delivering quality Ski Pants for men for the past few years, and Essential snow pants are among those high-quality products by the brand.

You can access Black, Charcoal, Blue Night, Brown, and Military Green shades in this product. While short, regular, and tall are the three sizes available in this product.

You can select the size according to your physique from the product size chart. The program comes with a thermal lock coating that opposes snow, water, and wind so that you can experience the warm atmosphere.

It offers repulsion to abrasion damage, so you can enjoy your snowboard session without worrying about injury. To provide a hot temperature, this product has a thermal tech technology. It keeps your inner thigh warm.

Also, the product doesn’t include bulk insulation, which makes you move comfortably while wearing pants. You will enjoy a denier ballistic reinforced functionality with the product that prevents wear and tear.

It ensures your safety so that you can get a worry-free experience. Like many other Insulated pants, it also includes a belt loop, which helps you keep the bent in place.

Additionally, the waist strap is adjustable to set it according to your needs. Using the gaiters, you can keep a firm integration with the boots, increasing the warmth level. It assists in keeping the wintry elements out of the pants.

Besides this, the front end of these snow pants comes with waterproof zippers so that you can effortlessly remove it whenever needed. You will get separate pockets with it to keep your hand warm.

  • Hand warming pockets
  • Adjustable waist
  • Boot gaiters Affordable Flexibility
  • Sometimes you might not find your size.
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Top Pick
Arctix Women's Insulated Snow Pants

Not only for men but Arctix also provides the best quality snowboarding pants for women as well. Women love colors, so Arctix has come up with a vast range of shades for this product.

Whether you want black, steel, white, blue night, Amethyst, Aztec Pink, Blue Melange, or Island Azure, you can get any color in these pants.

Not only these, but it additionally has ten plus shades that you can pick from the color chart. Similar to the Arctix Men, this product also appears in short, regular, and long sizes.

The pants are composed of 100% Polyester, which contributes to durability and tenacity. This polyester material makes it withstand repetitive movement quite easily.

It uses low bulk garments, making them lightweight and warm. The insulation is solid, so you can remain warm until the pants are on. However, the recommended temperature for these pants is around -20° to +35°.

Nevertheless, if the temperature is below or above, it might not show its results. It has an adjustable suspender that offers extra elasticity so that you can move and bend without facing any restrictions.

Arctix introduces denier ballistic that works perfectly against wear and tear to keep your ankle and other sensitive organs secure. You will notice a small O-ring on one of its sides, which you can use to keep your gloves, keys, and other items safe.

It provides a boot zipper so that you don’t have to strive while removing or wearing the snowboard boots. Like the other Arctix Insulated pants, it also has boot gaiters that keep your body warm and ensure that it doesn’t get any contact with the snow or cold wind.

  • A vast range of colors
  • Adjustable suspenders
  • Durability and tenacity More flexibility Boot gaiters
  • You require to be more cautious while picking the size.
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Wildhorn Bowman Insulated Ski Pants

If you are looking for a simple design of snowboard pants, then you must go for the Wildhorn Bowman. It comes in four variants of colors, including Stealth, Khaki, Graphite, and Moab.

Every color seems perfect for this product. From small to XX-Large, you can get any size in this product. It offers extreme weather protection so that you don’t have to worry even in diverse snowy conditions.

Wildhorn carries a waterproof feature that will keep you dry throughout the day. The DWR coating makes this pair of ski Pants resistant to water from reaching your body.

You will notice sealed seams that will stop the slushiest of snow from even reaching the base layers of the pant. The product also has an articulated 360° feature that provides you with the freedom to move comfortably.

These features provide extra room for the user to bend easily. It includes a sloped waistband that offers extra support during excessive movement.

Moreover, you will get integrated inseam vents that provide excess heat so that you feel cold during the snowy weather. The elastic gaiters block the small powered snow from entering the pant.

Also, it emphasizes an adjustable boot zip, which tightens your ski pants with your ski boots. The product holds various pockets, so you don’t require carrying a backpack with you.

You can keep all the on-mountain necessities in your pockets. It consists of two low-slung pockets on the front side and two external side pockets.

