Best MMA Gloves

Gloves are considered a crucial element of equipment in mixed martial arts (MMA). Hence, the reason mixed martial artists put so much value on their gloves. Recognizable figures in MMA indeed take the effort to meticulously select the correct gloves. But, choosing these isn’t as easy as merely grabbing any random ring gear, they must take into account several factors to ensure that they’re acquiring the most valuable ones.

With that said, it’s quite obvious that the need to pick out the right equipment becomes even more crucial when you’re just starting out!

Gloves are generally for protection. Hence, you don’t want to choose a low-quality pair. Although they may seem cost-effective at first, a cheap, low-quality pair of gloves will almost certainly cause problems in the future. At best, you’ll only end up with a tattered pair of gloves. At worst, you may injure your fist, knuckles or wrists.

Considering that, I don’t think I’d ever recommend cheap MMA gloves for those who are serious about fighting. It’s not an easy sport, to begin with, and as with most contact sports, having unreliable equipment can be dangerous.

Before you continue, here’s some action to get you thinking about how to use these gloves.

To help you choose which gloves work best for you, I’ve compiled a short list of recommendations that you might want to look into. I’ve tried to include something for everyone, so hopefully, you’ll find this list (and the reviews that follow) extremely helpful.

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Best Budget
Cheerwing Fingerless Gloves

Founded in 2007, you can pretty much consider Cheerwing as a newcomer to the sporting goods industry. It hasn’t had the chance to gain popularity among fighters, but don’t let that mislead you—they still offer some pretty good punch mitts.

Absorbs the Impact

This pair in particular is made of durable PU leather and is protected by a layer of sponge to help absorb some of the impacts of each strike.

It also comes in several interesting colors and designs, which appeal to a wide variety of people. With a price tag of $11.98, these gloves work surprisingly well. Objectively speaking, they might not be the best MMA gloves for training, but they do the job.

  • Affordable price
  • Good knuckle protection
  • Well ventilated and comfortable
  • Not suitable for heavy bag work
  • Less wrist support than other MMA gloves
  • No palm protection
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Best Value
Sanabul Core Series MMA Gloves

Built for Sparring

Infused with gel, the MMA gloves from Sanabul could take the hardest hits for you without the pain. With these gloves, you never have to worry about feeling sore the next day. It is built for sparring and could hold up for hundreds of rounds, meaning you will be able to use it for a long time.

Its feature also includes a secure hoop and loop closure system that makes the gloves stay in place without having to take a break just to adjust.

Prevents Injuries

The high quality, soft, and durable material of this gear makes it great for practicing your punches with ease to prevent injuries. This glove is made of leather making it durable yet easy to clean and maintain.

It comes in small, medium, large, and XL making it adaptable to a user’s needs and size. There are also four different colors to choose from depending on your preference: black/red, blue/silver, gunmetal, and white/red.

  • Gel padding offers superior shock absorption
  • Made with durable materials that could last for hundreds of trainings
  • Has a secure hook and loop closure system
  • Four different colors to choose from
  • Has a bit of long hand wraps
  • A bit too tight on the hand
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02/17/2024 02:31 pm GMT
Top Pick
Brace Master MMA Gloves

Comfortable to Wear

Made with high-quality leather and sponge, it is suitable for MMA, UFC, kickboxing, sparring, training, and other contact sports. It is comfortable to wear and has the Open Palm design that lets your hands “breathe” and lessen the effects of sweating.

All-out Protection

Brace Master promises all-out protection for your wrist and knuckles with the Hook & Loop technology; it ensures support for the wrist and gives a customizable fit for any hand.

There are also three sizes to choose from (small, medium, and large) for men and women. It also comes with adjustable straps for a perfect fit. Since this is a leather product, it is not advised to get the pair fully wet when cleaning; just gently wipe with a spray and cloth after every use.

