Best Fishing Poles And Whips

The highest quality fishing rods are designed for flexibility. They are suitable for both saltwater and freshwater fishing, reflecting their adaptability among a wide variety of fish species. Fishing rods can be obtained with spinning reels or without, and they come in different lengths and are made from various materials.

If you’re new to fishing you can consider a starter kit. This covers all accessories such as hooks, fishing lines, and finishing lures. The following fishing rods have been selected for the value they provide to those new to the easy fishing world.

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Best for Kids
Best for Beginners
Best Fishing Pole Kit
$38.99 ($19.50 / Count)
Best for Kids
Best Fishing Pole Kit
02/17/2024 01:58 pm GMT Lasso Brag
Best for Kids
PLUSINNO Kids Fishing Pole

Made for kids, Plusinno’s fishing pole is one of the friendliest options to start the incredible journey of fishing. It represents one of the most valuable designs when it comes to affordability. Kids who want to get into fishing can’t use heavier and longer fishing poles which means Plussino’s offering is going to work like a charm. It even includes all that’s needed to start fishing.

The kit includes a fishing pole, a reel, jig heads, bobers, hard lures, swivels, and soft lures. These accessories can be used for a long time and they also have the role of teaching kids more about fishing and what it takes to catch various fish species.

The hard and the soft lures in the pack can have an educational purpose here. While they’re not the most high-tech lures, they’re durable and kids can exercise their fishing skills with them trustfully.

The Telescopic fishing pole is made from plastic with an EVA grip is also another considerable advantage. The fishing pole represents one of the few options kids have which are also practical. The telescopic nature of the fishing pole is recommended for travel as well. Kids can have their entire fishing pole packed in the travel bag it comes with which can further improve the practicality of the starter kit.

As for the age, kids 3 to 10 are going to be best served by the fishing pole. At this age, kids transition from the first steps of fishing to the more complex fishing tools. However, the skills they can build at this time are going to be with them for the rest of life and it’s best to choose an affordable fishing pole for this learning stage.

With a size of 120cm and a weight of just 3.2oz, the fishing pole is lightweight. Learning to retrieve is not going to be too difficult for the little ones. Even standing and holding the fishing pole is easy as they don’t have the strength to hold a carbon fishing pole just yet.

  • Includes hard and soft lures
  • Made for ages 3+
  • 3-section telescoping pole
  • Only made from plastic and foam
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02/17/2024 01:58 pm GMT
Best for Beginners
PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

A fishing rod with a spinning reel combo is what makes this Plusinno fishing pole starter kit an excellent option for both sons, fathers, and husbands. With an included reel, it’s not going to need too much effort to assemble and head out fishing for the first time. Those new to the fishing or those who need a collapsible fishing rode might also consider it as a worthy option.

The telescoping fishing rod is made from 24-Ton carbon fiber reinforced fiberglass composite. Lightweight, durable, and flexible, it has the DNA of a saltwater/freshwater performer.

Its reinforced nature is also what’s going to make it feel a bit more special in the hands. With a soft anti-slip grip, the fishing rod stands out among the rest.

The HA 3000 fishing reel runs on 12+1 steel bearings which means it can retrieve the lure or the catch like few other spinning reels this size has. Bigger than the 1000 spinning reel but smaller than the large saltwater 5000 spinning reel creations, it features one of the best profiles for handling the high capacity of the versatile fisherman navigating changing waters and various fish from trout to bass.

The trout rod might also be used on larger fish with its durable line guides.

The advantage of the collapsible size of the rod is also considered here. The multi-piece fishing rod stands out with its compact size which is what makes it easily fit a regular backpack. Albeit it comes with its travel bag, it’s still reassuring to see such a compact fishing pole being seen as the main option for skilled and beginner fishermen. 

Those who might already own a travel fishing bag may also purchase this kit separately, with no storage bag.

Freshwater and saltwater-ready, the fishing pole stands out among the durable solutions in its class. If considered as a gift, it’s a safe choice as most use such a spinning reel. Furthermore, given the spinning reel also comes with a collapsible CNC-machined handle, it also creates sufficient leverage for all styles of fishing.

