Best Golf Rangefinder

A golf rangefinder measures distances to the flag. It shows players how to adjust golf skills according to the range and other variables such as slopes. The best golf rangefinders include practical features such as flag lock to easily get readings to the flag on the approach.

Other rangefinders are capable of delivering multiple advanced features such as automatic scanning on all factors influencing play such as distance to the green and distance to the flag. Accuracy is also important and it’s what separates good range finders from the best.

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Best Overall
Bushnell Tour V4 Shift (Slope) Golf Laser Rangefinder
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07/02/2022 01:30 am GMT
Best Budget
Wosports Golf Rangefinder
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07/02/2022 01:44 am GMT
Best for Durability
Callaway 300 Pro Slope Laser Golf Rangefinder
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07/01/2022 12:17 pm GMT
Precision Pro NX9 Slope Golf Rangefinder Precision Pro NX9 Slope Golf Rangefinder

Accurate Slope Feature

NX9 features slope adjusted distance for improved selection of club to use in uphill or downhill shots. It provides precise distances within one yard with the help of its high-definition options and brighter resolution.

It is equipped with a 22mm viewfinder that delivers excellent optics for better accuracy. It has 6x magnification covering up to 600-yard capacity and an adaptive slope switch technology that allows you to toggle between elevation slopes and non-slope modes.

Efficient Assistance

Precision Pro NX9 Golf Laser RangeFinder offers convenient features for efficient golfing. Its shock-proof design ensures durability and strength. It is equipped with a built-in magnet to be easily mounted on your golf cart; that way, your gear is secured while you take your swing.

In addition, NX9 is designed with a Target Acquisition Technology that accurately measures the distances and quickly sends vibrations when the flag target has been acquired. This feature still works even with shaky hands.

This product is water-resistant and can be used in wet and moist weather conditions. It also offers a lifetime battery replacement and a 2-year warranty, an excellent value for your money.

  • Handy to bring
  • Magnetic feature
  • Reasonable price
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07/02/2022 01:59 am GMT
Best Budget
Wosports Golf Rangefinder
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07/02/2022 01:44 am GMT
Best Overall
Bushnell Tour V4 Shift (Slope) Golf Laser Rangefinder
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07/02/2022 01:30 am GMT
Best for Durability
Callaway 300 Pro Slope Laser Golf Rangefinder
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07/01/2022 12:17 pm GMT
Wosports 800-Yards Rechargeable Golf Rangefinder with Slope Wosports 800-Yards Rechargeable Golf Rangefinder with Slope

A Whole Package

Additional costs might be required with a few rangefinders. From protective cases to cleaning products, there are a few accessories golfers need to consider alongside the device itself. But Wosports’ rangefinder already includes these accessories.

The best part is the rangefinder is responsive, and it comes with solid accuracy alongside an interesting pack of accessories.

Long Distance Accurate Reading

With a yard range from 5 to 800 yards, the rangefinder is reliable on all golf courses. Without a doubt, its laser reaches a bit further than the average alternative. But at the same time, the device maintains solid accuracy even with increased range.

At 800 yards, it needs to find reflective surfaces as measurements are more straightforward. But up to 700 yards, adding to the feeling of a quality product that quickly finds and locks the flag on the green.

1-yard accuracy recommends it among the leading performers for those who need precise readings. Since it’s not the most expensive rangefinder, it suits both experienced and new golfers.

While its accuracy would generally recommend it for the most experienced user otherwise, its low Amazon price point and extras also make it attractive for those just starting their golfing adventure.

Flag locking vibrations are sent out when locked. This means those who don’t have experience finding the flag at a greater distance can use vibrations to identify when the flag is in position. Furthermore, the vibrating alert can also be canceled for those who’re not into such extras.

Straight distance and slope measurement compensation offer combined readings on the viewfinder. Users always know what the distance to the target is even with uneven terrain golf courses.

Convenient to Use

With a weight of just 0.52lbs, the golf rangefinder is not the heaviest in its class. However, it’s still a lightweight performer golfer can carry around the course. With heavy golfing clubs, the last piece of equipment players need is a heavy rangefinder to put extra pressure on the back.

Rechargeable batteries power the rangefinder. It only takes a few hours for the device to be fully charged. Most players recommend charging the device a night before going out on the course. There’s a micro-USB cable in the pack that powers the batteries and can also be connected to the car’s battery for quick charging.

A wristband and wiping cloths are included in the pack. Keeping the rangefinder clean is essential. Its optics should be cleaned as often as possible. Furthermore, the included wristband offers a quick storage solution for those who want to keep it within easy reach.

With an included carrying bag, the rangefinder might also be stored in the golf bag with other golfing gear such as sunglasses and gloves, fully protected from scratches, the rangefinder benefits from its custom-fit carry bag.

