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Best Golf Shoes

Best Overall
Adidas Men's Tech Response Golf Shoes

Best for Durability
Adidas Golf Men's Tour360 Boost-M

Best for Arch Support
Skechers Men's Torque Waterproof Golf Shoe

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For proper traction, the best golf shoes are made with spikes. Made to improve stability on grass, they are specialized sports shoes ready to improve grip and help maintain stability even with a strong swing. As a separate category, golf shoes have their particularities. With various spike designs, these shoes are now better and more comfortable than before.

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  • 1

    Adidas Men's Tech Response Golf Shoes

Inspired by casual walking shoes, Tech Response are made with some of the most interesting Adidas technologies to date. Focused on breathability and comfort, the shoes also include solid spikes for proper traction on the green.

6-spike Thintech outsoles have been designs specifically for the shoes. They grip most soft surfaces offering golf players the stability needed to swing any golf club with power. Made with a roomy forefoot, the shoes aren’t as restrictive as others in their class and they work well for those with under or overpronation.

Microfiber leather with mesh inserts have been used on the upper. This means breathability isn’t sacrificed for structure strength. Those golfing on hot summer days won’t have any issue finding the best comfort for hours.

Classic lacing has been added for improved fit. Without any special lacing technologies, theses shoes are also a bit more durable than a few others in their class. They can also be customized with laces of various colors.


Made with 6-spike Thintech outsoles

Highly breathable upper

Simple laces


Not made for flat feet

  • 2

    Skechers Performance Men's Go Golf Drive 2 Golf Shoe

Made with a cushioned upper, the shoes are among the supportive releases in this golf category. They don’t feature metal spikes but they rely on a rubber traction plate for traction. But the biggest asset of the shoes is their supportive nature. For most players, having supportive insoles is crucial and this is where the Skechers Performance shine the most.

Durable rubber traction plates have been added on the outsole. With aggressive lugs designs, the outsole is one of the most recommended textures for good traction. Since they’re not made with spikes in the forefoot as others, the shoes can also be worn on smooth cement surfaces when arriving or departing from the course.

Goga Mat high rebound materials have been used in the midfoot. These materials are among the best Amazon options for all-day comfort. Since there’s no mesh in the upper, the shoes can also be used in changing weather as they’re now made to be fully waterproof.

Padded collar and tongue uppers make them a bit more comfortable than others. Too many golf shoes are now made without sufficient padding in favor of features such as expensive metal spikes. But above all, the shoes need to be comfortable.


Made with a water-resistant upper

Available in extra-wide sizes

Stable on all surfaces


Bulky upper

  • 3

    Adidas Men's Tech Response Golf Shoes

Lightweight and made with a low collar design, the golf shoes are made for both men and women. They stand out with modern Adidas aesthetics but the shoes also integrate interesting and proven materials for extra comfort.

Microfiber leather and mesh have been used on the upper. The leather is used to cover the forefoot and the midfoot while offering structure to the shoes. Mesh is used to enhance ventilation and to allow feet to enjoy unrestricted airflow.

EVA is used on the midsole. The lightweight foam materials are known for their resilience and comfort. They’re also considerably better at absorbing shocks than other materials. Those who love to walk instead of relying on a golf cart find it particularly easy to stand while wearing the shoes based on the soft cushioned EVA platform.

Spikes for traction are added on the outsole. As long as wearers stay on the grass, these spikes don’t impact comfort. They are added to improve traction and make the shoes a bit more stable for golf or even for walking on grass for relaxation.


Made with mesh inserts

Designed with a foam midsole

Based on classic lacing


Mostly comfortable on wide feet

  • 4

    ECCO Men's Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax Golf Shoe

The stylish golf shoes are available in multiple colors. White, mahogany and black are among its popular options. With round lances, these shoes look different but it’s their materials that makes them a bit more attractive for the average use. Made with one of the most distinct uppers, the shoes are now offering protection even out in the rain.

Weather resistant and stain-free upper materials have been used when putting these shoes together. Water can enter the upper but the fact it resists staining also means the synthetic leather is going to look as new for longer.

TPU outsole with traction lugs from over 800 angles is what makes them stable, similar to Puma outsoles. This hybrid material is known for its resilience and it stands out with the traction it delivers. For a number of users, the TPU outsole is the first contact with a hybrid but it might be a welcomed change to spike alternatives.

Stable for backswings, the outsole has been tested for traction from all directions. It grounds the feet regardless of the movement and regardless of the angle. Out on the court, they feel feel as regular walking shoes.


Weather resistant upper

The materials don’t stain

Made with a hybrid TPU outsole


Thin tongue padding

  • 5

    Adidas Golf Men's Tour360 Boost-M

Made with some of the high-quality materials and Adidas technologies, the shoes offer proper comfort and stability. They even feature the protective tendon ankle collar design which ensures the shoes remain comfortable through the day.

Boost technology makes them particularly energetic. The technology is one of the top from the German manufacturer. In golf, it delivers enhanced cushioning and the ability to deal with shocks better than most other midsole technologies.

