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Best American Football Gloves

Best Grip
Grip Boost Football Gloves Grip Stealth Pro Elite
  • » Constructed with an exclusive grip boost formula made from crab shell

Best Receiver Gloves
Cutters Rev Pro Football Gloves
  • » Cutters have made both palm and backhand sides breathable

Best Value
Seibertron Pro 3 0 Elite Ultra-Stick Sports
  • » It can perform efficiently and effectively in many conditions

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Throwing, catching, and holding the football until the players reach the goal require skills and gear. Although football balls have pebbled surfaces for easy grip, there are instances that football slips off the hands of the player that could cause a disastrous game loss. Before the gloves have been essential gear for football players, they use their bare hands with sticky substance for the best ball grip until it was banned, and the players only used gloves during freezing game nights to protect their hands from the cold.

The shape of the football balls also presents a challenge during a fumble because of its unpredictable bounce on the ground. Recovering the loose ball with one hand can become gracefully doable with a football glove. In receiving a long pass from the quarterback with the opposing team hassling, aside from the skills and talent of the football player, a receiver’s gloves would increase the chance of catching the ball without slipping. Having football gloves during a game surely makes difference in ball control during passes. The players recognize the performance difference that the football gloves are now becoming a part of the uniform.

In support of your football game, these are the following best football gloves that could help you touchdown.

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  • 1

    Grip Boost Football Gloves Grip Stealth Pro Elite

Bringing your game in style is not the only feature that the Grip Boost football gloves have to offer. With a combination of passion for football and technology, professionals in the field of science and former football athletes worked together to come up with the best solution to produce gloves that have better performance grip material to ensure the best grip on the ball compared to other known brands. These gloves are constructed with an exclusive grip boost formula made from crab shell. The unique grip palm layer is constructed with advanced suspended polymerization technology which provides the best grip performance in football performance gear. Should you feel that you need to restore the original grip after several games, the football glove grip gel got your gloves covered. Just a quick application of the gel on the palm layer, the gloves will maintain their high grip performance. When applied to the pair of gloves, the sticky gel does not leave any residue on the football or on your uniform. The grip gel for these gear is also formulated to function under any weather conditions. It is designed to react and stick rain or shine just how the pros prefer during a game.

The grip hand side is not the only part that the manufacturer focused on designing, the Stealth Pro Elite gloves are intentionally light for breathable ventilation, reducing moisture build up on your hands. Its thin material on the other hand helps with optimal performance, offering better movement and control for your hands supporting every catch and every hold onto the ball without the chaffing that can cause a distraction to your football game. The unique compression material used for the back of the hand and the large gusset provides the custom fit feature of the gloves adjusting to the contour of your hands. The Grip Stealth Pro Elite lives up to its name by stealthy providing you the strong grip gloves that you need without the bulky and stiff feeling just like wearing a second skin. With these features, you can only do is to focus on your game and enhance your skills with this effective glove.

Available in various colors and sizes to match your needs. Your youth football players, high school, college, and even pros will surely appreciate the best football gloves when it comes to grip.


Has the best grip

Great confidence booster

Comfortable and lightweight it feels like a second skin

Reasonable price


Has the tendency to rip after a few games

  • 2

    Cutters Rev Pro Football Gloves

The Cutters Rev Pro is one of the best football gloves there is in the field. As expected from Cutters, any pair of gloves they produced for football have their signature exclusive C TACK technology for extreme grip, especially for these Rev Pro receiver gloves. With a powerful grip as this, skill positions player such as a receiver would be confident in catching and keeping the ball on their hands. And to reinforce it with more grip even during mid-game, the player can recharge with REV-TACK, a self-restoring grip boost technology. With just a simple wipe down using a damp cloth when the gloves become dirty, the best stick performance on this pair of football gloves will be re-enforced.

Because all the running, catching, and pushing, getting sweaty is inevitable in a sport such as football, Cutters have made both palm and back hand sides breathable and comfortable for the player. The palms are constructed and designed with the best quality of perforated material to keep them ventilated providing a cool effect within the hands. Zone panels are used on this football glove for increased comfort, and a powerband to keep the glove snug, fit and slip-free. The Neoprene cuffs are also used for added wrist comfort for the whole game.