  • Made of high- quality leather and sponge
  • Open Palm design to reduce the effects from hand sweating
  • Hook & Loop Closure and Reinforced Wristband provide excellent wrist support
  • Not enough padding for some users
  • Must purchase additional wrist band to ensure protection
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Hawk Boxing Gloves for Men & Women

Wrists on Full Protection

If you’re looking for style, comfort, and competitive gloves, the HWK boxing gloves from Hawk Sports is for you. Armed with gel and multi-layer V-Impact Foam technology, these gloves ensure full protection of your wrists and knuckles from unnecessary injuries while in training or combat. It is high-quality, so you need not worry about its durability.

These gloves also promise comfort with its anti-perspiration holes that are breathable and help in reducing odor and bacteria due to moisture. That’s protection from combat and health for any user.

Ideal For Any Contact Sports

It is also ideal for any type of contact sports, and with its Hook & Loop Velcro wrist strap, it guarantees to stay in place. These gloves could be used not only for competing but also for training against your boxing bag, speedball, or with a sparring partner

The gloves from Hawk Sports come in different sizes: 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16 oz, which make it versatile to any age and needs.

  • 5-year replacement warranty
  • Armed with anti-perspiration holes to reduce odor and bacteria
  • Hook & Loop Velcro wrist strap for easy usage
  • Could fit kids, men, and women
  • Made of synthetic leather and may have blemishes
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RDX MMA Gloves

For the Most Intense Training

As the name implies, these gloves are primarily for sparring and training. If you’re looking for gloves to be used for practice, then these gloves are for you. The Maya Hide Leather used in their construction makes them durable enough for the most intense training sessions, while the moisture-wicking micro fabric and innovative palm design ensure long-lasting comfort and breathability.

In terms of protection, these gloves also feature contoured padding for your knuckles, as well as a secure Velcro grip to support your wrists.

Take note that these won’t really do well as fighting gloves. For the most part, they’ve been designed specifically for sparring, so use them accordingly. However, because of their specialized design, they’re also able to perform extremely well during training and sparring sessions. For a measly price of $29.99, these may well be the best MMA gloves for sparring.

  • Comes in a number of colors
  • Good padding and shock absorption
  • Good wrist support
  • Stitching could use improvement
  • May expel powdery substance upon use until fully broken-in
  • Sizing is a little off
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Liberlupus MMA Gloves for Men & Women

Improves Wrists Flexibility

Specially designed for MMA and boxing, the Liberlupus gloves completely fit the back of any hand to improve wrist flexibility and further enhance the grip with superior hold when you opt for grappling.

It is made of premium PU leather with 0.8mm thickness that promises long life, durability, and maximum performance without wear and tear. The material is also easy to clean so you can use the pair more often during training and practice.

Effective & Efficient Performance

The Liberlupus MMA gloves are made of reinforced impact padding with 10mm EVA fist padding for more efficient performance and effective protection against shock impact during any training and combat sports.

It is also geared with the hook and loop closure and wider strap saving you the time for wrapping while giving you and maintaining stability and protection to your wrists during training. The gloves are suitable for MMA, UFC, sparring, grappling, kickboxing, fighting heavy bags, workouts, and many more.

  • Available sizes for any hand
  • The material is durable and easy to clean
  • With the hook & loop closure and wider strap
  • Suitable for trainings and any combat sports
  • Not enough protection for fingers for some user
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How to Choose the Best MMA Gloves

Weight and Size

Do you honestly want to lug around a heavy pair of MMA gloves—let alone be encumbered by their weight during an actual fight? Of course not! Picking the lightest gloves can save your wrists and knuckles from unnecessary injury. And while weight is important, you also need to take size into account.

Note that the size of your gloves depends on what you’re using them for. If you plan on using them for training, pick a pair of training gloves that are on the denser side. This is best when you’re sparring. For fights, however, they may require you to choose a thinner pair. The best MMA gloves for heavy bags are also thinner than usual so choose your bag gloves with that in mind.

Striking and Grappling Efficiency

It’s a given for fight gloves to provide some form of protection when striking. But in MMA, you do need to grapple. This is why MMA gloves are designed the way they are, so you’ll be able to grapple and hold down opponents. If you feel that your fingers and fists are too restrained or too stiff in grappling with your current gloves, then you should consider getting another pair.

