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Best Golf GPS Watches

Best for Beginners
Garmin Approach S20
  • » Accurate readings
  • » Equipped with TruSwing technology

Best for tournaments
TecTecTec ULT-G Golf GPS Watch
  • » Abiding by USGA regulations
  • » Can be used in many golf tournaments

Best for keeping the score
Canmore TW-353 GPS Golf Watch
  • » With adjustable digits
  • » Has the best scorecard with clear visibilit

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Most professional golf players love their best golf GPS watches. Made to eliminate guesswork from the game, GPS watches are among the best tech a player can rely on to improve the game dramatically.

Among the features, these devices come with its worth mentioning the shot analyzer, course view, digital scorecard, and green view. Made with pre-loaded course maps, GPS golf watches are among the tech which is ready to use out of the box. After comparing their features head to head, here are the best performers.

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  • 1

    Garmin Approach S20

The all-black watch is compact and made with a square screen. It features one of the leading profiles for durability. Adjustable just as a regular smartwatch, it represents one of the most interesting solutions to wear outside the golf course as well. It includes a couple of fitness features for this objective.

Most importantly, it comes packed with golf features. Its auto shot analyzer function allows users to improve each shot with included statistics. Based on the distance to the green, users can even get clubs’ recommendations.

With a green view mode, the GPS watch shows a zoomed-in image of the green. It alerts users of their approach and what they should do to get the most out of their shots to the green. With good visibility even on bright days, the black and white map of the green is easy to follow.

Made to improve swing speed or technique with metrics powered by Garmin TruSwing, the golf watch is ready to sustain hours of training and play. Garmin’s app is recognized for its accuracy. One of the main advantages of the app is that it manages to show accurate location based on Garmin’s positioning software.

An activity tracker reminds the user to keep moving. It reminds the user to stay active with notifications to start walking. Those who want to live an active life, which is always the case with golfers, can rely on the gadget to act as a personal assistant and reach a certain daily steps goal.


Included Auto ShotAnalyzer Garmin function

Available on black and white

Shows yardage to the front, middle, and back of the green


Doesn’t manually record drivers

  • 2

    TecTecTec ULT-G Golf GPS Watch

The durable watch is made with a classic design. It features a large digital display and rubber straps. Made according to USGA regulation, it is one of the most durable watches seen in the industry, even if it is certainly not the most modern-looking.

With 30,000 preloaded courses, it’s ready for action across the country and abroad. All courses can be updated for free. But most players usually stick to just a handful of courses in their living area.

The GPS watch measures the distance to the front, back, and middle of the green. Golf players get to estimate their efforts and to create one of the most interesting experiences for those who want to enjoy clear data. This data is then interpreted in choosing the right driver. In some cases when players need to get out of difficult situations, they can even choose a wedge to estimate their distance and direction of the swing.

Showing distance to hazards, gold players know exactly what to stand away from. Nobody wants to lose balls in water or in banks. This is why a hazard-showing tool is often interpreted as the best solution for new players, even if it’s an issue many tour-level players face.

Running with no subscription plan and with free updates, the GPS watch is easy to use. Designed with 4 large buttons, it’s among the GPS watches which offer quick menu navigation. No player wants to lose time navigating complex menus while out in the summer sun.


Includes automatic hole progression

Features Bluetooth capabilities

Based on auto course recognition


Doesn’t include a scorecard feature

  • 3

    Shot Scope V2 Smart GPS Golf Watch

The golf GPS watch shows measurements in yards and meters. It can be used both inside the US and by international golf players. Some of the most memorable games have been played on an international scene and since the GPS golf watch is abiding by golf regulations, it can be used across multiple countries.

Automated data collection allows players to focus on their game. This allows them to have the freedom of concentrating on the flag instead of looking for ways to record their game. Players can be left assured the watch is doing all the work once connected to the GPS.

16 club tags can be attributed to the device. This is where players get to identify most of their favorites and why they have the freedom of choosing the ones which work best based on their personal game statistics.

Showing date and time is a function the device can be used whenever the game is over. All players have the freedom of wearing it even outside the course. While it doesn’t include fitness watch functions, it may be used as a digital watch.

With 7 hours of battery life, the device can make it to a full day of use out on the golf course. Since players are not using it directly all of the time, it has sufficient power to go through even the longest golf games.


Easy USB charging

Runs with iOs and Android smartphones

Includes 40,000 golf course


Doesn’t keeps stroke count

  • 4

    Garmin Approach S10 - Lightweight GPS Golf Watch

With a sleek design, the GPS watch has a soft comfortable strap, the device is one of the true sports design in this class. It features a soft strap that isn’t uncomfortable when worn for hours. It’s also made with a large display that allows its data to be clearly visible in direct sunlight.

