Best Golf Wedges

One can see the adaptability of superior golf wedges on any golf course. Those who purchase a standard golf club set will discover it typically comes with a minimum of one pitching wedge. Additional specialized wedges, like lob wedges, can be bought separately to aid players in swiftly elevating the ball.

For many players, golf wedges reliable on the travel of up to 140 yards. Others prefer wedges to get out of difficult situations such as bunkers. Playing the ball on sand might also be easier with a dedicated sand wedge. Here are the best options for anyone who needs to play the ball in these circumstances.

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Best Budget
LAZRUS Premium Forged Golf Wedge Set

With a 52-degree loft, it fits in the gap wedge category, known for consistency between 90 and 11 yards. But the set also includes a 56-degree wedge for sand shots and a 60-degree wedge for lob shots that get players out of difficult situations.

The micro-milled face is added for proper spin control. Made for better spin consistency, the face of the wedge uses a versatile design that allows golfers to hit the ball from the fairway or the rough.

Balanced and easy to handle, the wedges rival more expensive alternatives from big sports players. TaylorMade Milled Grind wedges and Titleist wedges might be similar in construction and feel, but they also cost a few times more.

One possible drawback noted by golfers is that these wedges come with a narrower grip than premium Cobra King, Mizuno, SM7 wedges, or C-Grind alternatives. But it’s just a matter of playing them out for a few shots to adjust to their compact profile.

  • Variable loft set
  • Affordable as a set
  • Micro-milled face design
  • Narrow grip
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Best Spin
New Titleist Vokey SM7 Tour Chrome Wedge

With increased shot versatility and improved distance and trajectory control, the Titleist Vokey SM7 has an optimized spin and consistency for more confidence on all wedge shots. The Vokey wedges grinds are played, proven, and perfected on Tour, which helps create shot versatility for any level of player in any type of condition.

The Titleist Vokey SM7 helps golfers get a better fit for the right scoring clubs. Its key feature, a heat treatment, helps preserve the spin and ensures long-lasting performance. A new grind option was also added to the wedge range.

This wedge has an exceptional feel from the progressive Center of Gravity (CG) location for precise distance and trajectory control. The tour-proven grinds have enhanced its shot versatility to fit your swing type and course conditions.

The Titleist Vokey SM7 has more spin from 100% inspected TX4 grooves with a new parallel face texture that produces a sharper and more consistent groove edge.

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  • Proven and perfected on Tour
  • Combined with trademark excellent craftsmanship
  • Heat treatment helps preserve the spin for long-lasting performance
  • Needs to go through fitting first
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Best Low Bounce
Cleveland Golf Men's RTX 4 Wedge

Available in extreme lofts from 46 to 64 degrees, the new RTX 4 wedge implements some of the company’s latest technologies. As seasoned players know, proper shot control highly depends on spin control. As a result, Cleveland Golf implemented the 4th generation Rotex Face technology for the highest spin.

With sharper groves, players are expected to slice through sand, grass, and water hazards even faster. The wedges are available in full, mid, low, and extra-low bounce.

The full mid bounce wedge is its most popular option. The Cleveland RTX 4 offers stability and weight for those shots that must go the distance based on its wide sole. But it also features a bit more sole support making it useful for bunker shots.

The V-shaped mid bounce is a suitable medium to large divot shot. It opens up the face a bit more and may also be used as the full mid bounce, but with a bit more lift.

The low C-shaped bounce options are specifically useful on medium to low turf. Golfers approaching the green will feel a bit more confident with its balanced swing.

The extra-lox XLow has the lowest bounce. It’s used in tight lies and hard turf.

It’s immediately recognizable with its wide-open face.

  • Available in left and right-hand options
  • Made with graphite and steel shafts
  • Custom bounce
  • Not the most durable Cleveland release
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WILSON Harmonized Golf Wedges

Available in variable loft options, the wedge is another affordable release golfers might feel inclined to use in any situation. Anyone building up a set of golf clubs with putters can also choose a 60-degree Wilson wedge to make the most out of difficult situations. But other options make the wedges a good fairway choice as well.

With a weighted club head, the feel on these wedges is solid. The feedback they give the players is as good as their polished finish, making them look like premium Mack Daddy 4 products.

The new wedge flex shaft and the sole grind allow players to open the face more to hit higher full shots. For this purpose, the highest choice can be the 60-degree Harmonized golf wedge, while the lowest loft comes at 52 degrees and falls into the gap wedge category. Even this wedge offers consistent results between 90 and 11 yards.

Among possible drawbacks, the wedges come with micro-grooves which are not the best for all players. Their grip is also narrow, and it lacks a bit of cushioning. But given their high-quality engineering, the wedges perform according to their loft specifications.

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  • Very affordable given their quality
  • Made in various loft degree
  • Weighted club head design
  • The grip could use more cushioning
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Cleveland Golf Men's Smart Sole 3 Wedge C

At 42 degrees, the pitching wedge is a must-have for anyone trying to go the distance. Cleveland’s wedge comes with efficient turf interaction based on the 3-tiered sole design. But the most important change comes with a new center of gravity.