The interior back pockets come with a loop and a hook so you can close them quickly. Apart from this, you will find an adjustable leg opening with the pants.

This leg opening comes with a zip closure so that you can effortlessly put on and off your boots when you desire. Additionally, you will discover a scuff guard panel with it, which will provide extra protection.

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  • Extreme weather shield
  • Windproof and Waterproof quality
  • 360° fit and feel Movement Warmth insulated pants Dual front and back pockets
  • Simple Design
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Columbia Men's Snow Gun Pants

If you are searching for pants for your winter adventures, Columbia Men’s pants can be your best companion. This pair of pants are highly recommended for snowboarders, skiers, and people who love winter adventures.

It is going to provide you with the best comfortable experience, even in extreme weather conditions. Talking about colors, you can get Collegiate Navy, Black, Dark Ivy, and Graphite shades with this product.

Each product gives a unique look, which you will admire. It is a heat reflective garment that retains your body hot for an extended period, even in frigid temperatures.

The hydra cloth shell in these snow pants will deliver a waterproof experience. You will adore wearing these pants in cold and wet conditions. It has an adjustable waist feature to fit people of any age.

You will enjoy Microtemp insulation with it, which will keep you warm even at freezing temperatures. It is comprised of nylon and polyester material. Both the material works the durable and delivers a long-lasting product.

The shell and lining use nylon for their manufacturing, while you will notice polyester in the pant insulation. Besides this, it includes a button closure option to close it effortlessly.

Unlike some other ski pants, you can wash Columbia Men’s in a machine, and it will not cause any damage to it. Further, this product has pockets at the back and front end. You will also get a security pocket where you can keep all your secret items.

Also, the thigh pockets permit you to keep all the items you might frequently require during your trip. The belt loop is going to provide a tight grip on the pant.

  • Air-permeable protection
  • Waterproof andbreathability
  • Synthetic insulation Big cargo pockets Heat Reflective
  • It might get wet quickly
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Volcom Men's Freakin Relaxed Insulated Pants

Whether you are going to visit the backcountry or you are making up your mind about hiking, you can take Volcom men’s with you without any further thought. It has a classic chino styling you would adore wearing on your trips.

You will easily find your size in these Volcom pants because they highlight all sizes, including extra-small, small, medium, large, and extra-large. Black, teak, black-red, dark green, and navy are the colors Volcom has added to these pants.

Unlike many other snow pants, you will find Zip Tech features with it. The jacket-to-pant interface will permit you to fix your snowboard jackets and pant tight, which will not allow any natural elements like snow, wind, etc., to reach you.

It will keep snow and cold out while you feel more heat inside. To increase the lifespan of these pants, Volcom has employed a large quantity of polyester material. It offers a leg vent for easy movement.

It has a great heat absorption feature that absorbs the heat and doesn’t allow it to move out so that you can enjoy the warm experience even in the freezing temperature.

These pants aim to keep your skin dry even in moist conditions. It has dual pockets at the side and rear end of the pant. These pockets come with a zip closure to keep your item protected.

Moreover, you will find a separate pocket to keep your hand warm. These handwarmer pockets aim to keep your hands warm even in chilling conditions.

Its waterproof functionality permits you to enjoy in water for a longer time without becoming watery. Besides, you will encounter a ticket ring on this softshell pant that supports people to attach tickets and other small items.

  • Handwarmer pockets
  • Ticket ring feature
  • Mesh-lined zippered Triple reinforced rise Stretch Boot Gaiter
  • A bit high priced
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TSLA Women's Winter Snow Pants

TSLA is a classic design pant specially designed for women. Now you don’t require to wear ugly snowboarding pants because TSLA is here with its attractive design.

This product permits people to choose from a broad limit of 14 colors. You can get your hands on Charcoal, Black, Mint, Plum, Red, Steel, and many other shaded on these pants.

TSLA has also mentioned the waist and hips size so that you don’t find it hard while searching for the size that fits you. These pants are made in such a way that you can use it for snowboarding, skiing, and all other winter activities.

