What to Wear Snowboarding

When you’re getting ready for a snowboarding holiday or adventure, it’s crucial to have the right gear to stay warm and cozy, and to transition seamlessly down the ski trails. Choosing fabrics that effectively absorb sweat from your body is fundamental to preventing chills.

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What to wear snowboarding


Your feet are really important when snowboarding as you use them to control the board and change directions, so it’s vital that you choose the right socks. You need to keep your feet warm but not sweaty so the right fabric is key. 

You need to choose materials that help to move moisture away from your skin so that your feet stay dry. Cotton should be avoided as this keeps the moisture in, which chills your feet and can lead to blisters. 

A good choice is a wool or man-made fabrics, which draw the moisture away. You don’t want to go for big thick socks as you need to be able to move your feet so choose several layers of thinner socks instead. 


Your Base Layer

Your base layer is also important as it’s the layer that provides insulation and again, needs to move the sweat and moisture away from your skin. Whether you go for an all-in-one or a top and bottom is up to you, depending on what’s more comfortable. 

You should change the thickness and warmth of the base layer to match the conditions you will be snowboarding in. Again, go for a woolen fabric or man-made material for this layer of your outfit as well. 

Your base layer

Protective Shorts

No matter what level you are in the sport, there are bound to slip and falls while snowboarding so you need to spend money on a quality pair of protective shorts. These will look after your hips, tailbone, and thigh area during falls. 

They will need to fit under your other layers so make sure they are padded enough to protect you, but light enough not to make you too hot or too bulky once you have on the rest of your clothing layers. 

Protective shorts

Quality Pants and Jackets

When choosing the right snowboarding pants and jackets to wear for snowboarding you need to look at two key aspects, the waterproof level and also how breathable the fabric is. If you are going out in wet conditions it’s more important to have a high waterproof factor. 

If the conditions are milder and dry, then you can go for a lighter jacket that is still weather and wind resistant enough to keep you warm, without being too bulky or hot while taking part in your favorite sport. 

It’s important to have a variety of different jackets so you have the right one for the right weather, and don’t go for a really thick, bulky coat, it’s better to wear another layer like a fleece, underneath, for more warmth if needed. 

Quality pants and jackets

Hand Protection Wear

Your hands can really suffer in the cold and wet so make sure to choose effective snowboarding gloves or mittens to wear while snowboarding. They need to be weatherproof and waterproof in case you end up in the snow. 

Gloves will give you a lot more dexterity while mittens can help keep your hands a little warmer so as long as you choose the best fit and fabric, the choice is yours. Wearing several layers of thin gloves can work better for warmth and keeping sweat away from your skin than opting for very thick gloves.

Hand protection wear


For the colder climates, you might want to invest in a balaclava which can provide an extra layer of warmth for your head, ears, and neck area. Choose the material to suit the coldness of the environment. 


Protective Helmet

protective helmet is essential for snowboarding safety, make sure you go for one which fits perfectly for comfort and has the right level of breathability as well. It needs to provide the right level of impact protection at the same time.

Protective helmet

Snowboarding Boots

Your snowboarding boots are one of the most important purchases so make sure they fit well and it’s fine for them to be slightly tight as they will stretch naturally as you wear them. Make sure you get the right bindings to match your boot style and size.

Snowboarding boots

Protective Goggles

Goggles have a dual purpose when it comes to snowboarding, both to protect your eyes against the glare from snow and the sun, and to prevent wind and snow from getting in your eyes as you travel around the course. 

Choose snowboarding goggles that fit well and if you normally wear glasses, seek advice on prescription goggles to make sure you can see clearly while out snowboarding. Look for goggles that fit comfortably and don’t move around on your face. 

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