Trampolining Health Benefits

Trampolining, recognized as a top-tier form of exercise, is valued for the unique blend of health and fitness advantages it brings. It makes the need for a gym membership unnecessary and is less costly than what many would usually expect. Given that all trampoline exercises demand continuous jumping, it serves as an effective tactic for burning fat.

A recent study by NASA found out that jumping on a trampoline for 5-10 minutes is equal to one mile of running. It’s worth noting that NASA actually believes that this is the most effective form of exercise devised by man. Trampoline exercises will have many health benefits, which can help improve your performance in other sports.

Stress Relief

Trampoline exercises can reduce anxiety and depression because they increase release levels of endorphins released by the brain. Many doctors have suggested this form of exercise for people working long hours because it helps them improve their sleep patterns and reduce stress levels. It’s also worth noting that trampolining increases the flow of oxygen throughout the body, thus enhancing both your physical and mental health.

Increased Muscle Strength

Trampolining Health Benefits

When bouncing on a trampoline, your core muscles are constantly engaged to keep you balanced. In fact, consistent jumping provides you with a full-body workout. Your buttocks and legs will be specially conditioned, while you’ll also work on your arms by swinging them with every jump.

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Improved Bone Strength

Trampolining can reduce the risk of bone problems like fractures and osteoporosis. Repetitive jumping consistently puts bones under a small amount of pressure, which makes your skeletal system improve your bone density and bone mineral content.

Increased bone density plays an important role when it comes to preventing bones from breaking. Since the trampoline absorbs a majority of the impact, your bones will remain protected.

It’s worth noting that astronauts often do this form of exercise because they lose bone mass when they are in a zero-gravity environment. The great thing about trampoline exercises is that it actually does a great job of increasing your bone mass. Since the elderly are more likely to suffer from certain bone health problems, trampolining can be a great way for them to lower the risk of experiencing these issues.

Improved Balance and Coordination

Balancing on a trampoline is unlike balancing on any other surface. Because the trampoline mat is consistently moving, jumpers must be aware of their center of gravity at all times. Jumping on a trampoline will increase your balance skills because rebounding will stimulate the vestibule in your middle ear.

To stay in the same place, you’ll need to constantly adjust your position with small movements of your arms and torso, as well as to coordinate actions between arms and legs. All this is proven to have a positive impact on your bilateral motor skills. Keep in mind that many gymnasts and acrobats use trampolines to improve their coordination when performing somersaults and tumbles.

Cardiovascular Fitness

This form of exercise strengthens muscle groups used for breathing and increases the pulse rate, which is essential for a healthy cardiovascular system. The jumping motion will increase your breathing rate and improve cardiovascular fitness when performed regularly at moderate or high intensity. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends about 2 and a half hours per week of moderate-intensity exercise to improve cardiovascular health.

Increased Lymphatic Flow in the Body

The lymphatic system is a network of organs and tissues which helps you get rid of the toxins, waste, and other undesirable materials in your body. It represents a vital part of the immune system and is known for helping fight off bacteria, infection, diseases, and viruses.

Keep in mind that the lymphatic system relies entirely on your movements to work efficiently. Since rebounding on trampolines will cause your entire body to move, your lymphatic valves will constantly open and close, which will make the lymph flow 15 times faster than usual. This means that your body will be able to get rid of the toxins and waste much faster if you engage in this type of exercise.

Lower Impact

Trampolining Health Benefits

The surface of a trampoline mat will absorb your body as you land, thus reducing the impact. Unlike running and jogging, where the impact your feet make when they land on the ground can lead to injuries to ankles, knees, and bones, trampoline exercises won’t cause these problems.

Although running is a healthy form of exercise, when you do it on a concrete surface, you’ll be putting yourself at risk of suffering from micro-trauma injuries. Keep in mind that it’s always important to engage in cardiovascular fitness, but because certain exercises like running can lead to injuries, you will need to find safer alternatives.

Reduced Risk of Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are a condition that causes your veins to get swollen and bigger. They usually occur on the legs and feet and are usually of dark purple or blue color. Thankfully, trampolining represents an excellent way to reduce the risk of this condition, since this form of exercise helps increase circulation of blood flow.

Reduced Risk of Cancer

One of the greatest and most surprising health benefits of trampolining is a reduced risk of cancer. Because this form of exercise improves the circulation of lymphatic fluid in your body, it helps destroy cells that can potentially cause cancer.

Weight Loss

It may come as a surprise, but trampolining helps you burn almost the same amount of calories as jogging. Keep in mind that when your goal is to lose weight, you should avoid exercises that don’t allow you to breathe comfortably, since they can lower your metabolic rate and make it harder for you to shed those extra pounds.

Bouncing on a trampoline at a moderate pace will allow you to breathe without any issues, which will ensure that your metabolic rate remains high. It’s worth noting that you should do at least three 20-minute moderate-intensity workouts on a trampoline a week if you want to see weight loss results.

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