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Best Dip Bars

Best Overall
Citybirds Power Tower Dip Station

Best Mobile Dip Stand
Body-Solid Dip Station

Best for Home Use
AmazonBasics Dip Fitness Bar

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The best dip bars include Citiybirds, Body-Solid and AmazonBasics equipment. Versatile for classic dips, they can be used for multiple exercises and various dips’ variations. Unlike most other fitness equipment, dip bars are very durable as they’re made without moving elements.

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    Citybirds Power Tower Dip Station

Made by Citybirds, the Power Tower offers considerable versatility for those looking to perform dips. Its rugged construction is characteristic of gym equipment. But the tower can also be used at home where it may be the only true option for dips and certainly the only dedicated equipment for this exercise.

2 grips bars also come with dip station extensions. Dips are performed both facing the equipment and with the back against the backrest. For the ultimate range of motion, the feet support platforms are going to favor anyone performing dips facing the equipment.

The height of the dip bars is fixed at 37 inches. It can be one of the right heights for all users. But as a while, the fitness equipment is a bit more adjustable. For example, its included pull-up station is height adjustable. It serves taller and shorter users well. At its lowest height, this bar sits at 64 inches above the ground. At its highest point, the bar sits at 88.1 inches above the ground.

As most users can tell from how the dip station looks, it is a 3-in-1 fitness station. It supports dips, pull-ups, and abdominal leg raises. On its own, it represents one of the most versatile machines for those training in a home gym. At the gym, its 14-gauge steel frame provides the right support for multiple daily users.

The added backrest also works for enhanced comfort. Made with thick padding, it supports the back during abdominal exercises. Its role is to reduce some of the low back strain when performing this complex movement.

With an H-shaped base, the tall dip tower is also stable. Its rubber feet keep it in place no matter the exercise or the weight of its users. It also benefits from angled ergonomic dip bars’ positioning. This design aims to reduce tension in the shoulders.


Made with strong 14-gauge steel

Designed with 4 height presets

23.6 inches distance between the dip bars


Needs better assembly instructions

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    Body-Solid Dip Station

The free-standing dip station is one of the most powerful in its class. Made with a simplistic design, it’s also one of the most durable. 3-inch heavy-gauge steel has been used to make it. Seen across gyms, recovery centers and homes, the fitness station can be used as often as needed by users of all weights.

Its compact size with a height of just 53 inches makes it suitable for small homes. Those creating a garage gym might find it fit for purpose. Its depth of 38 inches allows users to grip the bars further as well. One of the main benefits of this dip station is its angled construction. With bars facing away from the body, users can fit in-between them. Made at a 21 inches distance between them, the bars support some of the heaviest users.

Another benefit of the construction of this angled bar is just how well the force of the arms is transmitted to the fitness equipment. Without the pressure on the wrists and on shoulders, it’s one of the most relaxing options from the pure perspective of correct fitness posture.

The dip bars are made with an oversized 1” diameter. Suitable for a tight grip, these bars are made with anti-slip rubberized materials. Those performing hundreds of repetitions benefit from the improved grip. Even with sweaty palms, it still is one of the leading options for proper stability.

Training versatility is limited, as with any dip bars. However, users can still train triceps, shoulders, arms back and chest muscles using the machine. Progressive overload is also possible by adding weight either with a fitness belt or with a dumbbell.

Since the dip station is made from durable steel, durable rubber, and fixed parts, it is also a solution to consider for years to come. These are the combined benefits that prompted the manufacturer to sell it with a lifetime warranty. Anyone looking for maximum durability can simply choose the station which is replaced by the manufacturer for any defect as long as it’s with the user.


Made with oversized grip bars

Includes limited lifetime warranty

Fully assembled within 20 minutes


Not platforms for the feet

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    AmazonBasics Dip Fitness Bar

With 661 pounds of weight capacity, the mini dip fitness is a bit more mobile than others. It can be used around the house for multiple exercises. Among them, triceps dips, leg raises, and back rows are among the favorites. Those in physical recovery might consider such a lightweight fitness station.

Designed with a height of just under 40”, it also comes with foam grips. Made with anti-slip finishing, these grips offer a comfortable experience for those performing dips with full bodyweight. Unlike most similar fitness stations, it comes with long grips that support training from various positions.

While the station is a bit more lightweight than others, its added floor pads improve its stability. When used on hardwood floors, tile or carpet, it maintains stability when gripped from any angle. Its stability pads are easy to install. The entire assembly process only takes a few minutes and it might also be the most practical option for those who don’t want to rely on a professional assembly service.

Most users note the dips stand doesn’t have any major drawbacks. However, a large footprint keeps it from certain areas of a room or a garage. Wider at the base, it still needs sufficient storage and exercising space.