To keep the gloves intact and durable, each Rev Pro glove is built with intelligent synthetic panels that are well-stitched for ultimate survival in a rough football game and in any weather condition. That’s why there is no question that these best football gloves are widely used in Pee Wee, Youth, High School, Collegiate, and even professional football. A variety of colors for the gloves are also available to match your uniforms.


High-performance grip receiver gloves

Cutters gloves are machine washable

Self-restoring grip

Breathable materials


A bit pricey

  • 3

    Seibertron Pro 3 0 Elite Ultra-Stick Sports

These football gloves have been reaping a high rating from football players mainly because of their very inexpensive price of under $20 and its satisfying performance as a receiver glove. It features an extreme tackified palm layer for maximum hold onto the ball when receiving and while running. For the back hand construction and design, the football glove features flexible components to allow the football player to move accordingly without any hindrances from the football glove when catching the ball, and durable construction for longevity that could last a whole season without losing the grip. Cleaning is also easy because you can have it washed and dried by a machine.

This pair of football gloves are built with a hook and loop type of closure to secure the gear on your hands. It can perform efficiently and effectively in many conditions such as flag football, backyard football, and actual football game. Sizes are available for pee wee, youth and adults, just always check the sizing chart.



Grip lasts long

Can be machine washed


Bulky for a receiver glove

  • 4

    Battle Ultra-Stick Football Gloves

You can definitely battle it out with these Ultra Stick gloves from the Battle Store. There so many good things to say about this football gloves starting with its best performance grip material suitable for receiver position football players. The Battle gloves are equipped with the highest quality of ultra-sticky tacky material there is in the football gloves manufacturing industry. Nevertheless, it is still within the NFHS, NOCSAE, and NCAA limit of stickiness.

This PerfectFit football gloves are used among professionals because of its high durability performance. Battle gloves offer ventilation and comfort, designed for the competitive, serious, adult football athletes who go through tough and rigorous training and game. The Battle Ultra-Stick football gloves are constructed with reinforced seam, wear point double stitching, and knuckle protection to ensure the longevity of use. They even offer 90 day durability guarantee on their product.

Even with their durable stitching, these receiver gloves are lightweight to allow flexible movement. For you to be able to move your hands however you wish to catch and carry every football. It features hook and loop closure, Velcro wrist strap to secure the fit and avoid slipping out during forceful receives. With the use of Science, the Battle Ultra-Stick Football Gloves are designed by former athletes who fully grasp and understand the importance of durability and functionality of the receiver gloves.


Amazing grip receiver gloves

Best value

Offers 90-day durability guarantee


Inaccurate sizing

  • 5

    Nike Vapor Jet Lightspeed Football Gloves for Men

The Vapor Jet Lightspeed is a football receiver gloves. With its lightweight characteristic, it will not hinder the player to move freely when running and catching a football. The gloves feature a bold and stylish design with a full-length silicone material on the palm side that increases the grip strength for bringing the ball in. The magnigrip palm is responsible for the stickiness of the football gloves which brings the advantage during long and wide receiving during your important football game.

The back of the hand side and the knuckles of the gloves are made of ultra-lightweight mesh material for ventilation to lessen the interior moisture due to sweat. The Nike Vapor Jet Lightspeed football gloves made sure it will fit your hands by offering sizes and customize fit closure wrist strap for a real touch feeling. Having breathable and flexible gloves assist the fingers and hand to carry and grip the football effortlessly, ensuring the best performance to take your play to great heights.


The gloves are available in different sizes and color

Best Grip for receiver football players

Great fit


Palm silicone material tends to peel when machine washed

  • 6

    Franklin Sports Youth NFL Football Receiver Gloves

The young football fans can now show their proud support to their favorite National Football League team with these youth football gloves from Franklin Sports. Officially licensed by the NFL, there are different team design and color options to choose from. These gloves are best to be worn on tailgate parties, backyard football catch, and of course during your support to your favorite team during the game.

The Franklin football gloves are made of one-piece silicone tack palm and breathable lightweight polyester at the backhand side. The super sticky silicone palm features extended forefinger and thumb coverage for a great grip on the ball while playing football catch. The hand back area is designed to be flexible and breathable for swift and natural movement of the hands. The material of the gloves helps reduce moist to keep your hands dry during use. For a tight and comfortable fit, the wrist closure is made of neoprene wrap to ensure a snug fit.