New 10-cleat Puremotion TPU outsole is made for proper traction. The cleats are added across the entire surface of the foot. Stable and reliable, the outsole delivers the solid platform needed on grass even on rainy days when golfers need to play on wet surfaces.

Torsion tunnel for independent control between the forefoot and the heel is what makes the shoes stand out a bit more. They represent one of the leading platforms for enhanced ergonomics and transition, especially on powergul golf swings.


Made with Boos cushioning

Comfortable ankle collar

Leather upper


A bit stiff due to the numerous cleats

  • 6

    Callaway Men's Balboa Vent Golf Shoe

Callaway’s golf shoes   are also made without spikes. Using an aggressive tread, the shoes offer the right traction but they’re mainly known for the added breathability. Anyone playing out in the sun is going to choose this mesh design over leather and synthetic leather alternatives. The shoes are made with some of the strongest materials for summertime playing.

Opti-vent mesh liner for heat dissipation makes the shoes particularly breathable. Without investing in expensive walking shoes, players still enjoy good ventilation and ultimately, a type of upper which keeps feet cool for longer.

Dura spikeless rubber soles spikeless have been chosen by Callaway. The rubber is known for its durability but it is also a bit stiffer to make them last a bit longer. There are no spikes to worry about and the shoes might also be worn when walking out from the parking lot to the course. With various design lugs, the shoes offer traction on both flat and angled terrain.

5mm EVA sockliner makes them a bit thinner than spring or fall golf shoes. They also work for those who like lightweight designs. Golf shoes women like are oftentimes as lightweight as Callaway’s new pair of shoes and many top brands such as Nike or Under Armour can’t match their practicality.


Superior breathability

Made with no spikes

Suitable for summertime use


Not waterproofing

  • 7

    ECCO Men's Biom Hybrid 3 Gore-tex Golf Shoe

The engineered shoes are among the most durable golf players can rely on. Made with leading materials, these shoes stand out to those who want to play golf multiple times per week. Such frequency requires high-quality materials and ECCO is one of the few brands integrating materials from hiking shoes such as Gore-Tex for added resilience.

Waterproof Gore-Tex materials are used to keep feet dry. These materials are among those which are the strongest when it comes to playing on wet grass. The overall bulkiness of the shoes might suffer but feet are properly protected and moist never builds-up inside the shoes.

Yak leather upper make the shoes feel natural. Many golf players expressed their opinions on the shoes which were going to impress anyone looking for a natural feel. There’s not barefoot-like feel here but the upper feels luxurious and its made for those who only want the best natural uppers.

Made with a reliable outsole for stability, durability, and rotational support, the shoes are also suitable for anyone looking for spikeless golf shoes. With multidirectional lugs, the shoes are going to be the stable platform most golf players need.


Made with yak leather

Backed by waterproof Gore-Tex

Enhanced natural motion


Not the most flexible upper

  • 8

    Skechers Men's Torque Waterproof Golf Shoe

Made for men and women, the cushioned shoes are practical. There’s a soft ankle collar for added comfort and behind it, Skechers added a heel loop to make it easier to put the shoes on. Made without overlays, the upper is easy to clean. This is why the shoes are a bit more practical than mesh alternatives.

Goga Max high rebound cushioning has been used by the manufacturer on the shoes. Made with durable materials, the cushioned surface now comes with improved durability and it absorb shocks while offering proper midfoot support. Even those with high arches have said the shoes felt comfortable.

Waterproof protection with 1-year warranty is the quality guarantee. These shoes are made with some of the most durable materials but the water repellent coating is not going to last as long as the shoes, which is expected. But even after one year, there are certain wax sprays which can be reapplied to the upper to prolong their watperoof profile.

Soft spikes along the outsole make the shoes comfortable. Blisters are often faced by those who choose such shoes with long spikes. However, the Skechers shoes are not easier to deal with, especially after the break-in period.


Made with a waterproof upper

Designed with a molded rubber outsole

Softspikes can be replaced


Break-in required

  • 9

    Adidas Adipower s Boost 3 Onix/C Golf Shoe

The shoes offer one of the most responsive designs from the manufacturer. Based on the popular Boost technology which attenuates shocks even in running shoes, the golf shoes are made for ultimate comfort. Many compare them to walking on pure foam and this is what they do best, bridging the gap between solid traction and very good comfort levels.

Textile upper with microfiber leather insertions which stretch for comfort are used on the upper. It’s here that the shoes offer reliability with every type of twisting movement, specific to swings. But the upper’s materials are also lightweight. They shouldn’t add unnecessary pressure even when playing in high summer heat.

Boost midsole cushioning is added for proper Adidas comfort. The midsole is made from pressed foam pellets. The work together to offer one of the most responsive platform in the sports shoes world.

Primary and secondary lugs for added traction have been used on the outsole. They stand out with the multi-directional approach. It allows users to walk even on uneven surfaces without slipping. Traction remains constant on wet grass.

A molded EVA tongue is the main choice for upper comfort. Those seeking improved durability simply find the best solution for improved ergonomics here. The reduced pressure from the lacing system then leads to increased comfort.


