Best American Football Pants

American football is a beloved part of contact sports in the United States. Its immense popularity motivates many to strive to be elite players. As a result, they begin their training early, fully equipped with the necessary gear. Beyond simply being a part of the uniform, American Football pants, much like football gloves, are meticulously crafted with materials that facilitate easy motion and offer sufficient protection.

It\’s no secret that American football is a rough contact sport with a high risk of injuries; that\’s why American football apparel, including football pants, is designed with protective pads and high-quality fabric materials. The quality of the American football pants plays an important role in keeping the football player\’s best performance.

Well-constructed American football pants allow the player to make a swift movement without causing damage to the football pants. In addition, a football player wearing comfortable football pants can focus on winning the game.

If you\’re training or playing, these are the best pants used for American football that you should check out:

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Best for Protection
McDavid Hex Rival 5 Padded American Football Pants

The Best Pants for Lower Body Protection

The McDavid American Football pants feature high-quality integrated pads and take pride in the streamlined graduated hex technology contours at the hips, girdle, and tailbone location and a hardshell thigh guards design for full-on American football pants coverage.

The design of these American football pants is slightly different from the conventional pants for American football in the market because of its best protective hardshell material; nevertheless, these football pants adhere to the regulations set by all high school American football associations.

Comfortable Pants

The fabric used in the McDavid Americ football pants has an hDc moisture management technology to keep the players comfortable, cool, and dry during a game. You can wash, dry, and wear it over and over for the whole football season, satisfaction guaranteed. These pants offer the best lower body protection during your challenging American football game.

  • Includes cup pocket
  • Moisture management technology
  • Wash, dry, and wear
  • Hardshell and hex contours
  • Best pad support
  • The pad on the thighs is consistent with all sizes, therefore a bit smaller for XL size
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Best for Comfort
A4 Sportswear Football Pants

Hard-wearing American Football Pants

Roughness and dirt are all part of the American football game. The uniform and the gear, including the American football pants, will get dirty and smelly inevitably during practice and the actual game.

The A4 Sportswear recognized the nasty results on your American football pants after the game; therefore, it designed them to be odor and stain-resistant for American football. The 100% Polyester Warp Knit feature of these American football pants made it possible to absorb moisture and keep a cool and comfortable fit.

Functional American Football Pants

These American football pants are flyless with integrated thigh, knee, hip, and tailbone pads, all sewn permanently in the pockets. The waistband is designed with a 2-way grip and strengthened by double-needle stitching for reinforcement. The 3-panel flyless construction and stress points are reinforced with bar tacks to ensure durability and avoid tearing the football pants.

Sizing and Color Options

These pants are sized for and used by American Football players from Pop Warner, Club Leagues, to Highschool Leagues. It offers various colors: green, red, graphite, navy blue, royal blue, silver, white, and yellow.

  • Integrated pads on the American football pants
  • Odor and stain-resistant American football pants
  • Durable American football pants
  • Availability of different colors
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Best Fit
Alleson Athletic Youth Solo Series Integrated Football Pants

A Football Pants Best for Matching Uniforms with Team Name

These American football pants are great for matching team uniforms. Although these American football pants are designed for low-impact playing, the Alleson American football pants are still built with bar tacked at all key stress points and a comprehensive seamed cover to ensure strength and durability. The pants’ fabric is made of 100% polyester; it is stretchable and washing machine-safe.

Breathable and Comfortable American Football Game Pants

For protection, the EVA pads are sewn in into the stretch mesh pockets of the American football pants that offer the best protection during the American football game and the comfort the breathable mesh provides. The American football pants also feature five-panel construction of traditional duke crotch and belt attachment with chrome rings.

These American Football pants are sized for the youth with up to 31 inches waistline.

  • Best pants for matching with the American football team uniform
  • Easy to wash American football pants
  • Great fit
  • Breathable fabric
  • Availability of different colors
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Rawlings Boys' Game/Practice
$38.99 ($19.50 / Count)

Since 1877, Rawlings’ has been known for manufacturing sports goods, and the Rawling Boys’ American football pants are one of the latest addition to their line of products.