Best for young football fans

Great fit

Breathable and comfortable


Not recommended for football field games

  • 7

    Under Armour Men's F5 Football Gloves

The best receiver’s gloves should be able to keep up with the demands of the players to be agile and fit especially during long and wide throws. Armed with the super sticky Armour GRAB TACK palm, the Under Armour F5 gloves will assist you in the ball control during ball catching. The glove is engineered with 100% HEATGEAR fabric to keep the hands cool and dry no matter how intense the game is. The polyester material used on this glove is responsible for ridding the sweat by drying really fast.

The palm part of the Under Armour F5 glove is seamlessly stitched as a one-piece palm with two-color silicone covering for extra support. With an adjustable wrist closure system for exact fit. These football gloves meet the standards of High School and Collegiate Leagues.


Great grip performance

Recommended for flag football

True to size


Needs to be properly washed and air dry to maintain its stickiness and durability

  • 8

    Kids EliteTek RG-14 Super Tight Fitting Football Gloves

These youth football gloves from EliteTek are equipped with GRIPTEK Palm Technology to provide an ideal amount of tacky grip for an advantageous play. The gloves can be used for different weather conditions with retained stickiness. In case your youth player feels that it is time for grip reinforcement, EliteTek RG-14 has prepared a Grip Drip product that can be applied on the gloves to keep its best performance.

Though it is not equipped with an adjustable wrist strap, the skin-tight fit of this slip-on glove can be advantageous in terms of feeling like you’re not wearing a glove at all. It promotes the flexible movement of the hands and fingers to ensure that your youth player can hold onto the ball effectively. Ball control is a big factor when it comes to getting goals. The more natural the glove feels, the more you get enhanced skills.

Designed lightweight and breathable, these gloves can keep the hands sweat-free during humid game days, so just be sure to get the right size with the help of the size chart. To ensure the best quality manufactured glove, it is constructed with specialized stitching on the stress points – ready and armed for rigorous football games. It can give your young players the full confidence in getting the ball without the fear of fumbling because of a sudden glove tear accidents. This can improve their focus on the competition while wearing one of the best football gloves for their league.

The RG-14 gloves also come with a customized number option to be placed on the inner wrist portion of the gloves for easy identification of ownership. The seller offers a 100% money-back guarantee if these EliteTek gloves did not meet the expectation of grip and durability.


Reasonable price

Great tacky grip



Wrist support and adjustment are not available

  • 9

    Under Armour Boys' F6 Football Gloves

It is only logical to train the youth players with the right equipment while they’re at their football skills enhancement stage. The Under Armour Boys’ F6 football gloves are the youth size counterpart of the F6 Men’s gloves. Meaning, you can get the same best qualities of the gloves used for the big league game for your young football athlete’s hands.

As expected, these gloves take pride in their Heat Gear fabric made from polyester materials for the backhand side of the gloves to help wick off sweat and keep the gloves breathable and dry. While the seamless one-piece palm on the catching side is stitched with silicone and PSP materials for easy ball grip. It features the super sticky Armour Grab Tack that makes this receiver gloves maximize its function of catching the ball and ensure possession during long and wide throws. The closure type of these Under Armour gloves is with a hook and loop custom fit wrist closure system. Approved for use by the standards of NFHS, NCAA, and NOCSAE.


The great grip can even catch official size football

Easy to clean with a machine

Great fit


Sizing can be inaccurate

  • 10

    Cutters FORCE 3.0 Lineman Padded Football Glove

The Cutters brand has been known to exclusively equip the C TACK technology to attain the best grip football gloves. Although lineman players are the big guys who mainly prioritize protecting the other players, lineman gloves are still necessary to have a C TACK grip with matching on-field combat design features for maximum hand to hand game performance. The C tack material for the lineman gloves is strategically placed on fingers and thumb for extra grip together with a padded palm patch with a dual purpose of having a nice grip while protecting the lineman players during blocking or tackling. These lineman football gloves can survive all weather conditions. The C TACK grip will maintain its purpose whether it’s wet, cold, or hot.

The back of the hand side of the gloves consists of compressed foam padding which provides ample but flexible protection. It also features a double wrist strap which offers additional wrist support ensuring comfort and security in the course of a rough football game.