Its prime goal is to deliver comfort during extreme weather. It has thermal insulation that will keep you dry and warm for an extended period. The reinforced protection blocks all the hard winter elements from reaching you.

As it has multi-layer insulation, you don’t require to worry about heat loss. This multi-layer will keep the heat inside and permit minimal heat loss. In addition, it will provide security against the wind and snow elements.

Its three-layer construction makes it a perfect pick for women who love doing winter adventures. This construction will protect women from all types of injuries. I have seen people complaining about mobility issues while wearing snow pants.

However, you will not face any such problem with TSLA pants. Thanks to the construction, you will get easy mobility and comfort while wearing it. The ripstop fabrics offer long-lasting and ensure that you don’t need to buy the pants repeatedly.

Also, you will acquire cargo pants pockets to keep all the necessary items. You are going to get velcro secure with these pockets. Similar to other ski pants, this one also holds an elastic boot gaiter.

  • 3-Layer Construction
  • Long-lasting Fabrics
  • Suitable for women Stylish Design Easy Mobility
  • Not recommended for men
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Columbia Women's Modern Mountain 2.0 Pant

Looking for good quality ski pants for women that too at affordable rates? If yes, then Columbia Women’s pants are for you. These pants are simple but effective when going hiking, snowboarding, skiing, and other winter sports.

Similar to the other Columbia pants, this one provides a wide option of colors including black, Dusty Iris, Red Mercury, Cactus Pink, Dynasty, etc. It is a highly breathable pant that prevents moisture from entering.

This breathable functionality keeps you safe from the cool breeze in the winter season. Also, its construction resists burton and holds you protected. You will obtain advanced technology that stops water from contacting you.

The Omni-shield technology tries to keep you dry even in humid conditions. It repels snow, water, and other elements that may cause damage to you.

Due to the adjustable waist, you will not find it challenging to fit it. It tightens your body without causing any irritation. This tightness feature will make you enjoy the outdoor activities comfortably.

Because of its comfortability, you can wear it the whole day without facing any discomfort. It will make you feel like you are wearing normal trousers. These pants arrive with a loose inseam so that you can move conveniently.

Apart from this, you will get an internal leg gaiter with this product that will work as protective equipment. You will also see a nap gusset that provides extra movement freedom.

To make these pants adventure-friendly, Columbia has added various zippered pockets. Columbia Women’s ski pants arrive with a softshell that works to make the pants withstand tears and abrasions.

  • Omni-Shield repellency
  • Reinforced cuff guard
  • Internal leg gaiter Adjustable waist Water-repellent
  • Not for men
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Columbia Men's Bugaboo II Pants

Columbia has taken quality to the next level. The brand cares about its customers, due to which it has been delivering fantastic products like Bugaboo II Pants. It comes with a simple but long-lasting construction.

Like many other snow pants, this one also has an extensive array of colors such as Navy, Graphite, Marine Blue, Red, and many more. The waterproof and breathable technology works as an unbreakable wall against water and cool air. These waterproof pants are worth buying.

As it is an old model its weather resistance characteristic is a bit low in comparison to the latest pants by Columbia. Therefore, if you are going to extreme freezing conditions, I would not recommend taking these pants with you.

However, it works perfectly in a normal cold environment. When it comes to keeping a warm body, then it’s hard to beat Bugaboo II Pants. These pants provide the best warm environment so people can enjoy the winter without getting cold.

If you want to reach your body, you must open the fly zipper because that’s the only option. The pants provide no other option due to which you can’t wear these pants during the summer session.

This restriction is a great thing if you are going to wear it in winter because it will stop cool air and snow. Thanks to the articulated knees design that allows your knees to move freely. It also protects your knees and prevents them from different types of injuries. These gore-tex pants keep the water and wind away from you.

The adjustable leg gaiter will enable you to keep your shoes as well as the pants in place. However, this pant model is a bit similar to the North Face freedom, but the North Face freedom pants have an inadequate edge regarding looks.