Designed for Youth Football Games

These American football pants are made and designed for the youth to wear at practice or during the actual game. The fabric of the American football pants is made of 100% polyester with sewn-in protection pad pockets to ensure that it stays in place. The player will appreciate these features of the pants during run throw passing drills and on-field technique discipline.

Easy to Wash

Despite the built-in pads in the hip, girdle, thigh, knees, and spine areas, the Rawling Boys’ American football pants are lightweight and easy to wash. These American football pants also feature an elastic waistband and belt to best fit 8 to 14 years old.

  • Sewn-on protection pads on the American football pants
  • The football pants held up to rough plays and washes
  • The pants' fabric is stretchable and comfortable
  • Availability of three variety of colors
  • Pads are a bit thin compared to other brands
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Sports Unlimited Double Knit Adult Integrated Football Pants

Affordable American Football Pants with High-quality Material

These American football pants from Sports Unlimited offer a durable quality for the best price. The semi-rigid design of the thigh pad helps absorb impact from a hard tackle. At the same time, the padding for the knee, girdle, and hip are flexible for gracious movement, and the tailbone pad tightly but comfortably hugs the body for advanced protection.

These pads are integrated into the football pants and sewn in permanently for easy washing.

These pants are made from the best polyester material, double-knitted fabric, to endure rigorous football gameplays. The waist area of the American football pants is secured by durable laces and an integrated belt for a comfortable fit. Because of its reasonable price, it is best to be availed by the whole team.

  • Best value American Football pants
  • Hi-rise hip pads
  • Comfortable than nylon made American football pants
  • Availability of 5 variety of colors
  • Inaccurate sizing
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Schutt Sports Youth All-in-One Poly Knit Football Pants

Stay Dry during Football Games

The Schutt Sports Youth American football pants offer matte texture and appearance if you’re not into shiny American football pants. The American football pant’s design brings durability and comfort through its poly-knit all-in-one feature, made from moisture-wicking fabric.

The seven integrated pads on the hips, tail bone, thighs, and knees offer the best protection. Availability of colors includes: black, royal blue, Vegas gold, navy blue, silver, white, and red.

  • Nice and firm pads integrated with the American football pants
  • Matte texture and appearance
  • The American football pants are made from moisture absorbent fabric
  • Availability of colors
  • Sizing is not accurate
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Russell YTH Inter American Football Pants
$8.00 ($8.00 / Fl Oz)

Fit for Young Football Players

Russel YTH is made from blended nylon and spandex material; these American football pants’ design is tighter for young football players. The seven integrated pads are directly sewn to the fabric for further protection and comfort to keep the protective padding in place despite the rigorous gameplay.

Practical Support for American Football Game

The Russell youth American football pants feature ventilated hip and tailbone pads, contoured knee pads, and reinforced thigh pads for maximum support. The built-in pad design on the pants makes them practical for washing. The American football pants can be easily tossed into the washer without worrying about losing and misplacing the pads straight from the field.

Available Range of Sizes for Taller Football Players

If you’re looking for longer American football pants for your tall young football players, these pants will meet the requirement.

  • Long enough pants for tall youth American football players
  • Durable American football pants
  • Availability of colors
  • The fabric material of the American football pants is not stretchable
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ADAMS USA Youth American Football Pants

Best Quality for Best Football Performance

The Adams Manufacturing Store produces the American Football products line for the Schutt Sports brand, offering the best gear possible for American football. They are committed to creating products to bring out the football athletes’ best performance to increase their competitive edge. And that quality and product dedication are expected on these American football pants sized for the youth.

Protective Benefits

These American football pants are double knit, 100% polyester fabric, with a lace fly front design supported with an integrated belt. For protective features, the pants have 5-panel construction with a duke crotch and sewn-in perforated EVA foam pads in the vital location of the hips, thighs, tailbone, and knees. This is a full athletic cut pant with Adams logo print.

  • Availability of colors
  • Hard-wearing American football pants despite repetitive use and washing
  • Reasonable price
  • Inaccurate sizing
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FPGU7 Champro Man Up 7 Pad Girdle Football Pant

Built for the Roughness of Football

The FPGU7 American football pants from Blackout Tees offer flexibility and protection in one with its TRI-FLEX cushion system feature. The contoured hip pads are ventilated and expanded above the waist, reinforced with hard plastic shock plates.