Cleaning a glove that went through a lot of rigorous plays can pose a challenge. Cutters acknowledge that so they designed the REVTACK RECHARGE technology for the C TACK materials for easy cleaning. With a simple wipe with a damp cloth, it will remove the dirt. The gloves can also be washed through a machine without destroying or damaging the C TACK material, making it clean and keeping it functional.


These cutters gloves are easy to clean

Reasonable price compared to other known brands

Lineman football gloves with C TACK technology along with compressed padded foam for grip and protection in one glove


Velcro tends to lose the stickiness after many use

  • 11

    Seibertron Lineman 2.0 Padded Palm Receiver Football Gloves

These gloves from Seibertron offers the best protection and great grip if you’re running backs. At the back of the hand, these padded gloves feature a patented S-Flexible rubber design that has a unique pattern that offers style and protection by absorbing and reducing the impact energy, just what lineman gloves are supposed to function. On the knuckle and fingers section of the gloves are extra slots on the S-Flexible rubber providing impact protection and finger dexterity. The S-Flexible rubber also covers the wrist with hook and loop closure to properly adjust the gloves to your preferred comfortable fit.

The palm section of this glove is made of sticky material for guaranteed grip and dramatic increase of slip resistance for catching, handling, and ball controlling. The lower section of each glove is designed with artistic Chinese zodiac signs print.

The Seibertron gloves are so versatile that they can be used by different skill positions. The protective features made it best as lineman gloves. The grip palm feature is advantageous for running backs and receiving footballs. These are available in different sizes for youth, high school, and collegiate players but make sure to refer to the sizing chart for accurate fit and size.


Best running back and lineman gloves

Best for protection of hands

Reasonable price gloves


Gloves get heated because of the padding

  • 12

    Under Armour Men's F6 Football Gloves

Covering your hands especially on heated games during humid weather can make your hands all sweaty. It would be difficult to get your head in the game especially in football if you’re having discomfort because of your sweaty palms. This could defeat the purpose of wearing football gloves that could help you get the ball. Under Armour acknowledges that situation that they designed the F6 Football Gloves.

These gloves have a Heat Gear fabric technology to keep your hands cool and dry, eliminating the uneasiness of sweaty hands to let you focus on the play. The gloves are made of polyester fabric material that dries quickly to get rid of the sweat on your hands. It can be machine washed for convenient cleaning.

More importantly, the F6 Football Gloves from Under Armour are designed with seamless Grab Tack palm for the best catching grip. With its custom fit closure system, this football glove can be adjusted by means of hook and loop closure.


Adheres to NFHS, NCAA, and NOCSAE standards

Comfortable to wear gloves

Adaptive fit

Good grip on the ball


Poor stitching

  • 13

    Battle Double Threat Football Gloves

Battle football gloves are one of the best options there is if you are a player looking for inexpensive gear with high-performance grip especially if you play skill positions such as a receiver. With ease and confidence, you will be able to get control and grip with these football gloves because of their Ultra-Stick features. The Battle Double Threat gloves are made with the highest quality tackified material layers on the palm.

On the comfort and durability side of these football gloves, it is protected with reinforced seams to ensure the longevity of use despite the rigorous setting of football. Equipped with PerfectFit technology, your hands will be kept cool, dry, and ready for action. The pair is lightweight that permits and promotes mobility for quick catching and a secure hold during running. The gloves are secured with Velcro wrist straps that can be adjusted to fit accordingly.

If you’re building your skill levels to become a future pro, these gloves are available in youth sizes so you can start young with the best gear to support your American football dream with full confidence. The Battle brand offers 90-day durability guarantee on their gloves.


Great youth receiver gloves


Great grip with a high-quality tack material

90-day guarantee


Seams tend to come off after a few games

  • 14

    Under Armour Boys F5 Football Gloves

Youth football players find these gloves amazing, satisfying, and functional. Whether they are playing skill positions or flag football, this polyester-made glove pair is equipped with Armour GrabTack palm – an Under Armour exclusive grip technology. Your young football player will be confident in catching a football wearing a glove with super sticky tack.

These gloves are made with HeatGear fabric that is designed to be lightweight and provide your hands with a cool and dry feel. The glove material wicks body moisture and dries quickly. Under Armour football gloves built the F5 with a custom-fit closure system to avoid slipping out.


