MMA vs Boxing

MMA vs Boxing

Numerous individuals, who developed an interest in martial arts during their younger years, admire renowned figures in the boxing world. However, in present times, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) appears to be gaining more popularity in the realm of sports. There’s a prevailing discussion among enthusiasts over the superiority of either MMA or boxing. Boxing is renowned for its deep-seated history, whereas the broad spectrum of fighting tactics employed in MMA matches may increase allure. As it is unattainable to conclusively state that one is better than the other, let’s explore why both boxing and MMA are highly regarded.

Boxing Has a History

MMA vs Boxing

Although the popularity of MMA is growing at an incredibly fast rate, you can’t deny the exciting history boxing has. Whenever there’s a sport that’s constantly popular for a long time, you’re bound to see some great athletes participating in it. If it wasn’t for the long history of boxing, we wouldn’t have seen some of the greatest fighters of all time, including Joe Frazier, Muhammad Ali, and Mike Tyson.

MMA Involves Realistic Fighting

Although boxing is very exciting and it takes a lot of physical and mental strength to beat your opponent, MMA is based on more realistic fighting scenarios. Although you may see two people only using their fists in a street brawl, you’re more likely to witness them using their legs as well. On top of that, knees, elbows, and grappling are extremely common in real fights. MMA fights can be more exciting to watch since they give a realistic interpretation of what one on one fighting looks like.

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Boxing Matches Last Longer

Although both boxing and MMA matches can unexpectedly end after a fighter makes his move, boxing matches generally last longer. A non-main event UFC fight lasts a maximum of 18 minutes with breaks included, while a boxing match normally lasts 12 rounds. This will give you time to carefully examine the different fighting styles of the fighters you’re watching and enjoy the fight.

MMA Fighters Are More Skilled

With the popularity of MMA growing with each day, boxing is coming across as a one-dimensional sport. This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering just how many disciplines an MMA fighter can learn. In order to wear the unmissable MMA gloves and compete, a fighter must master not only master blows to the head and body but takedowns and submissions as well.

There are numerous disciplines MMA fighters can learn, but some of the most popular ones include wrestling, boxing, Muay Thai, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

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Learning all of these different martial arts is far from easy, and figuring out how to use them against an opponent with a different skill set can be even harder. Nevertheless, it is one of the things that make MMA so exciting.

Boxing IQ

It’s no secret that a boxer wouldn’t last long in an MMA fight, just like an MMA fighter wouldn’t manage to compete against a top boxer under boxing rules. One of the reasons why an MMA fighter would not often stand a chance in a boxing ring is because boxers are taught to think rounds ahead in order to successfully execute their plans.

MMA fighters are usually just thinking about their next move and how to take down their opponent. On the other hand, boxers carefully throw each punch in the hopes of knocking out their opponent during the next few rounds. Although you have to be mentally strong to compete in the world of MMA as well, boxers are usually more composed and are used to thinking like tacticians.

MMA Fighters Put Up a Better Fight

MMA vs Boxing

While professional boxers usually take up to several months to prepare for a big fight and a big payday, MMA fighters are sometimes tasked with being ready to perform on short notice. Because of this, MMA fighters have to be fully prepared at all times. Because of the fact that they always exercise and learn new fighting styles and techniques, MMA fighters are able to put up a better fight.

Can’t Decide Between Boxing and MMA?

Many people who are fans of both of these sports want to take up one of them but usually can’t decide which one to choose. However, there is really only one way to find out which of these two sports is more suited for you, and that is trying it out.

A lot of gyms offer free training sessions to anyone who is interested, so you should definitely head down to one in your area and try out both boxing and MMA. If you end up liking one of these sports, then stick with it. On the other hand, if you end up liking both sports, you can still work on being an MMA fighter with a focus on boxing.

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