Trampoline Workouts

Trampolining was once considered a leisure activity for young people, which adults were anticipated to grow out of. Recently though, it has begun to be recognized not only for its ability to entertain adults but also for its significant health and wellness advantages.

We did some research on the effects of trampolining regularly, on adult weight and fitness and we discovered some surprising facts that we are sure will make you want to get jumping on a trampoline immediately!

Check out our Trampoline Workouts infographic below:

Trampoline Workouts

Can trampolining make me fitter?

According to a NASA research report, trampolining is 70% more effective in fitness training than jogging on a track for the same amount of time. Bouncing on a trampoline has to be more fun than pounding the pavements too.

Our research also uncovered that trampolining can really help with weight loss. We found out that a 120-pound woman would burn approximately 143 calories per hour jumping so it’s a great tool to add to your weight loss program.

Can I lose weight trampolining?

The other good news is you don’t have to bounce around for hours for it to be effective. In fact, the most effective approach for weight loss is to carry out 15-20 minutes of moderate-intensity trampolining at one period for at least three times per week.

So not only is trampolining good for your overall fitness but it can help to burn calories, build heart and lung function and improve your balance, making it a great overall workout for most adults to try out.

Here are our top six reasons for adding trampolining to your routine:

  • It gets you moving without stressing your metabolism, making it gentler on your body than other types of physical activity
  • Increases oxygen circulation to tissues making your body feel good and work better at the same time
  • Improves the circulation of the lymph through the lymph glands helping to clear toxins and improve the flow
  • Strengthens the heart (cardiovascular health) to help keep your blood pumping and keep you healthy
  • Increases energy and sense of vitality because it’s a fun and childish activity to take part in while working out
  • Firms and tones the muscles as you jump because you are using your whole body to stay balanced

One of the reasons people don’t take up trampolining is they think it might get monotonous just jumping up and down but once you have your stride and your balance there are many different types of exercises you can do on the trampoline including:

  • Straight jump
  • Seat drop
  • Tuck jump
  • Pike jump
  • Star jump
  • Swivel hips
  • Jumping jack
  • Straddle jump
  • Front hands
  • Knees drop

So working out on your trampoline need never become dull. Alternatively, you can vary the pace by heading out to one of the many public trampoline centers which have popped up and bounce with friends.

Or, join a trampoline bounce exercise class where you can follow a whole new energetic routine set to music, with a whole group of other people joining in the bounce fitness revolution. Whether you have a trampoline at home or join a class or center, you are guaranteed to have lots of fun while improving your fitness and losing weight at the same time.

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