The pants’ fabric is made of polyester and spandex, featuring DRI – GEAR moisture management. This characteristic of the pants helps in preventing odor after use. Washing does not easily wear these American football pants out.

  • Durable pants
  • Comfortable pants
  • Flexible pants
  • Odor and moisture management pants
  • Pads are not as thick compared to other products
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Nike Kids Boy's Recruit 3.0 Compression Pants

Best Quality Material for Best Benefits

Nike is no question a known brand for sporting apparel. To achieve an athletic feel and fit, these American football pants are made of two-way stretch fabric to enable the American football players to execute their best game performance while getting the best protection.

The American football pants’ lockdown fit design contours to the body and keeps the seven integrated pads in place. The thigh and knee pads are molded through compression to give the best protection while playing football, while the die-cut hip and tailbone pads are appropriately shaped for a better fit.

These American football pants are equipped with an integrated belt and cup pocket. The American football pants are also branded with the Nike logo.

  • Tried and tested brand
  • American football pants that can be machine washed
  • Durable American football pants
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FOOTBALL AMERICA Youth Integrated Football Pant

The American football pants from Football America are made of double knit dazzle polyester fabric capable of 4-way stretch. With built-in pads, the areas of the hips, tailbone, knees, and thighs of the football pants are well protected. The hip pads are designed for ventilation at the core of the user’s body. It’s easy to wash and there are more colors to choose from.

  • Availability of colors
  • Value for money
  • Great fit American football pants
  • The Belt D-ring of the football pants tends to rust
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How to Choose the Best Football Pants

American football is a tough sport; it entails running, jumping, and a lot of pushing and tackling. The players’ movement, flexibility, and security are the most common factors to consider in choosing pants. There are American football pants in the market that may only be suitable for training, but some brands offer American pants that can be used for training and the actual game.


Players go through hard and vigorous training; this may require them to repeatedly wear the American football pants and gears at least three times a day, plus another day for the actual American football game. The rough falls on the ground and swift movements may exhaust the fabric of the American football pants.

Also, if you have limited stock of American football pants, you may have to wash them after use, and some of the washing may decrease and wear out the fabric of the American football pants. The American football pants will have to endure all these circumstances to prove their durability.

Being able to use the American football pants for a long time will save you money and will save you from the embarrassment of having torn pants during the practice and games.


American Football can and will include much grabbing from an opposing team. Therefore, it is strategic to wear skintight spandex pants for agile movement and avoid getting tugged by the fabric. The snug fit also helps keep the pants’ pads in place.

It may be skin tight, but you still have to ensure that the fit is comfortable enough for flexible movements to not defeat its strategic purpose. It’s always best to get football pants with stretchable fabric so they can easily adapt to your body shape.


Physical pain is part of the American football game hence all the protective gear you must wear. Football pants are equipped to protect your lower body, including the tailbone, hips, thighs, and legs. These are the vital points where padding is placed.

These pads are best to be sewn in with the pants to ensure they do not fall out of their place and cause serious injuries. As it is, American football can pose injuries because of the way it is played. Thus, protecting yourself is a priority, and well-made and well-attached padding is one of the ways to protect yourself.


Sweat is part of any sport, and the football pants will surely get a lot of it. Because of its skintight fit may cause inconvenience and discomfort to the players if the pants they are wearing are dripping with moisture and sweat. American football pants manufacturers considered this dilemma and designed products with moisture-absorbent technology. Football pants with this feature will keep you comfortable enough to keep your head in the game.


Football players have a different bodies built. There’s no such thing as one size fits all regarding American football pants. You have to ensure you get the best equipment to keep the best performance. Sizes can be tricky when you’re buying online. It’s best to check reviews and ask questions to be a satisfied customer with your orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an integrated American football pant?

Integrated football pants are the kind of pants that have protective pads sewn in with the pants’ fabric. American football pants usually have seven pads on vital lower body areas to protect you from getting badly hurt during hits.

How should American football pants fit?

The pants should fit appropriately so the pads can cover the designated areas accordingly. The cup pocket should be able to comfortably support the crotch area.

How do you wash football pants?

In washing the football pants, never remove the belt and pads. You fasten the loops and hooks when washing with a machine. It should be cold-washed and be air-dried. A dryer with a heater may ruin the belt and pads.

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