Snowboard Mittens

The best snowboarding mittens, crafted from luxurious materials, offer essential heat insulation. Snowboarding without any handwear isn’t advisable, with mittens being the preferred option. Compared to gloves, mittens can provide superior warmth because they allow your fingers to huddle together.

Those new to snowboarding need to know not all mittens are the same. Some are made with thin insulation while others use thick insulation. Good mittens also keep cold air out. Waterproofing is also important as seen from the selected examples below.

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Best for Warmth
Gordini Mens Gore Gauntlet Mitten

Made with different materials, the snowboarding mittens offer complete protection and comfort. Using waterproof polytex fabrics, they keep melting snow away from the hands. This is essential as snowboarders are always in contact with the snow. As many already know, mittens that get wet on the inside can take hours and even days to dry out properly.

Polyurethane and leather are used on the palm, where the materials are stitched to add extra durability. This is why the mittens are a top choice for those who still want to enjoy a good grip even without bare hands. Carrying the snowboard or grabbing a hot cup of tea is easier with these materials added to the palms.

Polyester is used to add insulation to the gloves. The material is known for its lightweight profile. But it is also a top choice to quickly warm up the hands. It doesn’t take long for the fingers and palms to warmest up with this insulation.

Adjustable straps are added to the mittens. Snowboarders ensure they stay in place when they are properly locked down. The straps are large and can be operated while wearing the mittens. Available in sizes from S to 2XL, they’re made for users of all heights.

  • Made for severe weather
  • Windproof construction
  • Designed with leather palm and finger
  • Only available on black
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Best for Style
Tough Outdoors Winter Ski Mittens for Men & Women

Made with textile materials, the mittens are known for their versatility and appealing construction. They are used in snowboarding but can also be used as fashion mittens or even to shovel snow when the temperature drops. With reinforced palms and durable stitching, they are made to last.

Waterproof and windproof construction is what recommends them the most for snowboarders. Even when descending at high speeds, they don’t allow any cold air to pass through the materials, keeping the hands warm and the attention of the snowboarder on the move.

Apart from the waterproof nylon shell, the mittens are also very warm. Since all fingers are close together, they remain warm longer and can also fight the cold weather with higher efficiency.

An elastic wrist is added to the mittens. However, it is elastic that the user can’t control. For most snowboarders, this is not a considerable drawback. But those who like their mittens very tight around the wrists could need to look to Gordin’s mittens.

  • Synthetic leather palm
  • Made with TPU breathable membrane
  • Allows breathability
  • The wrist elastic is not adjustable
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Best for Kids
Andake Winter Warm Waterproof Kids Ski Mittens

The mittens stand out with long gauntlets with tensioners. This makes them an excellent choice for the users who get snow in their old gloves or mittens at all times. With large straps, they are easy to tightly secure around the wrists.

A nose wipe strip is added to the mittens. It might not be the most elegant way of dealing with a runny nose, but while snowboarding, there’s no time for anything else. Furthermore, users can always wash them when back home.

A personal belongings pocket is added to these mittens. It can be used to carry cash for anyone who might want to splurge on a hot wine or a cup of coffee while taking a snowboarding break. There’s a zipper to close the pocket and not lose the money on the summit.

Made with a nylon shell, the mittens are water-resistant. This makes them an excellent choice for those who like to stay in the snow all day. Furthermore, since they also feature insulation which keeps hands warm down to -4F degrees (-20 Celsius), they offer versatility at a very low price.

  • Made with a breathable Hipora liner
  • Soft fleece liner glove
  • Uses water-resistant coating
  • They run one size small
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TrailHeads Power Stretch Convertible Mittens

The mittens are made for teenagers or anyone looking to take a quick look at the phone while taking a break from snowboarding. They feature a 2-in-1 design that converts the mittens to fingerglass gloves quickly.

With a 4-way stretch, they are also much more elastic than many of their Amazon alternatives. They have wide applicability. Furthermore, the anti-slip silicone insertions make their grip hard to match and the snowboard hard to slip out of the hands.

While they don’t come with the thickest insulation, the mittens are specifically made for aerobic activities. They can easily be used even to drive when converted to fingerglass gloves. With an added reflective strip, they also look apart in the sun.

  • Made with stretchy Polartec
  • The mittens turn to fingerglass gloves
  • Tested for warmth
  • Only available on black
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How to Choose the Best Snowboarding Mittens

Snowboarders don’t have any good excuses not to wear warm mittens even at a low price. There are thousands of options to consider but only those made with good materials and accessories can truly be recommended.

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The insulation level of the mittens is what matters most for today’s users. Most mittens should be tested to see what the insulation level can truly achieve and its negative temperature comfort limit. Measured in grams, the insulation of snowboarding mittens needs to be quick-drying.

Outer Shell Material

Synthetic materials and leather such as cowhide and goatskin leather are the main options seen on snowboarding mittens. Nyon and gore-tex mittens are among the popular options. Their main role is to keep water out and users can rely on these materials to work with snow as well.

Melting snow creates a lot of problems for low-quality mittens. This is why all users should actively seek to find the best methods of ensuring proper hands’ protection against moisture with the right materials. Some materials are not really waterproof but rather waterproof treated which means they might start to leak in time.

