Best Punching Bags for Home

Getting fit becomes easier when you utilize durable punching bags. These bags are engineered to withstand blows from various angles. Training with just a punching bag can teach a person the right techniques for punching and kicking. Moreover, punching bags offer a solid cardio workout for those looking to burn calories. With the vast array of punching bags on the market today, individuals can choose one of the best models from the following list for a thorough training session.

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Best for Kicking
Best for Punching
Best Filled Punching Bag
Best for Kicking
Best for Punching
05/08/2023 12:17 pm GMT Lasso Brag
Best for Kicking
RDX Punching Unfilled Bag

The RDX Punching Bag is one of the main options for anyone into fitness or fighting. Hanged from a ceiling, it represents one of the main options to anyone interested in proper kicking and punching from any 360 direction.

Available both in 4ft and 5ft, the punching bag is among the interesting options users can fill with the materials they like the most. Some fill it with rubber while most users fill it with old clothes. But the interesting part is that the punching bag comes with a high weight capacity.

It even includes ceiling hanging chains which make the punching bag a bit more interesting than many would expect. As long as there’s a solid anchoring point, users can punch the bag hard. Since the bag is made with waterproof construction, it isn’t bound to indoor training.

Anyone serious about bag boxing knows the sweating it comes with. Those who have the space to install it outdoors can do so without the bag being damaged by the rain.

If for some reason, the bag is hung from an uneven surface, it won’t be straight. This is why the tethered loop at the bottom of the bag acts as an anchoring point which is helpful for all users. Furthermore, the added accessories also make the punching bag practical.

RDX also includes a pair of punching gloves in the pack. While they’re not premium gloves, they still offer proper knuckles protection. Punching every day can take its toll on the hands and proper protection, even minimal, is going to be a major advantage.

  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Made in 5 colors
  • Includes supporting D shackles
  • Needs filling
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05/08/2023 12:17 pm GMT
Best for Punching
Power Core Bag (EA)

Get that intense workout even at home with the Everlast Punching Bag that comes as a free-standing punching bag. This punching bag is ideal for indoor/home use, so it’s perfect, especially during this quarantine period. While this piece of equipment may look intimidating to many, it is actually easy to use, and the rounded design allows users to move with ease around the target which increases cardio, arm, leg, and hand-eye coordination.

The power transferring of the Everlast Powercore punching bag absorbs impact and reduces base movement and sliding making every workout effective, and efficient, and you are sure you are not wasting any of your time.

Its base is high density and could easily be filled with about 250lbs of water or 370lbs of sand. It is a solid base so you are sure to hit your target for a maximum workout experience.

It comes with an adjustable height from 54” to 65” making it versatile for any height, age, and gender. It is also perfect for beginners, especially for training techniques, where you can comfortably strike it without having to pull your punches. You may also use this punching bag to practice your speed and accuracy.

  • Height could be adjusted from 54" to 65"
  • Base could be filled with water or sand
  • Round design allows easy movement
  • For indoor use only
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02/17/2024 02:30 pm GMT
Best Filled Punching Bag
Contender Fight Sports Leather Boxing Punching Heavy Bag

If you’re up for a serious workout or training, look no further! The Contender Punching Bag is no joke when it comes to punching your way to your goals. This bag is not filled with packing peanuts or cushion foam like most punching bags on the market.

Its dense foam padding cushions and absorbs impact from a strike, while the leather provides structural dexterity and lasting performance.

The Contender punching bag comes in 70 and 100lbs and has three colors to choose from: black, white, and red. It also has a chain and swivel, and if you are worried that it may be weak and could snap any time, users of this product are surprised to have found out that it is definitely built to last and that it could take a beating, unlike the flimsy bags.

It is recommended that you go lighter first than you used to before you break it in. It could also be used by beginners and is perfect for home use.

  • Best use for the youth
  • It has a dense foam padding that cushions and absorbs impacts
  • Fun way to introduce physical exercise to beginners
  • Slightly shorter than expected
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Lastworld Heavy Duty Vynl Boxing Puching Bag

Made to improve swing skills, the heavy punching bag offers one of the best solutions to those who might be planning to go all-in when building their skills. Made with thick materials and anchoring chains, the punching bag offers a lot in a compact profile.

The bag comes unfilled and it can be customized by each user. From old clothes to cushioning from old couches, there are plenty of materials around the house to add to the punching bag. These materials offer one of the best solutions to those who might want to have a custom feel.

