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When performing a Haakon flip or carving, the best snowboarding gloves are high value. Protecting the hands from low temperatures, high wind, and even falls, gloves are essential in a sport such as snowboarding. The days of expensive gloves are over as snowboarders can now rely on affordable designs that are made to last.

Snowboarding gloves can be the first option to protect their hands. Those who don’t like snowboarding mittens can choose any of the following gloves to protect the hands from the harsh weather conditions to be faced outside.

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  • 1

    Velazzio Ski Gloves

Backed by 3M Thinsulate insulation, the gloves are made for the best thermal protection. This third-party made insulation is now used by a large number of manufacturers as a result of its precise protection. It is also known to be lightweight so its popularity is deserved.

A fan-Tex waterproof membrane is added to the gloves. It keeps water and melting snow away from the insulation and the hands. The material might also be useful for serious protection such as when shoveling snow or in a classic snow fight.

Durable PU palms add durability in key grip areas. While snowboarders don’t rely on the area as much as skiers, it’s still imperative to find the best materials for the ultimate protection. It might take some time for snowboarders to understand why they sacrifice breathability in the palm for better grip in some cases.

A zipper pocket completes these versatile gloves. It keeps all personal belongings safe. Those looking to safely store cash are the happiest when it comes to the zipped design of this pocket.


Available in S, M, and XL

Made with a polyurethane palm

Designed with ergonomic pre-curved fingers


Not as warm as down gloves

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    Tough Outdoors Store Kids Winter Gloves

Available in multiple sizes, the gloves are comfortable for kids aged 3 to 12. Made in black, blue, and pink, they can be a friendly option to help kids ease their nerves of getting into snowboarding. With enhanced thermal protection, they offer plenty of versatility even for other winter sports so that the little ones are truly familiar with them when they jump on the snowboard.

A waterproof nylon shell makes the snowboarding gloves easy to use in all conditions. The lightweight material supports multi-directional stretching. But it is also among the materials most useful for proper hands’ protection, especially since kids tend to get their hands in the snow a bit more often than adults.

Made with a synthetic leather palm, the gloves offer proper grip and better durability in this key area. While this is also an area that needs to be taken care of, it offers a solid grip for kids who might still lack proper strength. One of the drawbacks of the material is that the gloves can only dry naturally and not on the radiator where the leather palms would start to crack.

A wrist wrap keeps the small friendly gloves in place. Unlike other gloves kids tend to lose on the summit, the gloves won’t fall off unless pulled hard. Together with proper snowboarding clothes, they offer the much-needed protection kids are interested in.


Available in 3 colors

Made for ages 3 and up



Made with synthetic leather

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    Wildhorn Tolcat Unisex Waterproof Leather Ski Gloves

A Hydro-Tex waterproof shell makes these gloves a top choice for professional snowboarders as well as for those new to the sport. With proper durability, these gloves are made to repel water and keep the hands warm during the winter.

Genuine leather palms are added to increase the comfortable touch of these gloves and to make them extra durable. These reinforced palms are especially useful to those who want to enjoy a better grip and who might be dealing with abrasive surfaces constantly. Taking a fall here and there won’t damage the gloves as a result.

Compatible with smartphones’ touchscreens, the can also be a solution for those who need to stay connected. Browsing social media updates is considerably easier while wearing gloves. At the same time, there’s no reason to overlook the gloves while taking a break to answer a quick call.

Adjustable straps keep the gloves closely around the wrist. The material is especially useful to those who might be looking to keep cold air out the most. Anyone snowboarding below freezing temperature is going to appreciate the straps properly.


Available on black and white

Used by the US Ski Team

Suitable for palms between 6” and 8.1”


Not available in kids’ sizes

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    Anqier Winter Gloves

Using 3M Thinsulate and PU palms, the gloves offer one of the best options to those who seek the ultimate adventure on the snowboard. Keeping hands warm, the insulated gloves are made primarily for thermal protection.

However, Anqier also makes attractive gloves. Anyone with a sense of fashion is going to look at them and purchase them since they look a bit better than others which may come with a utilitarian look.

Waterproof and windproof construction also makes them practical, not just aesthetically pleasing. These gloves don’t allow wind to pass through the materials and cool the hands, which makes them perfect for snowboarding high peaks.

