Best Golf Putters

The best putter supports short and slow-speed strokes. On the green is where the ball needs to be put into the hole. But the best putters can be different from one player to another. With face-balanced putters and toe-balance putters, making the right choice can be difficult. The following putters have been selected for their performance and affordability balance.

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Best Toe-Balanced Putter
Best Face-Balanced Putter
Best Toe-Balanced Putter
Best Face-Balanced Putter
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Best Overall
Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter

A popular putter is a leading option for heel weight placement. This means it's highly capable to offer enhanced forgiveness and it might be a worthy option for long shots. With improved responsiveness across the face, Odyssey’s putter is now in its second generation, and it has improved forgiveness compared to its previous release.

Tight tolerances in manufacturing construction have been achieved with laser milling techniques. But even the white-hot is new and this makes it one of the most reliable putters for a top combination of sound and performance.

  • Affordable for an Odyssey
  • Made with enhanced forgiveness
  • Very easy to use with its toe hang weight
  • Thick Jumbo grip
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Best Toe-Balanced Putter
Pinemeadow Golf Men's PGX Putter

The mallet comes with a distinct tour-level design, making it very easy to use. Its main advantage is its white color. Against the green, a very good contrast makes it easy to use. The putter also comes with guiding lines to make the game even easier.

Over its previous generation, it is also 40 grams heavier. With a total weight of 380 grams, it is very responsive and made for the best players. On the fastest greens seen in pure roll tournaments, it shows its true colors. While some golfers are unsure about its guiding lines, it can provide the much-needed aid to improve the game on the green.

  • Heavier than its previous release
  • Black guiding lines for the ball
  • Good weight balance
  • Odd sound
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Best Face-Balanced Putter
Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter

With a classic plumber neck, the putter also comes with guidance. It allows users to focus on the best shots with the help of the alignment system. Right-handed players can use the putter to improve their game.

The grip of the putter is also one of its most popular features. Made with Pine meadow’s polyurethane and fiber materials, the grip is comfortable and not too thick. Together with included accessories such as a premium head cover, it can be an option for new and intermediate golfers.

  • 2-ORB alignment system
  • Made with a premium grip
  • Designed with a large face insert
  • Not the most durable face insert
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Wilson Men's Augusta Golf Putter

This right-handed golf putter is one of the most durable as it comes with a traditional design. With an interesting brass finish, it also looks distinct on the course. But its biggest advantage is its low price, allowing even beginners to consider it.

Made with a lightweight head, it does require a bit more power for successful 15-20 feet shots. Those who want better alignment and a classic feel can consider it. With a length of 35 inches and a curved sole, it's ready to be either the first or a backup putter at any skill level.

  • Made with a robust grip
  • Distinct lightweight head
  • Best for responsiveness
  • Lightweight head a bit more effort
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05/08/2023 04:50 pm GMT
Pinemeadow Golf Site 4 Putter

Lightweight but firm, the 4-putter is one of the most affordable options from Pinemadow. It offers reliable construction with the same fiber-reinforced grip. Made with a consistent face, it offers a smooth roll, just as required on the green.

With a side plate, it also offers players a bit more ball guidance. Anyone can take advantage of the guiding system, which always helps align the put. Any golfer who loves using a lighter put will have a good time with it on the flag.

  • Made with site plate guidance
  • Features an offset hosel
  • Includes a head cover
  • Very lightweight
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Pinemeadow Golf Women's PGX Putter

This women’s performer comes in left and right-handed versions. Like the men’s version, it also features the same all-white design. With better visibility on the green, it’s one of the most versatile options for those who need a bit more guidance.

At 380 grams, it’s a bit heavier than other putters. But it also benefits from the black guiding lines on its head. Women can use it for faster greens. It’s a putter made for the smoothest greens around the world.

  • Shorter than the men’s version
  • It includes the guiding system
  • Pleasant sound
  • Low-quality grip
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Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR500 Putter

With a heavier head, the putter promotes the type of pendulum putting stroke so many golfers are after. With its heavier feel, it also requires considerably less swing force or momentum to make the shot.

With a timeless design and a flat face the putter, it comes in 34 and 35” versions. It might even work for women in its shorter version. The fact that it also includes black guiding lines only works to its advantage to support simple alignment.

