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Selecting the ideal BJJ Gi could be challenging due to the myriad of premium choices available. Nevertheless, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners may find it hard to locate the perfect Gi without testing a few. Bearing in mind the correct materials and size, practitioners ought to be able to choose one from the following Gis for training or competing.

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Best Overall
Elite Sports BJJ GI for Men

Available in 7 colors, this Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi is made with light materials. Made in all men’s and women’s sizes, it stands out with its durable materials and its official app. But most importantly, it is already approved by the International IBJJF BJJ Federation. It means the Gi can be worn in official competitions.

Made to be Used for a Long Period of Time

Made with pre-shrinking, the materials are ready to be used for a long time without losing their structure. One of the biggest issues BJJ Gi’s have is with their response to washing.

As most of them shrink, they lose their comfort and support. But Elite Sports already put the materials through the process before it gets to the user so that they last well even when washed frequently.

A free white cotton belt is included in the pack. Made from the same materials, it can be one of the simplest training belts for the wearer and fans of the sport. It also comes with pre-shrinking processes and it keeps its shape in time.

Made with Breathable Materials

Lightweight breathable materials are crucial here. But Elite Sports also added antimicrobial properties to the materials. Preventing bacteria build-up, the materials are also beneficial in keeping odors away.

Most users can also rely on these materials to disperse sweat faster. Even in the most intense fights, it keeps the core temperature lower, resulting in increased comfort.

Free access to the BJJ app is also granted with each purpose. Customers get access to the app by inputting the order number. They then have the freedom of reading the latest tips and tricks on BJJ and their Gis. Both men and women can learn the best tips on how to keep the materials clean and fresh in the long term.

  • Made with reinforced lapel stitching
  • Designed for wearers between 95 and 270lbs
  • Proven antimicrobial action
  • Thick belt comes untied at times
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Best Budget
Sanabul Essentials V.2 Ultra Light Preshrunk BJJ Jiu Jitsu Gi

Pre-shrunk materials make Sanabul’s Gi ready for action in the long term. The manufacturer treated its materials so that all the shrinking was added in key areas such as the knees. Without impacting fit, athletes can simply rely on the kimono for their training routine or use it in official events.

Designed to Keep Bacteria Away

Made to stay clean based on anti-microbial treatments, this Gi is easily wearable multiple times per week. Designed to keep bacteria build-up away, it offers one of the most respected options to those struggling with odors and bad smells in general.

For the best results, Sanabul recommends washing it in cold water and letting the materials air dry.

Stiffer rubberized collar designs have been added for extra strength. Since Gi’s allow grabbing, the durable profile of the collar allows the materials to be grabbed with force without tearing. Regardless of the level of each wearer, the collar supports the user’s weight and the opponent’s pulls.

Does Not Obstruct Movement

Available in multiple sizes from A0 to A4, this Gi fits like a glove. It doesn’t obstruct the movement of the hands or of the feet offering one of the relaxed fits which also helps the skin breathe a bit better. Also used in judo, this Gi is made in various sizes supporting users from 5’1” to 6’5”.

  • Made with contrasting stitching
  • Designed with a contrast crotch
  • Backed by a strong rubberized collar
  • Not available in extra-small sizes
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Best Pearl Weave
Hayabusa Lightweight Jiu Jitsu Gi
$8.00 ($8.00 / Fl Oz)

Ultra-lightweight materials make this Gi easy to wear. Anyone into serious BJJ is going to find the kimono practical. Its major advantage is doesn’t go far up armpits like others allowing athletes unrestricted mobility.

Made with fit pants, the Gi is also very practical for agile movements. Many note the pants are particularly tight compared to other Gis and this is something to consider when planning a Hayabusa purchase.

420-gsm pearl weave cotton has been used to make the GI. Its diamond pattern is perfect for durability offering strength and comfort. But the pear weave is also very distinct when it comes to daily training and the durability need for such use.

Made with a cotton-polyester blend, the cotton is reinforced. But the added polyester also works to make the kimono a bit easier to wash and quicker to dry. The exact cotton-polyester blend is not mentioned by the manufacturer but since the materials dry quickly it’s safe to assume there’s a higher polyester ration than on other Gis.

