Best Magnet for Magnet Fishing

Magnet fishing indeed surpasses the simple label of a hobby. It attracts treasure hunters with the prospect of discovering various items, and sometimes draws valuable metals out of the water. However, this necessitates that the metals stick to a powerful magnet. This is where an exceptional magnet for magnet fishing proves its worth. Owing to its intense magnetic pull, it can guide the explorer towards noteworthy findings. The magnets specified below have been selected due to their superb performance and durability.

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Best for Hobbyists
Best for Treasure Hunting
Best for Large Objects
$8.00 ($8.00 / Fl Oz)
Best for Hobbyists
Best for Treasure Hunting
Best for Large Objects
02/17/2024 01:10 pm GMT Lasso Brag
Best for Hobbyists
Wukong Double Sided Fishing Magnet

Made a 2.36in diameter, the magnet is just the right size for the large catch. It opens up as one of the most versatile sizes, and it is used either on its own or with other magnets to fish out all types of objects from the bottom of rivers, lakes, and oceans.

With a 660lbs pulling force, it can fish out even large objects with its double-side design. However, magnet fishers are mostly interested in small precious objects, and their surface is specifically made for these. Those seeking an extra adventure fishing out for potential treasures can also easily transport it since it’s so small.

Ni+Cu+Ni makes it shiny and rust-resistant. Its polished surface makes it stand out and potentially makes the magnet a tool that also looks good in the arsenal of a treasure hunter. With its anti-corrosive finish, the magnet also stands out as a durable product in freshwater and saltwater fishing.

  • 330lbs magnetic force per side
  • Includes an eyebolt screw base
  • Compatible with ropes and carabiners
  • Doesn’t include a lock washer
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02/17/2024 01:10 pm GMT
Best for Treasure Hunting
HHOOMY Super Strong Fishing Magnet
$8.00 ($8.00 / Fl Oz)

A strong neodymium magnet is a powerful option for anyone seeking to look for all-size metals. It doesn’t work on gold, but with a bit of luck, hobbyists can find all types of objects to collect just using the small magnet.

A 29mm protective steel cup is added to the magnet to keep it in good condition for longer. At the same time, it represents one of the simplest magnets as it’s also coated with the right anti-rust materials.

A combined coat of neodymium, iron, and boron protects the magnet from rusting. The triple layer protection allows the magnet to be seen among the leading options for longevity.

A braided rope is also shipped with the magnet fishing bundle. The rope has a length of 100 feet and it also supports a pulling weight of 330lbs. With this kit, users can start retrieving their lost metal objects or simply develop a new hobby and seek out various metals in the water.

  • Made with a shiny surface
  • Pulling force of up to 149kg
  • Backed by a money-back guarantee
  • Not the most durable rope
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02/17/2024 02:03 pm GMT
Best for Large Objects
Brute Magnetics Neodymium Fishing Magnet

With an impressive 1,200lbs of pulling power, the high-quality magnet is one of the strongest users can find today. With a 4.7in diameter, it’s also considerably larger than other fishing magnets.

Those planning to travel with such a magnet should know that it is also a bit harder to carry, compared to the smaller alternatives as those seen above. However, its pulling power is also almost 3-times higher than the other fishing magnets.

With an included eyebolt or countersunk hole, the magnet is also very easy to use. Those who want to see the best results and find all types of metals mainly need to connect the eyebolt properly to deal with the high weight capacity the magnet is capable of.

Since it comes with such a large weight capacity, the magnet also includes a 6ml bottle of thread locker which. 2-3 drops should be enough even when pulling water bodies close to the 1,000lbs pull force limit.

  • Used for recovering historical artifacts
  • It can be used to clean up rivers
  • NdFeB Magnet with stainless steel plate construction
  • Heavy at 4.11lbs
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02/17/2024 02:48 pm GMT

The Benefits of Using a Magnet for Magnet Fishing

Magnet fishing is not new. It has been around for years but today, with the advent of social media, there are more people of all ages getting into the hobby. The main attraction of the activity is finding different objects every time.

There are, of course, risks associated with the hobby but when done with good judgment, it can surface all types of lost objects from kitchen utensils to historic pieces. The following benefits have been often attributed to magnet fishing.

Low barrier of entry

A fishing magnet is inexpensive as is a good rope. This is all that’s needed to start in this activity. Those new to magnet fishing can think they need to invest thousands jus to be able to fish out various objects, but this is far from the truth.