The ergonomic breathable design also ensures the hands don’t over-sweat. With good breathability, they offer a versatile profile which is made for a natural stance of the hands. Other gloves come with straight fingers, which aren’t ergonomic at all.

Used for snowboarding and skiing, the gloves are also good for hiking and driving. The versatility of these gloves is suitable for those shopping on a budget. Outdoors fans who’re into several sports might also consider them above others.


Affordable given how they look

Made for stylish wearers

Cold resistance down to -30℉/-34℃


Not very flexible

  • 5

    Anqier Ski Gloves

Made with TPU inserts, the gloves wick moisture away. They can be among the most interesting options for those with sweaty palms. Snowboarders who like to feel their hands cool but protected are those who benefit from TPU inserts the most.

Five Composite outer shells protect the hands in high winds. The materials are rare but it is stretchable. In sports, it maintains the durability of the gloves as they’re not made for the ultimate hand’s protection without the flexibility.

An anti-skid PU palm is added to keep the materials durable. The reinforced palm design is mainly made for those who like to carry the snowboard instead of using carrying straps or attaching it to backpacks.

Adjustable wrist buckles and adjustable belts are added to keep them in place a bit better. Those seeking to improve how the snowboarding gloves feel rarely have a better alternative then selecting the right size and securing them down with adjustable straps.


Made with a breathable shell

Ergonomic design

Backed by 140 grams of cotton


Only available on black

  • 6

    Velazzio Dupont Sorona Ski Gloves

Made with bio Dupont Sorona fiber, the ski gloves offer one of the most environmentally-friendly options to users of various sizes. Made in all sizes from S to XL, it stands out as one of the most alluring options for everyday use.

Treated with a water-repellant coat, the snowboard gloves offer good protection against melting snow. Even made with a textile material, they still represent a viable solution for fashion-inspired designs and protective gloves.

Compatible with touchscreen use, the gloves are also made for the modern user. With reliability when it comes to handling slippery objects such as smartphones, they also represent a practical design that is tailored towards multitasking.

Adjustable pull straps keep these gloves in place. Velazzio uses nylon straps which are both lightweight and durable. With a complete profile for protection and comfort, the gloves are specifically useful for snowboarders who might wear them on other occasions or sports as well.


Available on gray and black

Made from Dupont Sustan biomaterials



Not available in extreme sizes

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    Bizzliz Ski Gloves

Made with knitted windproof cuffs, these gloves are made for the lowest snowboarding temperature. These cuffs are reminiscent of the regular fashion gloves used today but they are certainly useful to also keep snow out.

Touchscreen fingers are added to the gloves. Used to navigate touchscreen smartphones and tablets, they can be useful to busy users who can’t stay away from social media or calls while out on the summit.

Fan-Tex waterproof materials keep the hands dry for the whole day. While seen on other gloves, it is a material that has proven it’s worth it when it comes to keeping the hands dry and even with durability. It’s a material which lasts even in sports.

Microfiber palms complete their versatile use design. These palms are used to keep the phones or other objects from slipping off.


Based on thick 180 grams of cotton insulation

Useful for handling smartphones

Wear-resistant design


Not available on vivid colors

  • 8

    Akaso Ski Gloves

Made with 140 grams of cotton insulation, the gloves are among the most durable options with thick insulation. Categorized as above average in warmth, the cotton insulation is very practical on cold winter days when the temperature drops well below freezing.

A DWR water-repellent finish is added to the gloves. It makes them versatile and ready to use for years. With dry hands, it might as well be one of the main options for enhanced durability and flexibility gave the multi-stretch construction of the fabrics.

Designed with a grippy palm, the gloves are unique. If others only improve grip on the palm surface, the Akaso design features a full grip surface even on the fingers. Those driving or shoveling using these gloves can be best served by the wide grip surface.

Anti-lost buckles complete the snowboarding gloves. They attach and as the name suggests, it prevents users from losing them easily. On the other hand, these small buckles aren’t the most durable and they can easily tear the gloves when pulled.


Based on cotton thermal protection

Designed with DWR quick-drying materials

Large grip surface


Weak anti-lost buckle materials

  • 9

    Unigear Ski Gloves

Made with a water-repellent DWR shell, the gloves are another reliable budget option for snowboarders. Available in a unique black-and-white combination, these protective gloves are also made to look distinct.