Versatile gloves for the youth football games

Great grip

Great for a receiver and running back


Sizing can be inaccurate

  • 15

    Seibertron Pro 3.0 Twelve Constellations Elite Ultra-Stick

The Seibertron has a trademark of putting Zodiac signs as part of the glove design. And just like their other football gloves, the Pro 3.0 Twelve Constellations Elite Ultra-Stick are economical in price, way affordable than other brands. These youth-sized gloves are designed with a sticky grip, the best features needed for your player in training to be a wide receiver. Its well-padded hand backing offers comfort and cushion to protect the hands of your young athlete. It is machine washable for easy cleaning.

Though intended as an American football glove, many users found this pair to be suitable for other sports and functions.


Versatile gloves

Affordable price

Great grip


Sizing may be inaccurate

How to Choose the Best Football Gloves

There are different priorities in the design and construction of the best football gloves you may need depending on the kind of position you’re playing in the field. While grip remains constant when choosing the best football gloves because it helps avoid fumbling, added features such as protection and durability are just as essential especially when playing offensive or defensive lineman. Keeping your fingers intact during brutal plays is very important for you to be able to continue playing.


The grip of the best football gloves should be able to bring excitement to football games. One-hand receive is always considered astonishing during wide and long throws. The grip of the gloves is the key ingredient to this amazing move.

Just like any sports gear, over time, gloves can lose the grip features when used repeatedly. But there are gloves that can restore their stickiness with a simple application of a gripping gel, or by a simple wipe of a damp cloth just like the Cutters brand offer. With these gloves’ characteristics, you will be confident with your every catch and hold

Material and Endurance

The best gloves are the gloves that can withstand the brutal and fast-paced playing in football. Because this game requires a lot of hand movements to get and protect the ball, it could put a lot of strain and stress on the player’s gloves. If you’re in the line of offense and defense, you have the most opponent contact, you will not be throwing a ball but you could be throwing a person out of the way. Therefore, for that rough playing, your best gloves should be a well-stitched ones with padding and rubber protection on the knuckles and fingers to avoid accidents.

Gloves can be easily ripped when not reading tags and cleaning instructions. There are some gloves that can be put in the washing and drying machine, while some have to be air-dried. Wrong sizing can also be a factor in tearing your gloves. But mostly, you can never expect a glove to stick around forever. You can only prepare the necessary care for the longevity of use.


In such a tough sport, a little bit of comfort is a piece of heaven already. That’s why football glove manufacturers make sure that the pair of gloves they produce have the best ventilation system to keep the player’s hands dry and cool while maintaining flexibility.

For receivers and running backs, it is best to have gloves that you won’t feel like you are wearing one. It snugs as if you are wearing a second skin. This helps with comfortable movements of the hand and with the ball handling.

For linemen, padded hand backing with rubber reinforcement on the gloves would provide protection on your fingers and knuckles.

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Football gloves can be expensive. So it is only natural that you opt for a pair of gloves you can use for the longest time possible. Branded ones are usually pricey because you’re not only paying for the quality but also for the name. But there are affordable gloves that deserve a check out that will provide the same high performance as the branded ones.

Wear and tear of the gloves are normal, sooner or later you will have to replace your gloves after it serves its purpose. But the real question is have the gloves served enough for the price you paid? If you purchase expensive gloves that have the same lifespan, same function, and same quality as the cheaper ones, the economical choice would be the inexpensive one if you’re not that keen on having a branded gloves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do football gloves help you catch?

Football gloves are usually equipped with grip material to assist you in catching the ball with the help of friction. Odell Beckham Jr himself explained that catching bare hands it as a different feel, whereas the gloves have the appropriate friction. Ultimately, it still boils down to the ability to see the ball when thrown by the quarterback from afar.

Should football gloves be tight or loose?

Getting the appropriate fit of the gloves is important for the hands, fingers, and wrist for you to be able to connect with the ball more naturally. The loose fabric could cause ball mishandling that could lead to fumbling. If you wear gloves that are too tight on the other hand, can put stress on the materials that can lead to rupturing of the gloves.

Why do players use gloves for American football?

Linemen most of the time wear gloves to protect their hands and fingers from abrasions, lacerations, and contusions. Receivers and running backs wear gloves to help them maintain the ball on their hands while catching and holding.