  • Compact telescopic profile
  • Includes a durable spinning reel
  • Compatible with saltwater and freshwater fishing
  • The line in the pack could be better
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02/17/2024 01:22 pm GMT
Best Fishing Pole Kit
Plusinno Fishing Rod And Reel Kit With Line Lures
$38.99 ($19.50 / Count)

Sold as a kit, the Plusinno fishing rod is another top choice which saves considerably as a starter pack. Those new to fishing might still not know how much they can spend on the soft and hard lure and this is the main reason this Plusinno set was created.

Unlike other kits from the manufacturer, it uses only the best materials as it stands out from its competitors.

Inclusive of soft and hard lures, the fishing rod is among the most powerful options for those who don’t want to deal with live bait. The colorful lure and spools are used in all types of fishing conditions.

From small lures to large hard lures, there are good reasons to start with such a kit until every fisherman finds the right combination to catch the targeted fish species.

The fishing pole is made with a carbon and fiberglass mix which helps it stand out even more. Made with some of the best materials, the hybrid fishing pole is reliable as it can be used in different fishing conditions.

When used out in the sun, it maintains its rigidity and flexibility even in direct sunlight. In saltwater conditions, it is treated against corrosion so that it doesn’t only last for one fishing season.

Aluminum oxide guide inserts are made with anti-corrosion treatment supporting long casts and line weight for years. Made to mimic the guide inserts of the premium fishing poles, these are also known for their durability. Apart from not rusting, they also look very distinct, as if they’re a premium option.

Available sizes vary from 5.9ft to 8.86ft, the fishing rod is among the telescoping poles made for all user heights and types of fishing. From short to long poles, there are a few good options those who want to take their game to the next level can rely on. Some users even own 2 sets of rods to suit different fishing locations.

  • Includes line lure
  • Based on a 3000 spinning reel
  • Based on 5:2:1 gear ratio
  • Only comes with 1 Plusinno 3 line
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Plusinno Telescopic Fishing Rod With Lures And Hooks

Available in a pack with lures and hooks, the fishing pole is another affordable option from the popular manufacturer. Available in different lengths, the fishing reel features multiple benefits such as including a reliable spinning reel and coming packed with interesting hooks for bass and other fish.

The telescopic rod comes with an EVA grip which makes the life of the user simpler. With a comfortable grip, the fisherman doesn’t feel pain in the hands after a couple of hours of fishing. At the same time, the EVA grip prevents the line from sticking to the pole too much.

A versatile spinning reel is added to the pack. While based on plastic gears, it’s still a versatile performer for all types of fish. Lightweights and featuring CNC machined parts, the spinning reel stands out with its overall durability in saltwater fishing since it can easily be cleaned based on its efficient design.

The handle of the reel can be interchangeable from left to right, the fishing pole can be used by everybody. Even some of the more expensive alternatives lack this feature which might be one of the reasons why the pole is still increasing in popularity, especially within the affordable range.

S-Curve system for good line winding is added to this lightweight spinning reel. Its role is to efficiently retrieve the line. Judging by how many fishermen complain about a lien being stuck in the reel, this is one of the practical system implementations which takes the mind of the gear and onto the catch.

  • Made with steel hooded seats
  • Collapses for travel and storage
  • Available in several rod lengths
  • Plastic gears on the spinning reel
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Sougayilang Spinning Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

Made from high-density carbon and fiberglass, the fishing pole is among the durable options in its class for overall materials and versatility. This is not a specialized fishing pole, it’s mainly made to be the first option as a fishing rod and this is why it’s made to be as versatile as possible.

The reel features fast 13+1 stainless steel bearings which are a solid addition. With so many ball bearings, it stands out above the competition in the smoothness of the retrieve. It even features a unique design so that fishermen won’t feel they’re missing out on anything with the most other alternatives which are so much more expensive.

A distinct honeycomb spinning reel spool makes the spinning reel look similar if not better to the ones from premium brands as Shimano, Shakespeare, Kastking, Penn, Daiwa, or Celilo.

With good performance and matching aesthetics, the fishing reel isn’t the average entry-level performer. Those stepping into the world of fishing might even consider it among the durable solutions to rely on.