Even the best type of magnet for magnet fishing is inexpensive given its durability. Of course, the entire setup can grow in time according to angler preferences. Some of the best solutions for overall versatility with the fishing magnet is setup with 2 or 3 fishing magnets. This is what makes the difference when it comes to everyday use. Larger objects such as bikes require a bit more pulling power.

The low barrier of entry also has its limitations when it comes to safety. Most users need to know that pulling all types of heavy objects with their bare hands can cause burns if the rope slips. On heavy objects, it’s recommended to use gloves that protect the hands and which also offer a better grip.


When it comes to the overall safety of magnet fishing, there are just a few tips to remember. One of the main problems those in the activity have is with losing the magnet. It’s rare to lose it by accidental untying from the rope or from rope tear.

Most magnets for fishing are lost when they attach to large metal surfaces that the users don’t have access to remove them from. Water tanks and metal bridge structures are among the surfaces which attract most magnets and which are hard to reach by the user.

At the same time, those snorkeling to find the next interesting metal objects also need to exercise caution for safety reasons. Tying the rope around the hand or the legs is not the best idea. Users might need to get back to the surface quickly and the rope can hold them back.

Another safety concern is with lifting heavy objects. Simply put, magnets won’t let go of heavy objects, and pulling them out of the water is going to be a bit difficult without any help.

Another method of using magnets in magnetic fishing is with on-shore quests. These objects aren’t only used inside water. They are also attached to various materials to be used to look for coins and other similar objects on the ground. In this case, finding all metal objects such as bullets from the Second World War are among the biggest causes of safety concern, as discussed on magnet fishing forums.

It is best to exercise caution with all objects the magnet fishes for. When removing the objects on the magnet it’s best to use protective gloves to stay clear of sharp objects. In some cases, metals can also block sharp objects in-between such as pieces of glass and those in the activity should exercise cause when removing them.

Even with these considerations, magnet fishing is still considered safe. Most of those into the activity follow the tips above and the activity is as safe if not safer than regular fishing.


Magnet fishing is fun and this is why a growing number of people are getting into the activity. There are many types of users interested in the activity. Some are simply not in it to find valuables. Others are primarily interested in having fun outdoors.

The activity now has a growing community and many of those into magnet fishing are doing it as a full-time job, traveling around the world, and seeking all types of objects. In the local area, it teaches those into the activity more about the depths of the water or the canals. Many canals are never properly cleaned and clear of metal objects and there are all types of users interested in them. There are even online communities for buying and selling these lost and found objects.

It’s time spent outdoors

One of the biggest benefits of the hobby is that it gets people outdoors. With an increasing number of sedentary hobbies and computer work, getting outdoors improves mood and fitness. Most those into the hobby like the idea of being outdoors and enjoying unknown areas out in the wilderness or right within city limits.

At the moment, there are municipalities where magnet fishing might be subject to regulation. But at the same time, most cities don’t specifically impose restrictions on the activity. With so many benefits to consider, the activity is among the most interesting and crowd-gather hobbies to be pursued within the city.

Not knowing what you find next

As with every fishing session, there are never 2 similar objects to be found. Magnet fishing surfaces all types of objects which remain different and which users don’t get to guess. This changing appeal of magnet fishing is what draws in new groups every day.

Not knowing what’s underneath the water also has an exploration vibe about it. Those into the sport are people who’re usually interested in adventures and not in repetitive tasks. Similar to actual fishing where nobody knows the type of fish that’s going to bite next, magnet fishing is going to offer a different story with every magnet cast.

How to Choose the Best Magnet for Magnet Fishing

Magnets are everything in magnet fishing. Made for high reliability, magnets are normally durable. However, plenty of low-quality products have been seen over the years and to save money on magnet purchases, those pursuing the activity need to take a close look at the following characteristics.

Neodymium Magnets

Fishing magnets are made from neodymium, iron, and boron. When mixed, these elements create a unique magnet which is considered the strongest magnet there is. Today, these magnets aren’t as expensive as they used to be.

As a result, these magnets are now made in all sizes and are generally affordable. Most of these magnets are also encased or treated with various coatings for durability. With plenty of durabilities, these magnets are estimated to last for life.

