Top 15 websites for CrossFit WODs

Searching for everyday exercise regimes for CrossFit could yield hundreds of potential alternatives from various websites. The wide array of available exercise options is one of the appealing features of this fitness program.

With so many CrossFit centers springing up all over the world now, many of them like to share their own experiences, news, and importantly, their own choice of WOD, with the world through the blogs on their websites. 

There are literally hundreds out there to choose from with virtually every CrossFit gym setting up its own website to spread the word but we have chosen a selection of some of the best ones with a clear focus on WODs. 

Here is a quick and easy guide to some of the best websites out there for CrossFit WODs: 

The CrossFit New England Blog

Top 15 websites for CrossFit WODs

The CrossFit New England blog comes from this center which offers support for people to reach really high levels of fitness. They talk about a high-intensity workout and varied movements and programs.

The San Francisco CrossFit Blog

Top 15 websites for CrossFit WODs

This blog features regular posts from CrossFit trainers as well as other aspects such as physical therapy and strength training.

The Foundation CrossFit Blog

Foundation CrossFit is in Capitol Hill, Seattle, and runs classes for group and personal CrossFit enthusiasts. Their blog shares posts about their fitness activities.

The BoxLife Online Magazine

Top 15 websites for CrossFit WODs

BoxLife features everything you need to know about CrossFit including diet and nutrition advice, workouts, and products and is aimed at those who are already loving the CrossFit way of life.

The Crossfit Amsterdam WOD Blog

Top 15 websites for CrossFit WODs

CrossFit Amsterdam is one of the original CrossFit boxes in the country and their blog comes from the experts who have been running it since 2009.

The CrossFit Potrero Hill Blog

Top 15 websites for CrossFit WODs

CrossFit Potrero Hill aims to help people discover CrossFit and what it means to them and their blog is packed with useful resources including WOD.

The CrossFit Ireland Blog

Top 15 websites for CrossFit WODs

CrossFit Ireland is in Dublin and aims to provide an enjoyable experience with great results. Their blog reflects that philosophy with lots of useful information and advice. 

The Crow Hill CrossFit Blog

Top 15 websites for CrossFit WODs

Crow Hill CrossFit is in Brooklyn and their blog is dedicated to information about their WODs as well as general news about the CrossFit community that would be of interest to everyone in the CrossFit community.

The CrossFit Auckland Blog

CrossFit Auckland is one of New Zealand’s best CrossFit gyms and their blog features advice and information for all CrossFitters.

The Four Barrel CrossFit Blog

Top 15 websites for CrossFit WODs

Four Barrel CrossFit has several locations in the US and runs daily classes and training for all levels offering elite facilities.

The CrossFit Jersey City Blog

Top 15 websites for CrossFit WODs

CrossFit Jersey is a premier gym offering both group and personal CrossFit coaching and they keep their blog regularly updated with information and offers.

The CrossFit Redondo Blog

Top 15 websites for CrossFit WODs

This blog features WODs from the CrossFit Redondo center, as well as news, events, and information on health and nutrition which will be of interest to all.

The CrossFit Pineville Blog

Top 15 websites for CrossFit WODs

At CrossFit Pineville, the center aims to improve the health and wellness of every member and uses its blog to help create that sense of community.

The CrossFit Tyler WOD Blog

This blog focuses on WOD entirely and talks about all of the CrossFit activities taking place in the region.

The Indestri CrossFit Blog

CrossFit Indestri runs its own blog which is updated regularly with WOD and other information all around the CrossFit lifestyle.


Top 15 websites for CrossFit WODs

As you can see, there are as many WOD websites as there are CrossFit gyms out there but the good news is that you will never be short of inspiration when it comes to choosing which exercise to do on any particular day. 

With CrossFit boxes appearing in many towns and cities now, you are never too far away from your next workout idea or your next class so just keep searching and stay inspired and those daily workouts will continue to be as varied and challenging as you want them to be. 

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Workouts of the day are a big part of the CrossFit lifestyle so it’s important to keep up the variety and not end up stuck in a rut doing the same old workout each time. If you start to find yourself lacking inspiration or craving a change then have a look at some of the CrossFit blogs highlighted here to see what other people are doing for their WODs. 

Being into CrossFit means being part of a large global community so you can relax knowing that there are always other WODs out there, at the click of a mouse, to keep you inspired and challenged on your CrossFit journey. 

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