The telescopic rod is available in sizes from 5.9ft to 10.8ft which means it can be one of the longest options in these starter kit options. But who would need a long fishing pole? Anyone who loves inshore fishing is going to like its extra reach. At the same time, its shorter versions can impress with their agility.

Multiple applications make it useful for trout, bass, salmon, and bass fishing. The types of fish users can go for based on the performance of this fishing pole is impressive. Several types of fish can be attacked with the fishing pole and outside big fish, the spinning reel is capable of fighting the good fight for the user.

  • Includes 3 fishing lures
  • Totals 12 fishing accessories
  • Includes 1 spare spool
  • A bit too light for saltwater fishing
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Sougayilang Fishing Rod Reel Combos

Including a carbon fiber telescoping pole with mixed fiberglass construction, the fishing pole is among the most versatile options in its class. It has one of the best profiles when it comes to overall flex and this makes it quite versatile for beginner and intermediate users.

Used in freshwater and saltwater fishing, the rod combo is reliable for any fish species.

An EVA foam grip makes the fishing pole comfortable. It might not be as high class as cork grips, but it’s comfortable. The foam has been added in key places. However, some users note foam coverage could have been extended to truly enjoy the best durability.

Those seeking enhanced ergonomics might also want to consider fishing pole accessories.

13+ bearings spinning reel with anti-reverse is added to the medium-light pole. This makes the action rod even more versatile as users don’t need to waste more time and money looking for a good starter spinning reel. While this reel features plastic gearing, it can always be replaced as other fishing reels can be mounted on this fishing rod.

Lures and accessories are added to the pack. With so many fishing lures, fishermen can try out different species to see which lure is best. While trout might bite best on a certain color lure, bass can be more tempted by other lures.

A travel bag is also included in the starter pack. The bag is fully zipped which means it is highly practical. But at the same time, the bag is easily cleaned as it can also be added to the washing machine when it needs to smell fresh once again.

Sold as a full kit, a kit with a carrying case, or just with the best rod and the spinning reel, the kit is one of the most affordable solutions of getting into fishing. While others have the same belief when it comes to starting, it’s only specialized anglers who aren’t going to be tempted to use this versatile rod in their fishing journeys.

  • Sold with rods and hooks
  • Includes a 110 yards fishing line
  • Made with mixed fiberglass
  • Not the most durable fishing reel
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Types of Fishing Rods

Before heading out to purchase the first fishing rod, fishermen need to consider a handful of characteristics. But before all, they need to know the various types of fishing rods available today. The days of wooden sticks are over and the fishing rods today are made with a specialized profile as those below.

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Sea fishing rods

Made with long eyes, a thick pole, and very high flex and tension resistance, sea fishing rods are among the robust options for fishermen. It’s not that they need to be the longest fishing rods but they need to be very strong.

Saltwater fishing is usually specific and it requires a lot of strength both from the fisherman and forms the fishing pole. Today, there are plenty of reasons to only use such a fishing rod out on the ocean.

To begin with, other rods aren’t made to deal with heavy lure and with a heavy catch. Simply put, the rod can snap under the extra weight if not appropriate to the size and weight of the catch.

Surf rods

Surf rods are a bit bigger and stronger than classic spinning rods. Made for 2-handed casting, these fishing rods also enjoy impressive durability. For some fisherman, it is also a fishing rod which offers a lot in return. Surf fishing has its benefits and it can’t rely on freshwater fishing rods.

Fly rods

Fly fishing rods are not telescopic. Made from multiple pieces, these rods are thin and flexible. They’re also very lightweight. Almost all anglers saw someone fly fishing before. This type of fishing is very specific and the fishing rod spends a lot of time up above chest level and it is almost always held with a single hand.

From here, it’s clear these rods can’t be heavy. They need to be lightweight and they need to be very easy to cast. Fly fishing casting is different from all other types of fishing. As a result, it needs to be very precise. The fly or the lure has a very small and specific water area to land on. As a result, fly fishing rods aren’t specifically long either.

Ice fishing rods

Ice fishing is also very specific but it benefits from requiring only low tech fishing gear as there’ no casting distance to worry about. In theory, any fishing rod can be adapted to sedentary ice fishing. However, most ice fishing poles are short as they only need to be held close to the ice hole.