  • Reinforced cuff guard
  • Adjustable waist tabs
  • Adjustable leg gaiter Waterproof Breathable
  • Old model (2017 style)
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Arctix Men's Essential Insulated Bib Overalls

Nothing will keep you warm and comfortable in cold weather than Arctix Men’s Bib pants. It comes with a polyester shell and lining, making it well-rounded pants that offer durability.

Small, regular, and tall are the three sizes featured in this product. When it comes to color, it is hard to compete with Arctix ski bib. You can get these pants in black, Charcoal, blue, Burnt Ginger, Brown, and Khaki color.

It comprises an 85g ThermaTech Insulation that minimizes the bulk garment and makes the product lightweight. The lightweight functionality is going to help you to move effortlessly. This ThermaTech additionally provides an extra warmth experience.

If you are going to an area with -20° to +35° temperature, this product must be your first pick because it works perfectly in that temperature range. However, to provide you with maximum movement and to ease the range of motion, Arctix ski bib attaches an adjustable suspender.

Further, it includes elastic side gussets, making it a perfectly comfortable fit. The chances of injury are higher during hiking, snowboarding, and other similar winter sports. This product comes with a 600 Denier Ballistic that offers protection to your ankle, knees, and hem.

Like previous Arctix pants, it also appears with an O-ring option where you can attach your keys, gloves, and other small items. To keep a secure link between your pants and boots, Arctix Bib has a boot zipper.

These boot zippers with grippers make it easy to wear and remove. Even after multi-layer construction, this product is still one of the lightest bibs in terms of weight. There appears a heat-trapping microchamber with these pants, which block the heat inside and keep the cold outside.

Furthermore, the outer hardshell comprises a breathable material that keeps your body dry. You will get separate pockets to keep your items while it has a zip handwarmer pocket that will prevent your hands from the cold days.

  • Elasticized side gussets
  • Adjustable suspenders
  • ThermaTech Insulation Zip handwarmer Relaxed fit
  • Low-quality straps
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Arctix Women's Essential Freedom Insulated Ski Bib

Some people don’t like the bulky design of ski pants. If you are among those people, then I have good news in the shape of Columbia Bugaboo Iv Pant.

These pants are much thinner in comparison to other snowboard pants. It offers less bulk, which makes it great in looks. Still, after possessing a slight design, this product offers durability.

You are going to feel the same warm temperature in it as you may feel in other bulky pants. It arrives in four diverse colors and five different sizings. You can get the collegiate navy, black, mountain red, and city grey color while in terms of sizing, it holds small, medium, large, extra-large, and XX-large.

The Omni-tech feature is one prime reason people prefer buying the Bugaboo Iv Pant. This feature makes the product breathable, waterproof as well as windproof.

You can enjoy the severe cold by staying warm from inside. The seam sealing is going to accommodate you with the best weather protection.

Bugaboo Iv Pant features 60g synthetic insulation to keep your body from getting damp, which opposes the moisture from penetrating through pants.

If you are thinking of wearing it in the summer, then don’t do that because it will cause much heat in the warm weather because of the Omni-Heat technology.

This technology reflects the cold and absorbs hotness so that the cold weather doesn’t affect you. Appreciations to internal leg gaiters will support you in retaining the snow.

The synthetic insulation of these pants offers long-lasting life as well as comfort. There are a few zippered hand pockets where you can store different useful items.

These pockets are large, so you don’t require carrying any extra bag with you. You can also put your hand in these pockets to keep them heated.

  • 60g synthetic insulation
  • Zippered hand pockets
  • Internal leg gaiters Omni-Tech Omni-Heat
  • Some people have complained about the sizing issue
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Wildhorn Kessler Womens Ski Pants

Wildhorn Kessler’s pants is another name of style. These pants have a lavish design, so most women prefer this product. It also has a unique color scheme, including Stealth, khaki, Flora, and Lunar.

You can obtain any size in this product and access your suitable size through the size chart. It arrives with a superior 360° fit, aiming to deliver an independent movement without causing restriction.

Thanks to the ergonomic construction that makes the natural bend easier. This easy natural bend makes it a worthy product for winter sports. You will notice a sloped waistband that provides a smooth encircle around your waist.