Pre-washed materials used here are among the best. Their long-term reports have been overwhelmingly positive. With the same colors even after a hundred washing cycles, the treatment on these materials stands out. But the pre-washed materials are also known for their longevity in shrinkage prevention.

Embroidery is added to the chest and shoulders. It makes the Gi look a bit better. But they only improve how it looks overall as the key strength areas lie in the reinforced stress areas.

  • 8oz ripstop reinforced key areas
  • Competition-approved design
  • Made for minimum shrinking
  • Doesn’t include a belt
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Fuji BJJ Uniform

Fuji’s BJJ Uniform is very popular based on its affordability and quality of the cotton materials. Made in various sizes from A1 to A6 and from W1 to W6, the uniform is also available in various colors.

Supports Custom Fit

Made with an adjustable pants waist, it offers a tailored fit that is hard to match. Many kimono pants have real issues offering structural support. But this is not the case here as Gi’s pants support custom fit.

The best fit is seen after 2 washes. Initially, athletes think that pants are a bit too long. But their idea fit is seen after a couple of hand washes where they become as good as they should be for a particular size.

One of the drawbacks of this Gi is seen in the shoulders. It seems that the wide shoulders have the same profile as the pants. As a result, the entire Gi should be washed a couple of times before it comes into a fit. Those who’re new to the sport also need to purchase a white belt separately.

  • Tight fit
  • Made from a cotton blend
  • Gi sizes for men and women
  • Needs a couple of washes for the right fit
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Flow Kimonos Air BJJ Jiu Jitsu Gi

Made with pre-shrunk fabrics, the affordable Jiu Jitsu Gi is ready to be used for training purposes. Nearly as good as its premium alternatives, it comes with pre-shrinking offering a kimono ready for use in the long-term with minimum signs of wear.

Weave that is Durable and Thick

350gsm pearl weave fabric makes it one of the interesting options for the ultimate durability. Furthermore, its cotton materials also feel comfortable on the skin. While the weave is durable and thick, the cotton construction makes the Gi pleasant to wear even during the longest training sessions.

High-density foam drawstrings have been used on the Gi. The main advantage of the material is that they hold the kimono in place during the training session. There’s no need for constant interruptions to readjust the Gi anymore.

Keeps Skin Dry

Moisture-wicking abilities make the material a solid choice compared to many entry-level alternatives. It keeps the skin dry and it also helps the skin breathe better once the core temperature is high. Unfortunately, this Gi only comes in blue, black, and white, a limited choice of colors compared to others.

  • Sizes from A1L to A4
  • Made with tonal stitching
  • Includes a high-density foam drawcord
  • Only suitable for cold washing
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Your Jiu Jitsu Gear Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Premium

As one of the most affordable Gis, there’s not much that can be said about Your Jiu Jitsu Gear’s uniform. Many wearers rotate 2 uniforms when they train every day.

Suitable for Frequent Training

The advantage of this uniform is its lightweight profile suitable for such frequent training. Apart from the cotton materials, the lack of embroidery and stitching also keeps the kimonos lightweight.

Washed by hand, the uniform is expected to last up to a year in its full glory with the occasional bleach added to the washing process to keep the crystal white. Free from advertising and logos, the uniforms can be washed in bleach without discoloration and only to keep the whites as new for longer.

However, the manufacturer now also offers distinct colors as an alternative to the all-white uniform. Black, blue and gray options can be purchased in various unisex sizes.

  • Made with reinforced pants
  • Pre-shrink fabrics
  • Made with a rubber collar
  • No belt
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BJJ Gi Weave differences

The weave of the material influences durability and comfort. It might not be easy to understand how the weave is important in BJJ but here are a few general guidelines for the materials of the top and the pants.

Single Weave

The single weave cotton tops and pants are the easiest to make. They have the lowest price as a result. As expected, this was the first weave in the sport and it is still popular today for some wearers.

Its popularity is still here mainly as it helps those battling the scale stay under the official limit of a competition. But the durability of the single weave Gi hardly recommends it for daily training.

