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Hybrid golf clubs, famed for their short shaft and extreme versatility, have gained great popularity, particularly among recreational players who typically carry them in their golf bags. Regardless of the wide array of outstanding alternatives, hybrid clubs are often included in complete golf sets, mainly aiming at novice golfers.

Those considering hybrids mostly choose a standard number 5 which may be used on the tee and the green. Being closer to the tee than with a fairway, hybrids golf clubs are also easier to master golf skills with.

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Available in a complete pink or purple set, the hybrid club is the best of them all. It offers golf players the versatility needed on the green, rough or the tee. With a closer stance to the tee, the graphite shaft hybrid is ready to reach distances of up to 200 yards.

The dual strap bag which holds all of these clubs is also made with high-quality materials. It can be carried like a backpack, representing one of the most interesting options to anyone looking for light clubs. The titanium driver also adds durability to the set.

Mainly made for those starting in golf, the set is easy to use and easy to carry. It even features stand bag pockets for golf balls and other accessories such as golf gloves.

  • Includes a hybrid with a graphite shaft
  • Comes with steel woods and irons
  • Available on pink and purple
  • Not the most aerodynamic hybrid
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Best Overall
Aspire XD1 Ladies Women's Complete Set

Finding a set of golf clubs for women beginners has been easier. The Aspire XD1 complete golf club set is specially made for women who look for comfort and proper game. These clubs made with stainless steel woods and irons are the best choice for those just starting as they are lightweight. Its hosel also has good size, perfect for the right amount of feedback.

This set includes a titanium driver, a fairway wood, hybrid, 6-PW irons, putter, a stand bag, and 3 H/C’s. It is also easier to carry and handle because of its ultra-light high modulus, made of 100% graphite shaft for all clubs. The set of irons is best for beginners who do not yet have a fast swing speed.

The Aspire XD1 complete set is easier to carry around like a backpack, thanks to the matching deluxe dual-strap golf bag and headcovers.

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  • Lightweight and could be carried around
  • Graphite shafts make clubs lighter
  • Driver head made of titanium
  • For right-handed use only
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Best for Kids
PreciseGolf Co. Precise X7 Junior Complete Set

Start your kid’s golf experience on a positive note by giving them the best golf club set; introduce them to the Precise X7 junior complete golf club set, which includes five essential clubs that will surely help your children get the hang of the game without complications.

This golf set is best for kids as they are lightweight, so kids can carry them around without being strained. It is made with a graphite shaft that keeps the weight down and also allows maximum distance and helps kids get used to flexing.

The complete set also includes a hybrid wood with a 22-degree loft and a huge clubface to help children develop a proper form.

Get your kids ready to take on the challenge of golfing with excitement by ensuring them with a lightweight, forgiving, and easy-fit golf club set. Get the Precise X7 junior complete golf club set and you’ll never have to worry about them having a good golfing time!

  • High-quality graphite shaft
  • Could be used by kids as early as 3 to 5 years
  • Clubs are lightweight
  • The bag, though made with quality material, is a bit too heavy
  • Limited club coverage
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The Advantages of the Hybrid

Most players carry a 17-degree hybrid, up to 21 degrees. At most, players carry a 24-degree hybrid. As expected, a hybrid can replace some drivers, irons, and even some fairway woods. Here are some of its advantages.

Low Center of Gravity

You can see by the clubhead shape that the hybrid golf club has a lower center of gravity, placed towards the back. It allows golfers to fit the ball harder and lift it higher in the air. Ball speed is increased as a result. With an improved trajectory, the hybrid can be used straight off the tee.

Shaft Length

The hybrid has a shorter shaft length than the fairway wood. It is considerably easier to swing. Anyone going through low back pain will consider the hybrid as an alternative to longer and heavier clubs.

Shaft materials are also important. 2 materials are dominating the shaft world of hybrids. Graphite and steel face materials are among the best for these clubs. Each of these materials has advantages and disadvantages.
For example, steel has the advantage of durability with regular flex.

It is one of the most robust materials which offer plenty of reliability in changing conditions. It is even one of the materials golfers can count on for years.

Graphite, on the other hand, is a bit more elegant. It absorbs shocks a bit differently. Transmitted shocks to the hands are also considerably reduced. Anyone looking to improve playing conditions at higher age is going to look for a more comfortable alternative such as graphite.


The added distance of the hybrid over regular irons makes it one of the go-to clubs for players looking to get closer to the green. Since it even replaces a few drivers, the hybrid golf club is one of the most reliable for going higher and straighter.

As seen from the examples above, hitting a hybrid at 170 yards out might not be too complicated for anyone who has already gone through basic golf training. Those who want improved results with their drivers might even start with a hybrid. With their compact and versatile design, hybrids can also be top learning tools.

The distance hybrids reach is just a bit under what fairway woods can offer. Fairways may go up to 260 yards with a bit of training. However, this is where their advantages over hybrids stop. Fairways are heavier and take a bit longer to master. As seen above, fairways also struggle with the quality of the control which means players who’re just starting will have a difficult time mastering a swing with a wood.

On the other hand, a hybrid is very similar in design to a fairway. Once properly mastered, golf players can easily transition to a fairway. With a similar technique, players can simply learn how to be better at center hits.
There are a few good reasons players would start with a hybrid, and off-center success is among them. A poor fairway wood is going to send the ball too much to the left or the right. Off-center performance is only good on the latest designs for those who don’t have swing skills yet.

But with a hybrid, this is easier to correct. This is another good reason why golfers should start with a hybrid. Many names this benefit consistency. As they consistently get better results with hybrids, they use them a bit more on the course. Hybrids replace long irons for players who can’t hit irons as well.

