Best Sit-Up Bench Exercises

A sit-up bench is not just for doing sit-ups. It serves as a versatile tool for a variety of other workouts. Undeniably, it stands out as an excellent fitness apparatus that is ideal for attaining the much-admired body shape and sought-after six-pack abs.

They are different types of sit-up benches available but whatever you have, there are plenty of exercises for you to try. Read on to find out about the best exercises you can perform on sit-up benches.

The Plank

The plank is one of the best exercises that can be performed for strengthening core muscles. It improves the posture and helps sculpt the waistline. You can perform this exercise on the sit-up bench by getting into the push-up position. Hold on to the position for as long as you think you have done enough according to your fitness level. Get your sit-up bench flat if possible, or just use the floor for this one.

Best Sit-Up Bench Exercises

Leg pull-ins

The way to perform the leg pull-ins exercise on a sit-up bench is rather simple. Make your sit-up bench flat if you can. Sit on the top of it. Gradually straighten your legs and convey them to your chest. It will help focus on your lower abs.

Incline Sit Up

It is said to be one of the best exercises for obtaining those abs. You have to raise yourself from the bench. Do this by hooking your feet into the feet strains slowly bending your waist and hips but make sure that your abs are tightened. Gradually lower yourself till your shoulders touch the surface of the bench. Repeat these steps as per your fitness regime.

Decline Leg Thrust

The best exercise to hit your mid section and lower abs. You have to sit on your sit-up bench in a declining manner. Gradually crunch upward by raising your pelvis. Concentrate more on using the abdominal area to raise your body upwards. As this exercise has limited motion, do not do it hastily. Perform it in a controlled and slow manner to avoid getting any injury.

Oblique sit-up

It is a medium-impact exercise. It focuses on the strengthening of your oblique. These are the muscles that are responsible for rotating our torso. The oblique sit-up is performed as traditional crunches but with a small movement twist. In this exercise, you need to crunch to the one aspect followed in the opposite direction.

Best Sit-Up Bench Exercises

Decline Plank

It works on the deep transverse abdominous. Firstly, set your sit-up bench parallel to the floor. Place your forearms or hands on the floor and your toes on the bench. Hold a rigid posture from your shoulders to your feet by drawing in your belly strongly while you breathe in and out. Do it for about 20 seconds to build stability.

Mix up these exercises and make them a regular part of your fitness regime. There are plenty of benefits when it comes to sit-up benches so it’s worth making space for this simple piece of equipment. Make sure you also have a balanced diet, and you will soon see yourself reaching the perfect level of fitness.

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