It is recommended to have the punching bag as hard as a regular muscular guy to make it more realistic.

Heavy-duty vinyl construction makes it versatile for long-term use. The surface of the punching bag is easily cleaned and users can rely on it for multiple weekly training sessions. To protect both the hands and the vinyl surfaces, it’s recommended to use punching gloves.

  • Tall at 18.1 inches
  • Includes heavy-duty steel chains
  • Only weighs 3 pounds
  • Made without a bottom securing ring
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How to Choose the Best Punching Bag

When it comes to the best punching bags, users need to be prepared to look at their characteristics deeply. Unlike with other training gear, a punching bag has to deal with constant forces and pressure from all angles. It needs to be useful for punches and sometimes even for kicking. There are a few areas users need to look at first.

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Punches vs. Kicks

Before buying a punching bag, users need to decide if they’re do kicking as well. Full contact sports allow kicking but these sports require taller punching bags most of the time, if not a higher mounting position.
By their nature, punches are associated with boxing. This is the main reason pure boxing bags are primarily made for the user to punch above the belt. Some of these bags are even made with proper cushioning in this area and reduced cushioning lower towards the ground.

Another important example is set by the kicking bag. This type of punching bag allows users to safely kick the bag lower with proper dampening. Often seen in MMA training, this type of punching bag offers one of the best options for those who want to simply train to get in shape as well.

Bag boxing gym classes usually use these types of punching bags which also support kicking. Lifting legs high also burns calories and those simply looking to lose weight with a bag can choose these solutions to get in shape fast.

On the other hand, many of these kicking bags are also made to be lighter or thinner. For some, this means they’re easy to move. For others, they offer a small hitting surface. Whichever the choice is here, users need to know that for maximum versatility, they’ need a punching bag that doesn’t limit lower punches or kicks as complete training schemes might not overlook these hits.

At the same time, these 2 types of punching bags should be made from the same materials. Since they both need to deal with constant tension, hits, and even pulls when resting against the punching bag, both the seams and the materials need to be made to last. Together with the right foot protection and boxing gloves, there should be no reason not to use these punching bags for years to come.

Heavy Bag vs. Speed Bag

The endless debate between the heavy bag and the speed bag is the dilemma of the modern punching fitness community. Both have their strengths and in a way, they don’t replace each other. Here’s what makes them so different.

The Heavy Bag
The heavy bag weighs anywhere between 40 and 110lbs when filled. As its name suggests, it’s heavy. This is why boxers use it to exercise punching strength. The extra weight of the bag comes with extra resistance and from this point, muscles have to work harder to make an impact.

The heavy bag isn’t just used for punching power. They can also serve as a training instrument for punching technique. There’s no point in simply punching a bag hard with the incorrect technique since this will cause hand injuries.

Today, heavy bags are covered either in leather, synthetic leather, or vinyl. This allows it to have a robust profile and it properly is sewn, it lasts for years. The heavy bag has its weight disadvantage when it comes to hanging and it requires at least 2 persons during installation.

The Speed Bag
A speed bag is normally filled with air and its small size allows it to be quickly installed on a base or support platform. However, the nature of this bag trains other punching skills. It trains focus, rhythm, technique, and speed. Combined with heavy bag punching, it offers a complete training scheme for anyone who’s taking punching seriously.

Those who simply want to get in shape with a punching bag can also use a speed bag alongside the heavy bag to train responsiveness. At the same time, the small punching bag can be used for recreation as its one of the stress-relieving platforms used in the fitness community.

Freestanding Bags vs. Hanging Bags

The freestanding punching bag is seen across modern gyms. However, hanging bags are also very good and often heavier requiring more punching force to make an impact.

The freestanding bag has its benefits and it still is the quickest method of getting into punching and fitness training from a traditional perspective.

A freestanding bag can be used anywhere
Users who want to stay in shape can purchase such a punch bag and place it around the house, in the garage, or even outdoor on the patio or in the garden. It stands on its own and it can withstand a lot given it comes without an anchoring point.

The freestanding bag is friendly to the hands
Since it’s made with reduced weight, a freestanding bag is often softer and lighter. This means those new to training might feel inclined into choosing it over the heavy hanging bag which requires punching gloves even for lightweight to moderate strength punches.

