What Kind of Snowboard Should I Get?

Several factors should be evaluated when selecting your initial snowboard to ensure it meets your specifications. Various questions will guide your decision, giving you an idea of what these might be.

The first question is what kind of terrain you prefer snowboarding in as this will have an impact on the right snowboard for you. Whether you prefer powder snow, the chutes, or the rails, you need the board to go with the terrain. 

The second question is how advanced you want to get with your snowboarding skills because it doesn’t take too long to pass the beginner stage so you need a board that will work for you as your skills improve. 

What Kind of Snowboard Should I Get?

Once you have the answers to those two basic questions then you can start to look at the technicalities for choosing your snowboard, for example: 

Length – just roughly, if you stand a board upright it should be almost as tall as your nose. 

Type – this will depend on the terrain you are going to ride on

Camber and rocker – there are different styles for different types of ground so again it depends on your terrain

Width – you need the board to be wide enough to allow your boots just over the edges, but not too much or they will cause drag and you will fall over

Shape – again this will depend on the terrain and type of snowboarding you want to do

How Long Should Your Snowboard Be?

What Kind of Snowboard Should I Get?

When considering how long your snowboard should be you need to take into account several factors, including your height, your weight, and what type of snowboarder you want to be once you have learned the basics. 

There is a very simple rough guide for snowboard length which is that the board should be the same height as your nose if you stand it on end, and you can still go by that. However, most modern boards now come with a weight guide for the rider. 

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So it’s important to pick a board that is the right size to hold your weight, as well as use the standing on its end test. This should give you a general idea of the right length for your body size and then you can look at what type of snowboarding you want to do. 

For fast and aggressive riding, you might need a longer board, but for doing lots of turns and jumps you would need a shorter board, so it’s really up to you which length of board you go for. There are many variables and of course, personal preference as well. 

What Kind of Snowboard Should I Get?

What Kind of Snowboard Should I Get?

There are many different types of snowboards to choose from which are all built slightly differently according to the different terrain they would be used in and the kind of requirements the rider would have for them. Here is a quick guide: 

All-mountain – these are the most commonly used boards because they suit any terrain and will perform well no matter where you are. They are the perfect choice for beginners: best for any terrain as you start out. 

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Freestyle – these are ideal for use in a snowboard park as they are light and flexible. They are not ideal for hard snow cruising. 

Freeride – these are for the more adventurous rider who likes the challenge of snowboarding on ungroomed runs.

Powder – these boards are designed to work with deep snow. 

Split board – these are used for experienced boarders as they split into skis for us on country slopes so are for those looking for a challenge. 

Camber – a camber-shaped board is good for experienced riders who want to go fast. 

Flat – a completely flat or no camber board are much better for doing quick maneuvers and that floating effect. 

Rocker – this is the opposite of a camber board and is great for riding in the park and they are more popular for beginners.

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When it comes to buying your first snowboard there are many variables to take into account so it’s not advisable to rush right in and buy one before you’ve even experienced snowboarding. Take some lessons first so you get a feel for the different types of boards as you will be able to rent them initially. 

Think about what kind of snowboarder you want to become and be aspirational with your board. Always buy it from a reputable snowboarding shop and if you have any questions or doubts then ask the experts who work there for advice and guidance. 

Buying your first snowboard is a big commitment but if you get the right one you will have hours of fun on the slopes to look forward to. 

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