How to Increase Concentration

At times, we all encounter distractions or experience a barrage of thoughts that impede our capacity to concentrate on the current task or duties needing completion.

The good news is that there are many simple things you can try to help to improve your concentration levels. We all know how frustrating it can be when you simply can’t focus on what it is that needs your attention. 

So next time your concentration is waning, or if you know you have a big event or issue coming up that will require your concentrated attention, try out some of these suggestions below, to help you stay focused for longer.

Try Brain Training

How to Increase Concentration

Concentrating on brain training games and puzzles can help to encourage your brain to become more focused so try things like sudoku, chess, or crosswords every day. Word searches and jigsaws are also great brain training games to try. Colouring books also have the same effect. 

These kinds of games work by helping to develop your problem-solving skills, improve your brain processing ability and support the improvement of your short-term memory. Not to mention they can be a lot of fun to try.

Try Video Games

How to Increase Concentration

If puzzles are not your thing, the good news is that playing video games has also been proven to help increase your concentration level while ignoring distractions. It will depend on the type of game you are playing but some games can be ideal for focussing the brain on the task at hand.

Get Some Rest

How to Increase Concentration

If you are not sleeping well, your attention span, concentration levels, and your memory will all be affected. Lack of sleep can impact your work performance as well as reduce your ability to do simple daily tasks. 

If you are struggling to concentrate daily, you might want to look at your sleep schedule and routine and make sure you are getting a good night’s sleep and you are able to switch your mind off at the end of each day.

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Exercise Regularly

How to Increase Concentration

Spend Some Time Outside

How to Increase Concentration

If you really want to improve your concentration and focus, then make sure you go outside every day, even if it’s just for 15 minutes to sit in your garden or take a walk around the block. Just this small amount of time spent outside can really boost your concentration levels. 

If you are stuck on a task and finding yourself too distracted, going outside for a walk and then coming back to it might just give your mind the boost it needs to take on the work and complete it well.

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Try Meditating

How to Increase Concentration

Meditation, yoga, and mindfulness practices are all excellent to try if you are struggling to maintain focus and concentration. Bringing yourself back to the center and totally focused on the here and now is a great skill to have and can be achieved through meditation. 

There are many apps and internet videos to guide you through all the various practices and just 10 minutes of meditation can work wonders to calm a mind which is getting distracted by lots of different scattered thoughts.

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Give Yourself a Break

While it might be tempting to try to stay focused on your task or work and not deviate from it until it has been completed, sometimes after hours of working you will find your concentration waning and your mind wandering. 

It’s important to take a break and do something different, whether it’s going for a walk or listening to music, or eating a healthy snack. Sometimes just walking away from the work can bring a whole new perspective and clear that brain fog that seems to descend.

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Try Working to Music

How to Increase Concentration

Make Sure You are Eating Well

Eating loads of junk food might be tempting when you are working late and long hours, but this type of food won’t help you to stay focused. You need to avoid anything overly fatty or sugary as you will end up tired and lethargic. 

Don’t be tempted to skip meals to keep working as your body and mind won’t thank you for it. Be sure to stop for meals and take regular breaks with healthy snacks to boost your energy levels if you need them.

Keep Well Hydrated

How to Increase Concentration

Being dehydrated can have a serious impact on your ability to focus so make sure you are drinking plenty of water while working and keeping yourself well hydrated. It can be easy to forget to drink or to choose energy drinks, but good old-fashioned water is the best friend you can choose if you want to improve your concentration levels long-term.

Try a Caffeine Boost

If you are struggling to concentrate because you are too tired, then you could try a cup of coffee or green tea, or even some chocolate as they all contain caffeine, which can help you to focus and concentrate better.

Take Supplements

If you find you have difficulty concentrating on a regular basis it could be a sign of a health issue or even a vitamin deficiency. You should speak to your doctor as they can carry out tests to find out how your body is functioning currently. 

You should also seek advice before taking any supplements, if you have existing health conditions or if you are on any existing medications, as they can sometimes interfere with how the medicines work. 

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