What Gear do You Need for MMA

Should you be contemplating enrolment in MMA classes, prepare to acquire a host of imperative abilities. Participants have varying goals while engaging in this sport, from aspiring to secure a championship victory, to simply desiring a more fruitful utilization of their physical abilities. Irrespective of your individual ambitions, the chief concern ought to be self-preservation and avoiding injuries to the greatest degree achievable.

The diversity of fighting techniques that composes MMA means that the right combination of equipment is needed. Choosing the right gear will provide you training with more safety and a better chance to improve faster towards your goals. Here are some things you should consider wearing when entering the gym:

MMA Gloves

Also known as grappling gloves, MMA gloves are needed to protect your hands when punching. They are opened for the use of fingers, since clinch and submission skills are also involved in a fight. Although professionals use the 4-ounce gloves, the use of 6 or 10-ounce ones is advised for beginners. Heavier gloves will provide you more endurance, but at the cost of speed. On the other hand, with the lighter ones, you’ll be able to provide faster hits with lowered endurance.

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What Gear do You Need for MMA

Sparring Gloves

While MMA demands 4-10oz gloves for effective punches and the use of grappling, exercising only strikes with a sparring partner will make you consider wearing more protection. Boxing gloves that are at least 12-16 ounces are a must for keeping your partner and your hands safe from injuries. Beginners are advised to start with the 16 ounce ones. If you are determined, you should consider buying leather gloves. Although they are more expensive, they have much better durability. Double check your comfort while purchasing gloves, since you don’t want them to be too stiff nor detached from your wrists.

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Mouth Guard

Beginners usually don’t have a tendency to wear mouth guards unless it’s time for hard sparring. This is a major mistake since they keep your jaw in a fixed position and won’t allow any unexpected hits to dislocate it. If you’re jaw is hanging loose it’s vulnerable even to weak strokes. The best way to take care of this part of equipment is to visit your local dentist for a custom-made one. If you’re not attracted to that option, you should consider spending as much as you need to for a decent mouth guard.


When it comes to hard sparring, this is a thing you can’t do without. There are various different head guards that focus on safety and efficiency. Be sure to choose the one that fits you comfortably. Also, you need to make sure that it’s adjustable. Head guards are usually made to protect the top and side of the head, which is good for beginners, since you want to have a full view of your surroundings. In this case the intensity of sparring must be lowered. Getting a little more into this sport will demand harder punches along with more protection. This level of sparring acquires headgear that protects your cheeks and jaw as well.


For comfort, as well as flexibility and movement, a good pair of MMA shorts or Vale Tudo shorts is essential for both training and competing. Make sure you choose a pair that are strong and fit well. And of course, it also help if they look good!

What Gear do You Need for MMA

Shin Guards

In MMA your shins may suffer a lot of hard kicks while fighting. The use of protection will help you prevent various unnecessary injuries while training. There are two types of shin guards. Grappling ones are lighter. The other type is made for striking purposes and is strapped on with a velcro or a buckle. Muay Thai guards are usually constructed in a way to protect only the shin, while you can search for some that also cover the calf.


A strong cup that will suit your body is beneficial for your protection, but you would also consider it to be flexible enough so it doesn’t interfere with your movement. It is hard finding a suitable one, since they have a tendency to dig into your groin while exercising. Don’t let this impact on your mental state while fighting because lack of focus can cause some unexpected injuries.

Rash guard

Rubbing against a kimono, other person’s skin or mats are a common thing every MMA class includes. Investing in this piece of equipment will help prevent rashes and abrasions. It is also more efficient than a regular T-shirt since it cannot be grabbed and stretched so easily.

Some additional equipment may include:

Hand wraps – since they will provide you more protection from breaking your hand in a foolish way.

Kneepads – to protect your knees when crawling around. This will cut down the damage your joints suffer.

Athletic tape – a common thing that’s used by every fighter, but rarely carried in gym.

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