Telescoping rods

Telescoping rods remain the most versatile solution regardless of fishing skill level. Made with some of the best materials, telescoping poles extend and compact when for travel. Designed from multiple pieces, they also represent one of the most reliable options for those who might want to try out hybrid materials, which have been seen on telescoping poles for years.

Telescoping poles are also compatible with nearly all spinning reels. As a result, these fishing rods can easily be used for all types of fishing. In the absence of another rod, telescoping rods can also be considered for ice fishing, fly fishing, ocean fishing, and shore fishing.

In terms of price, these rods also cover a wide range. From the most affordable to paying thousands for a single-pole, these fishing rods are also very different from one brand to another, depending on their materials, accessories, and design.

Pen rods

Often confused with telescoping rods, pen rods are made to collapse in a pen-shaped piece. Largely useful for travel, they can be among the most interesting options for fishing on lakes or out of a kayak. These rods are also a good choice for those starting with fishing and who’s not yet interested in purchasing all the accessories of a normal telescoping rod.

Trolling rods

As their name suggests, these rods are made for casting. Seen on fishing boats, the trolling rod is made with high resistance and high weight capacity. It is also a fishing rod which is not the first choice for most users. In time, these rods can be added to a fishing gear collection, but they also come with a significant learning curve.

How to Choose the Best Fishing Poles

Choosing the right fishing pole isn’t easy. Almost all fishing poles have their strengths and drawbacks. But in the conditions in which they represent the type of gear which isn’t normally upgraded too often, it’s worth spending a few minutes to learn about how fishing rods are used and what to look for when buying them.


The real value of a fishing rod lies in its materials. While not all of them are the same, some fishing rods are designed in a different class based on the manufacturing materials.


The first option is the fiberglass rod. These are the most affordable today and they are seen in a wide range of fishing rods. Used on its own or in combination with other materials, fiberglass is among the most versatile materials to count on when starting.

The material is a bit thicker than the others. However, this is not necessarily a drawback as its weight is still acceptable for a fishing rod. Today, it’s rare to find a pure fiberglass rod in the entry-level segment as even cheap fishing rods come with reinforced materials.

Fiberglass is also the type of material that is easy to work with. As a result, the shape of the fiberglass-made rods is considerably different from case to case. For many users, these fishing rods are still relied upon for years.


Graphite rods are the mid-point material between fiberglass and carbon fiber. It’s a material that is lightweight but cheaper than carbon fiber while also more expensive than fiberglass. But its versatility is also worth the investment.

Lightweight, elegant, and rigid, graphite is widely seen today in the fishing industry. The material is also used in manufacturing gear for other outdoor sports as a result of its overall versatility. If you don’t know how graphite feels in the hands, you can walk into any fishing store and ask for graphite fishing poles to compare it to the more basic fiberglass alternative.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber can also be seen as durable graphite. While graphite is fine for occasional fishing without a demanding nature, carbon fiber can be used even with the most demanding fish. Its lightweight profile is what makes it so appealing. At the same time, carbon fiber is considerably more expensive than other materials.

Some fishermen don’t advise newbies to go for a carbon fiber fishing pole first. This position is explained by the rather fragile nature of the material and certainly by its high price. As a result, it’s always worth investing in the right products from the start but maybe skip the truly premium fishing poles as a beginner.

Those who’re already familiar with casting, retrieving, and fishing, in general, can always upgrade to a carbon-made fishing pole. From here, they can solely rely on the material or they can use it as a second fishing pole for the finest days of fishing.

Composite Materials (Multi-Material)

Composite materials or multiple material fishing poles are the norms today, at least in the affordable price range. These materials are known for their overall durability because they also combine the best of all worlds.

As seen in the examples above, popular combinations include carbon and fiberglass. This combination is durable, rigid but with good flexibility, and most importantly affordable. As a result, there’s no reason to overlook the material when just taking the first steps in the world of fishing.


The weight of the fishing pole is directly impacted by its materials. But its accessories can also play a small role in this weight. As a result, it’s important to look at how the fishing poles feel in the hands as they feel can be different than it looks on paper.