The wedge now sees a lower center of gravity. The manufacturer moved it slightly towards the face of the club, considerably lower from the loft as it was with its previous generation. The entire feel of the wedge changes as a result.

But at a 42-degree face, the wedge is also better equipped for chipping. But its new design also makes it easier to use for beginners. Anyone struggling to make a chip off 20 yards will find it particularly easy to use. Considerably more forgiving than others in its class, the wedge has been known to reach the 70-yard high shot performance.

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  • Made for beginners
  • A new center of gravity
  • Made with an improved sole
  • Mainly made for the mid-handicapper
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Cleveland Golf Men's Smart Sole 3 Wedge S
$39.98 ($5.00 / Ounce)

The S version of the popular Smart Sole wedge is made with the same responsive 3-tiered sole. The 58-degree loft is a top performer on the sand. Its new center of gravity also proves a top design change for bunker shots.

Its C version also comes with an improved center of gravity. Placed towards the clubface, it now offers more strength beyond each shot. It has been proven superior to the old generation wedge around the green and even in bunkers.

The wedge also benefits from steel or graphite shafts with an optimized center of gravity. Both traditionalists and modern players can fight for the right feedback on these options. Regardless of the type of golfer, the wedge is also made for left- and right-handed play.

  • Made with a low center of gravity
  • Useful in all lie conditions
  • Ships with a steel or graphite shaft
  • Mainly made for sand performance
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WILSON Harmonized Black Chrome Golf Wedge

Available in 52 to 60-degree loft options, the wedge is versatile among gap, sand, and lob options. It even represents one of the most durable options for anyone looking to hit the face from all angles, even handicappers.

With a good spin and a great look, the wedge is one of the most durable options for the improved game. As a pitching wedge, it still offers reliable results with inches from the hole between 80 and 100 yards in the right hands. If players can replace their stock grip with something more durable, it will represent a top release.

  • Solid spin
  • Balanced swing
  • 52 to 60-degree loft
  • Needs a better grip
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A wedge is not necessarily the first on the new player’s priority list. Unless new golfers buy club sets, they won’t look into irons and wedges before a driver. But they are practical and do the work a driver is not designed to do.

A golf wedge can help fairway, sand, and rough shots. Some of the most impressive wedges are now made with enhanced support for off-center hits. As seen from the examples above, a few good wedges are made with improved spin and versatility. According to loft design, they can be a bit different.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pitching wedge?

In very broad terms, the pitching wedge has a loft anywhere between 44 and 50 degrees. It’s known for covering the most distance of all wedges. However, even the newest wedges need to be hit right just to see their benefits.

How far can a pitching wedge hit?

There’s no clear answer on the distance a golf ball can travel with a pitching wedge. But there’s an 1100-140 yards distance for where it is expected to travel.

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How can you recognize a pitching wedge on a golf course?

Those new to the sport might struggle to identify a golf wedge when just starting out. Its characteristic is that it lifts the ball high up. Once the ball hits the green, it doesn’t roll too much either. With a high trajectory and short roll, anyone can recognize a wedge, particularly a pitching loft design.

Many new golf players believe a pitching wedge cannot be responsible for poor hits if they feature new technologies. But even with off-center improvements, the best Amazon results are seen with sweet spot shots.

A new pitching wedge now comes with a lower center of gravity. In many cases, it’s very close to the sweet spot. As a result, it’s where the ball needs to be hit for an ultimate spin.

What is a gap wedge in golf?

A gap wedge is characterized by a 46 to 54-degrees loft. As its name suggests, it bridges the gap between the pitching and sand wedge. Golf players use it on shots that are too short for a normal pitching wedge and too long for an aggressive sand wedge.

How far can a gap wedge shoot?

A gap wedge is also known for going the distance. A typical design such as those above shoots the ball anywhere between 90 and 110 yards. It can be used in various lay conditions but isn’t as popular as a pitching wedge.

How to recognize a gap wedge?

A beginner’s gap wedge is not easy to recognize as it’s not included in a standard golf set. Those who want to bridge the gap between pitching and a sand wedge have the opportunity to purchase it separately.

It doesn’t have to be an expensive Titleist Vokey wedge, as it can be affordable. Anyone looking to get into golf will not have a gap wedge high on the list of priorities, but in time, it becomes truly useful.

What is a sand wedge in golf?

With a loft between 54 and 58 degrees, a sand wedge does wonders on the sand. As seen in the examples above, it slices sand. For anyone looking to overcome obstacles such as sand, it’s a must. As a result, it represents one of the top options for any golf gear set.

Its results are a bit more saving from the situations than top performance. Still, a golf ball hit with a sand wedge might still be expected to travel up to 90 yards. The loft degree also implies the golf ball will travel very high. Some of these wedges are also used in bunkers.

How to recognize a sand wedge?

