How to Wrestle

If you’re considering the prospect of taking up wrestling, it is vital to learn the appropriate techniques by enrolling in a wrestling club and attending a few beginner’s classes. Besides, gaining early acquaintance with some basic elements can be beneficial, and it can furthermore help you decide if the sport is indeed a good fit for you.

Wrestling requires discipline, hard work, and dedication so if you do get into it then you need to be prepared to put in the effort to improve your skills and be able to take on stronger and more challenging opponents. 

Here is a quick guide to the basics of how to wrestle: 

Get Your Stance Correct

How to Wrestle

Your stance is really important when wrestling so you need to practice this and get it right from the start. It’s important to get as low to the ground as you can because that makes it harder for your opponent to take you down. 

Keep Your Base Strong

When you are underneath, you need to make sure you keep your base strong which means don’t just lie flat on your belly, make sure your hands and your feet are under you. You need to keep your elbows in so your opponent can’t get them. 

From the Top

When you are on top the aim is to get your opponent onto their back and keep them there so you need to practice your hand control and keeping them down with your body weight.


How to Wrestle

The three basic skills outlined above are the key ones you need to master to become a great wrestler. It’s only once you have the basics sorted that you can start to move to more enhanced techniques. 


Another basic you need to get right when starting out wrestling is having the right equipment and clothing to take part safely. If you are unsure what to get then speak to your trainer but the most important is to get a wrestling helmet that fits you perfectly to keep your head safe.

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Starting Out in a Wrestling Room

How to Wrestle

Walking into a wrestling room for the first time can seem quite intimidating to start with but that’s just down to a lack of confidence. It’s important not to compare yourself with other wrestlers and to remember that they were all beginners at one point. 

You need to focus on learning the basic moves and holds at your own pace, following the guidance of your coach, and then practice them until you are able to master them. It’s about your own personal wrestling journey. 

Once you have mastered the techniques you will naturally become more confident in yourself and be happier on the mat and trying out new things. It’s important to have a good idea of the types of positions you want to get into during your bouts and how to get there. 

Another tip for improvement is to have the right expectations when you are starting out. It takes time to learn any new skill and you are not going to become an expert overnight. It’s important to focus on the basics and put in the work. 

If you come in expecting to be wrestling on the mat on day one then you need to think again, it’s all about time and practice to learn the basics and not trying to take shortcuts or jump in too fast and end up injuring yourself or an opponent. 

At the other end of the scale, it’s important not to become obsessed with the sport to the point that it takes over your life and you end up burning out through exercising too much. It’s vital to combine regular fitness and good nutrition with your new hobby of wrestling. 

It’s always best to learn wrestling within a club so you can learn not just from the coaches but also from other members who have different abilities to you and will be challenging opponents to practice your move on.

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Wrestling is getting more and more popular for both fitness and as a sport in itself thanks to the WWF and televised bouts which attract global audiences from all walks of life. If you are planning to learn how to wrestle it’s important to do it safely. 

You need to work on mastering the basics and getting in the practice, before moving on to some of the more challenging moves. It won’t be long before you can begin to develop your own style and start planning where you want to be during bouts. 

Wrestling is a great way to keep fit and has lots of fun at the same time but it does require dedication, hard work, and focus to learn the techniques, and get your skill levels up to a standard where you can take part in mat bouts with challengers. 

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