Showering at the Gym Essentials

Isn’t it wonderful to indulge in a calming bath after a vigorous exercise routine? One of the ideal methods to decrease your body heat and wash off the sweat generated from your workout is a bath. There’s something invigorating about freshening up and smelling good prior to exiting the gym.

Shower Essentials to Pack in Your Gym Bag

Using the gym shower is quite different from using yours at home. Remember, at the gym, almost everything is shared including the shower floor. You will not be as carefree when taking a shower at this place but you can make it at least comfortable and convenient if you have these items with you.


After sweating a lot, your head and hair will obtain the sweaty odor that needs to be rid of. Some gyms may provide small packets of shampoo included in their personal care kit but you might want to bring your own that is suitable to your scalp and personal preference.


If you are used to applying hair conditioner you should also bring one with you. It makes your hair smooth and fragrant.


You can’t wash up without soap, how else will you clean your sweaty body? Anti-bacterial soap would be the best option to ensure kill the germs and bacteria attached to your body. But if you have sensitive skin you really rather bring what suits you. Moisturizing soap or a shower gel will prevent your skin from being dry.

Flip Flops or Shower Shoes

The gym shower space is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and germs to thrive. As much as possible protect your skin from touching the tiles or any surface in that area. Since floor contact is inevitable, bringing a pair of shower shoes or flip-flops can shield your feet from getting a fungal infection from the gym floor. But don’t forget to wash your feet just because you are wearing a pair of shoes.


Some gym provides clean towels to use for your after-workout shower. But these towels might have been used by other gym-goers, too just washed, dried, and folded clean for the next gym-goer – that could be you. So, if you’re very meticulous about using personal items, you definitely have to bring your own clean towel for your gym shower.

Other Personal Care Items

You should also include your deodorant, comb, lotion, and foot powder among other things that you should put in your gym bag for post-shower hygiene care.

Showering at the Gym Essentials

Gym Shower Etiquette is Essential

The gym including its locker room and shower area is a space that all gym-goers share. Whether you like it or not, you have to interact with the people in the gym at some point. So, for your convenience and comfort, you should make it pleasant as possible by being courteous and following proper gym shower etiquette.

Be Quick

The acceptable gym shower time is 10 minutes tops. That is enough to clean yourself up and rid of sweaty odor and germs in your body. You can have a nice long hot bath at home, but at the gym time is of the essence. You wouldn’t want to wait long, too if you’re the one waiting for a shower cubicle to be available right?

Be Neat
  • Don’t leave your dirty workout clothes lying around the changing room or shower room.
  • Clean up before leaving the shower, don’t leave any mess such as your empty shampoo bottle or any wrappings of your personal care products.
  • Never pee in the shower, it’s not hygienic.
  • Don’t brush your teeth, or shave while in the shower.
Respect People’s Privacy

Staring is bad. If you’re sharing a changing room and shower room avoid making eye contact or interacting with other gym-goers to respect their privacy. Some people want to be left alone when showering.

Don’t be Loud

If you’re with a friend or a gym buddy and you can’t resist chatting with them, at least use a soft indoor voice that will not annoy other people in the shower and locker room. Loud chattering and even loud music can be very disruptive for some. A gym shower is a common area but other people in it don’t share common interests with you.

Dry before you Move

After the shower, make sure you dry yourself properly so you won’t be dripping wet when you move to the changing room. A wet floor can lead to accidents and injuries and you don’t want to be the cause of that.

Showering at the Gym Essentials

More Benefits of Showering After Exercise

A post-workout shower is necessary not only for hygiene reasons but also provide benefits that your body will appreciate. A hot shower will allow your muscles to relax after a rigorous set of exercises. But scientific studies reveal that cold showers have more medical benefits. However, bathing and soaking yourself in cold water can increase your heart rate and stiffen your tired muscles.

Get Rid of Skin Bacteria

It’s impossible not to get germs in bacteria in an enclosed place where people sweat a lot. The gym and every piece of equipment in the facility is a potential breeding ground for bacteria that can stick to your skin. Showering with soap will wash out your sweat and the dead skin cells where germs stick themselves.

Prevents Skin Problems due to Clogged Pores

Your pores open up to release sweat when you work out. This could also be a chance for dirt and excess sweat to stay on your skin which clogs up the pores that lead to acne.

Showering Improves your Immune System

Studies reveal that a regular quick cold shower boosts the immune system which consequently reduces sick days.


A nice hot or cold shower in the gym should be pleasant and comfortable despite being away from home. Your gym shower essentials provide a hygienic and convenient way of showering. Since the gym is a shared facility, it is only right to follow proper shower etiquette to prevent conflict with other gym-goers.

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