Since many waterproof materials are now affordable, there’s no reason not to choose such mittens. Snowboarders are in constant contact with the snow and keeping their hands dry is arguably more important than keeping them warm as wet hands get colder faster. Together with insulation, waterproofing is key.

Fit and Cuffs

There’s plenty of information regarding the fit of the mittens. Each manufacturer publishes a sizing chart which can be used to create fitted designs. They normally range from small, to medium, large, and extra-large. Unlike with gloves, the biggest concern is with the thumb fit within the mittens. It should fit normally and there should be no loose materials.

The cuffs play their role in the overall fit and feel of the mittens as well. Most of the time, the fit of the thumb can’t be adjusted. But when it comes to the right overall fit, it’s best just to check the various sizing options of the mittens and even compare them to the size of other fashion mittens.

Men’s gloves and mittens are normally larger. However, women’s mittens are also interesting as they can offer a smaller alternative even for men with smaller hands and tiny wrists. In some cases, users show certain mittens run a size small, but these are only exceptions. Adjustable elastics may work to the wearer’s advantage if the mittens are a bit loose.


Some of the best mittens for snowboarding are now made with a pocket. Designed with a storage pocket, the mittens now offer the first option to store cash, credit cards, IDs, or keys. The pocket should be zippered which means keeping personal belongings safe. With plenty of durabilities, the mittens can store personal accessories.

However, pockets should not make or break a purchase. They can be seen as an extra, together with anti-loss clips. The pockets can also come unzipped. This would not be recommended for those who want to store valuables. However, it can be an option to keep objects such as paper napkins to deal with runny noses a bit more elegantly.

Nose Wipe

An alternative to napkins is given by the built-in nose wipes. Normally made from soft materials which don’t irritate the skin of the nose, this makes the mittens a bit more practical. With plenty of mittens that now offer a nose wipe, snowboarders can concentrate on their carving without worrying about stopping and wiping their noses.

Palm Grip

The palm grip holds an essential role in the snowboarding mittens community. It is here that the most durable materials can be found in most cases. The reinforced palm has to deal with extra friction and most users also need to consider this section is what prevents their snowboard from slipping while in the hands.

Leather and synthetic leather are normally used in the palm area. Single or double stitching is then used to offer the user the best durability when it comes to everyday use. The grip area of the mittens is also a bit more important than on snowboard gloves as the grip strength is reduced as all fingers sit close together.

Removable Liners

Removable liners are practical but still rare. Those who want to transform the mittens into warmer weather hand protectors can consider the removable liners as a good place to start. For most users, it’s best to simply choose the products which can be washed in a washing machine and then air-dried. Removable liners have little practicality in savings as these mittens are already very affordable.


Waterproofing is essential when it comes to choosing the right snowboarding mittens. There are many areas where water can make its way inside. For example, it can make its way around the wrist if there’s no elastic or strap to tie them down. But the biggest problem is raised by materials which allow water to pass to the hands.

While there are all types of high-performance waterproofing sprays to consider in an emergency, it’s the wisest to spend smartly and purchase protective mittens from the start. Nylon is inexpensive and it can keep water out even when snowboarding for hours such as designs made by Snow Sports, Hestra Army, Dakine Titan, Black Diamond, Outdoor Research, or Primaloft Gold.

Fingerglass Mittens

Fingerglass mittens are the new norm for those who need ultimate practicality. As seen with the TrailHeads Power Stretch Convertible Mittens, they can be very practical. Users can convert the mittens to browse smartphones, open doors, or even pay for a drink at the summit.

There are plenty of advantages to having fingerglass mittens. But at the same time, not everybody needs them. Most snowboarders can simply take their mittens off when paying for a purchase or when they need to check the phone. It is the user who spends a considerable amount of time out snowboarding that’s going to benefit from the versatility the most.

Many snowboarders ask if fingerglass mittens are as good as regular mittens for snowboarding. While they offer proper thermal protection, waterproofing is a different story. Snow can make its way into these mittens and if it does, it only melts and makes them unusable until completely dry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do snowboarders wear mittens?

Snowboarders wear mittens for thermal protection benefits. Mittens are considered when it comes to overall versatility in keeping the fingers together and generating more heat. When snowboarding at very low temperatures, they can be an alternative to regular snowboarding gloves.

Mittens can also be more practical to certain snowboarders. They don’t take long to adjust as some gloves which need to be individually adjusted for each finger. Furthermore, there are plenty of reasons to own both. Mittens can be worn on very cold days which gloves can be worn when temperatures aren’t as low.

Are mittens warmer than gloves?

Mittens can be warmer than gloves as the fingers are close together, except for the thumb. This means mittens can be warmer and more pleasant for snowboarders. Even some skiers use mittens as a sign of their true versatility. Made with a practical design, mittens aren’t just for kids. They can now be found in adult sizes to keep hands warm better.

Why do fingerless gloves exist?

Fingerglass gloves are an interesting choice for mittens fans looking for a bit more practicality. They are used to free up the tips of the fingers for extra practicality and they can be used extensively to take calls or to text. At the same time, they offer protection while still freeing up the fingers for practical aspects such as unzipping jackets.

How tight should mittens be?

Mittens can be a bit loose compared to snowboarding gloves. However, they shouldn’t be too loose. The best idea is to simply try out different sizes and check out how they feel. A good tip for those who might still not find the right fitting mittens is to try out a different brand. Oftentimes, sizing can be a bit different from one brand to another.

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