Tiger Woods doesn’t play hybrids, however. The top player is known to stay away from the clubs. Should the average player do the same? Probably not as the world-class player has skills just a few others have. Tiger is also considered to be a super traditionalist when it comes to hybrids. He was also among the last players to switch to graphite shafts from old-school steel shafts. Immediately after the switch, the player was still choosing the graphite shafts, which were the most similar to steel shafts.

Applying the same techniques of a world-class player to a golf newbie will not come with the desired results here. Players certainly understand this as most of them avoid the club’s high-end player use and choose versatility and affordability first.


The playability of the hybrid is hard to match. The club is among the most versatile, bridging the gap between irons, drivers, and fairway woods. Anyone could play golf with just one good hybrid. Not the same can be said about a good iron or wedge.

Top brands such as TaylorMade, Callaway, Baffler, and Ping, now offer graphite shafts on most of their hybrids. This also means these clubs are a bit more refined than many expect. With reduced vibrations, the quality of the shot is completely different. Even the sound of graphite and carbon makes many players think of high-end materials when playing a good hybrid.

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Cost Savings

Another important benefit to hybrids is with cost per purchase. Since it replaces other clubs, it also saves money for most new golfers. Even when purchased in a set, a hybrid will impress anyone looking for the best Amazon results in terms of overall versatility.

Hybrids are not as new as fairway woods and are available at varying prices. However, there are technologies where a hybrid can be slightly behind good fairways. For example, the way the center of gravity is adjusted might show where the cost limitations of the club are. At the same time, golfers find the aerodynamic performance of the hybrid inferior even when compared to some larger golf clubs.

This is the main reason those who already have swing skills need to choose high-end hybrids to get closer to the performance of a good driver. With a few years of playing, most golfers can achieve performance.

Rescue Club

Also called a rescue club, the hybrid performs well on the rough and even with turf interaction. Playing a ball off the tee is not always easy. It takes a few tries in some cases. Approaching the shot with a driver or a fairway will make it more difficult. For some players, it can be important to always have a good hybrid at hand in such cases.

Even Tiger Woods would go for a 22.5-degree 3-iron in such cases. But not everybody is playing at his level. In such situations, the hybrid is what most golf players feel most comfortable about.

Since many look up to the player, they might believe they can also get away with irons. But this is certainly not the case. Discussing with any valid golf coach will only reveal that Tiger is arguably the best iron player in history. Trying to replicate his iron performance isn’t going to get players anywhere.

Bigger Head

In simple physics, the hybrid iron has a bigger head than an iron with a bigger sweet spot clubface. This means it has considerably more forgiveness for high handicappers. For the average golfer, this makes the difference in the end. The added forgiveness of a hybrid makes it an attractive option even for hobbyists.

Anyone looking to have the trajectory and the flight performance as good as they see on TV will have to start with forgiving clubs. Playing hybrids is certainly offering this opportunity to many players.


A new hybrid is also a bit lighter than a fairway wood. There are a few key elements of the club that make it lighter. Its smaller golf clubhead is among them. But the length of the shaft is also another important aspect. It may take some time to get used to heavier clubs, and some players never get to master them.

As a result, at least for beginners, the hybrid is where the game starts to improve. It can only be based on proper control and comfort with each swing. Some lightweight options include the TaylorMade M6, the TaylorMade M4, Cobra-made drivers, Titleist releases, Callaway Rogue Hybrid, Cleveland drivers, or the Pinemeadow Excel Egi Hybrid.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are hybrid clubs used for golf?

Most golfers use hybrids to get out of the rough instead of 1-4 irons. But hybrids can also be used off the tee, on the approach or on the rough. Smaller than fairway woods, they are also faster. Anyone who loves a fast swing will have a better time with a hybrid. Materials are similar to other clubs but the compact size and versatility that players appreciate the most.

What is the advantage of hybrid golf clubs?

A hybrid is the first club for many beginners. Those who only play once or twice per month find them the most appealing. Without spending too much on these clubs, players can have a decent performance regardless of where they play on. Compared to fairways, hybrids are better on the rough as they come with a smaller golf clubhead.

What is the difference between a regular set of golf clubs and a set of hybrid clubs?

The main difference is in flight height. The driver is the longest club in the set. It is also the most difficult to master. The fairway wood is a bit shorter but still longer than the hybrid. Irons are also popular in golf sets. But a hybrid can easily replace a typical 3-4 iron. Combining elements of all clubs, the hybrid can be the most fun for any player.

Do I need a hybrid if I’m a good player?

Owning a hybrid is not compulsory. Many players have never touched one. A 3 and a 4 iron with its angular shape might be enough to get past any hurdle that the hybrid might be made for. Most hybrids replace irons as follows.
The 14-16 hybrid loft replaces a 1 iron, and it’s rare to see it in action with any beginner or player who only occasionally visits a golf course.
A 2 iron is the equivalent of a hybrid’s 17 to 19 degrees. It has become a popular option, and many novices own the hybrid.
A 3 iron is the equivalent of the 19 to 21 degrees hybrid. It is very popular and might be found in most golf club sets.
A 4 iron is equally popular as it is the 22 to 23 degrees iron equivalent. It’s the equivalent of Tiger Woods’ preferred irons.
A 5 iron is the equivalent of the 24 to 27 degrees hybrid. It’s not as popular with beginners.
A 6 iron is the equivalent of the 29 to 32 degrees hybrid. The hybrid is also rarely used by the average golfer.
A 7 iron is the equivalent of the 32+ hybrid. Those using this hybrid know exactly the conditions they use the hybrid for.

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