After Workout Warm Up

Post-workout, when you’ve rinsed off all sweat and dirt, some critical steps must be taken to avert muscle aches the following day. Firstly, guarantee that you stretch suitably for a length of 10-20 minutes. Think about preparing your body with several gentle yoga poses before unwinding with a hot bath or shower. If necessary, you can also apply heat packs to your muscles for about 15-30 minutes.

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After Workout Warm Up

It’s essential to properly warm up your muscles after a workout to not wake up sore. Here are some tips for warming up your body and mind!

  • Stretch for 10-20 minutes before working out. It’ll help loosen you up and prepare your muscles for the activity ahead.
  • Do some gentle yoga poses to get your blood flowing through your joints and prepare them for movement. You can also do these stretches lying down or sitting in a chair if it’s too difficult to do on two feet!

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After Workout Warm Up


If you’re worried about being sore tomorrow morning, try using heat packs on tight spots during the day before bed or taking a hot bath or shower right when you finish exercising. This will help warm up your muscles and soothe any aches. If your muscles are still really sore after that, mix up how you work out! You don’t want to overdo it but exercise differently if you’re always using the same muscle groups. Keep them guessing by trying something new today.

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