Casting with a heavy rod is never easy. A rod that is too light also doesn’t offer sufficient feedback. As a result, it is also important to find the right solution or the right balance when it comes to weight.
This is largely dependent on the type of fishing the user is planning.

Those who prefer to fish in freshwater and who need to move frequently can benefit from an extra-low weight fishing rod. Those fishing off a boat out on the ocean certainly need something of substance to catch that picture-perfect tuna.


The flex of the fishing pole is also important as it dictates the retrieve. Good fishing pole flex is crucial when it comes to everyday use. There are tens of fishing pole flex options to consider. The tip of the pole is the most flexible. Since it’s also the thinnest element of a fishing pole, it also needs to bend to avoid breakage.

Rod Rings

Rod rings or rod guides also play their part when it comes to the durability of the fishing pole. There are several materials to consider here which include nanolite, alcolite, aluminum, silicone, and even titanium.

These rods are among the most representative when it comes to everyday use. But at the same time, they are made to tackle different weights. One of the most durable materials is titanium. It also adds a bit of weight to the fishing rod which can be beneficial for those who like good feedback.

Total Gear Price

When starting with fishing, users should consider the price they pay for all fishing gear. Today, it is easy to overspend on the spinning reel alone, without even getting to the fishing pole. As a result, it is essential to budget properly. Here’s what new anglers should expect to pay for.

Fishing rod
The fishing rod itself can be as expensive as the spinning reel. It is where most new users begin to budget. But overspending on the fishing rod might not be the wisest idea. It’s crucial to find the right products when it comes to everyday use, especially in the conditions in which investing in accessories is an ongoing process.

Fishing reel
The fishing reel is another investment fishermen should think about. Not all fishing reels are the same. Some feature better materials while others feature more steel bearings. What’s certain is that fishing reels can be at least as expensive if not more expensive than the fishing pole itself.

The line is inexpensive but most fishermen should own different types of fishing lines. Depending on the type of fish to catch, the line should be updated accordingly. There are many reasons to consider a fishing line as a first purchase in the line of accessories.

Owning multiple hooks is essential. Most tend to get lost anyways. Buying different size fishing hooks is what most new fishermen tend to forget. But they are essential to catching and holding on to the fish.

The soft and hard lure is included with a few of the listed fishing poles above and with some baitcasting rods as well. Purchased separately, they can certainly cost hundreds in time. There are multiple types of fishing lures to consider and diversity is key when purchasing them separately.

Travel bags
A travel bag is crucial to keep the fishing pole safe and scratch-free. Most users can benefit from an included free travel bag when purchasing one of the fishing poles above.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fish with a whipping pole?

Fishing with a whip is a bit niche to those used to high-quality spinning reels. But whip-fishing is where it all started. Without relying on the spinning reel, the line is attached directly to the whip itself. This means the line is only as long as the whip.

Suitable for shallow water fishing, whips can catch all types of fish. Sitting on the edge of a lake and whipping the lure on the water is all that it takes. A floater can be used to detect whenever the fish is biting.

A short movement is then used to hook the fish and pull it out, replacing long battles with long lines and spinning reels. A whipping pole can be one-piece or made from multiple pieces and it may even be turned into a baitcasting reel with a few upgrades.

What is the difference between a fishing pole and a rod?

Both rods and fishing poles are terms that interconnect today. However, things weren’t always as blurry in the past. In the early days of fishing rods, fishermen knew they were made with steel reels and guides. Fishing rods were different as the line was attached directly at the end.

How many types of fishing rods are there?

As mentioned above, there are various types of fishing rods to rely on today. These rods include fly rods, casting rods, spinning rods, sea fishing rods, telescopic rods, and fly fishing rods. All of them serve different purposes and they can even be part of a collection for various types of fishing.

How do you know what size fishing rod to get?

Most fishing rods today are made with a length between 5.5 feet and 12 feet. Beginners normally choose 7-feet rods. However, it is not a matter of beginners versus experienced fishermen here. It’s a matter of the type of fishing to be used within.

River fishing might require medium-length rods, such as the classic 7-feet design. Lake fishing might even benefit from longer rods to ensure a bit more reach. Ice fishing on the other hand is not as tied to the length of the pole as users need to be closer to the hole in the ice and as a result, the shorted fishing rods are to be sued here.

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