Made with soft foam cushioning

Stretchable upper materials

Flexible torsion system


Hard to clean

  • 10

    Skechers Men's Max Golf Shoe

The durable Max Golf shoes are made with waterproof materials. They use leather and fabric in the upper. But these shoes are also available in 2 variations. Golf players can choose the textile or the mesh upper alternatives for enhanced freedom of movement.

Mesh and synthetic leather upper materials make the shoes a bit more durable than others. They combine these materials for structural support and also allow air circulation in key areas such as in the forefoot.

GoWalk cushioned insole is added to the inside of the shoes. The cushioned materials enhance comfort and they allow any user to enjoy long hours on the court without having to negatively impact the feet. Free from pain, feet also benefit from the lightweight nature of the synthetic leather.

Water-resistant construction keeps these shoes in good condition and free from bacteria. Shoes which have been worn out in the rain and which haven’t been properly dried might be a bacteria breeding ground.

TPU spikeless bottoms have been added. The manufacturer uses the same outsole design which is friendlier to new golf players. Without spikes, the shoes are easier to wear and they still offer good traction on grass.


Made with waterproof materials

Thin GoWalk insole

Versatile as a walking shoe


Rigid midsole materails

  • 11

    Adidas Men's Tour 360 Boost 2.0 Golf Shoe

These futuristic shoes are some of the lightest for any golf player. With Adidas’ torsion control, the shoes are flexible and made for all types of courses. But their true strengths lie in the quality of the materials.

From the upper to the outsole, these shoes offer one of the most responsive solutions for users of various heights and weights. There’s a narrow midfoot design which means the shoes favor those with narrow fit or those who want a tight fit. For anyone looking to improve functionality on the course, the shoes offer a traditional lacing system for a custom fit.

Made with premium full-grain leather upper, the shoes are ready to offer one of the most responsive platforms for a natural feel on the foot. The material looks distinct and it suits anyone who’s a fan of high-end golf gear and clothing. There are no mesh insertions in the upper and limiting time out in the sun might be a good idea to avoid overheating.

Boost technology is used in the midfoot. These shoes are based on the popular Adidas cushioning system which ensures every user is ready to deal with demanding conditions. On all types of grass terrains, they remain comfortable golf shoes.

10-cleat pure motion TPU outsoles power the traction behind these shoes. With the same system used on other Adidas shoes, the cleats come with representative designs for the entire industry, especially since they’re made with different materials.


Made with premium leather

Boost cushioning

Available in multiple colors


Not best for breathability

  • 12

    Adidas Men's Adipower Boost 3 Golf Shoe

The affordable Adipower pair of golf shoes are the right option for those on a budget. The shoes use leading technologies such as Boost but they come at a lower price. Those who want to invest more in golf gear and who don’t want to invest as much in shoes find them appealing. But just because the shoes are more affordable than other Adidas releases doesn’t make them a bad choice.

The Boost lightweight foam midsole is used on the shoes. It represents one of the most interesting options for those seeking improved comfort. With its cushioned profile, the Boost platform has taken the golf community by storm as it’s hard to match. If other cushioning systems are at least as comfortable, none of them are as lightweight.

Climaproof stretch microfiber uppers are added to these shoes. The stretchy upper ensure the foot doesn’t rub against rigid materials.

6-spike TPU outsoles are added to these shoes. Their lightweight spiked profile is also enhanced by the lower number of spikes. But traction is still solid and the spikes are among the most resilient on the market.


Made with foam cushioning

Designed with stretchy microfiber upper

Molded EVA tongue design


Not the most breathable design

  • 13

    Adidas Powerband BOA Boost Golf Shoes

The modern shoes are mainly made for those looking for the latest technologies in fit. Made with a new lacing system, it allows micro-adjustments and a fit which works for all golf players.

The L6 Boa closure system is easily adjusted with a dial. It represents one of the most intriguing lacing systems for quick adjustments. Even if the laces need to be loser or tighter, players can make these adjustments quickly.

6-spkie TPU outsoles have been implemented on the Powerband BOA shoes. With proper traction both under the forefoot and under the heel, players feel safe even when walking on harder surfaces.


Made with BOA closure

Designed with 6-spike TPU outsoles

Made with microfiber stretch upper


Not best for breathability

Frequently Asked Questions

What is special about golf shoes?

Golf shoes are made to offer traction on grass. With specialized outsoles, they’re ready to offer consistent traction regardless of weather conditions. But the shoes are also made to provide all-day walking comfort.

How to clean white golf shoes?

Golf shoes mainly get dirt on the outsole which needs to be cleaned after every use. It’s best to allow the dirt to dry out naturally before using a cleaning brush to remove it from the spikes. The upper may also be cleaned with warm water and soap.

Why do golf shoes have spikes?

Spikes are what keep golf players on their feet on the golf course. Traction is increased with the spikes as they penetrate the ground as the player walks. They also ensure that no matter how hard a swing is, the player is going to feel secure on the feet.