Touchscreen fingers are added to improve their overall usability. Wearers don’t need to take the gloves off when they plan to use a smartphone which allows snowboarders to capture a quick selfie or a quick video while enjoying the sport.

A fully-reinforced grip ensures users don’t drop the smartphone even when live streaming from the summit. The solid grip is also useful to those who need to carry their snowboards for long distances. However, the gloves aren’t just snowboard-specific as the large grip also favors ski use.

150 grams of Primaloft Gold Insulation keeps the hands warm in extreme weather. Below freezing temperature, the thick gloves insulation makes them a must-have. At the same time, the added zipped pocket can also carry nose wipes, which may also be a practical accessory to carry in cold weather.


Made with a zippered pocket

Designed to be water-resistant

Included nose wipe thumb


Bulky fingers

How to Choose the Best Snowboarding Gloves

When it comes to the best snowboarding gloves, users have different preferences. Insulation is key but there are a few materials used to keep hands warm and they’re all different. Regardless of the materials, there are other aspects to consider with a purchase such as the practicality of the gloves. Just a few years ago, there were not smartphones and things are rapidly changing as to what snowboarders need today.

Thermal insulation

  • Thermal insulation remains the most important characteristic of snowboarding gloves. Without the right thermal comfort, the gloves would be nearly impossible to wear out in the mountain. There are a few popular terms under which manufacturers describe thermal insulation.
    • Fiberfill
    • Primaloft
    • Thermacor
    • Thinsulate

    While these terms might refer to patented insulation designs, there is no universal temperature standard attributed to these insulation materials. The same Primaloft insulation on one pair of gloves can offer different levels of protection from other Primaloft gloves.

    However, protection is essential. Some of the best snowboarding gloves are borrowed from universal gloves such as those made for skiing or general wintertime activities. Good insulation is essential when it comes to everyday use. But not all wintertime gloves can be as useful in low temperature as others.

    A few manufacturers test the gloves down to a specific temperature. But for most of them, even this reassurance can differ as high winds can enhance the cold feeling even if the temperature remains constant. The best choice snowboarders have is to simply test out different gloves.

Removable liners

Removable liners are now the norm for the ultimate versatility. They allow the gloves to dry faster and they can represent one of the most interesting solutions to those who simply want to air dry the gloves instead of letting them dry on radiators.

Removable liners can also be washed in some cases. This prevents bacteria build-up and odors inside the gloves. Wearers with sweaty palms are among the first to note that these gloves are best for thermal insulation as well.

In theory, just because gloves are made with removable liners doesn’t mean they aren’t reliable for thermal protection. It’s how the outer shell and the insulation come together that matters the most.

Ergonomic vs. non-ergonomic designs

Ergonomic design is a term used for pre-curved fingers in snowboarding gloves. Their opposed alternative is the straight finger gloves which aren’t as good at allowing the palms and hands to sit naturally. Without investing in the right gloves for ergonomics, users can feel they’re wearing their childhood gloves.

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There’s an exception when even non-ergonomic gloves can be just as good if not better for thermal insulation. Multi-purpose gloves are rarely made with ergonomics as they’re defined by their straight fingers design. While there are a few of them to consider for general winter activities such as clearing snow off the driveway, they are also used in snowboarding. These gloves offer one of the leading options to those who simply want to enjoy enhanced durability and versatility such as Burton, The North Face, Dakine, Outdoor Research, Black Diamond, Gordini, Hestra, and Cinch Gore-Tex gloves.


Gore-Tex membrane and nylon are often used to waterproof gloves. While there are plenty of other materials to consider, it’s important to check that the gloves are waterproofed. When they fail to stop water or melting snow to get to the hands, they come with issues such as losing body temperature fast or simply discomfort.

Waterproofing is now offered by most snowboarding gloves manufacturers. But snowboarders looking to enjoy the best results in terms of comfort with their purchase also need to make an effort to keep the gloves dry, especially on the inside. Gloves aren’t going to dry easily on the inside when worn over wet hands from melting snow.

Grip surface

The grip surface on the palm is made from leather, synthetic leather, rubber, or using silicone inserts. This reinforced area is mostly added to improve grip strength. Otherwise, most objects would simply slip off the hands, which is the reason why snowboarders need to find the right option from the start.

