Your Ultimate Guide on How to Swing a Golf Club

Learining the proper technique to swing a golf club is essential for golf play. The sport requires significant time and practice to master. Thus, taking your time in the learning process and spending ample time on the golf course is of utmost importance.

But before you get out there and start swinging for that ball, let’s take a look at all the basic requirements you need to get right.

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How to swing a golf club

Aligning yourself with the ball

The first step in perfecting your golf swing is to make sure you are perfectly aligned with the ball before you even think about moving your club. It’s the most important step towards taking that perfect shot. 

You need to stand with your feet at shoulder width and line up the left edge of your left foot in the direction you want the ball to go. The ball needs to line up with the head of the club when you have your arms stretched out as if about to hit it. 

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Aligning yourself with the ball

Having good posture

If your posture is bad then your golf swing can’t be good, it’s as simple as that. You need to keep your back straight to create an effective swing and to avoid slicing the ball at an angle and sending it the wrong way. 

It’s important not to slouch, angle the upper part of your body in the ball direction slightly and also bend your knees softly so that you are more comfortable and your body is stable when you are preparing to swing. 

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Your body needs to be stable, and balanced, with your weight across both feet and relaxed. If you are carrying any tension this will impact the way you swing the club and affect your shot in a negative way. 

Having good posture

Get your grip right

Being able to control your club at all times through the swing motion is also important and the way to do this is through your grip. There are many different ways to grip a golf club so you need to choose the grip style which works best for you. 

It’s important that the grip you choose is comfortable and will give you the control you need without creating too much tension in your hands. Your grip has to be relaxed to allow for the natural movement of the club. 

Once you have your posture and grip sorted out, and you are fully aligned with the ball position, you can think about taking the first swing of your golf club, so let’s take a closer look at some of the different aspects of how to swing a golf club.


Get your grip right

The back swing

Getting your back swing right is important as it helps to set up the rest of the move correctly and you are looking to build up speed and energy. 

To set up a really good back swing, get into the start position and then start by slowly rotating your hips, with your shoulders and arms following. You need to keep the arm closest to the ball straight and close to your chest. 

As your club is parallel with the ground you need to move your wrists to enable the club to move around your body. Continue to rotate around with your arms, until your back arm is at a 90-degree angle, and your other arm is bent, with the club partly above your head. 

The further back your club goes the harder and further you will be able to hit the ball. Make sure you keep your legs bent throughout the back swing. 

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The down swing

This is the part of the swing motion when you make direct contact with the ball so it’s vital to use the right amount of strength and keep focused on your grip and posture throughout the whole process. 

The important part of the down swing is to carry the movement through your upper body and not your shoulders. As you bring the club down, let the head lag slowly so it hits at the right speed when you do make the final movement. 

When swinging the club down, move your weight to be resting on your front foot, to help with your balance, and at impact with the ball, make sure your arms are straight. Turn your hips through the movement and always have your eyes firmly on the ball. 

The final movement

Once the ball has been hit, you need to let your body continue to move with the club for the final movement element of a golf swing. Follow the club round with your body, moving the club to sit behind you eventually. You should be following the ball with your eyes, while your body moves with the club and comes to a natural stop. 

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