Apart from that, this product has introduced dual water-resistant pockets that let you store your items and keep them dry. Every single cut and angle in these pants delivers optimal fit and performance.

Expandable boot cuff is another character in this product that you may only discover in very few pants. This expandable boot cuff will defend you from the snow.

It covers a silicone elastic gaiter that will help you stay safe during your backcountry skiing trips. You will get an adjustable belt option that offers immediate release. This adjustable belt feature ensures that the pants fit you perfectly.

Wildhorn Kessler’s pants include a sloped waistband to ease the body motion. This outerwear is critically seamed, which works as an extra layer of shield against melted snow.

You will locate multiple side pockets that are easy to access. These pockets are designed to quickly reach them even without removing your ski jacket.

You can keep various essential accessories in these pockets. These Insulated pants are wind as well as waterproof. One thing that some people might hate about these pants is that it’s only designed for women.

  • Expandable Boot Cuff
  • Adjustable Belt option
  • Water-resistant pockets Insulated Liner Great Design
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APTRO Women's High-Tech Insulated Snow Pants

APTRO ski pants are for all those women who don’t like simple design pants. It is a fancy-looking pant that comes with outstanding performance.

APTRO has introduced eight shades, including red, blue, pink, Camo-red, green, etc., while you will get all the varieties in case of the size. It is a 3D waterproof fabric that looks amazing once you wear it.

This product introduces waterproof material so that the water doesn’t reach you even after coming in contact with the pant. It has a micro-pore that stops the snow and rain from entering. You can prevail warm thanks to the insulating two-layer that blocks the heat inside.

On the other hand, the inner layers accommodate keeping the moisture away. This product is going to make you feel dry throughout the day. The 360° windproof design blocks the coldest breeze from all directions.

This product comes with a high waterproofing index, which means that these pants can withstand the extreme water level. You are going to get a soft feel and comfort while dressing it.

Not only has a higher waterproofing index, but these pants additionally have a greater breathability index so that the wind can’t reach your body during winter. This breathable will prevent you from getting cold.

If we talk about the pockets, this pant has a vast range of space where you can save your essential items during a trip. There are two pockets at the side and two at the rear end of these pants.

These pockets have zip attached, enabling you to close them easily. It also works as a hand warmer pocket, another prime character in this product. In addition, you will also get a pocket at the bottom side of the pant.

  • Multiple Functional Pockets
  • Greater waterproofing index
  • Fleece Lining Stylish design Quality zipper
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02/17/2024 01:58 pm GMT

Frequently Asked Questions

What are ski pants?

Ski pants are the bulky fabric that protects you from extreme cold weather. Also, these pants usually have a lower waist and baggy design than traditional pants.

These pants are in high demand by the people who play winter sports. It comes with strong insulation that keeps the cold from approaching you even in frosty circumstances. It will retain the cold out and ensure you are receiving a warm experience inside.

What to wear under ski pants?

You need to wear a base layer under ski pants. It is also sometimes known as long johns or long underwear. The base layer uses synthetic natural fabrics that keep you dry and warm.

Different-sized pants come with a different base layer sizes and weights. You can also wear a mid-layer after the base layer for extra protection. However, wearing only a base layer is also fine.

During the extreme cold weather, a base layer might not be enough, and the cold wind might reach your body, so for such a situation, I would prefer you to also keep the mid-layer with you.

What are the warmest ski pants?

All the listed pants in this review article are warm, but each pant has a different feature. So before picking any pants, you should go through their features. However, these pants are composed in such a way to provide you with extra heat during the cold weather.

These pants are lightweight, but still, they deliver the best protection against cold. The ski pants are high-performance outerwear, which I would suggest to those who love winter adventure.


After doing in-depth research on some of the best ski pants, I suggest you try the Arctix Men’s Essential Snow Pants, which is a top pick if you are a man. However, I would recommend women prefer the Arctix Women’s Insulated Snow Pants.

Although all the products are good, I discovered that these two pants deliver exceptional performance and comfort compared to other snow pants. Also, these pants are long-lasting, so you don’t have to repurchase them after a while.

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