Brand Name

There are a lot of MMA gloves out there to choose from. As cliché as it may sound, picking a well-known brand can save you some trouble. Companies that specialize in boxing or martial arts will give you the best value for your money, and would most likely be able to provide quality products that are specially designed for intense fighting.

Whether you’re choosing MMA gloves, shin guards, or hand wraps, considering a product’s brand is always important.


As I mentioned, you should err on the safe side when choosing gloves. Don’t think too much of the price, because using cheap equipment in contact sports can be risky. Rather, you should look for those of good quality, regardless of the price.

If you can’t afford good MMA gloves yet, then it would be best if you simply saved up. Getting great gloves is a good investment, so if you value your safety and comfort, you should never compromise when it comes to price.


The better the material that’s used, the safer your fists will be. For instance, to absorb the impact striking, your gloves should have decent amount of padding. This extremely important, especially when in regards to protecting your knuckles.

How secure the gloves are around your wrists is also another important consideration. Trust me, it can hurt a lot if you don’t have sufficient protection around your wrists. Pick a pair of gloves that wrap around your wrists properly to keep your joints in place. The best manufacturers add in a generous amount of Velcro keep the gloves in place.


I’ve mentioned that it’s important for gloves to absorb impact. I’ve also mentioned that padding plays a crucial role in absorbing the force of strikes. Gloves that have a good amount of foam are better at resisting strikes that could otherwise break your arm.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to describe the exact amount of resistance that you’ll need to comfortably fight in the ring. All you can do is consider the amount of foam in the gloves and test them yourself to see if they feel comfortable.


While I talked about foam gloves, there are also gelatin gloves available on the market. Whether you use gelatin or foam is really a matter of personal preference. There are some fighters who swear by foam gloves, while others feel better protected by gelatin. It may be difficult for beginners to decide on the issue, but the only real way to know which type you’re more comfortable with is to try each of them out.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Size of MMA Gloves Do I Need?

That would depend! When it comes to picking glove sizes, the same rules apply for both MMA and boxing. If you’re planning to learn MMA as a workout, then you’ll probably want gloves that are on the thinner side.

On the other hand, if you’re planning to spar a lot, then you should definitely get some thicker sparring gloves. However, if you eventually intend to compete professionally, then it’s highly recommended that you do your homework first.

Take note that most MMA organizations have specific regulations on which gloves to use, so it’s important to take that into consideration beforehand if you don’t want to waste money on gloves that you won’t be able to use in the ring.

Are MMA Gloves Good for Heavy Bags?

Generally, no. Boxing gloves are great for heavy bag work, because of how thick they are. In contrast, the thinner MMA gloves tend to get worn out after constant, intense heavy bag work. However, if you’re just going for a lighter workout, then it probably won’t be too much of an issue.

Nevertheless, it’s highly recommended that you stick to boxing gloves. Heavy bag work with the right type of gloves won’t just protect your fists, they’re also a great way to get a feel for the right striking technique. Hitting heavy punching bags with MMA gloves is typically not the done thing.

How Do I Clean MMA Gloves?

Compared to boxing gloves, MMA gloves are much easier to clean. They tend to be on the smaller side and don’t absorb much sweat due to the density of the foam. You may wash MMA gloves using traditional methods, except it’s not ideal to scrub them.

Instead, you should just dip in a mixture of water and detergent, rinse thoroughly, and use a towel to dry. Remember not to soak them too much, as it may damage the padding inside.

Should I Use Amateur or Pro MMA Gloves?

That would depend on your budget. Prices of pro MMA gloves tend to be pretty steep, so if you don’t intend on fighting in professional fights, then you may as well go with amateur gloves.

They are generally cheaper, and I would say they do a good enough job, if you’re just in it for some training or amateur fights. But if you can afford it, you can always choose professional MMA gloves if you want.


Choosing the right MMA gloves isn’t something you should take for granted, since they’re the prime source of protection for your hands and wrists. You don’t want to end up getting bruises around your knuckles, so it’s always a great idea to pick ones that are high-quality, durable, comfortable, and safe. And of course, you may also want to consider a good pro-style so you look the part and feel confident.

Although I do recommend the products above, there are more products out there that you may explore, but always remember: you should be the one to decide what’s best for you.