It shows yardage to the front, middle, and back of the green so that players know how to calibrate their efforts. A mini-map of the green is also presented on the display. While not particularly needed, it’s a good graphic representation of what can be expected when golfing.

The device also keeps a digital scorecard. This function isn’t something most other devices in this price range can offer. But at the same time, it’s a good function to have for any game which can last for hours.

These scorecards can be uploaded to Garmin Express or Garmin Connect and then be used as personal statistics or as part of friendly tournaments. The software is still improving but at the same time, it’s pioneering the digital scorecard function.

With long 12-hours battery life, the GPS watch is among the most reliable products in its class. It has a pure quality for 1 or 2 days of playing which situates it slightly above its competitors. Its drawback is that it doesn’t include a color touchscreen display with its monochrome display made for maximum battery life.


Made with a sleek design

Keeps and uploads a digital scorecard

Available on black, gray, and granite blue


Made with a floppy strap

  • 5

    Canmore TW-353 GPS Golf Watch

Made to switch holes automatically, the GPS watch is easy to use. It can be an automated golf accessory which only helps player as it doesn’t take their mind off the game. With a durable strap, it represents a solution that can be worn even on the hottest summer days.

It shows distance to the green and hazard distances to allow players better planning. The digital watch is among the leading options for those who want to has a simple scorecard with large digits for multiple playing partners. It keeps a digital scorecard within easy access as its side buttons are among the easiest to use with intuitive menu navigation.

It also functions as a digital watch for those who might want to keep it on the wrist for the rest of the day. Apart from indicating shot distance, the GPS watch also comes with a solid battery. Under normal use, it can work for up to 11 hours which places it among the top solutions with thousands of stored golf courses.


Includes an auto hole function

The main screen also shows the score

Shows hazards as pictograms


Slow course downloads

  • 6

    Garmin Approach S60

The sleek GPS watch comes with a colored digital display and unrivaled Garmin GPS accuracy. With its large 1.2” display, it offers good visibility and a ceramic bezel similar to dive watches. Its scratch-resistant glass makes it one of the most durable devices in its class at the same time.

With AutoShot recognition and hole recognition, it uses multiple sensors to show clear game statistics. Players can also record distance to later analyze their game with the help of its software. Using the watch is not complicated either, as it comes with tap controls. For example, players can get instant distances simply by tapping a location on the course.

With a detailed green view, players always know the strength they need to use for certain shots. Those facing blind shots also have an easier time as the PinPointer shows the player the direction of the shot when it’s physically impossible to determine it without help.


It can be used up to 10 days in the watch mode

Designed with anti-scratch coating

Supports ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity Cons


It requires multiple apps to access all functions

How to choose the best golf GPS watches

Golf GPS watches are not particularly expensive today. But their performance can be very different from one case to another. Most of them are now made with around 40,000 golf courses. A good device should be able to show yardages to the green and key hazards.

Yards to the green

Yards to the green are a feature that needs to be present and effortless in the best GPS watches. Connecting to the satellites quickly and getting these readings fast is crucial. At the same time, all users should know that the distances to the front, middle, and green can come with or without a graphic interpretation. Dynamic green view is a function to consider.

Yards to the green are also functions which can be activated by tapping an area of the screen. The distance should be fast and accurate. Some of the best functions for staying in focus during the game require immediate results.

Yards to hazards

Showing yards to hazards is now a mandatory function for all GPS watches, not just for the high-end releases. This is the main reason users should be using the products which are made to be responsive and which use popular geo-location software, which is not always the case with some Amazon products. On the other hand, responsiveness is not the only reason to consider a golf GPS watch, especially in the high-end category.

Digital scorecard

A digital scorecard function is still not supported by all devices. However, it is something many users can feel drawn towards. Today, the way a digital scorecard looks is very simple as its made for efficiency. Some of the watches on the market can even come with larger digits here which can improve readability for those who don’t enjoy the best vision.

The scorecard function can also synchronize with the official smartphone app or with third party golf apps. With the right digital scorecard, users can find their products to be among the most interesting for statistics purposes which makes them stand out.

Swing analysis

Analyzing swing power and efficiency is key today. There are a number of watches that can be used to show statistics on shot distance and handicap. Since not all watches show the distance and many aren’t able to have clubs input into the app, users who want this feature will need to look for a handful of watches as those listed above to get the virtual assistant-like function.