It’s not easy to break one of these magnets. One of the few ways to damage these magnets is to drop them on hard surfaces from a considerable height. But chipping is rare and when it comes to fishing magnets, there’s no reason to upgrade due to physical damage.

Anti-Rust Coating

Since magnets are mostly used underwater, rust is the biggest issue to worry about. Encased in metal, the anti-rust coating is what’s considered the most important durability characteristic. Since most magnets are used both in saltwater and in freshwater, anti-rust protection is a crucial element in the overall versatility. Stainless steel protection is what makes these magnets even more durable than many expect.

Without rusting, the material can be added on top of the magnet to add durability. Other users prefer to only purchase the plain magnet and create their own custom case to fish with. However, it would still need to be resistant to rust as it can cause infections in case of accidental cuts when made at home.

Pulling Force

The pulling force is the most important element of magnet fishing. It’s here that users can find various pulling strengths and where they get confused. Most commercial-grade fishing magnets are made with pulling power between 300lbs and 1.000lbs.

However, most users don’t need magnets stronger than 300lbs in pulling force. It’s here they get the opportunity to find the leading products with solid durability and with sufficient pulling strength. When starting out in magnet fishing, it’s also smart to choose a low pulling force magnet to get used to the dynamics of the process before moving on to very powerful magnets which can easily get stuck on metal surfaces and lost forever.


The ropes used for magnet fishing are not included with some magnets. In general terms, ropes should have a tensile strength at least comparable to the pulling power of the magnet. This is why users need to look hard at what rope they invest in.

Not all ropes are comfortable. Some burn the hands when pulled quickly inside the water. However, regardless of the rope’s materials, wearing protective gloves is a must. These 3 objects are sufficient to start magnet fishing.

Alternatively, strong cables can also be used with the magnet. Unlike ropes, cables can be smaller to travel with. However, they cut into the hands and they’re significantly more difficult to fish with as a result.

The ropes used in magnet fishing should also be new. Old ropes tend to be damaged at some level and they can even lead to losing the magnet and the fished-out objects. Investing in the good rope is essential.

Best Places to Magnet Fish 

Seeking the best places to magnet fish is the main objective of those in the activity. In general, it’s best to stick to the crowded areas or to the areas which used to be crowded in order to find the most objects.

Magnet fishing has been traditionally associated with rivers. It’s here that most users can find most objects not only because of the location which can be crowded but because rivers tend to bring all types of objects with them and move them along for hundreds of miles.

Small rivers tend to be better placed to magnet fish. Areas around bridges are where many people start the activity as this is where most objects are lost or thrown away.

Canals within city limits are great destinations in ideal conditions for magnet fishing as well. It’s here that most people lost personal objects such as coins or rings. Furthermore, most city canals never get drained or properly cleaned by the authorities and they can offer the most rewards in a small area compared to lakes and rivers.

Lakes can also be a good area for magnet fishing. However, the chosen lakes should only be chosen according to their popularity. Remote lakes are unlikely to offer any real objects of value or any metals at all as people don’t reach them easily.

Crowded areas
Other crowded areas such as ponds or rivers within city limits can also be of interest to those new to the magnet fishing world. It’s here that most magnet fishing rewards are seen. A good idea of how these crowded places look is simply to look online at magnet fishing communities to draw inspiration.

Crowded areas might also attract the attention of the authorities. This is why magnet fishers should first ensure they have the legal right to be fishing in the area. Without a doubt, the local authorities show up on every fishing occasion as the activity gathers a lot of crowds from the busy city streets.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best magnets for magnet fishing?

The 2.36in magnet diameter is the most popular today. As seen from the examples above, these magnets enjoy sufficient strength to pull out objects with a weight of up to 300lbs, and at the same time, they’re still compact and easy to travel with. Since they even fit pockets, these magnets are above the rest when it comes to portability.

What size magnet is best for magnet fishing?

2.36in magnets is a good place to start with magnet fishing. As skills improve and as users start to go for large objects, a 4.7in the magnet can be a good step up. Both can be used in the same magnet fishing locations but the larger magnet is going to be able to pull out considerably larger metals with a weight of up to 1.000lbs.

What are the rules for magnet fishing?

Magnet fishing is legal and not regulated in the US. On a local level, exceptions might apply and magnet fishers should ask permission from the local authorities to get into the activity. In the UK, the Canal & River Trust doesn’t allow magnet fishing.

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