Backed by a 1-year warranty

Quick assembly

Ships with 4-floor pads


Large footprint

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    ProsourceFit Dip Stand Station

Designed as parallel bars that can be joined, the dip station is made with powder-coated iron tubes. The tubes are made to add durability to the station and their maximum capacity is higher than what can be seen in similar designs. Supporting up to 400lbs, it is recommended for overweight users and those trying to lose weight.

2 durable tubes can be joined together to offer a mobile dip station for at-home fitness training. Unlike most other dip stands, it has the main advantage of storage versatility. The bars can be separated and easily placed into storage when the workout is done.

Another advantage of the versatile dip station is height adjustability. The lowest level of the grips can be set at 31 inches while at their highest point, the grips sit at 35 inches. Accommodating users of various heights, the station supports multiple dip exercises and dip variations.

Inverted rows and classic dips are the main exercises performed on the station. With the benefit of the padded grips, the station remains sufficiently comfortable for all types of users.


No assembly required

Mobile design

Available on red, yellow, and black


Only made for home use

  • 5

    Relife Rebuild Your Life Dip Station

The dip stand is made from 2 steel parts which connect to offer mobile fitness training equipment. With the benefit of height adjustability, it can be used for a wide range of dips and other exercises such as rows.

Padded grips have been added to the metal bars to make the dip station a bit more comfortable. These grips also minimize fatigue as they support longer and more intense workouts with more repetitions and more sets.

The height of the dip station can also be adjusted as need. A couple of safety pins raise it or lower it according to user height. The stand can be raised to 34.25 inches, offering sufficient ground clearance to perform a wide range of movements.

Rubber feet complete the dip stand. They keep it in place even when placed on slippery surfaces. Used at home, it has the benefit of being mobile. Users can perform dips in front of the TV, out on the porch or anywhere around the house.


Backed by a 1-year warranty

Supports up to 300lbs

Easy to store


Not the most stable feet

  • 6

    Lebert Fitness Equalizer Total Body Strengthener

Available in different colors, the dip stand is among the leading options for the gym and home training versatility. Based on steel construction, they support users on a varied range of exercises. Anyone looking to rely on these is going to appreciate their support.

While the stand looks similar to others, it comes without height adjustability as it’s available in various sizes. As a result, it loses in versatility and gains in strength and stability. This is one of the main reasons why the dip stand is used across gyms.

With a weight of around 8 pounds per bar, the dip stand is easy to move. At home, it can easily be stored after a workout. At the gym, even the member can move it around to perform various exercises.


Available in standard and XL versions

It can be used in gyms and bootcamps

Compatible with deeper stretches


Thin foam grips

  • 7

    Titan Fitness HD Dip Station

The dip stand is mainly popular based on its one-piece design. Better stability is why this design is so popular. One of the essential areas of home fitness training is safety. But having a one-piece dip station improves at-home training.

Made from pure steel, the bodybuilding stand can be used for multiple training routines and fitness purposes. Designed with large grips, it is can be used for rowing movements, dips, or push-ups.

With a weight of just 19lbs, the dip station might also be one of the lightweight options easy to carry around the home. Not all users benefit from a dedicated gym room and they need to carry fitness basics from storage. Such users are going to benefit from the stand the most.

Its lightweight design doesn’t limit its true fitness capacity. Even with its lightweight frame, it still supports weights of up to 700lbs. This makes it one of the most durable in its class and one of the leading overall designs for home training in terms of durability.

Unfortunately, the dip station doesn’t come in colored alternatives. Some users like to have matching fitness equipment and they need to look elsewhere. But apart from aesthetics, the fitness station is hard to match in terms of robustness.


Made with a one-piece design

Comfortable 39” height

Made from pure steel


Only available on black

  • 8

    BalanceFrom Multi-Function Dip Stand

Made with non-slip pads, the stand supports both dips and push-ups. With height just above the 40 inches mark, it supports serious training sessions and users of various weights. Its 500lbs weight capacity turns it into a serious stand for anyone into circuit training or simple fitness training at home.

Those who also want to perform push-ups can easily do so using its grips at ground level. Made with extra cushioning, the grips also support long workouts. Both the tip dip grips and the bottom push-up grips are made with padded foam cushioning for extra comfort.

Available on black, yellow and red, the stand is easy to match with other gym training equipment. Those new to training who don’t know the color of other fitness equipment can simply choose the all-black version as it’s the easiest to pair.


Made with a height-adjustable design

Compact with a 29.52” width

Uses a securing knob for height adjustability


Needs thicker foam grips

How to buy dip bars

Buying dip bars is very easy today. There are thousands of dip bars to choose from. But most of them are tailored for home training routines. Here’s what to look for when making this personal fitness choice.