Double Weave

The need for something more durable then led to double weave creation. This combines 2 single weaves and offers more durable materials which resist tears better than the single weave. It also comes with potential drawbacks such as extra weight.

This means users already start feeling its weight on the body or the general body type but it shouldn’t be too much to negatively affect the freedom of movement.

Gold Weave

The gold weave is also called the hybrid weave. It combines the lightweight profile of the single weave with the durability of the double weave. This method of creating a Gi has been made popular over the last years.

It allows the wearer to still enjoy very good freedom of movement and as a result, its seen in the competitions of the highest international level. The downside of this weave is that its considerably more expensive than the single weave and kids or those just starting are going to have a difficult time justifying the purchase.

Pearl Weave

The pearl weave takes materials even further. It combines the single weave with the gold wave into a lightweight hybrid. Durable and known for its resilience, it is often seen on the best Gis. Affordable and easy to wash but only by hand, it’s the type of materials that can be used for daily training up to a year with minimum signs of wear. The wave is coming with a tiny pearls pattern, as its name suggests.

Bamboo Weave

Bamboo might be one of the very few cotton alternatives. The advantage of the bamboo weave is that it doesn’t shrink after a few washes. The weave is recommended for hard training sessions where washing is mandatory and where trainees are on a budget.

It’s not a weave enjoying too much popularity at a competitive level compared to cotton. But cotton shrinks, so users should choose wisely.

Hemp Weave

Hemp wave is also seen in the sport. As in other sports such as karate or MMA, it’s a solution for anyone with eco-friendly concerns. It doesn’t negatively impact the environment and it can be one of the sustainable Gis as an alternative to the classic cotton weave.

But there’s an instance where it’s even superior to cotton. For example, in hot humid climates such as those in tropical countries, it might help the skin breathe a bit better than cotton alternatives.


Cotton is still the most popular weave. Seen both on tops and bottoms, it is comfortable and durable with the right weave. Cotton does tend to shrink over time making the movements a bit more restricted. Both for training and competition, cotton is still the most popular choice. After 1-1.5 years of daily training with a cotton Gi, most users decide to upgrade them with a new version.


Thicker stitching woven through smaller stitching creates ripstop materials. Normally seen in pants, the material is resilient and very hard to tear. Anyone looking for the most versatile pants that are not going to be torn apart from the first triangle choke is going to find the material reliable.

Duck Canvas Cotton

Some Gis come with reinforced stress points in high contact areas such as the collar. But there are a few materials that can be used in these areas and which offer the resilience needed during contact. Duck canvas cotton has a heavy weave.

It’s tight that it is even categorized as a waterproof material by some wearers. The material is expensive and it might be hard to see on some of the most affordable Gis of the moment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Gi mean in BJJ?

Gi is the uniform in BJJ. The word comes from the Japanese uniform for training idiom and it represents the short version of a modern Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu uniform. The word might also refer to the uniform used in martial arts.

Under normal circumstances, it includes all the accessories and main parts of the uniform. But some sports categories Gi even with the uniforms that include protective inserts. In BJJ, the word mainly refers to the top, pants, and belt.

Does BJJ Gi color matter?

Colors are not just a matter of preference in BJJ. Each color has a specific meaning that new wearers should be aware of. The white Gi is where most people start. It’s the basic Gi and it is also considered the traditional uniform of the sport.

But over the years, the sport turned into a competition and as in any contest, there needs to be a points system allocated to each fighter. This leads to the development of other colors so that judges can easily award the points to the right party during a competition.

In club training, there might be some policies regarding the color of the Gi. Strict policies normally require a blue Gi or a white Gi only. But if your club has such policies, it’s best to ask before making a purchase.

What is the best BJJ Gi brand?

There are thousands of Gi brands to consider at the moment. Fuji is named as a leader by many practitioners. Venum, Tatami, Vulcan, Kingz, Gameness, and Ronin are other valuable brands each with its strengths and weaknesses.

On the list above, the best Gi brand is Elite Sports as it makes Gis with little to no shrinking. It also has fair prices compared to the premium Fuji or Vulcan alternatives.

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