  • Made with a classic design
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Heavy club head
  • It doesn’t stand up on its own
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05/08/2023 06:44 am GMT
Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter

Often compared to Ping quality putters, Orlimar Tangent T1 is one of Amazon’s best. It stands out with a high moment of inertia (MOI) for improved forgiveness. As a result, it’s also one of the most versatile performers in its class.

The mallet putter also comes with 1-line guiding. Made in 2 colors, it’s not just versatile, but it also looks apart. Its head can be protected from scratches with the help of its included headcover made from durable neoprene.

  • Available on red and silver
  • Made for forgiveness
  • Bi-colo sightline adjustments
  • Too small for some players
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How to Choose the Best Golf Putter

The right putters are very popular and probably the most used form the golf club bag. There are a few types of putters to choose from as seen from the examples above.

Face-Balanced vs Toe-Balanced Putters

The face-balanced putter design opens less on the backswing and closes less on the follow-through. The face-balanced design is characterized by an opposing center of gravity compared to the toe-balanced putters.

The face-balanced putter raises up when balanced on the finger right where the shaft begins. The toe-balanced putter points downwards when balanced similarly. The toe-balanced design is suitable for open stroke shots.

Mallet Putters

Mallet putters such as Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter are characterized by a deeper center of gravity. It features alignment lines with an excellent aid performance and responsiveness with off-center hits.

Some mallets can stand up on their own while others can’t. Vintage mallets are often characterized by a pendulum swing to their higher weight.

Blade Putters

Blade putters are not balanced based on the clubhead design. Made for fast greens, they might require more effort on each shot.

Peripheral Putters

Unlike blade putters, peripheral putters come with a longer and thinner blade style. Their advantage is versatility, but these putters are also often known for their high durability.

Metal-Faced vs Groove-Faced Putters

Metal-faced putters are characterized by firmness. Groove-faced putters are characterized by dampened slow-speed shots.

Insert-faced putters are made with an added putter face, usually rectangular, and are used for extra forgiveness. The forgiveness is based on simple physic of weight distribution over a large surface such as Taylormade Spider, Odyssey Stroke Lab, and Scotty Cameron putters.


The minimum shaft length for putters is 18 inches. 34-inch and 36” putters are also very popular. But the length of the putter has a lot to do with the player’s height. At the same time, women prefer shorter putters.

The length is measured from under the hosel to the shaft’s top. But putters that are too long might not sit upright, which has been an issue for players with back problems who don’t like to bend as much.

Other putters are made of different lengths. With lengths of over 50 inches, there are plenty of options to consider when it comes to swing and strength capacity. The longer the putter, the less wrist action is required. Long putters are also made by brands such as Callaway and Bettinardi.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the proper length for a golf putter?

Judging by PGA tour regulation, the 33” putter is the most popular putter length. This is the general length of the putters for men. Women’s putters are usually shorter. They fall into the 31-33” category. As seen from the examples above, putters for women are often the same as those for men, except for their length.

What are the different types of golf putters?

Mallet and blade putters are the most popular designs today. But they can also be categorized by their length as follows.

Long putters
Long putters have a shaft length between 40 and 50 inches or even more. Specifically made to eliminate wrist movement, they are useful for short shots. These putters are normally held with the left hand to the chest if the player is right-handed. They also don’t require too much effort. Players simply tap the golf ball to put it into the hole.

Belly putters
Belly putters are also long but shorter compared to long putters. They rest against the belly, and they’ve played with both hands. The typical length of belly putters sits around 40 – 45 inches. They also require less effort compared to other shorted 30” putters.

What should I look for in a golf putter?

Length is the most important characteristic of golf putters. Proper comfort can’t be achieved regardless of the grip quality when the putter is too long or too short. The length of the putter can also be a bit shorter for the comfort of women players.

Balance is also important on a gold putter. Without the right feel, the putter can’t be played properly. Blade putters don’t come with front or back balance. But other putters come with different balance points and different centers of gravity. This makes them behave very differently, especially in power and forgiveness.

Guidance systems can also help those new putters. As seen above, the guidance of a putter head can help the player align the putter to the ball a bit better. This will eventually lead to proper alignments from the start and is seen as a learning tool.

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