  • Weight capacity

The first thing to look at is the weight capacity of the dip bars. Most of them are now made with the previous testing. Measured in lbs, the weight capacity of the bars needs to be higher than the weight capacity of the user. One of the main advantages of home dip bars is they don’t need to be as sturdy as those used in commercial gyms.

But what is the right weight capacity for dip bars? Some of the best dip bars on Amazon have a weight capacity between 400 and 500lbs. Considerations need to be made for those who’re overweight. Those trying to lose weight are among users who need to be particularly interested in the weight capacity of the dip bars.

Weight capacity also needs to be considered about the design. The stability of the dip bars is influenced by the weight capacity at certain angles. Most dip bars can only handle the maximum user weight when users are only in contact with the grip area and not with other surfaces of the bars such as on the Ultimate Body Press.

  • Materials and accessories

The materials of the dip bars are also important. They range from aluminum to heavy-duty stainless steel and they have the highest cost impact and durability impact of all characteristics. When it comes to the right materials, users need to know dip bars are among the most durable fitness stations.

As a result, many dip bar manufacturers now offer a lifetime warranty for their products. Beyond the warranty, users need to know materials are not going to show signs of wear in time. These include rust which is easily seen in steel dip bars across many gyms where there’s high air humidity.

All dip bars materials should be coated to protect against humidity. The weight of the materials is also going to impact the ease of assembly. Anyone without a helping hand during the assembly process is going to have a difficult time putting together a dip bar tower made from heavy steel.

  • Design and storage

When it comes to dip bars, a lot can be said only form the design perspective. Some are only made as a unidirectional design while others also integrate a pull-up bar under a tower design. Several one-piece and 2-piece dip bars have become popular over the years.

The one-piece dip bar is mainly useful for those training at home. It’s not easy to tip over and it usually comes with great stability. Furthermore, this design is also valuable to those who want quick assembly and quick disassembly. These dip stands can be easily placed in storage once the workout is over.

Another aspect of one-piece dip stands is their versatility across the home. They can be moved from one room to another. Those who like to train in front of the TV can also train on the patio or in another room.

  • Size

The size of the dip bars is going to determine their portability and exercise versatility. Some of the larger dip bars also have room for other accessories such as a pull-up bar or a backrest for leg raises. The minimum height for a small dip stand would be around 30 inches. This is seen in some of the designs above.

But taller dip stands also come with the added benefit of height adjustability. This is highly beneficial in the home where there are multiple users. Every user has a different height and having the freedom to adjust the ground clearance distance of the dip bar is a major plus.

The benefits of using dip bars

Dip bars are used in recovery exercise, bodybuilding, and calisthenics. But they are mainly known for being popular in fitness routines and they have been constantly popular over the past decades. Here are a few benefits of these exercises mainly performed with bodyweight.

  • Closed kinetic chain exercise

Dips are a closed kinetic chain exercise. It’s a type of exercise where the body is moving and where the legs or the hands are not moving. Similar to traditional push-ups dips also represent a solid option to anyone looking to increase bodyweight strength and physical endurance.

These types of exercise target both stability muscles and coordination. It takes time to master but classic dips represent a solid option for anyone looking for enhanced physical fitness. There can be no athletic performance without proper muscle coordination.

But even as closed kinetic chain exercise, there still is plenty of versatility with it. With and without weight, the exercise can be included in workouts or it can be a workout on its own with various angles, weight, sets, and repetitions.

  • More upper body strength

The first improvement to see with dips is increased upper body strength. Both coordination and strength are improved with the exercise. Upper body muscles normally work the most with the exercise. Core abdominal muscles are also activated for proper posture.

But most importantly, upper body strength targets the largest muscles of the body. Only the arms need to work hard to support the weight of the body. But joins of the elbows and shoulders also show strength and coordination improvements as they work together.

  • Increased muscle size

The muscle size increase is where bodybuilders recommend dips the most. Using a weight belt and various weight plates has made dips popular even a few decades ago continuing to this day. Performing dips for muscle gain is not complicated.

Increased weights are the definite recipe for muscle gain with dips. Starting with bodyweight exercises, those who want to gain muscle also need to start adding weight. One way to add weights for dips while training at home is by using a dumbbell. Holding the dumbbell between the legs, users perform dips as with bodyweight exercising.

But increased muscle size might also be seen with higher repetitions. Time under tension is a variation of weight increases for muscle gain. Those who want to perform dips at home for muscle size need to start looking for extra repetitions.

Gym equipment compatible with dip bars includes pull-up bars. Both of these are used for upper body strength and muscle gain. As a result, these are often combined into one fitness machine as seen from the products above.