At the same time, as snowboarders know, this is still the first area to show signs of wear. To keep the grip area of the palms in good shape, it is recommended to air dry the gloves naturally. They are not to be placed on radiators and hairdryers shouldn’t be used on the gloves, at least not with warm air. Applying external heat is what makes the appearance of fine cracks on the palm surface, which eventually become larger and makes the gloves unusable.

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Lockdown systems

Keeping the gloves in place shouldn’t be too complicated. Made with elastic wrists and with added adjustment buckles, these gloves need to be fitted, unlike general wintertime gloves. A few snowboarders know how easily they can lose their gloves. At the same time, not all gloves are as easily taken off, especially those with adjustable velcro straps. Quickly taking these gloves off is not realistic.

Sizing options

Snowboarding gloves are normally made in sizes from S to XL. Manufacturers making these gloves in extreme sizes such as XS and 2XL, and 3XL are rare. Most of those looking for smaller gloves will need to shop in the kid’s department.

The best snowboard gloves for kids use an aging system to guide parents on sizing. Most of them start at the age of 3 and up to the age of 12-14. Each manufacturer should also inform parents on the recommended palm diameter which parents can measure at home to ensure they’re purchasing the right size gloves.

Pockets and accessories

A few snowboarding gloves come with storage pockets. These are small for any types of larger objects. But they can still carry keys, hotel access cards, credit cards, or nose wipes. Useful to those who want to have quick access to these objects, the zipped pockets can be seen as a good extra.

Other accessories include the anti-lose buckles. These are small buckles that attach to prevent the gloves from being easily lost. Those carrying heavy snowboarding gear can rest assured these small accessories can be useful to prevent losing the warmest gloves.

Touchscreen compatibility

Using the gloves with touchscreen devices such as smartphones is not impossible if they’re made from the right materials. Many users now have the benefit of choosing from multiple such devices. It is not ideal to stop on the summit and look at the screen to browse the latest social media updates. But given snowboarders safely stop in a location to check their phones, these specialized snow gloves make their job easier by protecting the hands and browsing the phone without being taken off even with the index finger.

Some of the gloves made today also use silicone insertions on the index finger to scroll around. At the same time, there are a few leather gloves which are compatible with touchscreen use by default. However, these all-leather snowboarding gloves are rare. While they’re classy, they can’t be made at an affordable price and most have issues maintaining the hands dry as they’re not fully waterproof. The good news is smartphone users have plenty of alternatives to consider, especially with practical Gore-Tex liners. Leather insertions might also be an alternative as they can be added to the palm and to the fingers, enabling touchscreen compatibility.

Overall versatility

Since many snowboarders aren’t interested in spending as little as possible on the right snowboarding gloves, having a versatile pair of glove is essential. As seen with the examples above, they can be among the interesting options for both skiing and snowboarding. The gloves might even be used for other winter sports.

Those into spending time outdoors can also consider these gloves for trekking. Since most of them offer a solid grip anyways, they can be used for a better grip of the trekking sticks. The versatility of these gloves is impressive and it’s mainly based on their waterproofing and the thermal protection they offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What gloves are best for snowboarding?

All of the snowboarding gloves are valuable. Some of them like the top pick Velazzio Ski Gloves offer proper thermal protection, durable materials in a contemporary design.

Do snowboarders wear mittens or gloves?

Snowboarders wear both mittens and gloves. Mittens are known for their extra thermal protection as they keep all fingers together with the exception of the thumb. But snowboarding gloves are mainly known for their practicality while still protecting the hands from wind, low temperatures, and water. Gloves are also more practical at adjusting snowboarding goggles.

How to choose snowboard gloves?

Choosing the right snowboarding glove starts with sizing. Only the correct size can be considered for safety purposes. Once a snowboarder ensures the gloves are available in the right size, their materials need to be assessed next. This involves choosing waterproof materials as well as the right thermal protection, measured in grams of insulation for the fleece liner.

Should gloves be tight or loose?

Snowboarding gloves should fit the hands of the wearer. They can’t be loose as this prevents the users from exercising the perfect grip. Most snowboarding gloves come both with elastic around the wrist and with adjustable straps to keep them secured around the wrists. Tight gloves also prevent snow from making its way inside the gloves.