  • Made with an anti-slip case
  • 300kmh measurement speed
  • Made with a flag lock mode
  • Not the most compact device
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07/02/2022 01:29 am GMT
Gogogo Sport Vpro Gogogo Sport Vpro

Equipped with Slope Switch

Toggle the switch for slope calculation, and non-slope allows you to use golf laser rangefinders during practice and tournaments. You won’t need to have a separate unit to use for different games. It meets the requirements for both training and official matches.

Exceptional Accuracy Features

Accuracy is one of the most sought-after features in laser golf rangefinders. After all, you want the best golf rangefinders to provide you with clear visuals to increase your success.

The Gogogo GS03S model features several technologically advanced functions that are beneficial for your game. It is equipped with pin-seeking and flag-lock technology, which provides the exact distance for you to estimate your swing to reach your target. The visual jolt technology is activated once this laser rangefinder locks into your pin or flag; it will send a vibration to jolt the unit.

This laser rangefinder has the capability of continuous range measurement of 5-650 Yard, with +/- 1m high accuracy. It magnifies up to 6x without compromising the clarity and precision.

Convenient to Use

The Gogogo Sport Vpro laser rangefinder is lightweight at 184 grams and mini-sized. It comes with a waterproof case and straps for convenient carrying.

  • Portable and lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Great RF and accuracy
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07/02/2022 01:52 am GMT
Precision Pro NX7 Golf Rangefinder with Slope Precision Pro NX7 Golf Rangefinder with Slope

Improved Design

The updated design of the Precision Pro NX7 provides improved accurate distances on both slope and flat surfaces. The redesign features faster laser speed and adaptive slope technology beneficial for your gaming experience. Quick, clear, and precise calculations provide “play as” distance for a better golf club selection.

With a 600 yard range, this golf rangefinder will give you confidence in every swing. It is ergonomically designed for convenient handling and a lifetime battery replacement for your convenience.

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Ergonomic design
  • Convenient to use
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07/01/2022 12:28 pm GMT
Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Rangefinder Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Rangefinder

Reliable and Affordable

As one of the most affordable rangefinders in its class, Gogogo’s release is one of the most exciting choices for those new to golf. Without investing in expensive equipment, golfers may be able to use some of the features of the most popular rangefinder seen in premium alternatives for a quarter of the price tag seen elsewhere.

Reaching distances of up to 650 yards, the device is ready to offer reliability on any course across the country. Its accurate readings mean that it’s now reliable for any skill level. Even experienced players might use it.

Ideal for Training and as Backup Unit

Since it doesn’t include slope compensation features, the device might also be used in tournaments. Professional golf players can use the rangefinder as a backup in pre-tournament training as well. But the device might still not be legal in top matches, so players need to ask administrators before taking the simple device to a golfing event.

Using 2 AAA batteries, the rangefinder can be powered all day long. The two batteries are not included, unfortunately. Only quality batteries should be used to power the compact device.

Weighing only 184 grams, the device is one of the lightest performers in its class. It offers all the essential features in a compact design. But this lightweight comes at a specific cost. For example, the rangefinder now has a waterproof rating. It lacks a rubberized casing to protect it against shocks. It’s also made without a rubber grip which means it can potentially slip out of the hands.

Vibration-enabled functions make up for the lack of physical characteristics. Like the popular Tectectec VPRO 500, the device vibrates whenever it locks targets, such as the flag. But at the same time, this function guides new users to find and lock the flag quickly on their own.

  • Lightweight at just 184 grams
  • High accuracy readings
  • Uses high-quality 2 AAA batteries
  • Not made with water sealing
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07/02/2022 01:48 am GMT

How to Choose the Best Golf Rangefinder

Choosing a new rangefinder is not complicated. All golfers need to do is ensure the devices meet a minimum standard for today’s modern game. There are a few cheap rangefinders that don’t meet the minimum recommendations. But most popular brands sell reliable products which normally last for years.

One of the essential roles of the GPS rangefinder is to measure the range to the green. But if the device is not properly designed, it suffers in all key areas such as in usability. For example, rangefinders can come with crammed buttons that easily confuse users. Most of these consumer-level devices are made with a power button and function buttons located on the top side of the product.

Button Layout

But these buttons can be easily triggered accidentally if they’re too close together. This is one of the main complaints golfers have when it comes to powerful devices. The best solution, in this case, is to simply stick to the devices without too many buttons which are easy to operate in the first place.


The range is arguably the most important feature, together with accuracy. As a result, there are a few categories that can be represented according to the range they cover as follows.

<500 yards
Devices that cover a range of up to 500 yards are considered short-distance releases. These rangefinders are good for those just starting. But at the same time, the devices offer a bit more reliability when it comes to accuracy.