  • Working stabilizing muscles

Stabilizer muscles are not worked with dips alternatives such as triceps extensions as much. Those who want to see bigger triceps are going to learn how to stabilizer their body on the dip bars, which is not required with triceps extensions.

Another reason to consider dips is with chest muscle development. But dips are also demanding on stabilizer muscles for chest activation. As a result, those training with dip bars sees better stabilizing control of their body with or without extra weight.

Stabilizing muscles play an important role in athletic training. Often seen as the opposite approach to bodybuilding, functional training also includes dips. This exercise is one of the few which is seen as the crossroads of functional training and bodybuilding.

Furthermore, stabilizing muscles improve posture, which is closely related to back muscles and upper body muscles. While posture is also determined by lower body muscles such as glutes, upper body muscles are crucial for those who might be simply looking to improve posture and look for dip bars.

  • Activating chest, triceps and anterior deltoids

There are a few muscles worked with dips and they include chest, triceps, and anterior deltoids. Forearm muscles are also activated. Grip strength needs to be improved for proper dips’ control. These upper body muscles work together when performing dips mainly through pushing patterns.

Traditionally, functional training movements are based on working muscles as naturally as possible, without isolating them too much. This is where dips are very popular. Functional movements activate these muscles responsible for pushing. Triceps, chest, and shoulders are key for pushing movements.

Dip bars are not the best for working pulling muscles. These muscles include the biceps and lats. But these can be worked separately with other types of fitness equipment. Some dip bars which also come with a pull-up bar eliminate this issue. Pull-ups work both biceps and back muscles.

  • Bodyweight workouts

But the biggest dips’ benefits come with bodyweight resistance. Dip bars don’t require any weight to start training with. Bodyweight exercises are popular for mobility. These exercises don’t require other piece of equipment. Together with squats, dip bars can offer the basic tools and exercise variation for home workouts.

Bodyweight exercises also come with the benefit of being a bit easier to start with for those who don’t have the best fitness level. Elderly or those recovering from fitness injuries are among the popular groups of people preferring bodyweight exercises. Furthermore, they can all be performed with perfect execution. This is not the case with many free-weight exercise alternatives.

Dips can be seen as an excellent warm-up exercise as well. It can prepare muscles for more demanding isolation exercises such as triceps extensions which specifically target a smaller muscle group.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are dip bars good for?

Dip bars are used for exercises that target the chest, back and shoulder muscles. Dips can be both bodyweights only and weighted. Bodyweight dips are only relying on maximum and constant tension on these muscles. Each person is different and the personal weight of the body is what makes it so different from one case to another.

Weighted dips normally require a better technique. Correct weighted dips come with a few benefits such as the following.

  • Higher upper body strength
  • Increased muscle size
  • Improved muscle coordination
  • Increased joint strength
  • Higher joints flexibility

But dips aren’t only used in muscle gain. Dips can be used in weight loss workout as well. With the right caloric intake, higher repetitions and intensity, dips can be considered by anyone looking to lose weight through exercise.

What muscles does a dip bar work?

Dips activate multiple muscles. The main muscle groups worked with dips include.

  • Triceps
  • Anterior deltoid
  • Pectoralis muscles (sternal, clavicular, and minor)
  • Rhomboid muscles of the back

These muscles are activated to a different degree depending on the posture during the exercise. Their versatility is mainly part of upper body workouts in bodybuilding. But the exercises can also be used by athletes who rely on upper body strength. Such athletes include swimmers and tennis players.

How do you use a dip bar?

Dip bars can be used for support holds, which are the beginner’s dip variation. Users rely on their arms’ strength to simply hold the body up for a few seconds to start gaining strength to perform a full dip later on.

The classic dip is another exercise performed on dip bars. Those looking to perform it can simply start slowly lowering the body from a hold position and they trying the movement again before having the arm’s strength to push the body up from the negative.

Push-ups can also be performed on dip bars. From various body angles, push-ups offer one of the best variations to those who want to add a bit more variation to their workouts. Gripping the bars from various angles the main benefit of push-ups with one-piece dip bars.

Knee raises can be performed on all dip bars. Some dip bars offer back support while others don’t. Both of them can be the platform to perform knee raises. These raises are particularly useful to those seeking enhanced core strength or to those looking to build abs.

Bodyweight rows can also be performed with a dip bar. Users need to lie on the back and grip the dip bars while pulling their body upwards. The movement can also be challenging at first. But in time, both the form and the number of repetitions can increase.

In fitness recovery, dip bars are also used for lower body exercises. One of them is the assisted pistol squat. This exercise is performed while holding one dip bar with one hand and by squatting down on one leg while the other leg is fully straight.