Pin seeker functions

Pin seeking is a function similar to those found in golf rangefinders. But it is a function that can allow users to find the flag even when they can’t see it. For example, when the golf ball has traveled in a bunk from where the flag can’t be seen, users are stuck. A quick tip on the watch shows users the direction they need to face when using their wedge to get the ball out of the difficult situation.

Watch face, bezels, buttons, and usability

When it comes to physical construction, the good devices start to become a bit more expensive. Good straps, solid bezels, and screen which don’t crack easily might be hard to find. But for most users, it can be a matter of personal preference when the watch is also used outside golf.

Some of these watches are used as activity trackers when the game is over and this is why they need to be made with solid materials. A watch that has a fixed strap that can’t be removed is not going to be the best option.

Watches with limited functions and buttons are also not the best when it comes to everyday use. But watches which include advanced controls such as rotating bezels to change screens and navigate menus are going to be the most interesting for their high versatility.

Having a screen with anti-scratch resistance is also important. Out in the summer sun, the scratches can significantly hinder visibility, and when on the course, this can have a negative impact on the overall performance.

Battery life

A GPS golf watch normally has a battery life of 7 to 12 hours. Most commercial-grade watches are found in this price range. However, there are plenty of other watches with smart features that have even longer battery life.

As most players should know, the shorter battery life is caused by the GPS connectivity. This is where the battery of the device starts to drain quicker, but it should still cover 1 or 2 days of playing.

Course overview

Another interesting feature only found in the best devices is the course overview function. It’s the function that has the highest appeal when it comes to those moving up from entry-level watches.

It isn’t a function to look for when playing on the same course every day. But it can be one of the leading functions for those who play on different courses frequently. This is good golf GPS devices should be made with solid functions for those who travel and who don’t know how a new course looks.

Interchangeable bands

Sold with interchangeable bands, the best golf GPS watches are now made to be matched with the training outfit. But these bands can also be used for various other outfits outside golf. For example, during the game, players can use rugged rubber straps. Outside the game, they can elevate the look with a timeless leather strap.


With ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity is seen more today, golf watches excel at quickly synchronizing their data with their apps. Golfshot Plus, SkyDroid, Golf GPS Scorecard, or Mobitee Golf are apps that connect wirelessly. They can be used for statistical purposes where players find the best results with their shots.

Activity tracker

The activity tracker function of the golf GPS is where players have the freedom of keeping an eye on how they do outside the course. In fact, it is a combination of features that often includes a step counter or an automated sports recognition function which estimates the number of burned calories.

Those who invest in the best GPS watches should know that activity tracking might be limited when compared to a dedicated fitness watch. Most of them aren’t waterproof and they can’t be worn swimming. This is why for the best fitness tracking, a dedicated watch can be better.

Heart rate monitor

A heart rate monitor is rare to see on golf watches. It uses a separate sensor that takes up space and which might raise the price of the device considerably. As a result, it’s not as popular as it could be. But there are several devices which offer this function and those who’re also doing sports to stay fit might consider it a priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do golf GPS watches work?

Golf GPS watches connect to satellites to map out a golf course and show distances to any of its locations. Users tap the screen to show yardage to a certain point of the course and the watch calculates this distance and displays it on the screen.

Connected to the GPS systems, these watches are also made with high-end technology and programming to analyze shot success and even to keep the score. Most of the watches can be operated without too much tech knowledge based on the physical buttons or tap controls.

How accurate are golf GPS watches?

Most GPS technology watches are very accurate. Their maps have been drawn out and saved by the biggest software companies of the moment by their thousands. This is why most of these watches come with thousands of saved courses which are all accurate for the benefit of the user. Course updates are automatic.

Which is a better rangefinder or GPS watch?

Golf rangefinders such as those made by Bushnell and GolfBuddy are hand-held devices. It requires the user to look through its prism and it can zoom in certain areas of the course. A GPS watch only works on mathematical calculations. Those who want the most immersive experience can rely on a rangefinder. But the GPS watch has the advantage of showing the direction and course overview of the game which a rangefinder can’t. A handheld GPS is closer to a wearable GPS watch than a rangefinder even if they all feature a shot distance calculator function.

Which Garmin golf watch should I buy?

Garmin Approach S20 is a reliable device with an affordable price made by one of the most respected names in the industry.

Is a golf watch different than a smartwatch?

A golf watch has certain specialized features missing from a smartwatch. For example, it shows an overview of the green, which is something smartwatches can’t do. The GPS mode is specialized in GPS watches.