Sand wedges are very popular. As seen with Cleveland Golf’s RTX 4 wedge, these V-shaped wedges are very easy to recognize. With sharper and deeper groves, they represent one of the best options for grass as well. They’re also known for spin control in every shot.

A sand wedge also comes with a limited friction design. It’s made with a smaller clubhead as a result. Small alternatives are still seen with C and S designs, but they’re all made for the same purpose.

What is a lob wedge?

As their name suggests, lob wedges shoot the golf ball very high up in the air. They’re among the best options for anyone trying to escape difficult situations, such as with a ball lying in a bunker.

A lob wedge comes with a loft between 60 and 65 degrees. These wedges are also less popular than pitchers. Not included in a standard golfing set, the wedges are only sold separately.

Together with the gap wedge, they offer real improvements to the game, limiting the number of shots needed to reach the hole. The Wilson Golf Wedge above is an example of an affordable design for those on a budget.

What is a bounce in golf wedges?

Bounce is another characteristic to consider when buying golf wedges. Each wedge has a different design, and it varies. Here’s how to make sense of it. When a wedge hits the ground, it creates a bounce regardless of the surface under the ball.

Bounce depends on the sole design and the center of gravity. New players can immediately read the bounce rating of a wedge simply by checking the small number printed on the clubhead. It represents the bounce angle.  A typical bounce angle can be anywhere between 7 and 10 degrees. In golf, this is also called a mid-bounce.

Such a bounce is the first option new players should consider when purchasing a wedge. Due to its versatile nature, it doesn’t come with any major restrictions when hitting a ball. But at the same time, the wedge will offer added versatility for anyone new to the game.

While smaller 4-6 degrees bounce wedges are also affordable, they’re not as versatile. For anyone looking to considerably improve the chances of playing off any surface, a minimum of 6-degree bounce will be where they can start.

What is a high bounce wedge?

A high bounce wedge is a specialized design with more than 10 degrees of bounce. Since the bounce is higher, they are mainly recommended for softer courses. Their sole angle is also going to be particularly aggressive.

A style of players considering this design is those who like to dig deep after the ball. The aggressive profile of the clubhead with the high bounce rating will make their life considerably easier. However, this is not the case for the average player.

A high bounce wedge also includes printed category information on the clubhead. As mentioned above, this will be in the form of a single or double-digit number of up to 10. These wedges are not particularly recommended by anyone running a golf park, but as players’ skills start to improve, they’re going to bridge a gap where soft terrains need a bit more digging, and swing power is going to improve.

What are the different wedges in golf?

Major wedge categories include pitching, gap, sand, and lob. These wedges serve different purposes, and they are characterized by loft angle, bounce, and materials. The best golf wedges are probably the more popular and highly versatile pitching wedges.

These wedges come with varying loft degrees from 48 to 64 degrees. Many of them offer proper versatility even beyond their pure objective. For example, a lob wedge might still be used to clear the ball off the sand. But since they’re all a bit different, they will work best when paired together according to loft degree.

But a complete set of golf clubs for any situation doesn’t include a gap or a lob wedge. These are purchased separately. But there’s another method of building up a complete arsenal of clubs. Players can also purchase them separately.  Of course, this might not be the most affordable method of getting the job done. But at the same time, there’s no need to rush and purchase an expensive wedge.

All of the wedges above are considered affordable. They can be the learning base for all players. Anyone looking for better performers or more solid grips can easily upgrade to one of the premium wedges, which are also a few times more expensive. As learning wedges, they come with some of the most impressive materials for proper skill mastering.

What are the best golf wedges?

The best golf wedges include those made by Cleveland Golf, Titleist, and other known brands. The examples above also show that some lesser-known brands also create top-quality wedges.
The benefit these have is they can even offer new technologies. For example, Cleveland’s RTX 3 comes with a patented balancing system. With the center of gravity closer to the impact zone, it creates one of the unique performers at a low price.

Patented design in golf wedges means no other manufacturer can copy it. As a result, RTX 3 is one of the unique solutions that will certainly feel unique in the hands. Players who want to experiment with their wedges a bit more can consider it among the best.

But other golfers who only want a simple, affordable design will look at other options, such as the Lazrus Premium Forged Golf Wedge. Their wedges mimic the design of some of the most expensive on the market since they’re made in the same facilities. They can be sold at a better price without the expensive brand name.

But as with all clubs, wedges should cover all distances. This is why the best wedge might not be a single wedge but rather a set. But Lazrus is one of the only options offering all the right wedges at an affordable price.

Among the biggest benefits of the wedges, it’s also important to consider the sole design. Often overlooked, the sole design determines how a certain wedge will cut through the sand. Cleveland Golf uses a 3-sole design with small steps that aid its purpose.

How to spin the golf ball with wedges?

Spin control is going to be determined by the angle of attack. It’s crucial to use the right golf wedge for this purpose. One of the most important aspects of golf ball spin is always hitting the ball before hitting the ground. This is where wedges come in place.

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