The main advantage of short-distance rangefinders is they can offer unmatched accuracy within 1 yard. Most of them can be used for high-precision results. Furthermore, these devices are then used as a backup for those selecting various clubs according to distance, wind, and other variables for maximum results.

>500 yards
Most rangefinders cover distances between 500 and 1,000 yards. They combine reach with accuracy without too many sacrifices. While some of them may easily be used with accurate readings, others begin to suffer, especially those with inferior optics.

In this range, internal stabilization is as important. Without stable images, even the furthest magnification cannot be of great use. But most users can simply rely on internal and digital stabilization for product releases in the past couple of years.

>1,000 yards
Things change beyond the 1,000 yards mark. At this point, most rangefinders simply lack the stability needed for accurate distance results. In case the weather is not perfect, they’re simply unable to find and lock flags and pins at such a distance.

This is the main reason why even these rangefinders might not come with clear results past the 700-750 yards limit. But in other cases, it’s crucial to test out the accuracy of these rangefinders before heading out to a golf tournament. Most rangefinders struggle to offer the most accurate readings and maximum range.


Accuracy can either make or break a rangefinder. The days of 4-5 yards accuracy are now long gone. No golfer wants to sacrifice accuracy. Some have even expressed their opinions on not needing the best materials in favor of accuracy.

It’s true that once a golfer tries out a high-accuracy rangefinder, there’s no way back to a low-accuracy device even with better construction. Professional golf players are among those who value high accuracy the most.

Weather Sealing

High-end physical construction is also important for frequent users. Not all materials are the same and not all products are made to the same standards. IPX rating refers to weather sealing. But this rating is different and it can be missing from some rangefinders altogether.

In most cases, it’s simply not the best idea to choose a product without water-resistant materials if planning to use the rangefinder for a long period.

But the weather sealing is not the only physical trait which users need to take into account. For example, there are a few other important traits to consider such as anti-shock protection. Most golfers need the freedom of having this mild shock protection for added durability.

Rubberized finishes are normally used to offer different levels of protection against dropped rangefinder damages. But rubber protection also costs more and this is why it’s not seen on the most affordable laser golf rangefinders.

Those who want to use such products normally have to choose top products from alternatives such as the Nikon Coolshot 20, NX7 Pro, or manufacturers such Bushnell or Callaway, companies specializing in golf products.

Slope Compensation Measurements

Slope compensation calculates the range to certain objects regardless of the terrain angle. The difference is compensated digitally and golf players get to rely on it in various scenarios.

This function is not legal in most tournaments. Players planning on using their device in an official USGA golf tournament need to choose devices that can toggle this function off. It there’s no such versatility, tournament organizers might not allow the use of such a device.


Most golf rangefinders come with no accessories. It’s rare to even find a golf rangefinder with a belt clip or a protective carry bag. While these are rare, it might be worth spending a bit more time researching these products as all accessories cost more as they’re sold separately.

Batteries are the most important here. There are two main options here. Rechargeable batteries are normally built-in and they can’t be removed. These batteries normally recharge via a micro-USB cable. But standard AAA batteries may also be used on some rangefinders. They are normally not included and they need to be purchased separately.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a golf rangefinder?

A rangefinder is a device that measures the distance to certain objects on the golf course. Most of these are flags on the green and obstacles such as ponds or forestry. Are golf rangefinders needed to play golf? No, rangefinders are not required to play golf. However, they represent a top learning tool to improve core golf skills.

Part of their appeal is based on making the right decision when it comes to clubs. Many players don’t know which clubs to choose when trying to reach the green. Laser rangefinders are the most useful in this situation.

How to use a golf rangefinder?

A golf rangefinder mainly comes with at least 2 buttons. With one power button and one function button, they are very easy to use. The function button might be multi-purpose. Easy to use, these buttons can be held for around 3 seconds to scan the environment for ranges to multiple objects.

A short press might only be used to lockdown an object, usually the flag, once seen in the center of the viewfinder. It’s also on the viewfinder that golf players can see the exact distance to the flagstick. It’s normally shown in yards but the best rangefinders might also show it in meters alternatively.

Which is better golf GPS or rangefinder?

A golf GPS comes with pre-loaded courses. It may show a graphic 3D representation of the green. But a rangefinder shows the exact distance from where the player is situated. These two devices are not mutually exclusive. They can be used together for the best results.

The classic golf GPS such as those made by Garmin can now be replaced with a smartphone mapping app. These are now more complex and they can show a graphic representation of the green directly on the smartphone without requiring players to purchase a separate gadget.

A rangefinder might be used together with a smartphone for the best results and planning.

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