Drawbacks of the Freestanding Bag

The freestanding bag is not perfect. Many users who’re into boxing soon move up to the heavy hanging bag. But for those who only use it for being in shape, here are its main drawbacks.

The bag moves around without anchoring
The freestanding bag without an anchor easily moves around. Those who also like to kick the bag knows how much it moves around and how important it is to have sufficient space for training.

Doesn’t improve punching strength
Hard punches are almost impossible on freestanding bags without anchoring. The force the fists face is considerably reduced by its movable profile. Since it starts to move away, it further impacts the punching angle reducing the maximum strength output each user is capable of.

Benefits of the Hanging Bag

The hanging bag is often seen as a boxer’s playground. Its heavy profile makes it a versatile tool for proper strength punch training. Made from rugged materials, it’s hard to match

It’s rugged
The rugged nature of the punching bag makes it a top solution to those who like to use their fitness gear for years. Often, a user can rely on the same hanging punching bags for life, which isn’t always the case with freestanding bags.

It simulates real punches
The hanging punching bag is known for its hard filling. As mentioned before, this aims to simulate punching a really muscular opponent. As a result, the force needed to make an impact is considerably higher than the force needed to move a freestanding bag around.

Drawbacks of the Hanging Bag

Even the hanging punching bag has its limitations. It might be the most durable option, but it’s fixed and it can’t be moved once installed.

Difficult to set up
The extra weight of the bag and its hanging profile means it needs a high anchoring point. Users need to figure out a support system and a place to hang it off from at home, which isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

Limited kicking options
Since it usually comes with hard filling, the punching bag might not be as easy to kick as a freestanding bag. While any user can kick it with bare feet, the pain it causes might be too much for the average fitness trainee.


The materials of the punching bags are normally leather or vinyl. These 2 materials are now seen with big brands. Some of these manufacturers also use synthetic leather alternatives as it’s a cheaper real leather alternative.

When it comes to materials, the filling is at least as important as the bag itself. A boxing bag can be filled with the following materials:

Old clothes
Shredded rubber tires
Shredded cotton

There might be other types of punching bag fillings to rely on but these ones stand out as the most popular. Everybody has old clothes lying around the house and they can be used for unfilled bags. Scissors can be used to shred the clothes to create an even punching surface.


Those buying their first punching bag should also look for accessories that are included with their purchase. Hanging bags should come with either chains or straps and an anchoring hook. These can be expensive if purchased separately.

Freestanding bags need to come with a base that holds the bag up. This base can also come with suction cups which help keep it in place. However, most freestanding bags offer a base that can be filled for extra stability. Water and sand might be needed to feel this base.


Punching gloves are included with some of the products listed above. They’re not leather gloves but they offer the necessary accessories to get starting with training. These gloves are still not included with most hanging punching bags but they can be expensive when purchased separately.

Boxing gloves can also be purchased at a good price. Their biggest drawback is given by low ventilation inside, which means moisture is going to cause odors in time. One way to keep punching and avoid bad hands’ odor is to use boxing wraps.

These might not offer the same level of cushioning as boxing gloves, but they can be washed in the washing machine. Some users with sensitive hands even use both. Thin boxing wraps can be applied to the hands before putting the boxing gloves on.


A punching bag should also be covered by a warranty. The extra peace of mind from the warranty should be offered to all purchases. Hanging bags should come with a lifetime warranty. Freestanding bags should also aim for at least 5 years of warranty. However, since the room for user-based error risk on freestanding punching bags is higher, these come with a shorter warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which punching bag is best?

The RDX Punching Unfilled Bag is one of the best for those who want to get in shape fast. It offers durable construction and a bag that can be filled with all types of materials. Furthermore, all users have the freedom of exercising their kicking movements together with their punching technique when using this bag.

Is it OK to hit a punching bag without gloves?

Some people might punch a bag without gloves. This can be applicable to freestanding bags. Some of them might even come with a hollow interior. But hanging bags are usually too heavy to punch with bare hands. Knuckles can suffer even from one punch in one of these bags.

How do you punch a bag correctly?

Punching movements are usually based on real-life punching simulation. This means the hands need to be up to protect the face at all times. From here, the arms leave towards the bag in a punching movement. The movement exercises with low power at first. To increase power, users need to rotate their torso. The added strength of the punch comes from the back and not the hands.

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