How To Get Bigger Calves

If you’re a woman aiming to improve the visual attractiveness of your lower body, you might find the calves to be quite a challenge. The root of this frustration is typically the inherent positioning of the Achilles tendon that we are born with, which can frequently hinder our capacity to cultivate desirable calf muscles. But, don’t give up! We provide suggestions and methods to help enhance the size of your calves.

The first step in getting bigger calves is knowing what you need to do

This isn’t something you’ll be able to fix overnight—it takes time and dedication, but if you’re willing to put in the work, then we promise it will pay off in spades when people see your new sexy legs strutting down the street or at cocktail parties.

How To Get Bigger Calves

Here are the best exercises for bigger calves:

Seated or Standing Calf Raises

Start by sitting or standing with your legs bent at a 90-degree angle, and make sure they don’t go past your toes. Kick your heels off of the ground as you rise onto your tiptoes, making sure to flex your calf as much as possible. Hold the weight in your hands, and slowly lower yourself back to a 90-degree angle before repeating.

Diagonal Calf Raises

These are great because they exercise both the medial and lateral parts of your calf, which are often neglected. Sit on a bench with one foot resting flat on the ground and one hanging off to the side with your heel touching the floor above it. Extend that leg upwards to a 45-degree angle, then lower it back down.

How To Get Bigger Calves

Seated Hamstring Curls

This is an excellent exercise for women looking to lift their butts and firm those legs. Sitting on the ground with one knee bent and one leg straight, place your heel flat on the floor below you. Curl that heel under your body as you flex at the waist, then repeat.

Standing Calf Raises

This is a great way to exercise the front of your calves in a standing position. Stand with both feet flat on the ground and raise yourself onto your toes, making sure to curl up as much as possible. Hold for a few seconds before slowly lowering back down and repeating.

How To Get Bigger Calves

These aren’t the only exercises you can do for bigger calves—there is a whole slew of others that you can find online to help you get bigger, stronger calves. If you’re doing these exercises regularly, remember to stretch and rest your muscles between workouts; this will maximize your results and make it easier for them to grow over time.

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If all else fails, there is a surgery you can have to permanently lengthen your Achilles tendon, which will allow you to put more force into the muscles in your calves and give them a natural boost.


It’s not always easy to find the right exercises that will lead to bigger calves. In this article, you learned some of the best calf exercises and stretches for those looking for a natural way to get their desired shape. If these don’t work or you’re already seeing good results but want even more, there is a surgery available called an Achilles lengthening procedure that can extend your tendon by up to one inch! As with any surgical option, though, make sure it’s something you want before going through with it because recovery time from such procedures can take months.

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